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Scorpion One First Strike, "Showtime"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the Author

Last week we took a bit of a break from the story and I wrote a hub about one of my other passions, Astronomy.

For me, it was very enjoyable and I'm hoping you liked it, but just to let you know that I didn't forget about writing this story, in fact, we made a lot of headway and much of my editing is done.

We're looking at a release date sometime in August (Kind of amusing really as my original idea was Easter of this year! Oh well, at least I had the first draft done by then!)

AS they say, you can't rush quality, and I like to think this a quality story.

Anyway, back to the story, the last time we visited the team had got to the location only to find a few surprises, like more enemy than was anticipated.

Let's see how they get around the situation.

Even Rommel didn't argue with these boys!

This is how they looked in WW2 when they harassed the Germans in North Africa. And about as far away from a British Military look as you can get.

This is how they looked in WW2 when they harassed the Germans in North Africa. And about as far away from a British Military look as you can get.

From the previous, "SHOWTIME"

"Roger that boss, gimme five minutes" and Joey was off running.

He ran almost to the edge of the village, the backup mine was the same as the others, each mine had its own set of stakes, so he didn't need to worry about attaching them to anything, he flipped the two stakes out from the bottom of the mine and drove them into the ground.

Next was a ball of cheese wire, or at least that's what it resembled. It was really a tripwire, the tripwire had a small hook on one end, he hooked it into a small pin at the top of the mine, then began reeling the wire out. Finding an anchor point on the other side of the street wouldn’t be too much of a problem, and he wouldn’t need to disguise it too well either. They would be driving like crazy to get into the fight and help their comrades out, their haste would seal their fate.

The grenade pin can take some pressure before coming out, the last thing he needed was for it to come out right now, that would detonate the device and it wouldn't be a pretty sight, the claymore was named because it’s inventor an American of Scottish ancestry wasn’t just thinking of some Celtic pride when he developed the weapon, he knew it was a weapon with awesome potential, potentially devastating when used properly, just like the legendary Scottish sword it was named after.

As soon as he got to the other side of the street he looked for a place to attach the wire, there was a power box from when the village had electricity, he used the handle on the box and pulled the wire reasonably tight.

'Good job I don't have to hide this stuff' he thought to himself as he finished the bodge job, at least to him it felt like a job only half good enough, he knew it would do the job, but that didn't stop him wishing he could set things that properly.

The mines were anti-personnel mines, great for killing or maiming infantry, but not so good against armour, even the Humvees armour would stop the blast, but Humvees are wheeled vehicles, take the tyres out and you immobilise the vehicle, that would not only stop their victims getting away, they would also prevent help getting there. It was the Hummers weak point, and the point Joey intended to use to the fullest advantage.h’d also put a few surprises there that would detonate a few seconds after the mines, they would be the real killers, fragmentation grenades.

"Six vehicles" Smithy's report was concise, "numbers one two and six have heavy machine guns, look like .50 calibre"

"Roger" Jacko acknowledged, "distribution?"

"All guns manned" Smithy replied, "four x rays extra each in numbers one, four, five and six, two each in two and three."

"Roger that, what about our pax?"

"Split between vehicles two and three" Smithy replied, "two in the first, three in the second, all bound and blindfolded"

"Roger that" Jacko came back, "inform us when"

"Showtime" Smithy cut him off, "they're on the move, SHOWTIME"

The Village

Joey had to run through a place like this.

Joey had to run through a place like this.

Joey's sprint.

"Showtime" the word came over his headset just as he was finishing the last part of the booby trap, the part that would give a nasty surprise.

"Shit" Joey was all he could say, "just finishing up boss, fifteen seconds" he responded, activating his throat mike, he was hoping there would be enough time to get back into position.

"Three, take out vehicles four and five, also you get tail-end Charlie, four, you get the lead" Jacko replied, "now get your arse into gear" Jacko didn’t really need to respond to Joey, instead what he did need to do was assign who was going to deal with which vehicle, in particular how they would secure them and retrieve any hostages, that was what the command was about.

As soon as he was finished, and checked all the connections Joey sprinted back to a position directly opposite where the road from the compound entered the village square.

"They're rolling" Smithy's voice came over the radio, "everyone in position?"

Joey knew he was the only one likely to not be where he needed to, setting the trap had taken a few minutes, and explosives were his speciality, everything was ready, he just had the short sprint.

Some one tried to Ambush the SAS and came off second best!

