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BTS Fan Fiction Series Two: 'Save Me'

"I Need Your Love Before I Fall..."


Save Me

Bruises from used heroin needles run along his left arm and the smell of alcohol lingers on his breath. Is this what he's become-- A worthless druggie and alcoholic? He once had a great job, a wife, children, a home with a white picket fence and a dog. Everything changed once he lost his family.

*Sobbing* "Ahhh, the temporary feeling of euphoria. Just what I needed." He says after injecting a fresh heroin dose. He continues, "This life... what is this life? Why do I live in this life? I don't deserve to be here. I should be with my family."

Continues to sob.

"Why was I spared? Why were they taken away from me!! I had two adorable children... twins-- a boy and a girl. A wife-- *sigh* my wife. She was beautiful you know? She knew how to make my day better just by exposing her amazing smile. *sobs* But I don't have them anymore. Everything... everything is gone. All I have is my girlfriend heroin and my best friend alcohol. They'll never leave me. I won't let them!"

He continues his self pitying as he slowly falls into a drug induced sleep.

45 minutes later...


Startled by the banging at the door he jumps up out of his sleep.


*groans* "Who the hell is it?"


"OPEN UP MR. PARK, I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!!" Says the angry voice from the door.

"I'm coming! Give me a minute! Sheesh! Ugh, my head." He places his palm on his forehead nursing the intense hangover.

*Opens the door*

"Mr. Park?"


"Mr. Jimin Park?"

"Yes" Jimin confirms.

"You've just been served." The gentlemen hands Jimin an envelope then quickly walked away.

"I've been served? Served with what? For what?" He closes the door and opens the envelope. He extracts the letter and begins reading...

Notice: "Mr. Jimin Park, you have been served with a notice of official eviction. Due to the refusal of leaving your apartment numerous times after receiving countless eviction notices you have been summoned to the county courthouse to settle this dispute submitted by your landlord. You're due to appear in court September 25th 2018 at 9 AM. Failure to appear will subject you to a $1,000 fine. To prevent such a fine, please be in court on time on the date provided. -Lackawanna County Clerks Office"

Shocked Jimin says, "WHAT THE F**K? What eviction notices? They must have the wrong guy. I pay my rent on time every month! This cannot be serious. I'm going to call the landlord."

He picks up the phone and there's no dial tone. He realizes he grabbed the wrong phone. The residential phone had been disconnected for years but he was too lazy to remove it from the wall outlet. He searches for his cell phone. "Sh*t, where is it?" He keeps throwing all the junk around in the living room, removing couch cushions, dumping the mini trash can, looking under tables... "What the F--?" He fixed his gaze on the kitchen counter, "*sucks he teeth* There it is! Now what's his number again? Oh duh, he should be in my contacts." He opens the contacts tab, scans through it and lands on landlord. He taps the nickname and the phone rings...

Landlord: "Good afternoon, thank you for calling Summer Springs Apartments. This is ****, how may I help you today?"
Jimin: "Yeah! H-hey! This is uh, Mr. Jimin Park in apartment seven upstairs!"
Landlord: *sigh* "What do you want Mr. Park? Do you have my rent money?"
Jimin: *coughs* "Funny you should mention that because that's why I'm calling. I was just served with some bullsh*t notice about not paying my rent and getting eviction notices from you?"
Landlord: "Yes sir. I've warned you many times, it's time to pay up or go."
Jimin: "What do you mean I haven't paid? I've paid my rent every month without fail. I'm always on time!"
Landlord: "No sir, you have not! You are behind at least... *checking the record book* ...7 months!"
Jimin: "Now just a minute, that can't be correct! I have been-" The landlord interrupts.
Landlord: "Listen to me Mr. Park, I have given you many chances to catch up on the rent. I have felt sorry for you because I know what you've gone through and to give you a break I've let you stay here. But I cannot afford to keep you here anymore if you cannot pay your rent in full now! You've taken advantage of my kindness and I refuse to be played a fool any longer. Come up with the payment or leave! Those are your only options. Until then I will see you in court!" *hangs up the phone*
Jimin: "Wait! I- Grrr!"

Jimin throws his phone across the room where it lands on the couch.

"This is bullsh*t! Pure bullsh*t!" He starts to feel that he's losing his high. He searches for and finds his needle and rubber band to wrap around his arm. He bites down on the band as it's pulled tight around his arm and he injects the the dangerous poison. As it coursed through his veins he slowly closed his eyes and collapsed into the couch reaching that sweet euphoria that he was missing once again. "Ahhhh... It feels so good." He looked over to his left to spot the TV remote. He weakly reaches for it and turns the TV on. He flips through the channels until he lands on a horror movie. As the movie plays, his eyes grow heavy. Eventually he's passed out and won't awake for several hours.

Five hours later he awakens. Sweaty and aching he slowly gets up from the couch. He has a crook in his neck from lying with his head tilted the whole time. "Oh, oh, oh! Ouch! Ahhh my friggin neck." He removes the rubber band from his arm and massages his neck. He notices that it's completely dark in his apartment so he pushes himself up off the couch to turn a few lamps on so he can see where he's going. "Ugh. Look at this place." He's finally come down from his drug trip and saw how filthy his place is. He grabs the large trash can from the kitchen and drags it into the living room grabbing every ball of paper, wrapper, can, bottle, leftover food and tossing it into the garbage.

This is the usual routine every Sunday night. He'll enjoy his last high of the weekend, wake up from a drunken and/or drug induced stupor then realize he needs to clean up his mess that had been produced since Friday night. Once he's off work on Friday, it's time for him to have his own little party at home. Once Monday arrives, it's back to reality as if nothing ever happened. It's back to suits, briefcases and tons of foundation to cover the bruises on his arm. Back to pretending like he's done nothing all weekend... back to acting as if everything is okay when he knows it's not. That's what his weekday consists of... lies.

As he continues to clean up his apartment, he notices all the mail on his coffee table. He picks through it tossing each piece in the trash due to it being junk or something he has absolutely no care about. He notices the court summons and immediately remembered that he was served with it earlier that day. "Wait a minute, you can get served on a Sunday?" He asks himself. "Well, it's an important thing, I guess it doesn't matter what day it is. I still think this is bullsh*t but I'll have it taken care of." He tosses the summons on the couch and gets back to cleaning up.

After an hour or so of tidying up, the apartment looks pretty good. He proceeds into the kitchen to rummage the fridge for any food that needs to be tossed. Tomorrow is trash day so he wants to make sure he gets everything out. Only a few items were tossed so he ties up the bag, walks over to the apartment door then out into the hallway and places the trash in the garbage shoot. He turns to walk back to his apartment only to find that the door closed behind him and he's locked out. He checks his pockets for his keys, none to be found. "Ah damn it! Son of a b*tch! Just what I need! Can this day just end already? It keeps getting f*cking worse!" He kicks the door out of irritation and stubs his toe. "Ouch! F*ck! Stupid idiot! Why'd you do that?" He says to himself. He leans up against his door and slides down to take a seat on the floor.

An hour later he hears the squeak of a door opening. Someone is coming out of apartment nine with a trash bag. It's the new tenant.

You moved in a few days ago. He never got a chance to formerly introduce himself to you and now might be a great a chance as any. You double check to make sure your door is unlocked before stepping away but also made sure to have your key as well. You reassure yourself that the door is good and walk out closing the door behind you. With the garbage in one hand and your smartphone in another you don't notice him sitting on the floor. He looks at you and clears his throat as you walk by. You open the garbage shoot and toss the bag inside double checking to make sure it went down. That's your OCD, you have to always check twice sometimes three times for things.

Jimin continues looking at you as you turn around to walk back to your apartment. You still don't notice him in the dimly lit hall.

"AHEM!" He clears throat once more to grab your attention. Your focus is still on your phone. You're watching a movie on Netflix and it's too good to stop watching, even for a moment. You made it back to your door and just as you're about to open it you hear, "Excuse me! Ma'am?" You turn around to see who said that and Jimin lifts his hand and waves.

You pause the movie, "Oh! Uh, hi." You turn the doorknob and open the door to your apartment. "Wait!" Jimin says as he jumps up from the floor. He continues, "Wait, please. Could you help me with something?" You step inside your apartment and peek your head around the door, "Uh, what do you need? I don't have any money sorry." Jimin laughs, "No, no, no. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I'm homeless--" Even though he will be if he doesn't pay his rent in full soon... "--I'm locked out of my apartment and wondered if I could maybe use your phone to call the landlord. He has the spare key." You hesitate for a moment, "Um, okay. Do you want to use my cell?" you ask. "Yes, that's fine. Thank you. I appreciate it." You hand him your cell and he dials the number. He gives you a smile and you return a smile.

The line picks up on the other end, "Hey ****! It's Jimin Park. Listen, I'm locked out of my apartment and I need the spare key." You hear talking on the other end. Jimin continues, "What? Well no but- I'll pay you the money in full soon I promise! I need to be in my own apartment tonight so I can have clothes for work tomorrow!" The landlord continues speaking on the other end, chewing him out over the rent. "Well, forget it then. I'll just sit in the hallway until you get here in the morning! Thanks for nothing! Yeah, good night!" He angrily ends the call and hands you the phone. "Sorry about that. Thank you!" He turns to walk back to his apartment and slumps down on the floor again. You look at him with a feeling of sorrow. "Hey!" You grab Jimin's attention. "Uh, you're welcome to stay here for the night. I can make up the couch for you." Jimin replies, "No, you don't have to do that. I'll be all right out here." "Are you sure? I really don't mind." Jimin assures you that he'll be okay where he is. You reply, "Well, if you change your mind, just knock. It's going to be cold tonight. I'd hate for you to freeze out in the hall." "Thanks for the offer." "Okay well, good night." "Goodnight" he says.

