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Scorpion's Reach 'Corruption' or cover up?

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the Author

First things first, Happy new year to all.

In the last episode, Joey and Sandy had to think fast to escape a bunch of thugs intent on searching Cavell's place and doing some serious harm to anyone who got in their way.

Hatching a plan that's got the Police 'confused' (to say the least) they got away with a flash-drive that's started to unravel some of the mystery, but now, they've got a bunch of thugs after the same information, and the Police asking questions as well as having to deal with a grieving family.

Where to from here?

Lets join them and see.

'The Office'

Meanwhile 'Back at the ranch' (aka the Police squad-room)

"Boss" Sam was thinking out loud, "something just isn't right here?" Sam had invited herself into inspector Mather's office; a poky little place that was only just bigger than the desk and solitary filing cabinet he kept there. Sam took a chair from the squad room, flipped it inside the door and plonked herself down opposite him.

The only other furniture (if you could call it that) was a small whiteboard above the two and as usual it was filled with details, all relating to a murder case he was working, Jimmy was supposed to be with her in the briefing, but as bloody usual he was off sick with something, she was getting a bit pissed of with it.

"I take it this incursion into my sanctuary has something to do with our Asian friends that turned up trussed up like turkeys then?"

"Not just 'something' boss" Sam made inverted commas sign with both hands, just like you do when you're quoting someone half sarcastically, "The whole bloody case, something just isn't right. It's not adding up!"

Danny Mather was an ‘old school detective’ in many ways and had a cigarette hanging from his mouth, he knew the building was supposed to be a 'no smoking zone's but he'd been a twenty a day guy for as long as he could remember and he wasn't changing now, "you don't like my smoking? Don't flaming well come in then!"He even told that to the station commander at least once.

He took the cigarette out and flicked the loose ash into the ashtray by the open window, his one compromise to the 'non smokers' and it only gets opened for those he respects, Sam was one of the few with that honour, "okay I'm listening," he leaned back in his chair, took another drag of the ciggie and blew the smoke out the window. "Run what you've got by me then."

"You've got the basics there" Sam pointed to the open file on the desk.

"Humour me" Danny replied, "run through it for me"

He was right, sometimes just verbalizing a problem can help you solve it, coming back to it a day or so later and talking through everything gives you a clear perspective you might not have seen the first time. "Okay" she began, "yesterday coms central get a call about three men with guns in an apartment block right?" She took a marker pen and wrote 'call at 1pm' on the whiteboard. "AOS and uniforms attend within ten minutes" she stops and writes 1.10 on the board, "instead of three armed men we get there men trussed up like turkeys, but with the crap beaten out of them," she wrote 'three armed men beaten' on the whiteboard, "but no sign of our caller!"

"So" Danny interrupted, "no one to give the bloody medal to then?" He was smiling, "so what’s the problem, they had weapons didn't they?"

"Sure did boss" Sam said with a fake southern drawl, she was being as facetious back. "Glocks, and silencers."

"Expecting trouble?" He asked

"In the apartment of a dead man? Oh did I forget to mention the apartment was the one of that Banker who got himself killed in a car wreck last week, over on the Coromandel!"

"That does sound dodgy" Danny replied, "any hints of dodgy dealings at the Bank?"

"There's only me working this boss, remember?" she shot back, “But for your information, they’ve clammed up ‘tighter than a ducks aresehole, they’re not saying anything”

“In other words” he took another pull of the cigarette, “You betcha, but no proof!”

“At the moment” she came back, “I’m just working what I have, I’m not looking for a fight with the Banks and the like, We’ll go there if we get more to go on!”

"It's a rich man's world"

'Money Money Money'

Some 'Dodgy dealings?

Some 'Dodgy dealings?

'Dodgy' dealings

"Wise move” Danny replied, then looking round he asked, “Speaking of the lame and lazy, where is he?" everyone knew Danny didn’t have a very high opinion of Jimmy, and he didn’t help himself with the amount of time he took off.

"Who bloody knows?" Sam shrugged. "Yesterday it was one of the kids sick, anyway I haven't checked about the deceased as Thames said it was their case, their offices in Coromandel are coordinating everything."

"And now you've got an armed B and E at his place, what do you think? Any idea who dealt with the case?"

"The statement given was next to useless, by some rookie cop, but a 'constable Murray' was officer in charge at the scene!"

"Murray?" Danny started digging through the file, he found the scene report, "I remember a constable Murray, was with us for a few years, got pissed off at kept getting passed over for promotion, he transferred out, somewhere like Thames or something”

"Friend of yours boss?"

Danny seriously contemplated picking the ashtray up and throwing it at her, "he was here for a while" he began instead, "But he was pretty useless, that's why he got passed over so many times, I think it was at least a couple, you could say I showed him the door when he decided to ‘move on’ to greener pastures" He'd finished his ciggie and reached for the saucer of mints he had on his desk, "too many things went wrong then, when he moved on they stopped 'going pear shaped' if you get my drift!" he popped the mint in his mouth, "never could prove anything though." He paused for a moment, the continued, "what else?"

"That's just it boss" Sam replied, "No crash report from Serious Crash Unit yet, apparently that’s scheduled for today, but it’s not in the computer yet, no post mortem or anything! Just this Murray saying that it was due to high speed and excess alcohol! That doesn't sit right!"