ISIS on the move

"Open the gate" the convoy commander shouted as the lead vehicle drew level with the guards manning the gate, he was in the passenger side. As soon as the gate was wide enough the first vehicle rolled through.

"Stay sharp folks" he spoke into the throat mike he was wearing, one they'd acquired from an Iraqi army unit they ambushed, it worked well with all the other captured equipment, the loud crack of a weapon's working parts slamming forward against the breach told him the .50 calibre was ready and his gunner at least was alert.

There was half a mile of open ground between the compound and the nearest cover, that was a heck of a long way to be vulnerable. They could see for miles across the country, but that didn't mean no one was waiting, they just didn't know where, and besides the biggest danger wasn't from the ground but from the air.

"Halt" the commander suddenly shouted as they went through the gate, "pull over, leave enough room for the others to get in behind" he opened the door and flung himself out of the vehicle. As soon as he was out he began waving the others in.

"I WANT ONE OF OUR GUESTS IN EACH VEHICLE" he screamed as the others began pulling in, "come on, move it!" he ran down the side of the vehicles slapping each of the doors, knowing someone was watching, no one could see them, he was certain there was at least one drone overhead, he wanted to give them something to think about, making sure they saw what he was doing would make them think twice about any attack.

Three of the hostages, bound and with hessian sacks over their heads were unceremoniously thrown out into the dirt.

"MOVE" one of the guards screamed as he grabbed one and threw her to the ground, she screamed as she hit face first, "come on he dragged her screaming towards one of the other vehicles. As soon as they were there one of the guards was removed and she was unceremoniously shoved into that back of the Hummer with three ISIS fighters who thought it was their lucky day.

"They're rolling"

"All callsigns this is three, they're changing the seating arrangements" Smithy's voice came over the headsets, "they're putting one pax in each vehicle"

"One roger" Jacko replied, "same plan"

"Two roger" Mac was next, "good to go"

"Four roger" Joey was last to reply. Considering he'd just covered about four hundred yards at a full sprint with about thirty kilogrammes of kit on his back and a five-kilogram automatic weapon without even panting he was doing well, but no one would say anything, superb fitness was expected along with endurance, this was all in a day's work, "Changing location now".

For Mac and Jacko, their approach wouldn’t change as the plan had been for them to deal with the vehicles in the middle of the convoy, where the hostages were expected to be, those vehicles having been trapped because of the vehicles immobilized by Joey’s ‘bag of tricks’ at the back and his taking the front vehicle out. That still hadn’t changed, but Joey and Smithy’s parts in the plan had changed dramatically, and Joey needed to move.

Joey's plan for the lead vehicle had been simple, a grenade straight through the windshield, that is after he'd punched a few small holes in it with a couple of rounds from the FN, the bullets would slice through the glass like a hot knife through butter. The grenade would make sure of the job and destroy the vehicle. Having a hostage in the vehicle meant a serious re-think. He would have to change tactics, and that meant a change in position.

"They're rolling" Smithy's voice came back over the air, "stand by"


As The Humvees began moving again, Smithy could see the turret gunners in each vehicle scanning the horizon and the air, trying to anticipate any attack that might come. He could see they were convinced that if it did it would be a drone strike or something like. They were well spaced covering the open ground, but going through the village the threats would change, the tactics would need to change. Scorpion One was counting on it.

Only three of the vehicles moved at any one time, the others were scanning the area, guns trained left and right, covering the advance. As soon as they got to the first buildings they took up defensive positions covering the next three. Two of the fighters got out of the vehicles and began walking down the side of the street, carefully checking anything that was loose. They were looking for the favourite weapon of the terrorist, the Improvised Explosive Device or IED for short.

"You've got no sodding chance" Smithy whispered to himself, he knew what Joey was like at hiding them, they would not be found, at least not by those who didn't know what they were looking for.

Moving slowly and with a clear purpose, the ISIS convoy made it’s way down the street, the two men checking every loose piece of refuse. If it wasn’t cemented to the floor, it was checked, but they were checking in all the wrong places.

Humvees are well armoured for what they are, most of the vehicle is covered not by armour plate but the lighter and almost as strong Kevlar. It is capable of stopping most bullets and shrapnel, but there was one part of the vehicle they couldn't protect, at least not without seriously restricting its capabilities. The wheels, and tyres in particular.

Walking down the street the two fighters were looking for things out of place, things there that shouldn't be, but not things that should be, and that was their mistake.

‘Couple of seconds now’ Smithy thought to himself as he slowly reached for the remote, things were about to start happening so fast no one would have the time to think about reacting, it would be pure instinct.