About an hour later you've finished the movie and by now had grown tired and sleepy. You decide to check on the mysterious stranger out in the hallway to see if he's okay. You look through the peephole and see that he's still slumped on the floor, arms folded. You quietly unlock and open your door and upon further investigation you notice that he's fallen asleep. The light snores slipping from his nostrils. You slowly back up into your apartment to grab a spare blanket to place on him so he can stay warm. You open it out wide and cover him completely. You tuck it in around his neck as best as you can and leave him to his sleep.

The next morning, there's a gentle knock at your door. You're sprawled out on the couch because you never made it to your bedroom. The knocking wakes you up and you check to see who it is. "Oh!" you say as a smirk comes across your face. You open the door, "Good morning!" "Hi! Good morning. Uh, I'm assuming this is yours?" Jimin asks. "Oh, yes. Thank you. I thought you could use it since it was so cold last night." "Well I appreciate it. Thank you very much." "No problem" you say. "Okay well, have a good day" he says as he makes his way back to his apartment that you see has since been opened for him. "Hey!" He turns around. "May I ask, what's your name?" "Jimin. Jimin Park." You step out of your apartment to give him a proper handshake and introduction, "Pleasure to meet you Jimin Park, I'm Y/N." He reaches out to shake your hand, "Pleasure to meet you as well Y/N. If you'll excuse me please, I have to get ready for work or I'm going to be late." "Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead. Have a great-" He slams his door... "-day."

Fifteen minutes later and Jimin comes out of his apartment, rushing down the stairs to catch the train for work. It's about three blocks to get to the station and he keeps checking his watch to make sure he's not late. On his way there, he has to walk past a multitude of corner drug dealers. Dealers that specifically sell heroin. He tries to stay focused. "Gotta get to work Jimin, gotta get to work!" He thinks to himself.
"Yo! Jimin! I got some good stuff for you today!" One dealer yells as Jimin walks by. "Not today! I've gotta get to work!" He keeps walking in a fast pace until he finally makes it to the station. He uses his pass to get through the gate, finds his pick-up stop and patiently waits for the train to arrive. He's still checking his watch out of complete paranoia and he now has 20 minutes to get to work. "Ugh, come on! Come on! Please hurry conductor." The train finally arrives and slows down to a complete stop for the passengers to board. He hops on and takes a seat. A sigh of relief comes over him. Luckily once he's off the train he only has a quarter mile of a walk to get to work. Not too bad, he should still make it in time.

Seven minutes later and the train reaches his destination. The doors open and he speed walks off and out of the station. He goes up the stairs working his way through a crowd of people and makes it above ground. He does a light jog to work continuing to check his watch. Eight minutes, he's making good time. He gets to the office building, swipes his badge to enter, walks to the front desk and checks in. "Ah! I made it!" The sweat rolling down his face while he's nearly out of the breath. He almost passed out when he got in the lobby. Years of drugs and alcohol abuse will do that to you. "Are you okay?" the receptionist asks. "Yes, thank you. Just out of shape that's all."

He took the elevator to get to the top floor. He works in sales. He hasn't met his quota this month or the month before and his boss is keeping a close eye on him now. Hence the reason why he was so panicked about being late. His job is on the line. His glances at his desk as he gets closer and notices a stack of cold calls that he has to make. He lets out a sigh and rotates his shoulders to prep for a long day ahead.

"Jimin! Will you come into my office please?" His boss summons him and he nervously obliges.

"Ye-yes sir?" "Have a seat Jimin." He stepped in from the doorway and takes a chair in front of the bosses desk. "Jimin, how are you feeling today?" "Oh, I'm- I'm well sir. Just beat. I had a long night." "Yeah, I bet. Glad to see you made it here on time today. Good way to start the week." "Yes... yes sir. I got here as quickly as I could." Jimin fidgets in his seat. "Well, I won't hold you up Jimin, I just wanted to make sure all was well with you." "Yes... yes sir. Thank you sir." "Okay. Go get started on your work Mr. Park." "Yes sir." "Oh and Mr. Park, don't f*ck it up. I know you've got it in you to do better. I'd hate to see my once top salesman lose his job." his boss says. Jimin shakes his head yes and goes back to his desk.

Phones are ringing, there's typing on the keyboards and conversations being had over the phones. He gets to his desk and plops in his seat. "Psst! Hey! Jimi! You're not fired are you?" his co-worker asks. "No Namjoon, I'm fine for now." "Oh, great!... Hey, hey! H-how was your weekend?" "It was good." Jimin replies. "Great. Mine was good also. I took the wife and kids to Hershey Park. They absolutely- Ah sh*t Jimi, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned-" Jimin interrupts, "No, it's fine Namjoon. It's okay to talk about your family. I don't want you to think that you have to hide them from me." "Oh, well... okay Jimi. Well, we did have a great time. My oldest thought we should invite you to tag along but I told her that you probably had better things to do and wouldn't want to be bothered with us." "Nah, you guys are great." He says unenthusiastically, "I appreciate her inviting me but that's y'alls time together. No need to try to include me." He smiles and Namjoon smiles as well. "Okay buddy, we better get to work huh? Haha." "Yeah, *sigh* let's get to work."

As the first four hours pass by he's making follow-up phone call after follow-up call to every person in his pile who placed an order but failed to make a payment. He was basically demoted from top salesman to doing the grunt work and receiving the fuzzy end of the lollipop when it came to interacting with each potential customer. Some were friendly while others... not so much. But he kept his composure every time he was yelled at over the phone. He was pretty much called every name in the book but he didn't let it get him down. He was determined to keep making those calls until the pile was nothing but dust in the wind.

1 PM, time for lunch. "Where are you heading for lunch Jimi?" asks Namjoon. "Oh, I don't know. I wish I worked closer to home so I could just eat there. But I'll probably just walk down to Sal's Diner to get a sandwich or something." "Sounds good, may I come with?" "Well Namjoon, I don't plan on staying in the diner, I want to get the sandwich and then take a walk to the park across the street. I need some time alone if that's okay with you? No offense, it's just... so much is going on lately I need time to relax my mind and process it all, ya know?" "Yeah, yeah! I get it! No problem Jimi. Well you have a good lunch break. See ya when you get back buddy!" Namjoon slaps him on the back with a big dimpled grin on his face. "Yeah, uh... you enjoy your lunch too Joonie."

He makes his way outside, takes in the heavily polluted air... *cough cough* "This is why I hate the big city, you can't breath without coughing up a lung around here." he thinks to himself. He walks down to Sal's Diner on the corner. Sal's is a pretty small place. It's what many of the locals would call a 'dive', which means it's small and sleezy. But it's a place he likes to call home from time to time. It's the only place where he feels safe. He and his wife used to stop there a lot during their lunch breaks. She worked across the street from him at the local newspaper as an editor. Her editorials were always brilliant. She worked hard and climbed her way to the top just by her work ethics alone. She was something else. Jimin reminisced about her as he was sitting at the counter after ordering a turkey sandwich, light on the mayo with a side of a dill pickle. That was his favorite. He's in no way a picky eater. He'll try anything at least once. He ate pickled pig feet once, never ate it again. Haha.

"Order up!" The sandwich maker yells as the waitress walks over and grabs the sandwich for Jimin. She wraps it tight, places it in a brown paper bag, "See you around Jimi!" "Thanks Nancy! I'll probably be back tomorrow for lunch!" He waves goodbye as he walks out of the diner.

While standing at the crosswalk, he has a brief flashback of his wife...


"This isn't working anymore Jimi! I'm taking the kids and we're going to my sisters house. I can't be here when you're like this! You're wasting all our money or your sick habits. Call me when you've changed for the better."


He shakes off the vision in his mind as the signal has given him the right of way to cross the street. He gets to the park and finds an empty bench right underneath a big beautiful shady tree. He takes his sandwich out of the bag and proceeds to eat it. While sitting there, he watches the children playing in the grass and on the sandy playground. He couldn't help but think about his own children and how much he missed them. They were his whole world. Gosh, how badly he wants to be with them all again. He wants so desperately to be a happy family again.

He checks his watch, still another 45 minutes left. He get's an hour and a half for lunch which was the greatest perk of the job. Everyone enjoys having a long lunch break. He decided to go for a little stroll around the park just to get his blood circulating as well as throwing in some exercise. Just as he stands up to do a little stretch he sees you coming down the sidewalk with at least 10 dogs on leashes. He wasn't going to bother you but for some reason he felt the urge to talk to you anyway. He jogs over in your direction. You look up for a moment because those dogs were pulling you every which way. You see Jimin running over and waving to get your attention. You smile, "Hey stranger!" "Hi! What are you doing around here?" he asks. "Oh, I'm working. I'm a dog walker." "Oh, okay that explains all the dogs then. I was about to say that if they're yours you have quite the collection." "Oh, no! Hahaha. Thankfully they aren't all mine. I don't own a dog and with doing this almost everyday I'm glad I don't. It can be tiresome and I treat these dogs as my own anyway." You say. "Yeah, that makes sense." He checks his watch again. "Do you have somewhere you need to be? Don't let me stop you." "No, no, no. Uh, I was checking to see how much time I had left on my lunch break. I work right across the street at the commercial building. I'm in sales. Well, cold calling people for them to make payments really. It's a lousy job but someone's got to do it right?" You shake your head in agreement, "Right! Right! Haha. Well hey listen, I've got to finish walking these dogs. If you have time we can walk and talk. Maybe you could even take over a few leashes? Huh? Huh? What do ya say?" You gently shove your shoulder into his trying to convince him to tag along. "Well, okay. Sure! I have a few minutes to spare. As long as I'm not late I'll be okay." "Okay, great! How much time do you have so I help you keep track?" "About 25 minutes." he adds. "Okay, more than enough time. I'm almost done. I'm actually walking them all back to their homes. It'll take 10 minutes tops." "Okay." He smiles and you blush a little looking at his beautiful grin.

