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Scorpion One First Strike, "Ambush"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

The area.


From the Author

Yes, we're back to take this adventure that much further and to see what's going on with the Team.

In the last episode, the team had begun their own rescue attempt of the hostages, and certain commanders back at base were having a cardiac arrest as that wasn't supposed to be in the plan!people

He accused the team of compromising the mission and putting people in danger!

By the way, if you're enjoying the story then you might want to stick around until the end as I've got what I think is a nice surprise for you.

How far did they get with the rescue? Well, let's get straight into it.

From the previous, "Bollocks, they compromised nothing!"

“But it’s too bloody dangerous” Burke thundered, “They’ve compromised not only themselves but the safety of the hostages, not to mention my aircraft in trying to get them out!” it was as if they were the only two in the room, all the others were trying to look busy, trying to imagine the argument wasn’t happening.

“Bollocks” Steve shot back, “They’ve compromised nothing, in fact leaving them there doing diddly squat compromises things! And as for the hostages, let’s not forget the fate that awaits if ISIS gets them into Syria!”

“Sir” it was the Army comms sergeant spoke to break the silence, “Our comms went dead just before the op kicked off, it’s likely they never got the abort code” she was trying to find a way out of the situation, one that both sides could live with.

“Don’t give me that Sergeant” Burke rounded on her, “they got it and they ignored it!” he strode towards the screens, “and I’ve got a bloody good mind to let them stew in their own juices!”

“And say what to London?” Steve rounded on the man, “when they pull this off and leave you looking like a prick, or worse yet if the whole thing goes south and we’re watching those hostages get beheaded with London screaming at us for doing nothing?” Steve had advanced and was eyeball to eyeball with the man, “You think they’ll accept that as an excuse?”

Burke was livid, Steve could see the man wanted to hit something, he just stood there, trying to put thoughts together, trying to get control of his anger, the seconds passed with both men standing toe to toe waiting for the other to flinch.

“Shit” Burke turned away, he had to take control of the situation, and fast, if they could by some outside chance pull this off then this confrontation need not come to light, but they had to act fast, “Okay” he began, “what have we got that we can use as a backup, give me anything!”

The getaway cars

Imagine the gun on the top in the hands of a man who knows how to use it!

Imagine the gun on the top in the hands of a man who knows how to use it!

Back in Iraq

“Into the vehicle, MOVE!” Mac thrust the hostage he’d been dragging into the open door behind Jacko, as soon as she was in he climbed up onto the vehicle and physically manhandled the corpse of the gunner out of the turret and over the side, Smithy was doing the same with the front vehicle, between the two they had all the hostages and absolute carnage on the street, but with very little reaction yet from the compound, not to mention the convoy on the hill, but that wouldn’t last.

“Romeo Victor Checkpoint Charlie” Jacko broke the radio silence they’d imposed as he put the vehicle into gear, he floored the accelerator spraying Joey’s Humvee with dirt and dust as he flew past it, all four wheels kicking up dust as he went.

“Roger that” Joey replied, there wasn’t any need to give time, that had already been agreed, two hours after the attack. If any of them wasn’t there they would wait half an hour, no longer and then head for the backup RV or rendezvous.

The next hour was going to see everywhere for at least ten miles around was crawling with ISIS fighters either searching for them or trying to get out of the way of the fighting further East. It wasn’t going to be easy, but then again what difference was that going to make, they were used to doing things the ‘hard way’.

“Come on, get a bloody move on!” Smithy shouted as he slid into the top hatch, bracing himself for the inevitable acceleration he flipped the top cover of the .50 calibre open and checked the feed for the ammunition into the breach.

Closing the top cover he cocked the weapon and made sure the safety was off, as soon as that was done he began scanning the ground from Northwest to East, keeping an eye on both the compound and the convoy, there was some movement in both areas, “Looks like they’re getting brave,” he spoke into the mike, “we’ve got movement in both places.”

Both Humvees were accelerating as fast as the bulky vehicles engines would go, and that wasn’t very, Hummers are great for cross country work and rough terrain, but have the acceleration of a dead slug, even with the massive engine.

Once they left the village Joey came alongside Jacko, but fifty yards off the road, that way they could both engage any enemies they came across.

A quick reaction.

“Ya Allah, My God” the convoy commander, a big Egyptian with a full Islamic beard lowered the binoculars he’d been watching the events through. He was shocked at what he was seeing. They’d just finished their morning prayer routine when the first explosion had snapped them back to reality and the fact they were in the middle of a war zone, quickly scanning roughly where the sound had come from revealed the carnage, “we need to help our brothers, LET’S GO!”

Men were scrambling for their vehicles, weapons being cocked and armour beginning to roll in a disorderly fashion, “Let’s try and head them off before they get out of the village” he shouted into their radios, “Ibrahim and Mahmoud, take your vehicles around the back of the village and come in from the other side” he delegated as two Humvees peeled off from the formation. “Take Khalid with you”

“Na'am,” the two commanders said ‘yes’ in Arabic as they peeled away and floored the gas, they were followed by one of the ZSUs.

