Red Car: A Scary Fictional Story

Updated on August 23, 2019

A red car has been parking off the sidewalk in front of our house for days. It is there around 9 PM and gone by the morning. Our house is located near a business park, so it is not uncommon for cars to park on our street during normal business hours. As I peer through my blinds, I think about how I had never seen this car before. I have also never seen anyone exit from the car after parking.

While, walking out of my house to put the garbage out for pickup I investigate the vehicle to see if anyone was in there. I see a few pizza boxes and empty bottles laying around, but no one is in the car. The car didn’t set off any biological safety sensors, so I walk back to my house and don’t give it another thought.

A week goes by and the car appears at night and is gone in the morning as it usually does. I put out the garbage and decide to check the car once more. This time I find more trash and a blanket in the back seat. My eyes strain trying to see if there is someone lying under the blanket. Maybe there is a figure there. I can’t really tell. A shiver runs up my spine as I think something is moving around in the car. My wife beckons me from the front door. Before I leave, I take one last look in the back of the car. I sense something there in the car. A dark appendage moves close to the window. I lean in closer. What looks like a hand presses up against the window and seems to go through it towards me. One step back sends me falling and staring up at the hand poking through the window. I get back up and run into my house. My heart is pounding, and I rush to my wife and tell her what happened. She doesn’t believe me, but is concerned about that red car consistently parked out on the street.

The next morning comes and the car is gone. My wife and I agree to contact the police if the car returns tonight. 9 PM arrives and the car hasn’t arrived. The tv had been on since we came home and in the center of the screen is the red car on a breaking news report. It had been parked in front of a house for two weeks before someone had called the police to have it investigated. The police on the news push out trash from the car. They motion for someone to bring a yellow body bag over. A dark stiff figure appears in the polices’ hands. It resembled the figure I saw in the back seat of the car on the street. Shivers ran down my spine.

I felt connected to the red car. In my mind it felt as though my interaction with the dark figure caused the car to appear infront of another house leading to the investigation of the car. There was no way I could be sure. The only thing for certain is that the car and its occupant never visited again.

While, the red car never returned to our street, it plagued my mind. I constantly kept up with the investigation surrounding the car. At the time of the first reports I had a few questions.

Did I interact with that car, if it had been parked in front of that other house?

Why hadn’t the body been found considering the length of time the car was there?

My wife was sitting on the couch watching the news with me. I looked directly at her and found that she didn’t seem to recognize the car. I immediately verified my suspicion.

“Do you remember that car”, I asked?

She said, “no, why?”

“Well, do you remember the red car that parked on the street every night for the last week and some?”

She firmly said, “No.”

What on earth? How can she go from talking about the car yesterday to having no memory of it? Either way, I became concerned for a few hours. The news anchors reported that the person found in the car had been missing for a year. The police chief revealed that the car did not belong to the victim and that they could not determine who owned the car. Crime scene investigators were reported to have been able to lift some fingerprints from the car and they would consider those in their investigation.

I was relieved that I had never laid a finger on the car when I was peering in through the windows. In the back of my mind I contemplated whether my slight interaction with the dark figure resulted in the vehicle no longer appearing on the street at 9 PM and instead at the house on the news. Somewhere inside my heart, I felt like I helped someone I never knew. I also felt that I had helped protect my family by preventing the car from appearing on the street ever again.

A month passed and the car never came back. All seemed well till a car that looked like the red car drove passed the house at 9 PM last night. The car arrived at a neighbor’s house. The neighbors are two houses down on our side of the street. They had been gone on a month-long vacation that most people on our street knew about. The couple had gone door to door asking if anyone could water their grass or take their mail during the time when they would be gone. Personally, that kind of work would have been too much to ask for. It also could put their privacy in jeopardy. My wife offered to do it, since she works at home and takes walks past their house during breaks a couple times a day.

I asked my wife if she noticed anything weird about the couple’s house. She could not recall anything out of the ordinary. Well maybe it is a coincidence that the car they drove was the same as the one that contained the dark figure and the car that appeared on the news during the first news report in the investigation. The mail that my wife kept for the couple was stored in a drawer in her desk and while she was out, I decided to see if anything stuck out to me about the car. Their mail contained plenty of junk mail, bank cards, and a title for their car. The title for their car stuck out to me. The title indicated that the red car was recently purchased. But if I recall correctly, they have owned that car since before they moved to the neighborhood. So why would they be getting a title for the car right now?

© 2019 C L Whisper


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