"He's so adorable." you think to yourself, "But he looks like he's suffering from a lot of personal pain." You continue walking and talking with Jimin. He goes into more detail about his job, where he was born and raised, but fails to mention anything about his wife and children-- Leaving you to believe that perhaps he's never been married and has no children. You drop each dog off one by one, each to his or her own home. You're finally on your last dog, a very sweet mastiff that Jimin is holding onto. His name is Giant and he definitely lives up to his name. "All right Giant, time to take you inside. It was a pleasure as always big guy." you say as you give him a big hug. Jimin hugs and pets him as well before release him to his rightful owner. You face each other, "Ahh... well, thank you for your help Mr. Jimin Park. I greatly appreciate it." "Anytime! It was my pleasure." You both smile. "Oh shoot! You better get going, you only have five minutes left!" you remind him. "Oh wow! Thanks! I... I'll see ya Y/N! Are you going to get home okay?" "Yes, I'll be fine. Thanks." "Okay, I'll see you then!" He frantically waves goodbye as he rushes back to work.

Two minutes left before he needs to be back. His boss absolutely hates when anyone clocks in a minute late especially since he's keeping his eye on him now. He's on pins and needles anymore. One more slip up and he's out on his butt. He runs across the street, swipes his tag at the door and made it just in time to sign back in at the front desk. Now to get upstairs to his cubical. He walks with his head down as if he's humiliated and no longer takes pride in his boring job. He's slowly making his way up the stairs to the top which is the 4th floor, he reaches the floor and sees his boss standing beside his desk. "Ah sh*t." he grumbles to himself. His boss turns his attention toward Jimin as he sees him approaching, "Happy you could finally make it back Mr. Park." "Yes sir. I went for a walk." "Yes I saw. With some cute young lady and her dogs?" "Uh, yes sir." The boss continues, "You have fur all over your suit Mr. Park." Jimin looks down and jumps back in horror. His suit is ruined for the rest of the day. He doesn't have a lint brush handy. "*sucks his teeth* Jimin, why don't you go home for the rest of the day. We can't have you around here smelling and looking like a dog wallowed all over you. This is a professional place of business. We have standards here." "Yes sir. I'll clock out downstairs sir." Jimin replies. "Clock out from you desk please. I want to see you do it. I know how so many of you like to steal hours." "Yes sir." Jimin logs into the company time-in/time-out system and logs himself out for the day. He gets up from his desk, grabs his briefcase, gives Namjoon a wave and a smile then heads out the door.

Once again he takes big whiff of the city air and coughs like there's no tomorrow. "Why do I keep doing that!? Ugh!" he says to himself. While standing on the sidewalk, he spots you sitting in the park on the exact same bench where he sat during his lunch break. He looks both ways before jogging across the middle of the road. He yells your name but you can't hear him-- You have your earbuds in listening to some music while reading a book. "Y/N!" Jimin waves to get your attention just as before. You look up, smile and wave. "Hi again!" You turn the music down in your ears. "Hey! I didn't expect to see you still here." "Yeah, I just needed a little break. I do this all the time after walking the dogs. I love this tree. It's so big and majestic looking. There's something magical about it. It always reminds me of Sleepy Hollow." Jimin chuckles, "Yeah, me too. It's absolutely stunning." "So, what are you doing back out here?" you ask and continue, "We just parted from each other less than 10 minutes ago." "My boss sent me home because I smelled like a dog and I have all this fur all over my suit." You apologize, "Oh no, I'm so sorry." "No, it's not your fault. It's my fault for giving Giant a hug. I should've known better. I'll know not to do it next time." You smile then turn your attention to the screaming toddlers playing in the sand box.

"*sigh* I love kids." you say. Jimin fixed his gaze on you. "Don't you?" you ask. "Uh, yes. I adore children. Precious gifts from God." "Aren't they though. Do you have any?" "Uh-uh-uh, yes. Two, twins. A boy and a girl." "Awww that's so cute! I've always wanted twins. What's their names?" Jimin's face turns a shade of pale as he slowly drops his head, "Patricia and Patrick." You look at him with concern, "Are you okay?" "Uh, yeah... yeah. I'm fine. I'm just exhausted lately. Life has been tough." "I hear ya! I barely get any sleep anymore. I'm up till 5 AM almost everyday." "Oh wow--" he says, "--why so late?... Or early?" "I don't know. I've just always had trouble sleeping. When I do get on a good sleep pattern it's awesome but that isn't the case lately." "Well, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that." he says. You continue, "So yeah, if you're ever up late and can't sleep, I'm only a door knock away." Jimin looks at you and smirks. You look at him and take in his adorable face. "Well, I'm gonna head over to the train station, wanna come with?" he asks. "Oh, sure!" You both rise from the bench and start walking to the station.

You take your quarter mile stroll, walk down the stairs to the entrance of the station and use your pass for the both of you... He looks at you and says thanks. You tip your imaginary cap to him. You're both standing in your designated pick-up area chatting about random things like movies and music. Both of you love the classics when it comes to both categories. Young bodies with old souls. After about 20 minutes of waiting and talking, the train arrives and comes to a complete stop in front of you. You both climb on and take a seat next to the door. You continue your chat from there all the way home.

You've made it to your apartment building, Jimin uses his key to open the main door for you both to get inside. Once inside, you check your mailboxes. Jimin opens his and discovers a letter from his wife. He takes it and quickly stuffs it in his blazer pocket. Your mail is just the usual junk so you rip it up and throw it in the nearby trash can. You walk upstairs and your pace slows down a little as you notice what's on Jimin's door. You continue up and walk in the direction of your apartment. Jimin comes up a few seconds later and also notices what's on his door. The landlord placed 'Do Not Enter' tape all over the door with a note that says, "Do you have the money now?" Jimin rips the note off the door and balls it up. He pulls all the tape off, takes out his key and tries it in the lock. The locks have been changed.

"Sh*t! Not now!!! F*CK!!" He's fuming.

You turn your attention to your own door and unlock it. Once the door is open you step inside and look back at him, "Hey Jimin Park, would you like to come in? At least until you calm down and possibly get in touch with the landlord again?" He looks around the hall completely embarrassed then back at you... "Okay."

"Wow, you have a great apartment. It's much bigger than mine." he says. "Yeah, it used to be two separate one bedroom apartments but they combined it into one. So really apartment 11 and this one are together. I should remove the number from the other door but I like it. Helps with the illusion of someone being next door." "Well, that's smart." "Um, would you like to sit down?" you ask. "Oh, sure." He takes a seat on the love seat and quickly sinks into the pillows. "Whoa!" he exclaims. "Haha. Sorry about that. I didn't realize how deep those cushions can go once you sit on them. I bought it blindly. And when I say bought I mean pick up off the side of the road." Jimin laughs, "Well, whatever works." You walk over and lend a hand in getting him off the seat. He grips your hand tight and you pull as hard as you can. "One...two...three...LIFT!" He's finally up and he moves to the computer chair located at your office desk. "Is that better?" you ask. "A lot better thank you." "So... did you want to contact the landlord to see what's going on?" "I already know what's going on, I just want to see if I can remove my things." he says. You give him an inquisitive stare. "Oh! Well, I might as well tell you, I'm being evicted as I'm sure you could tell by the 'do not enter' tape on my door. I was served with a notice yesterday to be out ASAP and to show up at court on the 25th to settle the dispute. I could've sworn I've been paying the rent on time. Maybe I just black out a lot or something. I don't know. It's so confusing." "Well, do you have anywhere else you can go?" you ask. "I could live my step brother but I'm not keen on the idea. He and I have a habit of butting heads plus he's married with kids. I wouldn't want to impose. But anyway, I'll figure it out. I could live at the Y for a while until I've found another place or-" you interrupt, "Or... you could live here." "What?" he asks in a shocked voice. "You could live here, as my roommate. You could pay half the rent and utilities, buy your own groceries and whatever else you may need. It'd be fun. Besides, I've never had a roommate before. My best friend and I were supposed to live together right after high school but neither of us had the money or the jobs to make that happen. Haha. So what do you say? I won't take no for an answer just so you know. *wink*" He laughs, "Of course you won't. Haha. Well, I guess... I'll do it. At least until I find my own place. I wouldn't want to be in your hair for too long." "Great! I'm so excited! This is going to be awesome! And you wouldn't get in my hair, you're welcome to stay as long as you want." Jimin smiles at how happy you are.

