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Scorpion's Reach. 'Joey's plan'

Cavell's place

A very 'exclusive' place to live, now how to avoid the cops?

A very 'exclusive' place to live, now how to avoid the cops?

From the Authur

Our two intrepid friends got themselves into a bit of a 'pickle' last week (or as one famous comedian used to say, "Well Stan, that's another fine mess you got me into!" They were stuck in an apartment with three thugs 'trussed up like Christmas Turkeys' and backup for the aforementioned thugs probably on the way.

The place was being watched, that much they knew, and word had been sent ahead that they were in the building, but how to get out without either a serious confrontation, or getting arrested for 'B and E'?

Joey had a novel idea, let's see how it worked out shall we?

From the previous

“Well I’ll be” Joey exclaimed, “A secret bloody drawer”

“And” she reached in, pulling her hand out she clutched a small piece of technology no bigger than her thumbnail. “A flash drive” she took the laptop out of her bag and booted it up, “Don’t worry” she said to Joey’s concerned look, “I’m only going to check that there’s actually stuff on here, not start fiddling with it right now” she powered up the laptop, as soon as it was on she plugged the drive in and went to the file manager. “Yep” she let out a small yelp, “We’ve got files here, and they look like the right kind” she slammed the laptop shut without taking the drive out, “Now let’s put some distance between us and this mess!”

As soon as she said that Sandy went to pick up one of the weapons, there were three of them, all with silencers fitted, Joey reached out and stopped her. "No," he said quietly, but with a confident note, "we're leaving them for the cops to find!" He paused, then continued, "they'll shit huge bricks when they do.' He was almost laughing.

They still needed a plan for getting out of the building, and it sounded like he had one. Sandy trusted him even when the 'plan' was a 'half cocked hare brained scheme like jumping of a thousand foot cliff into the night wearing nothing but a piece of cloth, on second thoughts she hoped this one was better!

Easy really, send in the 'Cavalry'

"Come on" Joey encouraged her as he headed for the door, the three Chinese were still trussed up but starting to come too, he figured they’d be fully conscious in a couple of minutes, then it'd take them another couple of minutes to sort themselves out, by that time the police will be breaking down the door on three armed men 'ransacking' the apartment of a guy killed in a 'car crash' if that doesn't set alarm bells off in the police nothing will!

"Which service do you require?" The operator asked.

"Police please, QUICKLY!" Joey tried to sound panicky but was smiling as they ran down the steps, he was slightly out of breath and that helped 'sell' the pitch.

Another operator came on the line, "police what's your emergency?"

"My name's John Smith" Joey lied, "I live at 842 Queen Street, in the ninth floor, I think there are people trying to break into the apartment above" he stopped for a moment, giving the impression he was out of breath, "I think they're carrying guns!"

"Which apartment are they trying to break into sir?"

"Number 1014" Joey replied, "it's the one belonging to that guy killed the other day, Mr Cavell", please hurry, they're shouting in a foreign language!" He hung up, they were on the second floor. "Come on" he headed down the steps.

But not this one!

The famous US 7th Cavalry, wrong unit to send!

The famous US 7th Cavalry, wrong unit to send!

Plan A

They didn't have long to wait, the first police cars showed up as soon as they got downstairs, they parked a couple of blocks away and effectively sealed the street off, next the New Zealand equivalent of a SWAT team, or the Armed Offenders Squad turned up in full gear, guns bristling, they were straight into the building

Joey stepped up to the first officer he saw as the guy came running through the hallway, “They’re in apartment 1014” he started, “If you like I can show you the way” he volunteered though the voice that was coming out of his mouth was more like that of a scared civilian than what you’d expect from a member of an elite fighting unit, Sandy was surprised at how well Joey was playing the role, he was pretty convincing.

“No need sir” the police officer came back, she was clad from head to toe in body armour, so much so that it hid the fact she was a woman, that is until she spoke to them, “We’ve got all the information we need, if you’ll go over the road there,” she pointed to where a couple of uniformed police were gathering, “you can talk to the officer who’ll relay any important information to us” and with that she turned and was gone up the stairs.

This is more like it.

'A bag of tricks'

"Chris" the voice was unmistakable. "What you got for me?" Samantha Hughes, all five eight, seventy five kilos, blonde hair blue eyes that beguiled many a criminal into thinking they could outsmart the cop behind them, eyes that have tricked many into long jail terms were climbing out of the big black Chevy, the red and blue lights still flashing in the windscreen.

"One of the strangest yet!" Chris Trent, fifteen years with the force and officer in charge of the Armed offenders squad replied as he exited the building.

