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Scorpion's Reach, 'Bad to the Bone'

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

Just saying "Hi"


From the Author

I have to be honest, this week I've seen a few comments coming over on Social Media regarding the latest movie about a real Hero of mine and likening him to some of our present crop of politicians, let's just say it angered me enough to consider holding off on this week's episode and write a hub with a few facts in they don't know about him, ones that make him stand apart from every politician for the last hundred years, but I've managed to refrain (apart from this little rant) so sit back and enjoy the story.

From the previous

"You! You bloody idiot!" She shot back, "what the hell are you thinking?"

"Truth?" He asked, "this whole sodding lot is about to get really ugly, and I mean real fast! We need to be ready, bringing Jacko and the others in might just be the excuse we need"

"I know that, but Sir Michael will never go for it!"

"Probably, but I don't give a shit if he does!" Joey's face was as hard as flint, "we look after our own, and these folks have no idea what's coming! We tried sending them away; they refused, only other option is ‘bring the mountain to Mohammed’ as the saying goes"

"Despite the fact it'll blow our cover and tell people who we are?" Sandy replied just as strongly, "I know, it's my family and I want to make sure they're okay, but I still want a job at the end of it!"

Joey almost smiled, he could understand where she was coming from, but Sandy was missing a few things. "Sandy," he began. "Why do you think Sir Michael sent our team to Iran? And anyway, you really think your Dad doesn’t know that we aren’t insurance agents? He bloody well knows and I’ll bet a hundred dollars your mum’s worked it out as well, just she’s got the good sense not to say anything"

"Because you were the best!"

"That" Joey was somewhat embarrassed, "and something else, he knew there was no way we'd obey the second part of the brief! He expected us to ‘bend the rules’ just like he’s expecting it now!"

"Look" Sandy came back quietly, "I'm with you all the way, but there's got to be some other way?"

They were both thoughtful for a few minutes, finally it was Sandy broke the silence, “The best way” she began “would be to get him to”

Continuing "tricking the boss"

“Think it’s his idea!” Joey finished her line off, he turned and gave her the biggest hug he could muster, lifting her clean off her feet and swirling her round, “You’re a genius, and I love you!” he stopped and let her slide down until their faces were fractions of an inch apart, then he slowly kissed her, she responded in kind, a full minute passed before they parted. “We tell them the truth, about the incident at the apartment, with just a little plausible embellishment” Joey continued, “they’ll already be wary of anything happening, so anything we say will only nudge them into action”

“The last thing anyone wants is a bloodbath on foreign soil where it’s innocents caught in the firing line” Sandy thought out loud.

“Especially when you could have stopped it” a voice spoke out from the darkness, it was Peter, Sandy’s dad.

“How much did you hear?” Sandy was suddenly defensive.

“Not much” Peter replied, “But Joey’s right, I didn’t buy the insurance agent crap, but thought I’d go along with it as you must have had good reason!” He moved towards them, “by the way no one else knows, or if they do they aren’t saying and preferring to believe the story you gave, also by the way Joey, I came out to tell you not to call your mates just yet as Jack says he wants to try for some local guys first,” Peter said as he approached them, he was holding two cups of tea, offering them to Joey and Sandy he carried in talking and asking questions, "but just who are you folks? I mean yes, you're my daughter" he turned to Sandy, "but you've changed since you went to university, who are you? Or rather who do you work for?"

The 'Long TALK'

Sandy looked upset, she was keeping things from the family, she was having to, but it was beginning to tell on her.

It was Joey spoke up, "Mr Little," he began, "maybe it's time you and I took a walk" he waived indicating a walk down the farm track, "there's some things we can tell you, but some things we can't! Not because we don't want to but some things are dangerous to know"

"That's what I'm worried about!" Peter replied, she's my daughter.

"Don't" was all Joey said, "it's not danger for her or me we're talking about, it's dangerous for you, that's what we worry about!"

"What the hell do you mean?" Peter turned and looked at Joey, "just what in the good Lord's name is going on?"

"There's things I can"

"Don't give me that horseshit son!" Peter rounded on him, "I'm a copper remember!"

"I know" Joey remained calm as he replied, "what I was going to say is there's things I can tell you, and they'll have to be enough!"

