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Scorpion's Reach, "Four legged friends"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

Hello again

We're back with another episode, strap in, things get a little 'hairy'

We're back with another episode, strap in, things get a little 'hairy'

From the Author

In the last episode we saw things take a dramatic turn as the opposition 'ramped things up'. Our two friends are in the farmhouse with Sandy's family and a biker gang about to try and do them some real damage.

But Joey's ready for them, the question is, are they ready for him?

Let's get into the story.

'Four legged helpers'

“I’ve got the four legged friends, and a few surprises set up” Joey replied, he began lifting the garage door slowly, they could see some movement in the distance as the bikes approached, they were still a couple of hundred yards away, trying in their own way to be quiet, but to be honest it was comical. “They’ve got no sodding idea, these clowns, look” he pointed to the headlights that were still on, they had no idea that Joey’d seen them a good kilometre and a half away.

Just as they were speaking they saw the others arrive, there were at least six now, six against one wasn’t good odds, even when it was clowns like these out front, but Joey had an ‘equalizer’. Rather he had four of them!

The first thing every shepherd needs is a good dog. Kevin and Helen owned a sheep station, that meant a pack of working dogs, and theirs were a variety of breeds, not all theirs were the ‘nice’ kind, mostly due to the fact Kevin had also liked to hunt the local wild pigs, he had a couple that were especially good at taking a two hundred pound wild pig down, and a couple of ‘little helpers’ who loved to chase anything, besides, they had a few things on the farm that were valuable, and needed a ‘little extra; to protect them.

That ‘little extra’ was a pack of four dogs, Rufus, a Border Collie Rottweiler cross. He was the 'Alpha' and at nearly a hundred Kilograms of energy and intelligence nothing argued with him, his sidekick Brutus a Mastiff, Border collie cross (same mother different father) was only slightly more placid. Against them. Not even the biggest pigs stood a chance, Humans didn’t ‘have a prayer’. Next came the two terriers, a Jack Russell named Jack and a Cairn Terrier that Joey couldn't resist calling "Daniels" partly because of his golden colouring that reminded him of the famous Bourbon and partly because of his attitude. one that seemed to be 'game for anything, they loved to chase, and were even less afraid of things than the big dogs were! Joey figured that dogs so small didn’t have room in their bodies for all that energy and fear as well!'

Meet 'Daniels'

Don't let the 'cute' fool you, this breed has courage, tenacity and is intelligent, they'll chase anything that moves, no matter how big!

Don't let the 'cute' fool you, this breed has courage, tenacity and is intelligent, they'll chase anything that moves, no matter how big!

Here's his teammate

One of the team.

One of the team.

"Wait for the screams"

Joey turned one last time to Sandy as she climbed into the Landrover, "Wait for the screams" he whispered then silently closed her door for her and made his way outside.

'What the hell was he meaning?' she thought, She shuddered to think, but there wasn’t time to ask questions, 'Oh well, all will be revealed' she continued the thought. She reached down and checked the electrics, everything was ready, the dash lights were on and all that was needed was to 'hit the button'.

The 'Burning'

The bikes came to a stop about seventy yards from the house, there wasn't much cover between them and the house, but that wouldn't matter as they'd be 'in and out' before anything had time to register, the plan was to scare the inhabitants and get the information from them, not really to harm them, but if that happened then no big deal, just serve to teach these pricks not mess with the 'gangs' and leave the drug trade alone!

Least that's what they thought the message was, no one actually knew who ordered the hit, just their boss 'Chopper' got a call and he made a 'call'

"Got the kero?" Alex, the guy on the commando demanded.

"Yeah, relax, it's all under control!" One of the others replied.

"Don't give me that shit!" Alex shot back, "let's get this done and get the hell outta here!" He stood the bike on its stand, climbed off and went for the empty beer bottles he'd brought specially for the job. They'd been wiped down so there were no fingerprints on them, washed thoroughly so there wasn't any DNA trace, nothing to trace them back to the gang.

