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Scorpion's Reach 'Chasedown'

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

A Hello from me

Sorry it's been a few weeks since I last published part of the story, things have been a little 'hectic' here of late, and some good things taking place, I've entered the story into a local competition here and it seems to be doing quite nicely.

Anyway, when we last caught up with Joey and Sandy they were tearing off on two motorbikes to 'set up' the bent copper, meanwhile the rest of the team were 'tooling up' to go and get Sam and Hene back, that is if they can work out where they are!

Let's carry on and see where things go from here.

Saying hello


The Chase

Traffic was pretty light for the time of day, they made good time, the only real problem was passing a couple of logging trucks coming from Tokoroa to Tauranga, then again they got a straight stretch and 'blew past' them as if they were standing.

Sandy could swear she heard the 'cat calls' as they flew past, her flame red hair streaming out from under the helmet, all they saw was a black streak with long red hair giving the impression of being 'on fire', she loved it.

Getting past the logging trucks was easy, but then they came up to a couple of 'boy racers'.

Joey didn't slow down and got past them with a few cuss words and the old 'finger' salute coming from the car, they moved to block Sandy, but she was ready and waiting working out the line they were going to take in the bend.

Halfway round the chance came, the bike was much quicker than any car. She waited until the right moment, dropped down a gear, let the clutch out and opened the throttle.

"Oh Shit!" Sandy had opened the throttle a bit too much, the bike reared up on one wheel, she pushed on the handlebars putting her weight on the front bars bringing the bike under control. The ‘wheelie’ was pretty spectacular, that was evidenced by the silence from the car, she was sure she heard a series of clunks as four jaws dropped to the car's floor, she also couldn’t resist blowing them a kiss as she tore past!

"Hey, maniac!" She spoke into the mike, will you flipping well ease off?

Joey was having an absolute ball, he was loving every minute of it, despite the fact they were supposed to be on 'phase one' of the plan.

"Not a chance!" Joey replied, "sooner we get there, the sooner we prevent that prick Murray from causing problems!"

She didn't need to ask about any problems, Murray sent the bikers to the farm, surely the confirmation the job was done might even be overdue, 'he gets any idea it's gone wrong ' she thought, 'he's likely to bolt!'

They were just south of a Paeroa, a small town on the eastern edge of the Hauraki plains, Sandy didn't dare look at her speedometer, all she knew was they were doing well in excess of the speed limit, the guys working for 'Mildred' had seen to that.

"We get into Paeroa, hang a right at the main crossroads, head for Thames," she gave Joey the directions over their intercom; "he's on the road between Thames and Tauranga!"

"You're sure he's there?" Joey asked, if it didn't fire a projectile at high velocity he didn't really trust it, and that meant computers weren't high on the 'trust' list!

"About as sure as the GPS can be!" Sandy was truthful.

Murray had a 'burner', he'd turned the phone off, but neglected to take the sim card out, the GPS had been hacked by agents at 'GCSB' New Zealand's equivalent of the NSA, they passed the location on to Mildred's team who were 'live feeding' it to Sandy.

They slowed down as they came into Paeroa. "Take a left at the junction, then next right at the crossroads" Sandy called over their headsets.

"You said"

"I know," Sandy replied, "I forgot about the first junction" the first junction, a 'T' junction was coming up, both bikes indicated left and moved round the junction.

Paeroa is about twenty miles south of the Coromandel peninsula and the perfect place for a 'staging area'. The place where final preparations are made before doing what you need to do.

They found a small piece of ground just off the main highway; it was perfect for what they needed. Final checks were made, maps checked and everything confirmed, it was odd that Murray hadn't moved in a half hour, but other than that, 'it was all go'.

"How do you want to play this?" Sandy asked, she might be the senior rank of the two of them, but Joey had the experience, with regards to tactics, she'd learned to defer to him.

"Ever heard of a 'Tiger hunt?" He asked as he put the stand down, then slowly dismounted.

"You're not really talking of hunting the 'big cat' are you?" She followed suit, they disconnected their mike's, removed the helmets and went to the grass verge to sit a few moments.

"Nah" he chuckled, "it's an old tactic they used to use in World war two, the 'Tigers' were German Tiger tanks, damn near impossible to kill when they were in defensive positions, so old 'Blood and guts' Patton thought up a way of drawing them into the open to kill them"

"Okay!" Sandy held her hand up, "enough with the history lesson, what do you need from me?"

Sandy pulled a small computer tablet from her satchel on the back of the bike, she turned it on and booted the GPS location software up, it took a couple of seconds to come alive.

"Murray's here according to the GPS" he pointed to the glowing dot on the screen, "probably not easily visible from the road" he went on. "What I need you to do is ride down the road being your 'irresistible' self"

Sandy wanted to give him a good hard slap for that comment, but now wasn't the time or place, instead she settled for a look that had been known to strike fear into 'lesser mortals' and a semi serious punch on the arm, he winced, but continued on, "draw him out of whatever hole he's in," Joey went on. "Once we know he's chasing you, I'll close in from behind, and you'll turn to keep him busy while I close the trap!"

"Sounds simple enough?" Sandy said, there were a dozen things could go wrong, none of which they wanted to think too hard about, if they did then they'd make it up 'on the fly'.

"Piece of cake!" Joey assured her as he rose from the grass, "now let's get moving".

'Stand strong, stand steadfast, stand willing'

'Stand tall, Stand strong' (an old Maori saying)

'Stand tall, Stand strong' (an old Maori saying)

How are Sam and Hene doing?