Sam had parked opposite the building, she made her way over to him, he slung his weapon back so the muzzle was pointing towards the ground, "run me through it" she took out a notepad and started tapping the keypad.

"Best I actually show you!" He started walking back to the building, opening and holding the door open he let Sam through first.

"Anyway, where's Jack today?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Off sick" she replied, "so you've got the pleasure of my company" she gave him a dazzling yet half joking smile.

"And what a pleasure it is!" He shot back equally half jokingly.

Coming from anyone else Sam would have taken it as 'condescending' and put them in their place, but they had been mates for years, he'd been the cop who showed her the 'ropes' as a rookie.

Chris made for the stairs, "this way"

The stairs were pretty well lit, with safety lighting installed in recesses on every floor and halfway up each flight, the stairs themselves were concrete, but there was carpeting on each level, on the whole it looked every bit the expensive place it was.

"Won't the elevators be quicker?" Sam asked curious, she enjoyed exercise, but as a relaxation, not as necessity!

"Would be" he replied, "but you'd miss why we wanted a detective! You'd miss the fun bit"

"What fun bit? It was three men with guns right?"

"Sort of, you need to see for yourself"

"What do you mean 'SORT OF?' it either bloody well is or isn't!" She snapped back, they were on the fifth floor by now and could see the two people in white coveralls up ahead, "and what the hell is forensics doing out here? they were in the room weren't they?"

Chris was actually smiling; he'd taken an easy pace up the stairs, though Sam was starting to struggle. "They were when we found them." He replied.

"Meaning?" She asked, "you're not giving much away"

"I'm as confused as you are" Chris replied, "we found them in the room, but they were tied up, no make that trussed up like turkeys, and just coming round!"

"We're talking three armed men right?"

"Yep" Chris replied, almost chuckling. “Or at least they had guns with their prints on, but we need to show you something, and it starts just here!" they'd reached just below the tenth floor.

The two forensics people were busy working, they'd sprayed luminol to find where there was blood, now they were checking for fingerprints but you could tell they weren't holding much hope.

"I take it there's not much to work with then?" Sam asked the nearest white clad person who was dusting a banister.

"On the contrary" the second one spoke up, "bloody thing's covered with them, problem is there's too sodding many!" She stood up and walked over, "we're going to have to fingerprint everyone in the whole sodding place, just to rule the prints out!"

"How many?" Sam knew she probably shouldn't ask, but needed the information.

"Twelve levels, five apartments per level, that's sixty apartments, two or more per apartment, you do the math!"someone wasn't a happy camper.

"Don't mind Scott" Chris spoke up again. "He's just frustrated he can't solve the case in a one hour timeslot" he joked, "you know, like CSI!"

"Har bloody har" Scott shot back disagreeing emphatically, "like you bloody clowns do better"

"Now now boys!" Sam knew the rivalry between these two, and it wasn't always amicable, fact was they didn't like each other ever since Chris took Scott's girlfriend off him about ten years before, the fact he married her and they were still happily together made things worse! "Tell me what this has to do with the three?"

"Follow me" Chris started through the door into the lobby, "we did find the men in the apartment, but it looks to us like whoever 'took them out' did the first one here, on the stairs"

"Sentry?" She asked.

"If he was there'd be bullet holes everywhere" Chris replied, "there aren't any, I think they had a lookout who told them someone was coming, that someone" he went on "had an accomplice who played with the lifts, sent number one scurrying for the stairs and he got ambushed there!"

"Weapons?" If you're going to take down armed thugs you're going to need them, that is normally.

"None" Chris replied, Sam's face was utter disbelief, only the totally insane or supremely confident, to the point of insanity would even attempt that, “Well, not the kind you’d expect anyway!”

"That means" Sam replied to the last comment, "Our attacker's got bags of confidence then!" There was more than a note of sarcasm in her voice.

"You haven't seen the best yet" Chris kept going, they were by the elevators now, he turned and faced the elevators. "Number two was here, ready for whatever came out, gun drawn," he took up the stance, "sees something out the corner of his eye" he started to turn towards the stairs, "and gets flattened by the attacker who somehow manages to break his nose, sternum and four ribs in two blows delivered at the same time!"

Before you go, another great story. Enjoy it from the beginning

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All for now

Let's face it, I can't be giving too much away, can I?

Hope you enjoyed the read, next week we might get to see some of what the cops make of all that's going on, I mean a guy dies in an accident, a Cops station nearly gets leveled (they don't know about that yet). Three thugs with guns turn up with the crap beaten out of them in the dead guy's apartment, and now they've got someone who clearly knows what they're doing playing some kind of vigilante!

See you next week.

Question. At the start I quoted a famous line from a Comedy duo from times past, can you name that duo? Leave a comment.

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