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Scorpion's Reach, Finale pt 1

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

We're back

Just saying "Hello"

Just saying "Hello"

From the Author

Sorry, this one's been a couple of weeks coming, I did try and put the hub together over the last weekend, but something wasn't working at HP and it wouldn't let me put things together.

Things are fixed now, so we can resume the story, and let you know how things 'pan out'

In the last hub, we rescued Sam and Hene but found that the 'dealers' weren't on the Island, at least their main base wasn't, and the proverbial was about to hit the fan.

One thing that's really 'hammered home' with Special Forces is the need for them to 'think on their feet' and adapt to any given situation that comes up, you can only train for so much, after that, the rest is 'making it up' as they go, and Scorpion Team are pretty good at that.

They've got a plan, but it's a 'harebrained scheme' and they might just have enough "Gumption" to pull it off.

Let's see how things go.

From the Previous

“We’re en route to the second target now.” Sandy had Mildred on the Sat Phone, “Should be there in about twenty minutes!”
“Thanks for the update, I’ve got the RHIBs on the radio at the moment, texting you the frequency now, any luck with entry?” Mildred asked, the one part of the plan that still needed a lot of work was how the heck they were going to get onto whatever ship was out there, the support vessel, so far, the only plan they’d come up with was using the firepower of the RHIBs and literally blasting their way in, but that ran the risk of sinking the ship and losing any intel they might gain, not to mention the possible loss of life to the Navy and themselves, no one gave a damn about the other guys, they got what they deserved as far as Jacko and the team were concerned!
“Yeah” Sandy began, she looked around the cabin slowly, “About that, we’ve got a bit of a plan forming here, we’re in the chopper we captured on the beach, that’s why we needed the pilot!”
“That figures” they actually heard Mildred laugh, “That’s why I got you Carol! She been stroppy with you yet?”
“Let’s just say one officer with his tail between his legs” Sandy replied, half joking, “Guess she’s good for the job then?”
“Carol’s a reservist, flies commercial choppers for the oil rigs out of New Plymouth normally, she was in the area doing some work for me, she’s used to landing the damn things on a postage stamp, and in a full-fledged cyclone if she has to!” the translation really was that Mildred had expected this might be a possibility and had her pilot ready ‘just in case’, “She’s perfect for it”
“That’s good,” Sandy came back, “We’re going for a Trojan horse approach, have the RHIBs stay within a couple of hundred yards, but out of sight, have them ready to move as soon as we say so!”
“I take it you want their frequency?”
“Would be easier, if we were in the driving seat.” This point was delicate, no one really likes to ‘hand over control’ of any operation, and one this huge was going to either make or break a lot of careers tonight, the slightest thing going wrong could end up with them all getting the sack, if not going to prison for attacking an innocent ship, not that anyone believed their target, not for one second.
“Okay” Mildred took a moment to reply, “I’m sending them right now, I’ve put both in, one for the RHIBs and one for the Wellington, as soon as your helo drops you off, I want it outta there, preferably with those two coppers on, got it!”

A 'Target' like this one.

One man's plaything, another man's drug mule!

One man's plaything, another man's drug mule!

"Suppression fire ASAP"

“Ship's on the horizon” Carol came over the intercom, “RHIBs are trailing it, a couple of hundred meters astern, as ordered”

“Okay, listen up folks” Jacko turned and faced everyone, except Carol who concentrated on flying, she was keeping low, “we've no idea if we've been 'rumbled’ and frankly I couldn't care less, here's what we're gonna do.” he pointed to Mac and Smithy, “you're with me, as we planned, we go first and secure the deck, next is Joey and Hene.” He turned to the two men.

Both of them were busy with Hene's pistol, they’d managed to ‘relieve one of the live prisoners of a few weapons, Hene and Sam both had Glocks, with a couple of ‘clips’ each, Joey was taking him through some of the safety precautions. Here had baulked at first, that was until Joey asked if he’d ever used the pistol to kill anyone, that got his attention.

They both stopped and looked up, Joey spoke up for the two of them.

“We're next” Joey began, “soon as you're clear, you clear a way for Sandy and Sam, all the way to the bridge cum comm centre”.

“And we'll be right on their heels” Sandy added, “we need to get in there before too much gets wiped from hard drives!”

“Shit, guys we've got a problem.” Carol came over the intercom, “they just called us”.

“Well reply then!” Jacko replied.

“In case you didn't notice” Carol shot back, “their boy, was a boy, last time I checked my voice was a bit too high, besides, I noticed he had an accent!”

“We're only what, A hundred fifty yards? Soon as we cross the stern, come hard right, broadside on,” turning to the team he saw Joey and Sandy, both in the middle, MP5s at the ready, “suppression fire as soon as the doors are open”

'Like a screaming banshee'

The chopper came in low and fast, they could see men running, weapons coming out, no one was firing, but a couple were looking like it could erupt any second. As soon as the chopper cleared the stern Carol threw a hard to starboard, at the same time Mac threw the door open, both he and Smithy were out and running.