The most effective way to deliberately start a fire uses three ingredients, empty beer bottles, kerosene and a piece of cloth.

They parked the bikes and switched off the engines. Alex took a half dozen of the bottles and stood them upright, one of the other bikers, a big guy with dirty long hair, two days stubble and a scar across his left cheek, went to his 'saddle compartment', took out a funnel and a gallon can of kerosene, he placed the funnel in the first bottle, popped the lid on the kerosene and began to pour. He stopped as soon as the bottle was a third full, then moved on to the next until all six were ready.

One of the others had brought some old rags, they stuffed the rags into the bottles and passed them out, one each.

Most people would soak the rags in Kerosene, but then most would end up with third degree burns all the way up their arms and spend the next six months in intensive care!

When you light the thing it's not the kerosene that burns, it's the fumes! As soon as you pour you've got fumes, light it and you get a fireball that'll engulf your arm, light the dry rag and you've got maybe a minute before the fireball, by the way the fireball will be about three feet across, but the trick is just to get literally 'a smell' on the rag, but that's easy, just let it soak from the bottom, then it acts like the wick on the Kerosene lamps you see in the old movies.

As soon as they were ready Alex checked everyone, a couple of the gang had sawn off twelve gauge shotguns, they were loaded and ready.

Nasty Surprise

They began walking towards the house. 'No lights' he thought, he began to grin, not that anyone could see it, he was going to enjoy this. "Get ready boys" he spoke quietly.

Clothesline can come in really handy, not just for hanging clothes, but used right it can make a great trip wire or wire for pulleys, and Joey'd rigged a pulley of sorts for something else he'd rigged to a couple of hundred watt spot lamps he'd rigged into the system, all it needed was a foot in the right place.

They walked slowly across the gravel driveway, almost cautiously, the two with the shotguns spreading out, checking the guns and cocking them, clearly a little more planned than just 'scaring' them!

Fishing line makes great trip wire, and it's perfect for booby traps. Joey's was simple, a trip wire or two across the driveway linked to the switch for the lights, and the blankets covering the dogs cages. The dogs were restless, but the blankets blocking out any light was keeping them subdued enough, not that it mattered too much, a farm without dogs would be a strange place indeed!

The bikers stopped, Alex took out his lighter and lit the Molotov, he began a run forward, all hell broke loose.

He never saw the trip wire, but he did see the light, It damn near blinded him.

"Take the bloody lights out!" He screamed covering his eyes with the free hand, the fuse was burning; he began to run forward, that was a mistake.

The bikers were rattled, and not very good shots, both shotguns came up, and both discharged both barrels, they started reloading.

The shotguns only hit one security light, there were three, plus the two spotlights, it was the 'spots' on Alex, he was still blinded, he had no chance of seeing the next trip wire, that one attached to the clothes lines, and linked to the Kennels. It ripped the blankets off the dogs cages and set them loose, four dark shadows came sliding across the ground so fast you only saw a fleeting shadow, but you heard the terrifying snarls as they tore forward in pairs.

Joey brought his gun up.Three 'spots' weren't heard over the snarling and shouts of scared men, the first two were wide of the mark, Joey was adjusting as he went, the third was on target.


Alex was half way through the throw, the arm was just above the shoulder and rising when the glass bottle disintegrated sending kerosene spraying over him and in a wide circle, then the lighted cloth made contact and ignited, engulfing his whole side in flames.

The screams didn't sound human! But Sandy knew they had to be, as soon as they started she hit the starter button as hard as she could, she didn't need to, but adrenaline kicked in and she couldn't help herself.

The 'Lannie' was already in four wheel drive, and in gear, she revved the engine let the clutch out and released the handbrake in one fluid motion, all four wheels spun as they took off, the two and a half liter straight four engine growling as the vehicle jumped forward.