"In the meantime, are you hungry? I'm starving." "No thanks, that sandwich I had earlier is still with me. I haven't digested it yet I think." "Okay. I'm going to see what I can make for myself then." you smile then head into the kitchen. "How long have you lived here?" you ask. "Uh, let's see. About 11 months." "Oh! That's cool." "Yeah." Jimin responds. "Where were you living before?" Jimin looks off in a daze as if your question hit a nerve. You turn to look at him, "Are you okay? I apologize if I'm getting too personal." Still in his daze, "No... you're fine. Uh, I lived in Syracuse." "Nice. May I ask if you've ever been married? I know you mentioned your children back at the park." He snaps out of his daze, "So, whatcha makin'? Anything good?" he asks. "What in the world is wrong with him?" you think to yourself. "Just making some tacos." "Oh, yum! I love tacos." he says. "Are you sure you wouldn't want any? I'm making more than enough." "Nah, I shouldn't. You enjoy." "All right." You finish cooking the meat and add the seasoning packet along with a little bit of water to thicken the meat mixture. The aroma carries throughout the apartment and Jimin can't handle it, "Okay, you twisted my arm, I'll have a couple." "Haha. I knew you'd change your mind." you smile.

Once it's all done, you grab a plate for you and Jimin and place it on the counter. You take all the toppings out of the fridge to prepare your tacos with. "Well, dig in Jimin Park." you say with a sly grin. He grabs his plate to start putting his tacos together. He takes a seat at the counter on one of the stools and pigs out. It's as if he hasn't eaten in centuries. You stare at him as he scoffs down one taco after another. "Is it good?" "Huh?" he says. You repeat, "Is it good?" Jimin looks down at his plate and the mess on his clothing, "Oh, sorry. Yes, it's delicious. Sorry I'm eating this way. I told you I love tacos." "Yeah, I see that. I'll have to be sure to make you some more someday. Maybe if you happen to get a new place it'll be a housewarming gift." "I'd definitely accept them with open arms! Hehe." You ask if he wants anymore before offering to take his plate and place it in the sink, he shakes his head... "No thanks, I'm stuffed." "Okay. I'm happy I could feed your hunger." "Yeah, I don't know what came over me." You look at him and notice the beads of sweat on his forehead and his slightly trembling hands. "Are you okay?" you ask. "Yeah, why?" "You're sweating and your hands are a little shaky." He runs his hand across his forehead to wipe the sweat and sees that he is really shaking, "Yeah, no... I'm all right." He's actually aching for his next high. With the day he's had all he wants is to shoot some more of that poison into his veins. He's yearning for a mental escape to avoid the realities of his life crashing and burning before his eyes.

"Well, I'll show you around the apartment now if you'd like so you know where everything is." "All right. I'm ready for my tour." "Follow me." you say as you lead the way. "This is the closet where I keep all the bath towels, wash clothes, toiletries, et cetera. This is the main bathroom, the other one is in my bedroom... sorry about the cluttered mess." Jimin smirks, "It's okay, you should've seen mine." You continue, "This is my bedroom and this spare room is where I keep all my exercise equipment. Feel free to use it anytime. So, I guess that's it besides the kitchen. The cabinets and fridge are fully stocked with food and snacks so help yourself. Mi casa es su casa." "Great! Thank you so much. I really appreciate this and I promise I won't stay long. I'm going to start checking out other places tomorrow." "No problem, it's no rush. Take all the time you need. And besides, I could use the company." You show a reassuring smile and Jimin shyly grins. "In the meantime, take a load off. I'm sure you're tired." "Yeah, very." You go to the closet to grab a blanket and pillow for him to use on the couch. "Here ya go! I hope this is all right?" "Absolutely. Thank you again." "You're very welcome! I know it's still early but I wanted to give you those now to have for later." you say. "Thank you." "Oh! Before you get comfortable, would you like to take a walk with me to the hardware store before it closes to get your key made?" "Now?" he asks. "Yes. I mean, you don't have to. I just thought I'd ask." "Well uh, sure. I could tag along." You smile like a little giddy school girl, "Great! Let me grab my bag from my room. BRB!" He stands up from the couch to wait for you. You come out with your bag, check for your keys at least 3 times due to your OCD and head out the door. As you're walking down the stairs, Jimin is behind you. He adjusts his suit jacket and the letter from his wife falls out. It slid down the stairs in front of you and Jimin gets nervous. He runs past you just as you're about to pick up the letter, "Oh! I got it! Thanks!" "Okay!" you offer a smile and he smiles back then placed the letter securely back in his inner jacket pocket.

You continue getting to know each other while walking to the hardware store... "Jimin! Yo! Holla at me when you're ready bro! You don't always have to wait until Friday!" It was that same drug dealer from earlier that day bugging Jimin again. "Who was that?" you ask. "Oh, just a friend of mine. He bugs me about working for him sometimes. He's a uh... he owns his own pharmacy." "Oh? Where at?" "Huh?" "I said, where at?" Jimin tries to think of a answer, "Oh, I honestly don't know because I never give him a chance to talk to me about it in depth." "Hmm.. okay." He lightly lets out a sigh of relief. The last thing he wants you to know about is his drug problem or his alcohol problem for that matter. You finally make it to the hardware store. You both walk up to the counter to ask about getting a key made. The associate takes care of it. He glances at Jimin as the key is getting cut, "Oh, hey! I know you!" You look over at Jimin as he stares at the guy with a surprised expression on his face. The guy continues, "Yeah, you and another woman whom I believe was your wife... I think you'd told me you bought a new home and needed some spare keys made?" Relieved Jimin says, "Oh! Yes! Haha. I knew this store seemed familiar. It's been a while." "Right. I remember thinking that you guys seemed like a nice couple. How is your wife doing?" the guy asks. You look at Jimin and back at the guy. Jimin glances at you, "Oh, she's... she's okay." "Great! Glad to hear it! She was pregnant the last time I saw you two. I hope the children are well?" "Yes, they're... they're okay. Is the key done by any chance?" Jimin asks as he tries to quickly change the subject. "Ah! Sorry, yes." The guy compares the keys and hands them both to you. "That'll be a buck twenty five please." You had him the exact change, he gives you the receipt... "Okay, you two have a good day! Come back and see us!" he says as Jimin quickly exits the store. You walk out behind him confused as to what just took place, "Are you sure you're okay? Don't worry about not telling me you're married. It's not a big deal. You must be just separated now huh? Uh, not... not that it's any of my business." you say nervously. Jimin stares off into his own world not speaking for what seemed like forever. You watch as he finally opens his mouth, "Let's go home."

You return to your apartment and Jimin rummages through his briefcase like a mad man looking for his wallet. "Jimin? What's going on are you okay? You've been acting funny ever since we were at the hardware store." "I wish you would stop asking me if I'm okay." he mumbles to himself. "I'm sorry?" "Nothing. Listen, I have to take a walk real quick to get some fresh air. I'll be back in about 20 minutes all right?" "Uh, okay. Well here's your key." You slowly walk up to him and stare him in the eyes. He turns his head away as if he's ashamed of something, "Yeah, thanks. See ya!" He says as he scurries out the door.

He gets out in the hall and flips a coin to choose what he's going to purchase, a bottle of vodka or a hit of heroin. "Heads vodka and tails..." he stops mid sentence to flip the coin. "Looks like heads. All right then." He jogs down the stairs and out the door to the nearest state store to purchase the cheapest bottle he can find. Once inside the store he walks down each aisle in search of a bottle, "$14.99? Too much for my pockets." His eyes keep searching until he finds the perfect one... "$5.99?! It'll do!" He grabs the bottle and goes over to the register. The cashier scans it, "Your total is $6.07 sir." He hands him a ten dollar bill and tells the cashier to keep the change. He was ready to take a swig of the warm beverage. He walks to the nearest park in the neighborhood to find a bench and take a sip of his newfound joy. With each sip, flashes of his wife and kids come back:


"I'm sorry Jimin. I didn't... I didn't know..."


Sobbing, "Stupid! Stupid! I'm so stupid for letting this happen! They were my world and I failed them. *continues sobbing* I FAILED!!"


"You'll be safe with mommy kids, don't cry. Daddy loves you."


Before he knew it he'd already drank the whole bottle. Now feeling light headed and clumsy he decides to head back home. It's night time and the street lights are the only guide he has to get back. "*hiccup* *cough* HONEY I'M HOME!!" You're in your bedroom reading and you hear Jimin coming through the door. You get up from bed to check on him. *glass breaks* "Whoops!" Jimin is bumping into things in the living room which leaves you more worried as you slowly walk down the hall to see what's going on. He takes off his jacket, throws it across the room and plops down on the couch. You stand in the entry way of the hall looking at Jimin, "Where have you been? I thought you told me 20 minutes?" you ask gently, careful not to raise your voice. "What? Oh! Hi Y/N! Come here, let me get a hug." he says. "Oh, I see. You're drunk. Well, I'll just let you sleep it off. Talk to me in the morning or when you're ready, okay?" As you turn to walk back to your bedroom Jimin jumps up from the couch to follow behind you. "Hey! Wait a minute! Let me apologize by giving you a massage." "No Jimin. Go sleep it off, you've obviously drank more than your fill. You'll feel better in the morning. I'm going to bed." "Come on, Y/N. I won't bite. Just a quick massage as my way of apologizing." he places his hands on your shoulders then starts to squeeze. "Ouch Jimin, I said no! Please get your hands off me." you shake your shoulders and he removes them. "Fine! I don't know what your problem is. Party pooper!" "Whatever. Good night." you reply. Jimin walks back toward the living room, plops on the couch again while mumbling to himself... "I don't know what's so good about it. It never did anything nice for me... whatever... good..." he drifts off to sleep.

