Scorpion's Reach 'Breakin'

Updated on August 4, 2018
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Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the Author.

A lot can happen in a week, and this week, a lot has happened! But with Joey and Sandy, they don't need a whole week for things to happen, only a few minutes.

In the last episode, they gave a report, one that's got M.I.6 worried (to say the least) and were given instructions to find out 'What the hell is going on'

Let's see what they get up to....


Auckland is one of those places where the property market is constantly ‘on steroids’ and if you want to get a place with a prime view you’re going to have to pay ‘through the nose’.

Cavell had a salary of about a quarter of a million dollars. He should have had a place out in one of the nicer suburbs, but, not in the most expensive area, he didn’t! His was ‘prime waterfront right down by the ‘viaduct’ or ‘party central’ as it was known locally, every time New Zealand has a celebration of any kind there’s always a huge party down by the viaduct. There even the smallest place will fetch a million dollars, Cavell’s place wasn’t small, and was in a building that had its own security!

The apartment building was a twelve storey affair with a glass security door on the ground level allowing access, a silver fern was engraved on each of the two glass panels, they added style to an otherwise plain doorway.

To the left of the door was a panel with all the residents names, along with intercom buttons, the speaker and mike were just about head height, Cavell's place was on the tenth floor. Sandy walked up casually and pressed a button on the third floor.

"Hello?" A female voice came over the intercom.

"Oh, er sorry about this" Sandy began, "My boyfriend and I are staying with a friend up on the tenth floor" she lied "and we've forgotten our door key, can you buzz us in?"

"You're the second lot today!" The voice sounded frustrated, "how many parties is he going to have?" There was a pause then a click as the door opened, the voice came back on, "please make this the last time." There was a click as the line went dead.

As they reached the elevators Sandy was about to call them, Joey held out his hand, "See the two outside?"

The 'lookout'

"The two trying to look interested in the newspaper? Yep, I figure they've arranged a reception for us." she replied as Joey pushed the button pushed the button then, he carried on, "wait for my text, then send it to eleven then call it back, we’ll play a little game with them. I'll see you up there" he turned and headed for the stairs.

Nine steps per flight, two flights of steps per storey and ten storeys totals one hundred and eighty steps, a normal person wouldn’t even think of it, Joey didn’t think twice! It had to be done and he was used to this kind of stuff.

'Welcoming the reception party'

Part of the final test for fire-fighters working in London is they have to carry a full load of equipment while wearing the heavy fire-fighter's clothing and breathing apparatus weighing about eighty pounds in heat up to two or three hundred degrees to simulate a real fire where there’s only a narrow stairwell to get to the fire, Joey and the SAS often trained in the same building under similar circumstances, but with different purposes, and with a different kind of ‘heat’.

He took less than two minutes to reach the tenth floor, just as he passed the ninth there was a fire extinguisher and a broom cupboard, he opened the cupboard and took a broom handle out. Next he undid the clips fastening the fire extinguisher and took it with him, ‘they’ll come in useful’ he thought to himself.

As soon as he got to the door, he took a few moments to get his breath back; reaching into his pocket he took the phone out and sent the text, it said simply “SEND IT” and waited.

The lifts were about fifteen feet to the left of the stairwell. He heard the motors on the lifts start as Sandy sent the first elevator to the eleventh floor, there was a second elevator, the motor started on that one as she sent that skyward, panic began to break out as the intruders began to prepare for their unwanted guests, there were two that he could see, but he was sure there was at least one more in the apartment searching.

It was almost amusing to see the panic as the lift started its ascent and they got ready for whatever was coming up, he realized they were ‘semi professional’ at best as both of them tensed up waiting for the lift door to open, they both drew weapons, “Glock 19s from this angle” he thought as he saw the weapons. ‘Good, reliable and easy to get hold of’ he thought, ‘Standard Police issue all over the world’ but from their stances they’d watched too many cop movies where Bruce Willis turns the weapon sideways, truth is if you try and fire the thing that way it’s going to break your wrist and you can forget hitting what you’re aiming at!

The lift opened and he half expected them to fill the air with lead as the doors slid back, but they showed remarkable restraint for two whose nerves were ‘on edge’

Nothing in the elevator, that got them really panicking especially as the door closed and it continued on its way, the second one stopped on the eleventh, Sandy must have pressed the button for it to stop there, one of the goons started running at full pelt for the stairs, heading Joey’s way, he was ready.

The guy burst through the door heading for the stairs and straight into Joey’s outstretched broom handle, flying arse over tit he crashed down the first flight of stairs landing in a heap. Joey was on him in an instant; he didn’t hesitate but clubbed the guy with the extinguisher knocking him out cold, damn near killing him in the process, not that Joey was too worried.

A quick search gave up the guy’s wallet and phone as well as another clip for the Glock, Joey was wearing Army issue combat gloves that were perfect for this kind of stuff as they had padded knuckles that meant you delivered a devastating punch but didn’t leave any DNA behind, they weren’t even leather which was even better.

Next he took the guy’s belt off and used it to secure the wrists, finally before moving on he pulled the man’s pants down and wrapped part of the belt around the crotch of the pants effectively trussing the guy up like a chicken, this one was out and staying that way. Now for number two.

Sandy waited the two minutes impatiently, she wanted to be there and get involved with this, but at the same time knew the best thing she could do was stay down here and send the elevators as Joey’d virtually commanded her to. She hated taking orders from him, but at the same time even though she was pretty good at this, Joey and the team were in a league of their own. ‘Better to stay and do as he says’ she thought.