Their little discussion and walk took fifteen minutes

Sandy was still outside on the porch when they got back, Joey could see as they approached she was still upset, not crying but showing frustrations in other ways. "How much did you tell him?" The question was almost an accusation.

"As much as a dad needs to know, "Joey replied, "but not as much as a copper wants to know!"


"He's a cop and wants to know what cops want to know!" Joey explained, "told him that wasn't happening." He took her in his arms and gently stood her up, he looked into her eyes, "but a dad needs to know his daughter is safe and knows what she's gotten into, that I did tell him not to worry about,"

"Bet that went down well" Sandy cracked a small smile.

"I think he realized that once he knew we weren't going to tell" Joey replied, "He realized the 'dad' in him really didn't want to know, and the dad took over!"

A Bent 'Copper'

“When in Rome” was Murray’s thoughts as he headed for the open sea, he’d got a few days off and as usual with the time off he’d headed to the marina in Whitianga where he kept his boat, loaded up the supplies and was off for the day fishing.

“Damn, can’t they give it a bloody rest?” The phone was ringing, not the work one, but the other, the one that even he didn’t like hearing from, the one with the Asian voice on the other end, he thought seriously about not answering, but the money on offer would be too good an offer to turn down, besides failure to answer might indicate to them that he wasn’t interested anymore and that could not end well!

He picked the phone up, swiped the screen to ‘answer’ and spoke as calmly as he could, trying not to show the frustration he was feeling. “What’s up?” he was abrupt.

“We have a problem” the Asian voice said in a very cold tone. It sent a shiver down his spine.

“What kind of problem?” it was more a statement than anything else, Murray was disowning any problem they’d try to shift onto him, that way they would pay more for ‘clearing the problem up’

“The car” the Asian voice came back, “Something happened, the car is still in police compound” his english wasn’t perfect, but Murray got the jist, the car was still in the compound, and it shouldn’t be, at least his Chinese friend thinks it shouldn’t be.

“Why’s that a problem?” Murray had no idea what they’d planned, but it obviously wasn’t good for someone.

“Someone tampered with the car!” the voice came back, “big problem, how they tamper?”

“What the hell? I thought you were someone to do that?” Murray was incredulous,”You’re telling me, your boys or girls didn’t and someone else got to it?”

“That’s the problem” the voice cut him off, “The car was meant to be dealt with permanently, it should be a pile of molten scrap by now, it isn’t, and we want to know why not?” the voice rose considerably with the last word, no mistaking what the voice meant, the car was meant to have either exploded or caught fire by now, and it didn’t.

“What are you talking about?” Murray’s voice got lower, almost as cold as ice, he was well and truly in the crap if anyone found out what they were doing, if the car had exploded, then dozens of cops would have been hurt, and no quarter given in the investigation, they would nail his arse to the wall, throw him in some deep dark cell and throw away the key!

“We arranged car explosion” the voice said again, “problem disappear, but car not explode someone knows, and that someone not Police!”

“So?” Murray asked again, “I did what you wanted, I thought you’d remove the evidence, didn’t realize you’d be stupid enough to try destroy it, along with a flaming police station, you idiot, what the hell were you thinking?”

“Remember, you’re in this too” the voice cut back, “Or how about we remove you as well?”

“You want me to find out who?” Murray asked, hoping they didn’t think too much about the last part of what they said.

“Also we sent three of our men to an apartment in Auckland to ‘retrieve’ something for us” the voice continued. “They were intercepted and have been arrested”

“Then get a lawyer to get them out!” Murray was frustrated, this was a mundane issue that a lawyer could clear up, even if it was just getting them out on bail and then disappearing, “Don’t bother me with stuff like this, I’ll find out about the car, you deal with the rest.” He clicked the phone off.

Within a second the phone rang again, as soon as he answered the voice came back on again. “That wasn’t the smartest move constable!”

“Look, where’s the problem that I need to get involved with?” Murray asked.

“Do whatever it takes,” the voice came back, “You’ve shown pretty incompetent so far, so make this work, or else”

"And just what do you mean by that?" Murray asked through clenched teeth, "who're you calling incompetent?"

