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Scorpion's Reach Part 2, 'Joey and Sandy's holiday'

Action adventure are my favourites. especially if we can tell 'part of the truth' and these hubs are based on real people.

From the Author

I've got two stories 'on the go' at the moment. 'Coyote' is being written still, but each episode is being posted as I write.

'Scorpion's Reach' is already written however. I'm able to post that on a regular basis. It does mean however that I'll be posting a little more frequently than normal, so I've decided to see if I can post 'Scorpion's Reach' during the week and 'Coyote' at the weekends.

We'll see how we go with it, and let me know what you think.

Anyway, in the last episode a car was careering towards the crash barriers on a lonely stretch of road in New Zealand. Let's see what happens

We're back

Hope you enjoy the story

Hope you enjoy the story

From the previous

Out of his good eye he could see Denise, she was a mess, blood covering most of her face, and she was clearly dead. As he looked at her he saw another moving round the vehicle, a man wearing all black. He didn’t get a clear view as the man seemed to be keeping his face out of sight, what he did see was a very slight build that seemed to move with grace and purpose round the vehicle.

“Help” Cavell tried to shout, but all that came out was a whisper, he looked for his ‘Angel’ to see what he was doing. He felt strong hands moving round his neck. “Checking my injuries” he thought to himself.

His sense of relief turned to alarm as those hands grasped a firm vice like grip on his neck and gave a violent twist severing his spinal column at the base of the brain. The last thought he would ever have didn’t have time to form before oblivion descended forever.

The ultimate sports car

Capable of 218 MPH!!

Capable of 218 MPH!!


Joey saw or rather heard the car approaching and something just didn’t seem right. It sounded like the engine was screaming, almost like whoever the idiot was driving it, were they trying to blow the engine? Something just didn’t sound right. He stopped and looked behind, he saw it didn’t look right either, careering round the bends at breakneck speed, then it tried to take the hairpin and drifted.

“Everyone out the way NOW” he screamed, and dived for Sandy to knock her out of the way, he’d felt the air disturbance as the car passed, Sandy was knocked into the crash barriers but he couldn’t help that, ‘she’s gonna be pissed with me’ he thought, but there wasn’t anything he could do, he had to get her out of harm's way!

They landed hard on the tarmac, he stayed conscious, but hurting from just about every joint in his body, the aftermath of wounds not completely healed, yet being called on again to ‘lay it on the line’ but not for Queen and country this time. “You okay?” he asked as soon as he saw movement from Sandy, she was stirring and shaking her head.

“Think so” Sandy replied as she came round, “Apart from a whacking great headache, what about you?” she turned and looked over in his direction, he could see she wasn’t quite focusing yet, “and what the hell were you doing?”

“Didn’t exactly help my healing if that’s what you mean” he replied, “But otherwise we just about got out of the way in time”

“What the hell happened?”

“Didn’t you see the Sports car behind us?” he asked, “I think it was a McLaren.”

“No” Sandy replied, is that what it was?” she asked pointing to where the car had gone through the barrier, they could see it, on it’s roof a ways down the bank, wheels still spinning.”

“Yeah” Joey replied, “looked like they lost control, but they were going at a hell of a speed, bloody crazy trying to take that bend at that speed!” he’d finished checking himself for injuries and started scanning Sandy, “Anywhere you hurt?” it was important they make sure they weren’t injured before they started looking for Helen and Kevin. ‘Try moving your toes”

Sandy brought each leg up and set them down again, she also wiggled her toes so they could see them moving in the shoes. “Nah, nothing broken” she replied, “Just going to have one hell of a bruise”. She went to turn over and tried to move her left arm, “Shit, that HURT” she almost shouted as she nursed the limp arm.

Joey did a quick examination, “Could be a break, or a dislocation” he said. “Let’s get it in a sling” he started looking for something to use.

“Find Helen and Kevin” She ordered, “I’ll sort out a sling, but can you go look for them please?” she changed her tone slightly; feeling special that he was paying so much attention to her, but there were others needed help, and she really didn’t want to get into the ‘ordering her man about’ scenario.