The next morning, "Hey! Jimin Park! Wake up! I'm making breakfast. You need to eat something. It'll help with that hangover!" you yell from the kitchen to a sleeping Jimin. He doesn't budge so you walk around the counter over to the couch to wake him. "Jimin?" you shove him a little, "Jimin?" you continue the gentle shoving and scream, "JIMIN!!" "WHOA!!! WHAT THE F*CK Y/N?!" he yells. "Ah, there you are. Get up! I'm making breakfast. You need to eat, wash up and go to work." "*groans* What time is it? And do you know if my apartment has been opened for me?" he asks. "6:15 in the A.M. and nope. Didn't think to check your apartment. It was the furthest from my mind after last night." "Last night? What about last night? Did something happen? Did I hurt you? Please tell me I didn't hurt you." he asks in a panic. "No Jimin, you didn't hurt me. But you did come home sh*tfaced drunk." "Oh my G-d, no! Ah Y/N, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I-" you interrupt, "It's okay. I forgave you last night. Just please... if you're going to live here with me, even for a short time, don't drink okay? Promise me." Jimin takes out his tiny pinky and makes a pinky promise with yo,. "I promise." "Awww, your pinky is so tiny. You're adorable." He glares at you but then he can't help but to chuckle. "So, what are you cooking?" he asks. "Pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon with a side of maple syrup." "Sounds delicious. I'll be back, I've gotta go to the little boys room." "Haha. Okay. You remember where it is? And would you like some coffee?" you ask. "Yes and G-d yes! Black!"

Five minutes later and he looks more refreshed. You've already set the table with the food in the middle for you two to serve yourselves. Almost buffet style. "Oh wow-" Jimin says and continues, "-everything looks so good." "Thank you. Now have a seat Mr. Jimin Park and get some food in your belly." He takes a seat across from you and you both dig in.
It's about 25 minutes later and you're both full. "Ahh, that was delicious Y/N. Thank you." "You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it." he smiles. "I better check my apartment. I'm hoping the door is unlocked otherwise I'll be stuck wearing this same suit again and I'll be going into work smelling like a dog once more." He excuses himself from the table then out into the hall to check his apartment door. He turns the knob... lo and behold it's unlocked. He goes inside to see that everything is exactly how he left it. He heads into his bedroom to grab all the clothes and underwear that he can and tosses them into a garbage bag he grabbed from the kitchen. He throws in his toiletry kit, towels, wash cloths, sheets, whatever else he could find. He grabs another garbage bag and throws in his shoes, books, and perishable food items. Before he leaves he remembered to check the top shelf of his hall closet. He reached inside and found his needle kit and some leftover heroin he apparently had stored up there as well in a small white pill container. He held onto that for dear life. After he got everything he needed, he carried his belongings to your apartment. He knocked on the door yelling for a little help. You run over and open it. "Oh wow, I didn't expect so much stuff for some reason. Let me take that kit you have in your hand first so you don't-" he cuts you off, "No! I... I've got it thank you." You give him yet another strange look and say okay. You go around him and grab the other bag to drag it inside.

You close the door behind you, "Is that all?" you ask. "Yep!" "What time do you need to be at work? It's 7:30 right now." "Oh crap, by 9:00. I better get a quick shower." "Yeah, you better." you say.

He hops in the shower, enjoying the warm water hitting his back and running over his hair. He lathers up his wash cloth and scrubs as hard as he can. He feels like he stinks of alcohol and he can still smell dog scent all over him. Once he's clean, he jumps out, wraps a towel around his waist and comes out of the bathroom. You're standing in the kitchen still cleaning up the mess from earlier and you see Jimin walk in with only a towel wrapped around his waist. "Uh... uh... um..." you struggle to find the words to say as he looks through his things to find his tooth brush. "Um..." "Ah, here it is!" he turns and looks at you with a smile while holding up his tooth brush. You look at him with your mouth wide open and follow him with your eyes all the way out of the kitchen. You snap out of your daze and gasp for air. "*panting* What just happened?"

He comes back out of the bathroom again 3 minutes later, this time to look for an outfit for work. Still with the towel wrapped around him you say, "You have to stop doing that!" Jimin turns to look at you, "Uhh... Stop doing what?" he asks with a puzzled look on his face. "What? Nothing! You're stupid!" You throw the dish cloth down on the sink and storm out of the kitchen. Jimin looks at you as you leave, "Um... okay then."

Once Jimin was fully clothed, he grabbed his briefcase and yelled toward your bedroom that he was leaving. You yell, "Okay! Have a good day!" as he walks out the door.

"Hey Jimin! My man! What's up?" one of the drug dealers that he's familiar with jogs over to him to talk. "Yeah uh, hey, GD." The GD stands for G Dragon. To this day Jimin has absolutely no idea how he got his nickname. "Off to work Jimi?" "Yeah-" GD interrupts, "When are you stopping by to see me? Seems we've been avoiding each other a lot lately." "Avoiding each other? It's only been 4 days since I bought anything from you." Jimin says. "Yeah but, you still owe me a favor. I took care of you, so you're supposed to take care of me. That was the arrangement we agreed to remember?" Jimin stares blankly. GD continues, "Oh, you wouldn't want me to get the cops involved to jog your memory would you? *whispers in Jimin ear* Everyone knows what you did, but it's up to you if you want us to keep our mouths shut." GD places his hand on the back of Jimin's neck to get his attention. "Are we on the same page now?" he asks. "Y-yeah. We-we're on the s-s-same page." Jimin replies. "Good! Now stop by my corner on your way home. We have some serious matters to discuss and you're not gonna avoid me any longer." Shaking Jimin says, "Okay." "All right buddy. Off you go. Don't be late." GD says with a devilish grin.

After what felt like a long train ride, he managed to make it to work 10 minutes early. Just in time to prep his files and call logs and clean up his cubicle before the boss arrived. He grabbed the office shredder and shredded any old documents he had in his filing cabinet that were no longer of any use. He threw out old folders and anything else that he didn't need. He was determined to start fresh and make a good impression on his boss. His goal was to get his original position back. It was going to take hard work and dedication but he was willing to try. Nothing was going to hold him back.
"Psst! Psst! Jimi! Did you hear about Yoongi Min?" Namjoon asks. "No, what happened?" "He got a promotion. He's in your old position. He's been knocking out sales left and right lately so they gave him the executive of sales position." Jimin slowly puts his head down as he drifts back into self doubt. "Hey buddy, are you okay?" Namjoon asks. "You didn't want that position again did you? I thought you hated it?!" Suddenly footsteps approach Jimin and Namjoon awkwardly turns back toward his computer monitor. "Jimin, would you come with me to my office please?" The boss orders. He unenthusiastically gets up from his desk and follows behind him.

"Close the door behind you and have a seat Mr. Park." He does as he asked and takes a seat. "Mr. Park, we've received several complaints about your performance as of yesterday." "Wh-what did I do?" Jimin asks. "More like what you didn't do. You managed to screw up our whole intranet customer data system. You know how many customer complaints we've received due to you over charging them or keying the wrong orders? We've had to double and triple check everything just to make sure it wasn't a problem with our company's programming. You completely screwed everything up Mr. Park!" Jimin sits in the chair silently. "Do you have nothing to say? No excuses for your mistakes? And this isn't the first time! If you really want to know why you were demoted this is why. When that tragedy occurred with your family I urged you to take time off did I not?" "Yes sir." Jimin mutters. "Right! And you chose to come to work anyway. You must have been so consumed in your personal issues that you messed up 75 orders in one day. The demotion was for your own good because I didn't want to fire you. I fought with corporate to help you keep your job. But it seems as though you haven't improved one bit. I was hopeful in giving you back your executive position but you let me down and therefore it was given to Yoongi. He has proven to us what he's capable of. He's a hard worker Jimin." Jimin snaps, "With all due respect sir, but did you call me in your office to fire me? Otherwise I feel like you're wasting my F*CKING TIME!" His boss, startled, looks at Jimin wide eyed. He's searching for the words to say but he's stumped. "Well? Nothing? Uh, in that case... I f*cking quit! F*ck you and f*ck this job!" he then storms out of the office and slams the door behind him.

In a fast pace he walks over to his desk to grab all his belongings and his briefcase. "Jimi? Where're you going?" Namjoon asks. "I'm out of here Joonie. This place has been draining me since day one. I'm done. You take care of yourself Joonie. I'm going to miss you." "Well, we-we'll still hang out right? Over a few beers?" "Probably not Joonie. No offense but I just don't want any connection to this place anymore." Unbeknownst to Jimin, his ex-boss called for security to come up and escort him out. The boss came out of his office when he saw them show up to point them in the direction of Jimin. Before he knew it he's being gently grabbed by security as they're telling him it's time to go. His co-workers look-on as he's being walked out, some of them even muttering to each other. Jimin quietly leaves without a fuss and before you know it he's outside.

He looks up at the sky then begins laughing. He laughs so hard he looks like a mad man. But soon his laughter turns to tears and he falls to his knees, drops his head and weeps. People walk past him without bothering to ask if he's okay. In his mind he's praying for someone to show him some compassion or at least act like they care. A hand taps his shoulder, "Hey, are you all right?" He recognizes the voice... it's you. He quickly lifts his head to look at you. "Are you all right Jimin?" He gets back on his feet, wipes his eyes and shakes his head yes. "What are you doing here Y/N?" he asks. "I'm a dog walker around these parts remember? I'm off to pick up my clients. What are you doing out here crying?" "I quit." You have a shocked look on your face. "But that's not why I'm crying. I'm just overwhelmed you know? So much is going on at once, it's just become too much to handle." "Yes, I completely understand. Well, I'm sorry you've quit. Would you like to walk some dogs with me? They're sure to make you feel better." Jimin smiles at you while still sniffling, "Sure." You return the smile, "Okay. Let's go." He grabs his briefcase and box of belongings and walks alongside you.

