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Scorpion one First Strike. "Deception"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

They're back and on a new mission

The Team are back

The Team are back

From the author

In the last episode, we found Scorpion one deploying to Iraq on a mission to rescue some folks who've been kidnapped.

It's a tricky situation as the people kidnapped aren't either local or even members of the coalition forces, they're relief aid workers from a neutral country who is trying desperately to stay that way.

They're Swedish and Sweden has turned to the coalition forces for help, but there's a major problem, none of the coalition forces can be seen to take part in the fighting directly, and it's really close to where the Russians were helping the Kurds and Syrians, a very tricky situation.

Let's see what happens from there.

A work of fiction

This story is a work of fiction and while the people in the story are only a figment of the authors' imagination I like to think that it's very close to what would really happen.

Is it? That you'll have to decide for yourself.

From last week

The minaret was in the middle of the village, right next to the road that ran from the compound to the north of the village, it went straight through and joined up with the main road just two kilometres or a mile and a half south of where he was.

The top of the minaret had a doorway that led out onto a small balcony that wrapped itself around the structure, there were no loudspeakers attached there, that told Smithy everything here was done without electricity, in other words, the Imam would stand there to give the call to prayer.

He had the perfect vantage point. Pressing the small button on his throat mic transmitter he began his strep. "Scorpion three in position looks like we have six mobiles being prepped, all American made 4x4s, two with heavy hardware, " he started doing a three-sixty search of the surroundings, something, or rather someone was coming in from the East, and it didn't look good, "three, looks like we've got company arriving, six more vehicles, unknown type, range two miles"


A village very similar to this one (This one is in Turkey)

A village very similar to this one (This one is in Turkey)

From another famous spy novel

We do disagreeable things so that ordinary people here and elsewhere can sleep safely in their beds at night.

— John Le Carre (The Spy who came in from the cold)

Somewhere Just West of Dohuk

A gentle breeze blew into the tent as the front flap was ruffled allowing the man to enter. He wasn’t much to look at, but something about him made those he came across treat him with respect, respect earned the hard way, in the field, doing the will of those in Whitehall.

This time he was just a messenger, carrying a plain manilla envelope, he knew what was in it, but carrying out the task contained wasn’t his to do, that was for another. He was here just to see the man at the desk in this tent, and pass on the envelope, he would see that the right people got the task done.

The 'desk' was actually just a trestle table with a laptop and a folding chair, to the right, propped up against the middle strut of the tent's frame was a large corkboard with a map of the area was pinned to it.

The man sat at the desk stopped typing as he entered, he looked up, a smile slowly creeping onto his face.

"Mr Steve, welcome" he strode forward purposefully to shake hands with the newcomer, Kurds are not big on showing emotions, but a good, firm handshake always goes down well with them. As soon as the handshake took place he was herded towards a Persian style rug on the earth at the other end of the tent, as soon as they were sat another soldier served tea, the mandatory drink of any Middle Eastern negotiation. Only when the tea was drunk did the conversation continue.

"So" the Kurdish commander began, "what brings you here?"

Steve Chambers paused momentarily, he knew what he had to say was important, vital even, but also 'diplomatically delicate' to say the least.

"I'll get right to it Hameed" he began, "you deserve that much, " he replaced the glass the tea had been in onto the tray, the soldier re-appeared to take the glasses away, as soon as he was gone Steve started.

"You heard about the kidnapping in Zakho last week?" He knew Hameed had, the Kurds were seriously embarrassed about ISIS snatching a group of foreigners from their turf, but he waited for a reply.

When you need to BS your friends

"Yes," he replied, "a very big embarrassment for my people, we think they took them towards Mosul, but other than that we don't really know where," he thought he knew what was coming next, the diplomats had been screaming at them since the day it happened. No one wanted the kind of confrontation it would bring, a bloodbath where the hostages and a good many Kurdish soldiers, men and women with families, would die in a hail of bullets, and all so the politicians could feel good at not giving in to terrorists!

"Actually Hameed" Steve wore a slight smile, "I've come to tell you not to worry, we've found the compound, " he slowly replaced the glass on the tray. Rising from the rug he walked over to the map, Hameed followed.


"North, north of Mosul" Steve began, pointing to a point on the map, "about fifteen kilometres northwest of the city boundary, near this village" he tapped the map, "place called Tel Afar"

"That's what, thirty kilometres from here, " stepped closer to the map, both of them were about twelve inches from the map, Hameed was taking note of Kurdish positions mindful of what Steve might ask next, "I suppose you'll need ground support then" it was more a statement than a question.

Steve waited a few seconds, letting the tension build, both of them knew the Kurds were just itching for this fight, but both knew one wrong move could cost dearly.

"Not really" Steve began, "we've already got a recce unit on the ground, they should be there, at the compound that is within the next two hours, the rest will be two platoons of infantry will go in around 24 hours from now." he stopped and waited for Hameed to make his way through what had been shared, there was a lot to take in, he knew they were keen to get involved, but both knew there were some big problems.

One such, but on a bigger scale

Promises promises.

“So” Hameed sounded somewhat peeved, he was relieved and yet disappointed at the same time. Relieved that whatever happened the Kurds wouldn’t get any blame if things went wrong, and there was a big chance that it could, they would be taking on an experienced enemy in a heavily guarded compound, it was their ground, their ‘home turf’, things could go so wrong. At the same time, he was peeved that if things came off well, the Kurds would get very little if any recognition for their input, “You want us to sit around and do nothing?” the frustration came through.

“No” Steve shot back, “I said we don’t need ground support with the mission, we do need you doing something, Your attack is scheduled for around the same time right?”

“Dawn that day yes” Hameed replied, “why?”

“When this thing kicks off” Steve carried on, “you can expect all hell to break loose, and our people are going to be coming east like their tails are on fire, they’re going to be fighting all the way” he let that sink in before carrying on, “make sure your people know that, and know to give whatever assistance they might need, it could be pretty hairy” he let that thought hang in the air.

"What you're saying, "Hameed spoke slowly, they were speaking in Arabic, "a diversion of some sort" he looked the man in the eye, the expression on Steve's face confirmed it, "one your people can link up with on the way out, what do we get in return?"

"I'm glad you asked that" Steve replied, "Yep, and you get your flank taken care of without doing anything" he paused momentarily before looking at the Kurdish commander directly in the eye, "plus a few extras"

"Oh" The Kurd stopped, "and what might they be?"

US Navy SEALS rescue hostages, but don't get the one they wanted.

And back to the author

Have to be honest, I have a bit of an issue with them calling the above a 'failed' attempt as they got seven others out, it's just the intelligence was a bit faulty with whether their intended was there, and what would have happened to the others?


Actually I probably need to apologise a bit as this hub should have been put together before the previous (it occurs before the previous one in the book) but I'm still putting the rough draft together and there are still a few things to work out, that is along with writing the rest of the story.

And there's more than one reason they want the Kurds kept out of the way.

Well, that's all for this time. Oh and the reason I'm posting this seemingly in the middle of the week is because it's my weekend and for the first time in years I'm enjoying a two day weekend :-)

Bye for now. Don't forget to leave a comment.


© 2020 Lawrence Hebb

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