The lead vehicle was almost at the end of the street, close to the main village square, right where Joey would want it, but the rest of the vehicles were slightly out of place for the ambush, it was vital that they get to the right place.

The last vehicle was just a third of the way down the street, almost there, no one had seen anything out of what they thought was ordinary.’ Hope the Kevlar’s upto it’ Smithy thought as he pressed the switch.

Halfway down the road two tiny lights on the side of what looked like two mud bricks came to life, they both showed green for about a second before turning red and then blinking out, within a millisecond of them going out a huge explosion rocked the street, actually, it was two explosions so close together in timing they sounded like one, but fifty yards apart.

Very little of the masonry moved, but there was chaos as the two mines unleashed their payload. Each mine, along with having just under a kilogram of C4 Semtex (enough to lift a one-ton vehicle five or six feet off the ground and hurl it a further ten feet) they also unleashed seven hundred steel balls each and hurled them at twice the speed of sound towards the centre of the convoy.

The Humvees had a half-inch of Kevlar armour, anyone inside the vehicle should be safe, but that was only ‘should’ be, that was why the rear two vehicles had been targeted, there was one hostage in the carnage. Scpr[ion one just had to hope the Kevlar worked.

No one had time to react as fourteen hundred steel balls travelling at twice the speed of sound slammed into the vehicles.

Claymore mines are directional in that everything is designed to travel in the same direction making the steel balls travelling in the same direction as the explosive become lethal missiles for anyone who wasn’t in protective cover. The Kevlar kept the people inside safe, absorbing the impact even as the vehicle was lifted off the ground as the rear one was, but anyone outside was turned into mincemeat.

There wasn’t even time to scream as the gunners in the turrets slumped down, blood gushing from everywhere, a woman’s scream was heard coming from vehicle five as the gunner slid inside the vehicle, blood covering everything and everyone inside, it was obvious the hostage there was one of the females, not that the other vehicles fared much better as the screams took on an inhuman tone.

As soon as the blastwave passed Joey was out of his hiding place, rifle at the ready, firing straight through the driver's window.

The armoured glass of the Humvee would stop a round from a normal assault weapon, but the FN isn’t a ‘normal’ weapon! The barrel at twenty-one inches gives it a muzzle velocity of over two thousand feet per second, capable of punching through pretty much anything, especially glass and Kevlar, the two inside stood no chance as the first bullet went straight through the glass, into the temple of the driver and carried on straight through killing the second man before smashing the glass on the other side and embedding itself in the wall.

Joey followed up with standard SAS procedure, one more to the chest and two to the head all on rapid-fire while the two in the back were still dazed at what was going on. The guy on the nearside was almost out when Joey put two in his torso point-blank range.

Joey had been moving forward to make sure the rounds went in at an oblique angle and to minimize the chance of hitting a hostage, the first two pinned the terrorist to the vehicle spraying blood and guts everywhere, the second two made neat holes at the front, but took the back of the head clean off.

The Big FN is pretty unwieldy and turning fast enough to finish the last guy off was out of the question, they all had them in ‘combat slings’ where they could simply discard them letting the weapon would drop harmlessly to their sides, or across the front, Joey did that and reached for his sidearm. In one fluid motion he brought it up and fired two rounds, one entering the skull just above the mouth, the other into the forehead, the man was knocked off his feet and spreadeagled against the wall before slumping down, dead before even hitting the wall Joey moved around and finished the job with two from the FN to the torso.

Jacko and Mac were doing exactly the same thing, that part of the firefight was over in less than five seconds, three vehicles were down, three hostages secured, but there were two other vehicles still upright, but the vehicle that had borne the brunt of the explosion was on its side and it had a hostage in it. Another had its tyres blown out but was still upright, the overturned vehicle was at the back, that meant they had to fight their way through to it. Putting the rear vehicle on its side had been the plan, but not having the hostage there!

And that's all for now folks.

This is well over the HP recommended 1,200 words, so I really think we need to stop for a while (a few days) and recover from all the excitement.

They've effected an Ambush to get the hostages out, though it leaves me wondering what sort of condition the Swedish aid workers are really going to be in after such an ordeal?

That was the easy part, now they have to get out and back to safety, but for that to start we'll have to wait until next time.

Bye for now


ps. By the way, we have skipped quite a bit here as London has been watching on and they're 'having kittens' as we Brits would say (Certainly not a good thing, it means they're way beyond furious, apoplectic would be a closer word) but for that, you'll have to get a copy of the book

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