Sandy saw one from the boat bring his weapon up, it was an Uzzi, she let off a short burst, it caught him clean in the chest, he went down, two more were coming, raising their weapons, they hadn’t seen Smithy, he poleaxed the first with his pistol, the second got an almighty kick in the groin, both were down, next Jacko was on top of them, plasticuffs were put on and they were bundled to the side, Jacko removed both their weapons.

“You two next” Joey shouted at Hene and Sam, they were trying really hard to keep up with things, but this team worked so radically different to anything they were used to, “Head for the door” he pointed to the door about ten feet outside the disc of the blades. There were a couple of cylinders there, “We’ll be right there”

All four of them leapt from the chopper, as soon as they were clear Carol pulled hard on the collective, put the nose down and flew off like a screaming banshee, creating as much panic among the boat’s inhabitants as she could, ten seconds later she was hitting a hundred and fifty knots calling out for a bearing to the Wellington.

“Smithy, cover us, we’ll get the RHIBs in” Jacko called out, he and Mac worked their way to the stern and signalled the two boats, they heard the roar of the huge outboards as the two boats came to life, two ropes came hurling over the back of the boat, Mac grabbed one, Jacko the other and both found a secure point to tie the boats to, next came rope ladders that were also secured, then came the Navy, each one ready for whatever was coming their way.

The Navy arrives

Just in time

Just in time

'The Breach'

The door was locked, that didn’t stop Joey, one flying drop kick and the door gave way, they were in the corridor, Joey in the lead, MP5 slung over his back and the Browning at the ready, “Hene,” Joey called out, “You watch our backs, anything that doesn’t identify either Army or Navy, waste it!”

“What?” Hene started to protest, “What about?”

“Don’t bloody argue, just damn well do it! We’ll worry about the niceties later, GOT IT?”

“Just do as he says” Sam chipped in, figuring it might get taken better if it was coming from a fellow police officer.

They moved quickly, not worrying too much about stealth, Joey leading, next was Sandy, then Sam and finally Hene, checking their rear.

The corridor had a left turn, Joey halted, glancing furtively around the corner he saw a set of steps with a guard at the bottom, he had an Uzi, and he looked nervous.

Joey reached down into one of the pouches on his belt, he took out his silencer, put it on the end of the barrel, pushed and turned, the familiar sound of the bayonet connection clicking into place.

“ARMY, DROP YOUR WEAPON!” Joey demanded as he pivoted round challenging the guard, either the guard didn't hear, chose not to hear or simply thought 'screw you’ and started to bring his weapon to bear. The outcome was two shots in quick succession, one to the left knee and one to the right shoulder, the weapon fell to the floor as he slumped, his cries of agony drowned out by the shouting and occasional gunfire outside.

"Extreme Prejudice"

“First team” the lieutenant in charge of the boarding party ordered, “take the port side, use extreme prejudice if you have to, second team, you get starboard, move out!”

“Lieutenant” Jacko spoke loudly and forcefully to the young officer, “I've got four of my folks heading for the bridge, there's likely to be some carnage in their wake, tell your men not to engage them, just make contact!”

The officer looked dubious, he knew the SF team was here, and they were supposed to be 'assisting’ but the idea of 'carnage in their wake’ didn't sit well, he'd be the one explaining to the brass if anything or anyone fouled up, “Listen up teams, we've got an SAS team already either on the bridge or on their way” he radioed in, “take care to ID yourselves, out.” He let go the mike, “care to explain that mate?” He had no idea whom he was talking with, or their rank.

“It's Captain, and no, not really” Jacko replied, “now you go with the portside team, I'll go with the starboard, our medic will treat any wounded back here,” he pointed to Mac,” and the corporal will take care of prisoners” Smithy said nothing, but wasn't happy.

Smugglers and drug dealers aren't well disciplined normally, these weren't an exception, sure, they were loud and aggressive, but put them up against a well trained, well-disciplined unit determined to win and there's only going to be one outcome. Within minutes they realized the fight could only end one of two ways.

First, even if they do beat the boarding party off, somewhere 'out there’ is a warship just waiting to blow them clean out of the water, and they probably wouldn't hesitate.

Secondly, they could surrender and take their chances with whatever prison system they end up in. The second option seemed much more attractive, especially as most of them would still be 'upright, and sucking air,’ that was definitely a bonus.

A couple of the Asians, knowing what awaited them tried to fight on, but they were no match for the Navy, within minutes the ship was going silent, even the engines had been cut back.

That's all for this episode

Sorry folks, but that's all for this week (at least until the weekend) but you'll be pleased to know that there are only one or two more episodes left.

I have started work on 'Book three' but probably shouldn't say too much about it yet, the idea is that I'll probably put out the 'first draft' on HP and then work from there (The feedback I got on the first was so good that it's really worth the effort, and I want to say a big thank you for it)

So, the team are half way through taking down the 'drug mule' but you'll have to tune in next week to see how things play out.

Bye for now.

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