"You know, you should find somewhere to put that stuff if you're going to be walking dogs with me." you say. "Oh! I've got an idea." As you approach the corner where Sal's Diner is located, Jimin goes inside to ask the waitress if it's okay that he leaves his things there until you guys are finished. You're peeking inside the window and notice the waitress shake her head in agreement and Jimin comes back outside. "What was that all about?" you ask. "Oh, I asked her if it's okay that I leave my stuff there until you and I are done and she said okay." "Oh, great. All right." you smile. You're standing on the corner waiting to cross the street, when the signal turns green for you to cross Jimin grabs your hand and guides you across. You are taken aback and start to feel your heart flutter. Once across he's still holding your hand, "*AHEM!*" You startle Jimin and he let's go, "Um, sorry." he says. "It-it's okay. We- um- just- um... one more block." Jimin notices you blushing and let's out a light chuckle. Too embarrassed, you don't bother asking him why he laughed.

You both had so much fun walking the dogs. You took them to the doggie pool located near the dog park just so they could have some fun in the water and splash around a bit. You and Jimin sat on the sidelines just watching them making sure they behave themselves around others. "So what do you plan to do now?" you ask while keeping your eyes forward. Jimin looks at you, "I... I haven't figured that out yet but I do intend on getting another job asap." You look at him, "Well, you could do this dog walking thing with me. It pays well and it's something we could do" Jimin watches you as you start to blush once again. "You want to work together is what you're saying?" "Um, well... yeah. And you'd be helping me out in the long run. You can think about it if you're not-" he cuts you off, "Okay." You're eyes stretch, "Are you for real?" you ask. "Sure. Why not!" he shrugs. "Eek! Thank you! I can tell the dogs like you especially Giant so it shouldn't be an issue. I'll just let my clients know of the change. *shrieks* I'm so excited!" You reach out and give Jimin a hug, surprised, he hugs you back. His eyes close slowly as he starts to imagine his wife hugging him just as you are. He clings to you so tight you start to panic. "Jimin?" you're trying to gasp for air, "*cough* Jimin!" His eyes open and let's you go. "I... I'm so s-sorry Y/N. It's just been so long since I've hugged anyone. Please forgive me." While still slightly gasping for air, "It's okay." He turns his focus back to the dogs. Your focus is still on him, "What is going on in his mind?" you ask yourself.

"Well, I guess we better get the doggies, dry them off and take them to their homes." you say. "Okay." You both jump up from the bench to round them up and put on their leashes.

"Today was good right?" you ask Jimin. "Yes. It was fun. Oh! I need to stop by Sal's to get my things." You take the detour over to Sal's Diner while walking back from delivering the dogs. "Would you like to come in to meet the old gang?" Jimin asks. "Uh, oh sure!" He grabs your hand and guides you inside. "Hey Jimi!! Here for your stuff?" "Hey, yeah! But first I wanted to introduce you guys to my new friend Y/N. Y/N this is Sal and Lisa. Lisa and Sal this is Y/N." "Pleasure to meet you both!" you reach your hand out for a handshake. "Great to meet you as well!" says Lisa as she gives you a firm handshake. Sal peeks over the counter in the back where he's cooking and waves. You wave back. "Here's your stuff Jimi. Are you guys okay to carry it to the train? I could just give you a ride home and have one of the others take over while I'm gone." "Nah Lisa, that's okay. We should be fine. Thanks anyway." Jimin says. "All right. Be careful you two. And so nice meeting you Y/N!" "A pleasure for me as well Lisa. Bye Sal!" He offers another friendly wave as you both walk out of the diner. Lisa leans over the counter toward Sal and lowly says, "Do you think she'll be okay with him?" she asks. "I don't think so Lisa. He's not the one I'd be worried about." Sal replies.

After the train ride you walk to your apartment building and on your way there G-Dragon spots Jimin. "Yo, Jimin! Come over here!" Jimin stops in his tracks slowly putting his head down. He was hoping that he could avoid G-Dragon this time. He looks at you and you glance at him and G-Dragon, "Go ahead Jimin. I'll carry your things home." He hands you his box and briefcase and you walk away not without looking back a few times to make sure he's okay. Jimin jogs across the street to have this long awaited talk with G-Dragon. G-Dragon puts his arm around Jimin's neck as they turn to go somewhere private for their chat. You continue walking until you finally make it to the stairs of the apartment building and go inside. You check your mailbox, nothing but a few bills and some junk that you toss into the trash can beside the staircase. You notice an envelope sticking out of Jimin's mailbox. You want to grab it but decide to leave it alone. You walk up the stairs to your apartment and once inside you put his things down and plop on the couch. Your feet are killing you so you rub them. In the back of your mind you can't help but to still wonder what G-Dragon wanted with Jimin. You know who he is and what he does for a living so you're praying that he isn't trying to pull Jimin into that lifestyle.

It's been about 20 minutes, so you decide to take a shower. As soon as you begin walking to the bathroom the apartment door unlocks and opens. You turn around to see Jimin walk in. You sigh with relief that's he's okay... or at least appears that way on the outside. "Hey! I was starting to worry." "Why? Everything's fine." he says. "I... I was just concerned because G-Dragon wanted to talk to you. I was worried that it was over something really important. Because I know-" he interrupts, "How about you don't worry your pretty little head about what I do outside this building and I won't worry about you!" He raised his voice at you and you felt your blood boil. "First of all, you're living in MY F*CKING APARTMENT! You will not come in my place raising your voice at me because I am worried about you. I could give a sh*t less what you do out there but you will not bring that crap in MY home! You got that?!" You turn to walk to the bathroom and slam the door shut. Jimin hears you start the shower and walks over to the bathroom door. He taps on the door gently... "Y/N?" You lean against the door to listen to what he has to say, "Y/N, I'm sorry. I don't know if you can hear me but I apologize for my outburst. Forgive me, I'm just tired. So much keeps happening and I just need a break. I know you care about my well-being and I appreciate it but please understand that if I don't share things with you it's for your own good. The less you know the better. Trust me please." He lays his forehead on the door hoping that he'll hear an answer from you. But you continue to lean against the door silently until you hear him walk away.

You finally step into the shower. Jimin goes in the kitchen to find something to cook for you both. He bakes chicken breasts, sauteed some veggies and boiled some rice. The table was already set because you like to keep it that way for decoration. About 25 minutes later you come out of the bathroom to the lovely aroma lingering throughout the apartment. You're in your bath robe with a towel wrapped around your head. You slowly walk down the short hallway into the living room. You look to your right in the kitchen and there's Jimin standing behind the island looking like a little chef. A smile comes across your face as you walk toward the counter. His back was facing you... "You made dinner huh?" Jimin jerks as he turns in your direction because you scared him. "What? Do I look that bad?" He's searching for the words to say as he admires your natural beauty under the warm kitchen lights. You furrow your brows, "Stop staring at me Jimin Park, you're making me nervous. Whatcha got cookin'?" you ask sternly trying to devoid his attention. "Oh! Uh, baked chicken breasts, veggies and rice. It'll be ready in about 5 minutes." he says as he continues staring at you. "Okay! Sounds good. Let me go put on my PJ's and lotion myself and I'll be back in a few shakes." "All right." You walk back down the dark hallway into your bedroom.

Jimin finishes up and starts preparing both your plates and placing them back on the table. A few minutes later you appear back in the kitchen. He's standing beside the table waiting for you with a smile on his face. You can't help but to blush at how nice he has everything set up. He's placed lit candles on opposite ends and there's also a bottle of unopened champagne in the middle of the table. He sees you eyeing it, "That's from my personal stash that I brought over here. It was just sitting in my cabinet. I never had a reason to open it until now." He pulls your chair out and you sit down. He sits next to you as opposed to across the table like last time. "Why is he being so romantic right now?" you think to yourself.

"You're probably wondering why I've done all this." You direct your attention to him after observing everything on the table. "I just wanted to show my appreciation and once again apologize for my outburst. You didn't deserve that. I know you're just worried about me but please don't. I'm all right... or at least I will be. Now all I want you to do is relax and enjoy the dinner okay?" You stare deeply into his eyes then shake your head, "Okay." "Good. Now dig in. I slaved over a hot stove for you!" he shyly chuckles. You offer a gentle smile and begin eating.