The dogs were halfway across the front gravel already, Kevin had told them the dogs liked to work in 'tandem' with Jack always working with Rufus, Daniels working with Brutus, Jack was in the lead and launched himself at 'Scarface’s' ankle, Scarface was turning and moving when Jack hit, he didn't penetrate the leather, but it was enough to throw him off balance, he took a swipe at the dog with the still unloaded gun, that's when Rufus flattened him with his weight, a hundred and twenty kilos of pissed off dog snarling right next to your ear pinning you to the ground basically saying."Go on, try it! I'm hungry and I'll have you for breakfast!" Scarface was winded anyway, Jack had let go the ankle, he moved round and bit down hard on the hand holding the shotgun.


That's when Joey figured out what the dogs were doing, one pair, Jack and Rufus, had gone for the guy on the left, Daniels and Brutus were heading for the guy on the right, just like they'd do if this was a flock of sheep with a couple of 'wayward' strays! Normally Rufus and Brutus would take care of the main flock, with Jack and Daniels chasing down the 'wayward'.

The other shotgun was reloaded and just coming up in Jack's direction when Daniels hit, Cairn terriers aren't the best jumpers, but he launched himself, even a little twenty pound dog makes a hell of an impact running at full speed, add to that razor sharp teeth aimed at the back of the knee and you get the picture.

The gun went up and off harmlessly shooting air as he crumpled squealing obscenities, he tried to bring the gun round to use as a club, that's when Brutus nearly took the arm off, both shotgunners were pinned.

The 'Lannie' flew out the garage, heading straight for the other three with the Molotovs, they hadn't lit them and were transfixed to the spot, plans unraveling by the second, seemingly at the last second Sandy recovered enough to turn hard left and floored the accelerator. All four wheels spun and spit gravel, something that’s almost impossible to make a Landrover do, but she managed it, showering them with small but sharp stones as the 'Lannie' careered past. They dropped the Molotovs and ran for their bikes.


Peter was besides himself with rage, everything within him was telling him to 'hit 'back' at these bastards! The copper in him wanted to show restraint, but hell “Screw the restraint” he felt like screaming at himself. They'd attacked his bloody family! They'd crossed a line that even the hardest criminals didn't usually cross!

Sandy swerved just as the shotgun went off, the women were keeping their heads low and doing what Sandy had told them, Jack, Kevin's dad was using his body as a human shield for them on the other side, he'd been doing the same but something had snapped. "Sod this for a lark!" He screamed, he shot bolt upright and reached for the shotgun.

The gun was in a weapons rack on the internal bulkhead behind the driver and passenger, Peter lunged for the weapon, turning and kicking the back door open he started screaming, "Slow down, Sandy slow down, let me at the bastards!"

Sandy got a fleeting glance in. "What the hell, Dad NO!" She saw him about to leap out, Jack lunged and grabbed him. "What the hell do you think you're doing? You'll get yourself killed" she'd turned back as the Land Rover picked up speed again.

"Joey's back there in his own," he shouted, "he needs help"

"The hell he does!" Sandy shouted back, "you'll get yourself killed!"

"But there are six of 'em!"

"Look" Sandy stopped the vehicle, they were at the end of the track, a mettled road crossed their path, "help is on the way, but Joey's more than capable of handling those arseholes!" Even she was surprised at her own language.

"How do you bloody well know that?" He demanded. "What aren't you telling me?"

"I've seen him handle much worse if you must know, besides, his help's here" she pointed to two shadowy figures approaching from the road.

"Who? What the hell is going on?" Peter demanded.

"Remember I said Joey said he was ex Army? Well, meet most of the rest of his unit" Sandy replied.

“Trust you bloody two to go causing trouble!” one of the two figures spoke, you could hear the amusement in the voice, “Joey taking care of business then is he?”

“Can’t you tell by the screams and explosions?” Sandy shot back, “Dad,” she turned and faced her mother and father, “There’s a few things Joey and I haven’t told you yet!”