“Okay, but first call the Ambulance” Joey reached for the mobile he was carrying in his pocket, he handed it to Sandy, it had some interesting features on the phone, for one thing it was constantly monitored by M.I.6 and they both knew that Sir Michael would know of the accident before they got off the phone, it really was an emergency phone where they could be contacted at all times.

"I, I'm okay". Sandy was a little shaky, Joey wanted to stay with her, but knew what was coming next. "You need to go check the others, see if they're okay, please" she grimaced clearly in pain, but a steely determined look he'd learned to recognize and not argue with came onto her face.

Where they're on holiday


Joey was already moving when he heard Sandy say "Ambulance" truth was they were going to need all three, but the comms centers for all three were linked, as soon as one got the call, the others would pick it up and prioritize with the fatalities and injuries putting them right up there at the top. He could hear her giving details as he moved away.

The car had taken a ten meter section of the crash barrier with it as it went down the incline. There was a gaping hole right there, and only the empty posts at the end of the section. He could see where the barriers had been ripped from the posts with the force of the car’s momentum, he took a quick look down the incline, the sight that met his eyes was gruesome.

Kevin had been next to them, with Helen a little further along, he could see Kevin, at least what was left of him and it was horrible.

Joey’d seen some pretty rough things in his time, but this was ‘right up there’ with the worst of them. The car had been travelling at speed and had trapped him between the car and the crash barrier literally slicing him almost completely in two. Kevin’s torso and legs lay at an angle that even if the spine was broken there’s no way they could twist that way and still be connected to the body.

“Guess that answers that one” Joey said quietly to himself. “Better concentrate on finding the living” he began looking again, first scanning the incline to check if she was there.

He found her at the other end of where the crash barrier re-started. She’d been hit a glancing blow and thrown over the barrier, she wasn’t breathing.

Normally you’d make sure not to move an injured person as you might do more damage and could end up paralysing them for life, the only exception is when they’re not breathing, you have to get them breathing again and that means doing CPR or ‘Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation’. Joey got straight into it without even thinking.

First thing he did was check the mouth to make sure there was nothing blocking the airway, a quick visual check and a poke around with his fingers cleared the mouth of the two teeth that had been knocked out.

He was careful, tilting the head back trying really hard not to move her head too far so that he didn’t move the spine any more than he absolutely had to then he pinched the nose and took a deep breath, then leaning over ‘mouth to mouth’ he breathed into her mouth.

“Six breaths and massage the heart” was his thought as he lay the head down and moved to the chest, one hand above the other he pushed hard and reasonably fast on her sternum, six hard quick pushes and he was back to the breaths. He kept going alternating between the two until he heard the sound of sirens.

Joey's senses were in overdrive. He was working giving Helen the CPR but at the same time his brain was taking everything in and noting where everything was, the threat assessment part of his training had kicked in big time.

There were no immediate threats to him and Sandy but it was the little things his brain was noticing as he worked on Helen, noticing yet not actively looking. Noticing tyre tracks down on the beach, they were new and looked like 4x4 tracks, then a man seemingly clad in black walking away from the McLaren. Joey wanted to yell to the guy but something stopped him, he didn't think much of it at the time and he had enough to do so he just 'filed the information' to talk to the cops about when they took his statement.

“I’ll take over now sir” he half looked up as a fireman threw himself down beside him and motioned him to move over, he gladly gave the job over and almost collapsed on the ground, another fireman came up carrying a defibrillator, but Helen was already beginning to breathe on her own. They started first aid for the other injuries.

The cops arrive

They'd been given thermal blankets to wrap around themselves, Joey gave his up and wrapped it round Sandy, she didn't seem to notice, all he could hear from her was "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

"Hey" Joey spoke softly to her. "It wasn't your fault!" She just looked at him as he gently put his arm around her. Sandy wasn't one to show emotions, she usually kept them bottled up inside, afraid that if they got out people would think less of her, but somehow it was just different with Joey. Around him she felt safe. She felt she could show her true self even with the emotional baggage. Instead of pulling away like she'd do with anyone else she turned and moved closer into him feeling safe.