“You head around and cut them off, we’ll head into the village and engage there” the commander was confident, “Hurry” he reached out of the window and slapped the top of the vehicle, “Gunners, keep your eyes open.”

The ZSU 23x4 (or Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka as the Russians call it) is one of the most deadly weapons in the old Soviet arsenal and was very popular with many of the Soviet ‘client states’. It was a T54 Tank chassis with four x 23 mm water-cooled cannons mounted in the turret. Primarily designed as an anti-aircraft weapon, each gun had a rate of fire of about a thousand rounds a minute, fortunately, they can only carry enough ammo for about 40 seconds continuous burst, but still, given the fact it could fire accurately on the move, if it got the Humvees in its sights they would have no chance, and they knew it.

The ZSU was slightly slower than the Humvees, but the deadly firepower would more than make up for that.

“Keep an eye out for aircraft” one of the vehicle commanders spoke over the radio, “Western forces nearly always have them nearby, even the Kurds have been calling on the Americans for airstrikes” he went on.

“And by the beard of the prophet” one other came on the radio, “they’ll get a shock with the ammunition I have onboard” it was the ZSU commander, a young British Muslim who joined after being indoctrinated in the West, Britain had already disowned him, and he wanted payback.

The rest of the convoy headed for the village.

This was what was chasing them, and why Burke was worried!

A deadly anti aircraft gun than can also put down a murderous amount of fire.

A deadly anti aircraft gun than can also put down a murderous amount of fire.

"Charges are set, right?"

“Joey” Jacko began, “you did set the charges didn’t you?” he asked as the first vehicles crossed into the village, they were still out of range, but closing fast.

“Is the pope a catholic boss?” he replied, “course I did, any second now” by now both vehicles were travelling flat out over the rough desert terrain, the Humvee is one tough vehicle, but they knew they couldn’t take much more punishment.

“We’ve still got three coming around the village boss” Smithy spoke into the radio, “and it looks like the compound is getting their act together, two vehicles” there was a momentary pause then he came back on, “No make that four vehicles coming from the compound, trying to catch up with us.”

"I did get a bit inventive though!"

The pursuing fighters didn’t see the small wire, it was halfway down the village road, strung out at waist height anyone walking down the street would have seen it, but Joey knew they wouldn’t be walking, they’d be driving like crazy just perfect for what he had planned.

The wire tensed but didn’t break. Instead, the pieces that were easiest to move came loose, they were pins, small pieces of metal that held other things in place. One came out and activated the Claymore which went off at ground level sending the seven hundred steel balls hurtling down the street smashing into anything that got in the way, that included vehicle tyres as two of the Hummers suffered blowouts and tried to control the vehicles who suddenly didn’t want to travel in a straight line.

The first vehicle slewed to the left and drove straight into the wall, stopping almost instantly, the driver and passenger, who weren’t wearing seatbelts and were slammed face-first into the windscreen, the driver was partly held in place by the steering wheel, he hit the windshield which cracked but didn’t break, he was knocked unconscious, blood pouring from a gash in his forehead.

The passenger, who was also the convoy commander was more fortunate in that he was able to brace his legs against the dashboard, but still being slammed like that at forty miles an hour meant a broken jaw and dislocated knee as the two met at that speed. Then vehicle number two rammed them.

Number two had also lost a tyre and slid out of control, but unlike number one that had a nice soft target like a wall to stop them they had two tons of steel and Kevlar in the form of a Humvee. The driver was thrown forward, this time the head smashing the windscreen and killing the driver instantly, the passenger faring as badly, but being thrown completely through the windscreen.

“Stop the vehicle” the commander of the third vehicle screamed at his driver as he saw the carnage in front, the driver slammed the brakes on bringing the ZSU to a halt within its own length, he and the vehicle’s gunner were halfway out of the turret when the secondary explosives went off.

When the wire had tightened it had also removed the pins from three Fragmentation grenades, with a fuse of between three and five seconds it gave just enough time for the first events to happen before giving the double whammy of a secondary explosion, a trick Joey had learned from defusing IEDs. Within seconds the convoy had been reduced in size by fifty per cent, but they still had a heap of pursuers.

“Jesus Joey, how many did you use?” Smithy asked impressed at the explosions, they could hear them from nearly half a mile away, they could also hear the screams.

“Only one Claymore and three frags” Joey replied matter of factly, “I had to get a bit inventive though!”

And that's all for now.

Sorry people but that's all we have time for this week, I will try to get the next instalment out as soon as possible.

It is written, and it's ready to go, but I've decided that with this story I'm not going to be putting it up on Amazon, instead I've put it up on a site that's going to allow me to give the book away for free!

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