"You're right there." Danny replied leaning forward and tapping the file, "especially if the SCU hasn’t finished yet, still, what about these clowns though? How does that fit with the 'accident'?"

“That's what I'd like to bloody well know" Sam shot back, she was tossing the marker pen in her hand, thinking at the same time. "The three bozos were taken down by a professional that I'm sure of." The way she said the last part made it clear there was no doubting it in her mind.


"The force used!" she answered, "it was just enough to stop them and prevent them scarpering, but not enough to do any permanent damage!"

"Broken legs and arms aren't permanent?" he exclaimed with a mock surprise, "Remind me not to take you on!"

"Chris from the Armed Offenders Squad was there!" she explained, "Thats his assessment, not mine!"

"So, we've got a highly trained person or persons playing 'vigilante' on our turf and somehow" he picked up the photo of Cavell that was in the file, "This dipstick was linked in even though he's been dead a week!" he stopped and leaned back in his chair, then continued "Sounds like you need to take a trip over to the Coromandel and talk to some people" he finally finished the mint and thought long and hard about reaching for another ciggie. “Take the trip tomorrow, just you and try to keep things on the ‘down low’ if you know what I mean”

"Yeah" Sam sighed, truth was she was absolutely wasted and just wanted to sleep, she looked at her watch, "Shit, err sorry boss, but I had something lined up for tonight, guess I screwed that up!"

Danny started to chuckle, just about every cop does that on a regular basis, the job just takes over and the rest of 'life' gets put on hold. "Give him a call; tell him you were busy, If he's half decent he'll understand!"

"Did that ever work for you?"

"It's why I'm divorced!"

"Great advice then"

"Sod off, get out of here and drive over tomorrow, only make sure you don't call ahead" he was emphatic, "Don't give them any chance to get prepared!"

"Any other pearls of wisdom?" she asked as she headed for the door, there wasn’t any need for him to tell her a second time to take the rest of the day off.

"Yes" He replied, "watch your back"

The Farmhouse

Looks pretty remote right? Just a typical sheep station in New Zealand

Looks pretty remote right? Just a typical sheep station in New Zealand

'Mohammed won't go to the mountain, so bring the Mountain to Mohammed!'

The two families had some hard talking to do. What was going to happen to the farm now? With Kevin gone and Helen so badly injured, things were starting to look bleak.

Helen was in an induced coma as the hospital said the injuries were too severe to cope with at the moment, but they were hopeful that would change in the next couple of days.

"It's not just the funeral arrangements" Kevin's dad was as saying, he was almost breaking down "but we're going into the busy time of year, last thing the farm needs is to be a couple of experienced hands down, let alone our situation" Reality was with both of them gone the farm was going to struggle to survive.

"We can help some." Peter offered, truth was him and his wife would be glad to have something to do, even if just to take their minds off the situation.

"And I've got a couple of ex Army mates here on a working holiday" it was Joey, he and Sandy were just walking through the door, no one noticed the 'dagger like' look she gave him, "they'd be glad of the work, in exchange for beer of course!"

"What? why?" Kevin's dad asked, "there's no need to"

"Don't talk soft" Joey replied. "They'd love to help" he didn't even wince as Sandy dug him in the ribs hard.

"Let's talk" she spat out between clenched teeth and headed for the door.

As soon as they were outside she rounded on him. "Just what the hell was that?" She only just managed to keep her voice down, Joey was making promises he had no responsibility or authority for!

"What?" He gave a hard look back.

"You! You bloody idiot!" She shot back, "what the hell are you thinking?"

"Truth?" He asked, "this whole sodding lot is about to get really ugly, and I mean real fast! We need to be ready, bringing Jacko and the others in might just be the excuse we need"

"I know that, but Sir Michael will never go for it!"

"Probably, but I don't give a shit if he does!" Joey's face was as hard as flint, "we look after our own, and these folks have no idea what's coming! We tried sending them away; they refused, only other option is ‘bring the mountain to Mohammed’ as the saying goes"

"Despite the fact it'll blow our cover and tell people who we are?" Sandy replied just as strongly, "I know, it's my family and I want to make sure they're okay, but I still want a job at the end of it!"

Joey almost smiled, he could understand where she was coming from, but Sandy was missing a few things. "Sandy," he began. "Why do you think Sir Michael sent our team to Iran? And anyway, you really think your Dad doesn’t know that we aren’t insurance agents? He bloody well knows and I’ll bet a hundred dollars your mum’s worked it out as well, just she’s got the good sense not to say anything"

"Because you were the best!"

"That" Joey was somewhat embarrassed, "and something else, he knew there was no way we'd obey the second part of the brief! He expected us to ‘bend the rules’ just like he’s expecting it now!"

From the Author

Wow! even I'm surprised at the turn of events here, how are Joey and Sandy going to get Sir Michael to agree to what they want? is he, or are they dreaming?

Well for that, you'll have to wait and see what happens next.

See you next week.


PS, Just to let you folks know, work has started on the third novel in the series, "Scorpion's Vengeance"

I'll be letting people know when a 'preview' is available on CreateSpace

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