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Scorpion One, First Strike, "Go"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the Author

I know, it's been a few weeks since the last episode, and while I'm sorry it has, I can't really do that much about it. This thing called real life keeps getting in the way.

Since we started the story we've had some significant changes in the Hebb household, many of which have been good, but they've all had their challenges as they've meant getting used to new schedules and fitting more in the day than there's really time for.

I'm in the situation where I want my writing to take some form of precedence, but there are so many other things competing.

Having said that, the novel itself is progressing really well, and I aim to have the completed version out and on Amazon by the end of August or possibly early September, this one I'm even going to make it possible for people to download a free copy (stay tuned!)

Anyway, on with the story.

Last time we visited the team they were just springing the Ambush to get the hostages free, let's join them and see how that goes.

We're back.


Picking up from last time.

The Big FN is pretty unwieldy and turning fast enough to finish the last guy off was out of the question, they all had them in ‘combat slings’ where they could simply discard them letting the weapon would drop harmlessly to their sides, or across the front, Joey did that and reached for his sidearm. In one fluid motion he brought it up and fired two rounds, one entering the skull just above the mouth, the other into the forehead, the man was knocked off his feet and spreadeagled against the wall before slumping down, dead before even hitting the wall Joey moved around and finished the job with two from the FN to the torso.

Jacko and Mac were doing exactly the same thing, that part of the firefight was over in less than five seconds, three vehicles were down, three hostages secured, but there were two other vehicles still upright, but the vehicle that had borne the brunt of the explosion was on its side and it had a hostage in it. Another had its tyres blown out but was still upright, the overturned vehicle was at the back, that meant they had to fight their way through to it. Putting the rear vehicle on its side had been the plan, but not having the hostage there!

Carrying on, "Let's haul ass!"

The doors flew open on the back vehicles as the fighters scrambled out to join the fight, Smithy waited until three of them were out and then opened fire, the fighters were concentrating on trying to line up a shot at Mac who was running for the vehicles, they never saw death coming from the minaret, it came quickly, one shot each.

Ingrid, one of the hostages was terrified, she was blindfolded, scared and as far as she knew she was alone, she’d been told nothing, that alone worried her, at first she’d been in a vehicle with one of the others, she’d hoped it would be Stefan, he had a way of calming her nerves, just his presence was a help, but that was all taken away from her, and now all hell was breaking loose. The screams told her people were dying a horrible and brutal death, was she next?

“Stay inside” a voice shouted as she tried to climb out of the back vehicle, something hit her, it felt like a boot kicking her and forcing her down before slamming the door back down on her head, she was terrified and screaming, but trapped and someone seemed to want to keep it that way.

Smithy had made it down to the vehicles in record time for him, ten seconds from the top of the minaret to taking care of the rear vehicle, he was perched on top of it watching the back of the convoy, waiting to see what the compound was going to do in reaction to the situation, so far nothing, but that would change quickly.

“Joey, is your vehicle good to go?” Jacko wasn’t bothering with voice procedure, he was removing bodies from his vehicle.

“Yep” Joey’s reply was crisp, “Got one here, shaken and stirred” he couldn’t help the Bond reference. “Bring ‘em on”

“Roger that. Change of plan, we take two of ‘em” Jacko ordered referring to the Humvees, “Smithy, take yours to the front, man the gun” Jacko carried on giving the order as both Mac and Smithy began moving their people, Mac had two hostages as he and Jacko had worked together to get the middle vehicles, “Let’s haul ass"

Let's haul ass, in this!

The getaway vehicles

The getaway vehicles

Getting them all out, an overturned vehicle.

"Come on, let's move" Smithy threw the door open, the girl was curled up in a ball, trying not to touch the corpse below her, it was the first time he'd taken much notice of the fighter on the other side of the vehicle, but he was pretty sure of it, and intended to make sure.

"Wait for me down there" he spoke to her as he lowered her down, as soon as she was on the ground he let go, reached down for a grenade, pulled the pin and tossed the grenade into the vehicle, slamming the door closed he jumped down, grabbed the girl and started half dragging her along, "come on MOVE"

Meanwhile 'back at the ranch' (Someone's having a meltdown)

"What the hell?" Wing commander Burke screamed across the room. Everyone tried desperately to ignore the meltdown he was having. "I thought we stood them down, what the hell are they doing?". His face as red as a beetroot, the veins in the neck were beginning to bulge, he took a split second to start to calm down, then went on. "it was too risky!" Throwing the mike across the place he couldn't help himself and exploded again "just who the hell do they think they are? do they think rules don't apply to them?" He looked around the room, almost defying someone, anyone to challenge him.

"They’re called the Special Air Service for a reason!" a voice came from the back, Steve Chambers wasn't letting him have his tantrum without being challenged. They were in a high-stress job, the last thing needed was the CO losing the plot! Besides, as a 'civvie,' there wasn't a thing Burke could do if Steve challenged, but if the Military people tried it, it would end with a trip to the Military prison at Colchester, compliments of a charge of insubordination and a court-martial. “They’re the SAS” Steve reiterated, “they train for things just like this! to them this is just another day at the office.” he smiled as the Wing commander turned in his direction with a look like thunder.

“But it’s too bloody dangerous” Burke thundered, “They’ve compromised not only themselves but the safety of the hostages, not to mention my aircraft in trying to get them out!” it was as if they were the only two in the room, all the others were trying to look busy, trying to imagine the argument wasn’t happening.

“Bollocks” Steve shot back, “They’ve compromised nothing, in fact leaving them there doing diddly squat compromises things! And as for the hostages, let’s not forget the fate that awaits if ISIS gets them into Syria!”

“Sir” it was the Army comms sergeant spoke to break the silence, “Our comms went dead just before the op kicked off, it’s likely they never got the abort code” she was trying to find a way out of the situation, one that both sides could live with.

“Don’t give me that Sergeant” Burke rounded on her, “they got it and they ignored it!” he strode towards the screens, “and I’ve got a bloody good mind to let them stew in their own juices!”

“And say what to London?” Steve rounded on the man, “when they pull this off and leave you looking like a prick, or worse yet if the whole thing goes south and we’re watching those hostages get beheaded with London screaming at us for doing nothing?” Steve had advanced and was eyeball to eyeball with the man, “You think they’ll accept that as an excuse?”

Burke was livid, Steve could see the man wanted to hit something, he just stood there, trying to put thoughts together, trying to get control of his anger, the seconds passed with both men standing toe to toe waiting for the other to flinch.

“Shit” Burke turned away, he had to take control of the situation, and fast, if they could by some outside chance pull this off then this confrontation need not come to light, but they had to act fast, “Okay” he began, “what have we got that we can use as a backup, give me anything!”

And that's all for now folks.

As I said, the final product isn't that far away, but we have to stop here for the moment as it's getting late here, and it's a good break in the story.

There's lots more action to come (as you can guess) and it's not all on the battlefield, but that's another part of the story!

Bye for now.


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