"You were told to make the death an accident!" The voice came back, cold and calculating, "if you'd done that my men would have retrieved what we need from Cavell's place and no one would know who'd been there!"

"But they'd still know someone had! How long do you think before someone figured it out?" Murray was amazed at how close arrogance sometimes is to stupidity!

"That's why we have people like you on the payroll!" The Asian came back, "someone got suspicious, and they showed up!"

"What did your people tell you?" Murray asked.

"Young, European looking male and female"


"In your email, find them and deal with the situation, and this time don't screw up!"

Murray swiped the phone off; he wasn't a 'happy camper' but there wasn’t a lot he could do about it at the moment, he was out of range for the email to work and took a moment to think whether he should go back and put some things in place to deal with whoever was causing the problem, he’d a good idea it was that young idiot Metcalfe and his ‘floozy’ with the red hair, but he’d need to confirm that with the photos, “That can sodding well wait” he thought to himself as he pushed the throttle on the thirty foot Rayglass 2200 boat, she responded immediately, eager for the open water.

Things not adding up!

“Detective Sergeant Sam Hughes” Sam flashed her warrant card at the duty officer, a petite young female constable, she looked almost afraid behind the huge desk and bullet proof glass, Sam carried on. “I’m hoping to catch a senior constable Murray, is he around?”

“Err sorry” the young constable began, “But he called in sick today, I can put you through to the officer in the department if you like? A constable” she fumbled with the computer mouse as she brought up the right screen on the computer “Constable Hene Kingi” she looked up and straight at Sam.

“I did call ahead to make sure he was going to be here!” Sam was frustrated, and didn’t mind too much that the desk officer felt the frustration, it was one of the desk officers, and maybe the same actual one that had told her it wasn’t a problem and they’d make sure Murray was available. “I suppose Kingi will have to do, it’s about the fatal accident they both attended last week”

“The one with the McLaren” the desk officer replied as she buzzed Sam in, “Down the corridor on the left, he’s just finishing a shift, so he’ll be in the locker room, I can send him up as soon as he’s changed” she indicated the interview room where Sam was to wait, even the interview would be recorded. “I’ll get you the files while you wait”

Sam sat down in the interview room and waited for the files, she didn’t have to wait long, and the file wasn’t all that big, a quick glance told her there wasn’t anything more than she already knew in it.

The room itself was simple to the point of being spartan, no windows, a small table with a recording device built into a cabinet and secured into the table so that only the tapes can be accessed and preventing anyone from ripping the recorder out or smashing it. Four chairs for the two officers, the lawyer and the person being ‘interviewed’ were the sum total of the furniture.

“Not very comfortable are they?” A male voice came from behind, Sam swivelled in the chair, he was quite tall, ‘maybe five ten, mid to late twenties’ she thought. “They’re not meant to be” she replied, “They’re meant to put the interviewee on edge, but as a cop you’d know that”

“True” he replied, “I’m officer Kingi” he held out his hand, she was surprised, it was a confident handshake, not what the reports seemed to indicate by what she’d read about officer Kingi. “I’m just about to go get something to eat, care to join me?”

Sam couldn’t believe it! He was ‘hitting on her’ at least that’s what it felt like, “Thanks, but I’m only here to talk about the fatal crash you attended a couple of days ago, if you don’t mind” she pointed to the seat opposite.

“I know you are” Kingi replied, “and I’ll be happy to answer any questions, but I really need some food! Please, I’ll buy.” she didn’t move, so he added, “People often talk better outside the interview room!”

Read that as ‘I’m really uncomfortable with talking around people who might be Murray’s friends’ she thought, for some reason Officer Kingi wasn’t comfortable with talking in place where what he said might get back to his ‘mentor’.

Look for the road (it's there, honest!)

Scene of the 'accident'

Scene of the 'accident'

And that's all for this week.

All we have time for this week folks, sorry about that, but the plot thickens, family asking questions that Sandy can't answer, Joey as usual throwing the rules out, or at least bending them to the extreme. Then again, it wouldn't be Joey if he wasn't bending those rules!

The cops are onto something, but so are the dealers, the question is, who's going to get to the answers first?

Hopefully, we'll have some answers next week.



PS leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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