You both finished the dinner. Jimin starts to clean up and you offer to help but he says, "No. You should just relax. I'll take care of it." "Are you sure? I don't mind." "Y/N, I promise I can handle it. Go sit down on the couch and relax." You smile and take a seat on the couch. You decide that you want to watch TV so you search for the remote. You can't seem to find it anywhere. You checked under all the couch cushions and under Jimin's bags but still nothing. "Jimin, do you know where the remote is?" "Ummmmm... no, I'm sorry I don't. Why, you can't find it?" "No, it disappeared apparently." You keep searching until you finally notice it in one of his bags. It must've fallen inside. You pick it up and underneath it is a plastic Ziploc bag with a partially charred metal spoon, and a needle. You gently pick up the bag and look at Jimin. A feeling of fear comes over you. Not a fear for yourself but a fear for him and a total disdain over the fact that he had the audacity to bring that mess into your home. "Hey Y/N!" Jimin yells from the kitchen sink. Startled, you drop the bag and plop back on the couch without him noticing, "Yes Jimin?" you respond. "I just thought about where the re-" you cut him off, "I've got it!" "Oh good. Where was it?" "In your garbage bag. It must have fallen in." "Well, that would make sense. Glad you found it. I'm coming to join you if that's okay?" "Ah, well you know what, you go ahead and watch TV. I'm gonna go to bed. I'm beat." "Oh! Well, okay." he says. You get up from the couch and go to your bedroom, "Good night Y/N!" he says as you continue walking not responding to him. He watches you completely confused as to why the sudden cold shoulder. You close your bedroom door and lock it still upset over what you've found. "I can't believe him!" you mutter to yourself through gritted teeth.

Meanwhile, Jimin picks up the remote but accidentally glances down at his garbage bag. It's wide open to reveal the contents of the Ziploc. He instantly knew what was wrong and why you suddenly acted the way you did. He grew embarrassed and ashamed. He rose from the couch and walked to your bedroom, gently tapping on the door with the hopes that you would talk to him. He waits patiently for a response but there's none. He assumes that you're giving him the silent treatment and returns to the couch. Hours go by, Jimin is still wide awake while you're out like a light. It's 4 AM, he decides to take a walk to hopefully clear his mind.

He walks around the neighborhood which can be extremely unsafe that time of morning but right at that very moment, he didn't care. All he could think about was you and how upset you must be with him. He was trying to think of different ways to apologize and make it up to you. But how do you make it up to someone who probably hates you for your bad habits? "Hey Jimi!!" He lifts his head and there's G Dragon jogging over to him. "Geez, does guy ever sleep?!" He thinks to himself while rolling his eyes. "Hey GD. What's up?" "Oh, not much. What are you doing out so early?" he asks. "I just needed to clear my head that's all." Jimin responds. "Oh yeah? Clear your head of what? You're not backing out of our deal are you?" "No GD. We're cool." "Good. Sooo... how's that b*tch you're living with?" Before he knew it Jimin had him jacked up by the collar and said, "Let's get one thing straight, you will never EVER call her that again!! Do we understand each other?" Wide eyed, G Dragon answers, "Ye-yeah man! Get the f*ck off me!" Jimin let's him go and continues his walk. G Dragon is left standing on the sidewalk slightly shaken by Jimin's reaction. He shakes it off and walks back to his corner.

Jimin walked for so long it's now light out. He looks at the time on his smartphone and sees that it's 6:30 AM. He runs back to the apartment to see if he can catch you out of the bedroom so you two can talk and he can explain himself. He made it inside the apartment and saw that your bedroom door was open but he had no idea where you were. You weren't in your room, you weren't in the kitchen or bathroom... "Where could she be?" he asked himself. Two minutes later he heard the door unlock and saw it open. You walked in as Jimin sat on the couch staring at you and biting his nails. You were carrying two paper bags full of groceries. You placed the bags on the kitchen counter then began putting the contents away in the cabinets and fridge. Jimin got up from the couch slowly walking toward the kitchen. Just as he was about to ask if he could help you slammed down a jar of peanut butter and cut him off, "Why do you have that?" you ask with fierce anger in your eyes. "Have what?" "Don't you DARE PLAY DUMB WITH ME JIMIN PARK! Why do you have that charred spoon and needle in a Ziploc bag?!"

He's searching for the words, he's even thought about what to say for this very moment but he's stuck. He can't speak. The words will not come out of his mouth. "Nothing? You can't say one word to me as to why you have that and decided to bring it into my home as if I would never know about it? Did you really think you could get away with using that sh*t in my house and I wouldn't know eventually? Are you f*cking stupid or what?" You forcefully shove him, "Huh?!... ANSWER ME DAMN IT!!" "YES!!! ALL RIGHT?!" You jump back from him raising his voice. He continues, "Yes. I didn't think you would ever find it. And Y/N... I'm sorry, okay? I... I don't know what you want me to do or say." "I want you to throw that sh*t out... now. Either it goes, or you go." He gives you a wide eyed look, "Y/N, you.. you would seriously kick me out? I have no where else to go." "That's not my problem. You will not have that mess in my house. I want it out."

"Well I... I..." Tears begin to well up in your eyes over the fact that Jimin literally cannot bring himself to throw out the spoon and needle. "You honestly can't throw it away can you?" He puts his head down. "You're an addict aren't you?" He doesn't answer. "Can't you at least look me in the eye and answer me please?" The tears start to roll down your face. "*scoffs* It never fails, Just when I think I... you know what, no. I won't even give you the satisfaction of breaking my heart right now Jimin Park. I want you out." He lifts his head and stares at you also with tears in his eyes. You can't bare to look at him so you turn your head away and point to the door, "Get out. Get your sh*t and go." He cautiously walks toward you hoping you won't strike him, "No. Stay away from me." you say while backing up. But he continues to pursue you until he's got you pinned against the wall. He whispers, "I'm not going anywhere Y/N. I promise, I'll throw this stuff away. I'll never use it again I swear. I can change for you, if that's what you want... I'll do it." You turn your head to look him in the eyes, your heart beat is racing with him standing so close to you, "Don't do it for me Jimin, do it for yourself. You don't need that junk." Your knees start to buckle as your lips move closer and closer. Just as he's about to kiss you you duck under his arm and go back into the kitchen. "I'm going to make breakfast before we head out for the dog walking. I want you to bring that Ziploc bag and throw it in the dumpster on our way to the train station, okay?" He's still leaning against the wall wishing he'd moved in faster for the kiss but he glances over at you and shakes his head yes.

He continues to stare at you while sitting at the table as you finish your breakfast. You're finding it hard to avoid eye contact and he's making you very nervous with his piercing stares. You look down at your plate as your face turns a deep shade of red, "Stop staring at me Jimin Park." "Huh? Oh, I'm staring? I didn't realize." He chuckles at how nervous you are. "*Ahem* Yes, you're staring. Stop." "Okay. I'm sorry." his expression turns serious, "I... I just... I just think you're beautiful." You quietly take a big gulp and slowly look up at him. You're now staring deeply into each others eyes once again for what seemed like an eternity.


You snap out of your daze. "Who the hell is that?" Jimin asks. "I don't know. Let me see." You get up from the table to look through the peephole of the door. You squint your eyes because the lighting is so dim in the hall. The person backs away from the door... "Jimin? Are you in there?" they ask. Jimin jumps up from the table, "Damn it! What is he doing here?!" "Should I let him in Jimin? He looks like he's anxious to talk to you." you say. "I'll go out to him. Let me just grab my jacket." He opens the door and it's G Dragon. "Have you forgotten what happens today? You're not backing out of our deal that easily dude. You have somewhere you need to be and you're 20 minutes late! Let's go!" "Wait!" you stop Jimin, "Am I working alone today?" you ask. "It looks that way toots. Let's go Jimin!"
Jimin looks at you and says he's sorry as G Dragon pushes him down the stairs.

"You didn't have to do that Ji-yong!" he says. "Hold up! First of all, in public, my name is G Dragon! Got it?!" Jimin rolls his eyes and shakes his head yes. "Secondly, as I keep telling you, WE. HAVE. A. DEAL! Therefore you're going to keep your end of the bargain. If you want things back the way they were, you're going to do this! I'm not asking, I'm TELLING YOU! Now get your sh*t together and let's go!" He and Jimin continue down the sidewalk to their destination.

Meanwhile, you're in your apartment cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and clearing the table. "What was that all about?" You ask yourself. "There's too many secrets with him... I have got to find out what's going on."


Hours later and Jimin is back home. "Honey, I'm home! *chuckles*... Y/N, are you here?" He checks his watch and sees that it's only 2:30. "She must still be out working. Oh well, let me get dinner prepped for later." As he starts putting the ingredients together for the fish fry he has planned, his phone goes off.


"When are you coming to see me? I miss you. Have you received my letters?"

Jimin's eyes stretch, "How did she get my number? Ugh! Ji-yong!! I'll kill him. I told him I wasn't ready!" He closes the message then gets back to the meal prep.

An hour later, you arrive home. The scent of fried seafood roams throughout the place. Jimin has music blasting so he didn't hear you come in the door. His back is turned to you and you decide to sneak up behind him. You tip toe quietly then poke his sides, "Boo!" He jumps and grabs his chest. "Whoa! Don't do that! You scared the crap outta me! When did you get here?" You turn the music down, "I just walked in the door a few seconds ago. What are you doing?" you ask. "I'm cooking dinner, what does it look like?" he chuckles. "Hardee har har, I gathered that much. What I should've asked is what are you cooking?" "Seafood." he answers. "Oh, yum. I'm down for it." "Good because I love seafood and I couldn't think of anything else to cook." "Great. Well, I'm gonna hop in the shower. I've had a long day." You begin to walk down the hall but then turn around and ask, "Did you throw that spoon and syringe away like I asked you to?" His back turned to you once again, you can't see his facial expression. "Uh, yeah. I did. I almost forgot to tell you. Thanks for reminding me." "Good! Okay, I'll be out in 10 minutes." "All right." Once you're in the bathroom, Jimin rushes over to his bag to search for the Ziploc the spoon and syringe are in. He starts to panic because he can't find it. "Come on, where is it? I know it's in here! Wait... did I throw it away? I don't remember carrying it with me." He continues to dig through his things until he finally decides to give up and get back to his cooking before he burned down the apartment.