Meanwhile, 'Back at the ranch'

Three of them got away, at least they thought they thought so, as they sped down the drive, throttles open as wide as they could and ‘going for it’. By the time they got close to the gate they were touching sixty or so miles an hour, “Screw this” they were all thinking, “Let’s get the hell out of here” the lead biker, a heavyset knucklehead with the skull and crossbones and an inset Swastika on the skull stitched to the back of his jacket, screamed at anyone who was listening, not that anyone could hear, they were travelling too fast and ‘crapping their pants’ too much to bother trying.

Smithy had been busy, as soon as the gang had gone in he’d pulled a small axe out and chopped a medium sized tree down, not enough to cause a problem, but just enough to cause panic on a bike, behind the tree he placed a pretty decent sized log, if they hit that they were in trouble!

The bikes came roaring down the drive, they saw the tree, but were too scared and had no chance of stopping, one tried to swerve round it, hit a ditch and the guy went flying over the handlebars, literally thrown upside down into the trees, eventually crashing unconscious, only the ww2 German helmet saving his life.

Biker two couldn’t stop in time, he hit the log at the other side totally wrecking the bike and thrown over it landing in a heap four feet further down the track.

Biker three saw what happened, managed to stop his bike, realized there was no way for the bike to get out, dismounted and set off running. Smithy was laughing too hard to even try to run after him, besides, that was the plan, let one get away and spread the word about the terrors facing anyone who meddled with them!

Down by the house Joey was taking stock of the situation, Alex was still screaming as Joey doused the flames, he wasn’t gentle. “Shut the hell up” he shouted as he gave the guy a good hard kick between the legs. “Piece of shit SHUT IT NOW!” Alex started whimpering.

Looking at the situation, the dogs had both of the other two under control, they just sat there, Rufus sat on top of one, snout literally millimetres from the guy’s face, growling, almost daring the guy to try something so he could enjoy himself inflicting pain on the ‘piece of meat’. Brutus was doing the same, growling and staring. The two little dogs tails were going like crazy, clearly delighted at the chase and the result, they hovered near the hands that had held weapons, but keeping an eye on the other hands that the big dogs couldn’t see!

“Over on your stomach NOW!” he shouted at Alex, and without waiting for a reply he grabbed his shoulder and started manhandling him, Alex started screaming in pain. “SHUT IT” Joey screamed back, “It’s only a burn, you’ll bloody well live, which is more than you planned for us you piece of shit!” as soon as he was on his stomach Joey grabbed his hands and roughly pulled them down behind his back, then taking a huge garden tie that he’d found in the shed he found in the shed he secured his hands there. Next he took out a pillowcase from his pocket and pulled it over Alex’s face. “Man you’re bloody ugly” he shouted, “that’s an improvement” he stood back “On your feet” he spoke quietly next, Alex took a moment to respond, so Joey kicked him in the ribs, hard “MOVE IT”

As soon as he was on his feet Joey marched him off, he had no idea where he was going or what the hell was happening, he just knew this was one scary dude, he’d never had any arrest like it, and he’d had a few of those!

Just as they entered the shed, Joey turned and called, “Jack, Daniels, Come!” the two little dogs responded instantly, scampering after him like two small children running to their newest toy. He thrust Alex down with his back to the wall, “One move” he said, “and the dogs will rip your limbs off, do I make myself clear?” he spoke slowly, deliberately with malice dripping from every word, he could see Alex was literally ‘crapping his pants’

Ten minutes later all three bikers were in the shed, Brutus and Rufus looked a little disappointed they hadn’t been able to take more meat off them, but Joey’d given the dogs some food as reward, even though they still stood guard, the bikers heard the dogs chewing on meat, but had no idea if it was a piece of meat or one of their own!

And that's all for now.

Sorry folks, but that's all for this episode, running pretty long, this one is, but I hope you like it.

Hope you liked the episode, and don't forget to leave a comment.



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