Two minutes passed before the signal came, as soon as it did she sent the elevator on its way, and called the other one, she decided to send both of them to different floors. That way the people upstairs would have no idea which way they were coming from, she really wished she could see the faces as the trap was sprung!

It was a further three minutes before Joey sent the ‘ALL CLEAR’ text meaning she could come up, three frustrating and slightly worrying minutes as things could go wrong.

As soon as the door opened she was through them and there was nothing! Where the hell was he? Then a voice came from the room down the hall, “There were three” it was Joey, “And they’re sleeping like babies” he popped his head round the corner. “Any idea what we might be looking for?” he asked. “Though with the mess these clowns made, I don’t think they’ve got it, whatever it is!”

“My guess is either a computer or a flash drive,” she replied, “and I don’t mean a fancy car!”

“Damn” he shot back, “and I thought I was getting a Ferrari!” they both laughed a little, tension relief was needed somewhat.

Christmas Turkeys? and half baked plans!

She stepped into the room, and over the three prone figures trussed up like Christmas Turkeys with their pants down around their ankles. “Joey really” she said in a slightly mocking tone, “You know I’m a modest girl, I mean really, did you have to arrange a show like that!” she pointed at the three men.

“Only way I could think of” he replied honestly shrugging his shoulders, “But you’re right, they’re not much to look at” one of them was just starting to come round, Joey knocked him out again, “anyway let’s get to it” he began searching through the piles of discarded possessions they’d left strewn around.

Sandy stopped for a moment and thought, then she headed straight for a room that looked like it’d been a home office.

The apartment was minimalist, all except for the office room, that looked as if it was transported straight out of the eighteenth century with beautiful portrait paintings on the wall, perfect for hiding a safe behind, but right in the middle was an amazingly ornate writing desk complete with gold leaf legs and felt top, it was amazing looking, she stopped and stared at it.

“Not really got time for admiring the furniture.” Joey spoke softly, ‘maybe the cogs in that incredible brain of hers were working on something’ he thought. “We’ve got to get a move on before the clowns outside realize and call for backup”

“No, I’m just remembering something I learned watching the antiques roadshow once” she replied, “They often have pieces like this on, and often there’s a” she was looking and running her finger along the back of the desk, he heard a faint click and the front of the desk opened fractionally where there hadn’t even been a crack before, “There it is” she said with a note of triumph” there was a slight, barely audible click as she pressed something under the desk, a small spring released a panel in the bottom of one of the drawers, a hidden drawer revealed itself.

“Well I’ll be” Joey exclaimed, “A secret bloody drawer”

“And” she reached in, pulling her hand out she clutched a small piece of technology no bigger than her thumbnail. “A flash drive” she took the laptop out of her bag and booted it up, “Don’t worry” she said to Joey’s concerned look, “I’m only going to check that there’s actually stuff on here, not start fiddling with it right now” she powered up the laptop, as soon as it was on she plugged the drive in and went to the file manager. “Yep” she let out a small yelp, “We’ve got files here, and they look like the right kind” she slammed the laptop shut without taking the drive out, “Now let’s put some distance between us and this mess!”

As soon as she said that Sandy went to pick up one of the weapons, there were three of them, all with silencers fitted, Joey reached out and stopped her. "No," he said quietly, but with a confident note, "we're leaving them for the cops to find!" He paused, then continued, "they'll shit huge bricks when they do.' He was almost laughing.

They still needed a plan for getting out of the building, and it sounded like he had one. Sandy trusted him even when the 'plan' was a 'half cocked hare brained scheme like jumping of a thousand foot cliff into the night wearing nothing but a piece of cloth, on second thoughts she hoped this one was better!

From the Author

Okay, let me get this straight, they got a flash drive, three goons 'trussed up like Turkeys' that Joey's just beaten half senseless, more goons probably watching the building, oh, and they need to get away without the cops finding out they were ever there!

Sounds like a tall order to me, but come back next week and we'll see what happens.

If you enjoyed the story, then leave a comment.

I'll be putting a link to my Amazon page on my profile page if you want to buy the book.


Have if I don't hear from you before, have a great Christmas.


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      • Robert Sacchi profile image

        Robert Sacchi 

        16 months ago

        Thank you.

      • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

        Lawrence Hebb 

        16 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


        The next chapter is called 'Joey's plan's and already on HP.

      • Robert Sacchi profile image

        Robert Sacchi 

        16 months ago

        I'll have to remember to read the next chapter.

      • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

        Lawrence Hebb 

        16 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


        Glad you liked it, It gets 'better'


      • Robert Sacchi profile image

        Robert Sacchi 

        16 months ago

        Nice details. You did put your protagonists in an interesting situation.

      • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

        Lawrence Hebb 

        16 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


        When I wrote the piece it was the first thing I came up with, and the best way I could describe it, glad it brought a chuckle from you.


      • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

        Lawrence Hebb 

        16 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


        Thank you, I tried to give the reader a 'feel' for what the city is like and how it would feel to someone first arriving, I'm glad it paid off.

      • Ericdierker profile image

        Eric Dierker 

        16 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

        Well done friend. Made me chuckle about trussed up turkey's with their pants down. Because we all know Turkey's have dressing.

        I think we need a big diversion here.

      • billybuc profile image

        Bill Holland 

        16 months ago from Olympia, WA

        I love the way you set the scene early on. The first couple paragraphs dropped the reader into the action, allowing him/her to see the surroundings and get acclimated, before the action began. Well done!


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