Pain, that's what she felt, coming from seemingly all over her body, but especially the back of her skull, 'Jesus, what, or rather who hit me?' she tried to open her eyes, everything still stayed black. She could see little pinpricks of light, and something moving really fast from right to left, seemingly dozens of times a second, like a really fast moving disc, rotor blades?

She felt the eyelids actually moving, it wasn't that they couldn't, there was something over them, but she was still too groggy to fully really realize what was going on, 'and what the hell is that drumming noise?'

At least it sounded like a drumming, but it was too regular to be anything but mechanical, "Hene?" She spoke quietly, Sam remembered Hene had been with her in the car, beyond that she had no idea what happened.

"Silence" a strange voice demanded, it sounded male, probably the wrong side of thirty, but the right side of forty, and it sounded foreign, but no idea where from.

She felt movement on her right, a very low voice talking in Maori, saying two simple words, "Kia Kaha!" repeated quietly a few times before something, probably a fist silenced him, she didn't hear any moans, just a stoic silence.

It was worth the risk just to acknowledge Hene, she turned slightly to her right and whispered, "Kia Koha". He'd told her to 'Stand tall' so she'd given the reply 'Stand strong' and that's what they'd do.

She didn't have to wait more than a second for the retaliation as a fist crashed into the side of her head, she didn't flinch, but it increased the headache she already had.

Actually, there were two parts of her body that didn't hurt, that's because they were numb. From what she felt of her shoulders, her arms were attached to the roof, probably using 'plasticuffs'. If that was the case then there'd be no way out yet, not that she'd even try, she had no idea where they were or which direction they were going in.


Murray wasn't a 'happy camper'. That was putting it mildly! Something was amiss, the pricks he'd sent to deal with the 'dipsticks' causing all the problems should have called by now. The news should have been full of reports of a house fire, hopefully with bodies found in it (he could only hope) but nothing, Nada, zilch! Neither on the police radios or on the normal news stations.

He flicked through the radio stations again, to make sure, but nothing, that wasn't good. Then a call from the Chinese, "make sure there's a path clear for a cargo!" That's all he was told, that was even worse, if they are doing things then the whole lot could 'turn to crap' real quick!

His shift was traffic patrol today, the highway between Thames and Whangamata on the other side of the peninsula, 'should be pretty cruisy' he thought, 'give me time to think!'

There wasn't much need for 'thinking' really, he just wanted an excuse to run through his options again, there weren't that many!

'Why the hell?' he began the thought, "first the screw up with the car, then the bloody botched break in, why?"

The Triads can be pretty 'ham fired' at times, at least their 'soldiers' can, ‘but those 'further up' the food chain are normally a bit smarter than that’, at least that’s what he’d thought. Evidently whatever was going on was serious enough it had even them 'spooked' and they were doing dumb things,

"Gonna get us all either killed, or a jail cell" he said to himself, ‘time to cash up and leave the casino’ was all he could think.

Just like a casino, there’s a time when you know you should quit, that was now,some saw the stuff they did like an addiction, a need for the thrill, doing stuff that could go 'haywire' is what kept them going, sure the money was good, and he'd got a few neat toys, but for him, it was payback for all the times he’d been passed over, least that’s what he told himself.

He knew this road 'like the back of his hand', every dip in the road, every camber and every farm building, more importantly, he knew what was in each of the buildings, and where the keys are!

Cruising down the highway, he found the spot he was looking for, a small rise with a farm entrance and just enough space to pull the 'cruiser' off the road, not quite hiding the vehicle, but just hidden enough that it wouldn't be seen until you were 'right on' it, ideal for the speed trap he was supposed to be doing.

Fifty yards down the track was an old looking barn, Murray knew it was padlocked, and the padlocks were pretty decent, there'd been a spate of farm equipment robberies in the area, but he knew where the keys were, it took him under a minute to find them, the farmer, a share-milker on the farm, and lived a few hundred yards from his shed, besides, they were on holiday down south at the moment.

The keys were right where they were supposed to be, it always amazed him just how trusting the rural folks were, the farmer had left the keys there for his 'relief' worker to use whatever they needed, but the relievers nearly always brought their own equipment, and this stuff was not going to be needed for a few weeks, and by then they’d all know what he did, not that he’d care, he’d be a couple of thousand miles away, and with a sizable ‘retirement fund’ with any luck.

The padlocks quickly clicked open, he swiftly opened the door and went inside.

There was a bike in the shed, just like he knew there would be, a Yamaha 200 trials bike, perfect for what he needed, the bike would blend in well both in the country and the town.

He'd carried a holdall with him; he set it down, unzipped the bag and began changing clothes.

Two minutes later all traces of 'Senior constable Murray’ were in the bag, they'd soon be at the bottom of the Pacific, but not yet, he zipped the bag back up, slipped his arms through the handle so the bag was on his back, grabbed the bike and wheeled it out of the shed.

He could be at Auckland airport in just under two hours, Wellington in about six, 'not really an option' he thought, 'if the proverbial is going to hit the fan, it's going to be a lot faster than that!' he had another plan, much quicker, and avoiding any customs, especially with what he was taking from the back of the cruiser, besides, he wasn’t leaving his boat behind.

From the Author

What? Has Murray got away?

Well, for that you're going to have to come back next time and read what happens, not to mention are the team going to get to Sam and Hene in time?

If you enjoyed the story, then leave a comment, and let your friend know about the story.



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