The dam that that was her emotions and had withstood so much in the past would have ruptured, flooding everything in it’s path, but she'd found one with whom she could open the 'sluice gates' of emotion and relieve the pressure; the dam would not break while Joey was there to turn to. She simply turned towards him and the tears quietly began to come.

It was a full five minutes before he heard those tears subside, he didn’t interrupt or say anything, truth was he had no idea what to say anyway, he just sat there quietly trying to think of something to say, yet knowing whatever he said just wouldn’t be adequate. Finally as the tears subsided he heard Sandy’s voice quietly say “Thank you”

He almost asked “What for?” as he’d no idea what he should be doing or saying, yet it seemed the right thing to do, instead he just said, “You’re welcome.”

They were still holding each other when one of the police approached, he was fairly young looking. 'Probably not long out of Police College' was their initial reaction. Black hair, brown eyes, muscular build standing about five nine in height 'rugby build's Joey guessed. "Which one, union or league?" He asked.

"Huh" the cop was a bit thrown by the question, he was meant to be the one asking questions. "League" he replied. "How'd you work that out?"

"Sorry, just very observant" Joey replied in an almost apologetic tone, the last thing he wanted was to annoy this guy; he was only here to take statements after all.

"Thank you for your patience" the cop began, “I’m officer” he began, it wasn't like they were going anywhere, but at least he was being polite, just trying to help what he must have thought were two shattered and terrified tourists, Sandy still had a bit of a vacant look about her but Joey was quietly watching everything, taking all the details in. "My name’s officer Kingi and I’ll be starting your statements, just the basics then the senior constable will 'run through them with you later, when you've had time to compose yourselves, did either of you see the car before the crash?"

"Oh" they both replied almost in unison, it was odd as police normally like to get the statements properly at the start and only go over them if there’s a discrepancy, at least that’s what the movies show. It was almost as if the sergeant was saying “I don’t trust you” at the start.

“I saw everything.” It was Joey spoke up. “The car came round the corner doing at least a hundred,” he began.

“Kilometres?” Officer Kingi asked.

“No, miles” Joey replied, “Take a look at the tyre tracks on the road, you’ll see they’re way bigger than they’d be for someone doing a mere sixty miles an hour” he pointed to the skid marks they could see from where they were sat. “He was still accelerating, but trying like crazy to stop which was nuts, he was bricking himself” Joey saw the cop look confused, “I mean scared shitless”

‘Never heard that one before” the cop replied, glancing up from his notes,“but point taken now”

The next ten minutes was taken up with Joey recounting the encounter in graphic detail, he noticed that the copper was wearing a name badge saying ‘Hene’, his full name was ‘Hene Kingi,’ Joey filed that information away in his brain for ‘future use’ but the copper was having problems accepting all that Joey was telling him, it’s well known that people can make things up so they seem more important than they really are in an investigation, he wondered if Joey was doing that.

“You seem pretty sure of what happened” Hene began, “are you sure of what you’re telling me?”

“Absolutely” Joey replied without any hint of offence, “I’m used to dealing with high stress situations”

“This is a little more than just as ‘high’ stress situation” Hene started to reply, ‘Fatal crashes usually”

“Are usually the worst” Joey finished the reply. “In my line of work I’m used to dealing with them, and often dealing with fatalities as well”

Just as they were wrapping the statements up one of the Ambulance crew came back towards them, they’d managed to carry Helen down a little way and two of the crew along with the Doctor and Paramedic from the Helicopter rescue unit were busy strapping her into the back of the helicopter, as soon as she was strapped in the doctor and paramedic climbed into the back, the engine pitch changed and the vessel began to rise as soon as the door was closed.

“They’re taking the Lady to Waikato Hospital” the crew person, the petite blonde who’d treated them earlier explained. “We’ll take you to Thames for treatment, and then arrange for transport for you to get to her”

“Thank you” Sandy was grateful. She didn’t really want to be separate from her sister right at this moment, but there was no way they’d all fit into the machine, and Helen really needed the urgent attention. “There’s no need though, just point us to where we can hire a car for a little while”

It was just then that Sandy’s phone buzzed, they’d forgotten that when she called the Ambulance someone else had listened in to the call, it was them texting now, the message was simple and said “Report in ASAP!”

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