You hop out of the shower, dry yourself off and put on your robe. With a towel in hand to dry your hair with you come out of the bathroom completely refreshed and ready to eat. "Is it ready yet? That smell has got me starving!" "Almost. Just working on the hush puppies and waiting for the garlic bread that's in the oven." He replies. "Okay. I'll be in my room putting some lotion on. I hate when my skin feels dry and ashy." You go to your bedroom and close the door behind you. You remove your robe to put the lotion on your skin. You open one of your drawers to grab your pajama shorts and a old t-shirt to put on and head back into the dining area.

The table is set. There's a basket of fish, shrimp, scallops, hush puppies, garlic bread, a garden salad and he's even fried some chicken fingers just in case you wouldn't like the seafood. "Wow, look at all this. Everything looks delicious." "Thank you. Let me get that for you." He pulls out your chair so you can take a seat. You smile and say thank you as he sits across from you. "You're welcome. So, how was your day?" he asks as he begins to pile on his plate. "Um, not bad. Just tiring as usual. It's never easy caring for so many dogs at once." You casually look at him and say, "Enough about me, how was your day? Do anything exciting?" "Eh-y-yeah. It was pretty good actually. I made a lot of progress. Eager to see how things go." You raise an eyebrow out of curiosity, "May I ask what it is that you're doing?" Jimin looks up at you, tiny beads of sweat form on his forehead. "I'm... uh--"


"You have got to be kidding me right now!" You get up to answer the door. "WHO IS IT?!" "It's GD! Jimin forgot something and I wanted to give it to him personally. Is he in?" "Hang on." You glance over at Jimin as he gets up from the table. "I'm sorry. I'll be right back." he opens the door and steps out to the hall with G Dragon.

He left the door slightly ajar. You can just barely make out what they're saying to each other. But before Jimin walks back in you quickly get back to the table to finish eating. He comes in and looks over at you. He closes and locks the door then rejoins you at the table. "I'm so sorry about that Y/N. I don't know what GD's obsession is lately with coming here. I just-" You interrupt, "Jimin, I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to be totally honest with me okay?" He looks scared but prepares himself for your question. "What's really going on with you? I want an honest answer. No more secrets. Just be open with me. I won't bite." He looks at you desperately wanting to tell you but he's too afraid of what you might think. You place your hand on his to comfort him and let him know that it's okay to talk about whatever is. He gazes into your eyes... "Okay Y/N... I'll tell you. But on one condition, that you don't get mad at me. I couldn't bare it if you were angry with me." You hesitate for a moment but with fingers crossed you agree to the terms.

He takes a breath and exhales...

"Listen Y/N, there's a lot going with me in my personal life that I honestly don't want you to know about right now. I promise you, it'll all make sense in the end. I've got something that I have to do with G Dragon and to ease your mind it has absolutely nothing to do with me selling drugs. In fact, it's the complete opposite. But again, once this is all over I swear I will tell you every single detail of what's going on. But for now, please let me keep these things to myself. The less you know, the better."

Your face is expressing pure annoyance at this point so you get up from the table and throw your dish in the sink, nearly breaking it. "Whoa! What's the matter? You promised you wouldn't get angry Y/N!" Jimin says. "I know what I promised but little do you know, my fingers were crossed under the table." He rolls his eyes at how immature you're being. "Why Jimin? Why do you feel the need to hide things from me? Why can't you just be open and honest? All I want is the truth. I'm tired... wait, no, correction... sick AND tired of all these secrets and lies. We've known each other for a week Jimin Park! A friggin week! And our whole 'friendship' thus far has been filled with lies. How can I help you if you won't tell me anything?" Jimin scoffs, "You ever sit and think 'gee, maybe Jimin doesn't want my help'? I never asked you for your help. I never asked you for any of this! You asked ME to move in here, you asked ME to work with you. I just humbly accepted but I never begged or asked YOU for ANYTHING!! You put on this holier than thou facade as if you've never done anything wrong. You constantly make me feel terrible about myself."

You interrupt, "How? How am I making you feel terrible? Please enlighten me." "You know damn well that I didn't throw that Ziploc bag away because you were standing right there when I had to leave with GD! I can't find it with my other belongings which makes me think that you took it and threw it out yourself. You deliberately tried to catch me in a lie to make me feel bad. Didn't you?" You stand there with a guilty look on your face. "DIDN'T YOU?!" he yells. Startled by Jimin's tone of voice you answer, "Y-yes. YES! But I wanted to see if you would be honest with me. But instead you lied and said that you threw it away! I can't even trust you with a simple task. You're too busy trying to get in-between my legs to even focus on the things I ask of you." Jimin's eyes stretch... "Get in-between your legs? What makes you think that?" "You-you... you're-you're always staring at me and you pinned me against the wall earlier as if you wanted to kiss me! And we both know where that was gonna lead."

Jimin chuckles. "Ha... hahahahahaha... You think I want to have anything to do with you romantically? Yeah, you're right... I wanted to f*** you but afterwards, I was going to throw you away like yesterdays garbage." Shocked, your eyes begin to well up with tears. Jimin continues, "I want nothing to do with you. I mean for crying out loud I'm married." At this point you're at a loss for words. You turn away from Jimin and walk to your room. He doesn't open his mouth but has a feeling of deep regret for what he has said to you. You gently close your bedroom door, climb on the bed and sob into your pillow.

Jimin stands in the kitchen for a few minutes in total disbelief of what just happen. He didn't mean for it to go that far, he was just so angry he couldn't control his mouth. He wanted to storm into your bedroom and apologize but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He was too ashamed. Ashamed of himself for what he put you through. He knows you mean well but he's never experienced someone caring for him that much before. He's used to people always telling him what to do but not lending a hand to help him. He's used to taking control and doing his own thing.

He grabs his jacket and leaves.

You hear the living door slam shut and jump up from your bed. You peek out the bedroom door to find that Jimin has just left. You start to get a little worried, "What if he's going out to get a hit of heroin? What if he's gonna get drunk again? *sigh* Jimin please don't do anything stupid." you say to yourself.

Meanwhile, Jimin walks around the block until he finds G Dragon. "Ji-yong!" he yells. GD looks around and gives him a annoyed expression, "I'm sorry... 'G Dragon'. Listen, that place where we went today, can it be a permanent thing?" G Dragon smirks...

Back at the apartment, you're pacing back and forth worried about Jimin. You know that you just got into a terrible argument with each other but that doesn't mean you've stopped caring. And you know that he didn't mean what he said. You knew what you did was malicious and you were sorry. You just wanted the chance to apologize to him but you fear that it's too late.

*Ring! Ring!*

You hear the sound of a cell phone ringing. You run to your room thinking it's yours but then realize it's not coming from your phone but from his. You jog back to the living room and without hesitation you grab it to see who may be calling or sent him a message. You tap the screen... he has a new voicemail. You don't want to be nosy but you feel like Jimin is hiding so much you just want to know who it's from. You tap the new voicemail pop-up and the prompt begins...

You're surprised he doesn't have a pass code set up.

Automated voice: "You have one new voice message. You have two saved voice messages. First voice message..."

You dial seven to skip and resave it.

Automated voice: "Second voice message..."

You dial seven to skip and resave again.

Automated voice: "New voice message..."

Voice message: "Uh... h-hey Jimin. It's Abigail, you're wife. Um, please give me a call back. We need to talk. I don't want you to avoid me anymore. I miss you so much. Just please give me a chance to explain what happened. *sobs* *sniffling* Okay honey. I love you. Good-bye."

Automated voice: "End of new message. To listen to your messages press one. To save press seven."

You end the call and plop down on the couch. "*sigh* He really is married. Well... where is she? Where is his wife?"

The apartment door opens and Jimin sees you sitting on the couch holding his cell phone. He gently closes the door, "Why... why are you holding my phone?" he asks. "Your wife just called and left a voicemail and I listened to it." "You know that's an invasion of privacy right? Why would you listen to my voicemail?" "BECAUSE!!" You put your head down and take a deep breath... "Because, I was worried that it may have been something important and I was wondering who it could've been. You're hiding so much from me, I was just concerned." "No, you were nosy!" He snatched the phone away then turns his back on you while playing with it to listen to the message himself. "Did you erase anything?" he asks in a stern voice. "No. I just listened to the new message and ignored the old ones.

He listens to the message then hangs up. "I've gotta go." "Wait, what? Why?" "Because, I need to talk to my wife! I need to tell her something important and I just want to get it over with. GD and I had a long talk so things will be changing really soon. And you won't have to worry about me anymore." He opens the apartment door... You grab his shoulder, "Wait! No, Jimin! Don't go. Please. I want to talk to you." "We can talk when I get back. But I would recommend not waiting up for me." He pushes you away then slams the door behind him.

You collapse to your knees with your head down and start to cry.

Jimin walks across the street... "Hey GD, I need you to do me a favor." G Dragon rolls his eyes and before he can say anything Jimin interrupts, "It's important! I need to borrow your car. I have to go see Abigail." GD looks at him in shock. "Um, okay. Here's the keys. Are you sure you're ready for this?" "Yes, I'm tired of the calls, texting and the letters. I just... I just want to talk to her and end this once and for all. It's time I go see her Ji-yong." "Don't call me-- *sigh* Okay. Go! Be careful." "I will. Thank you."

He hops in the car and starts out on his short road trip.

Back at the apartment you're sitting on your bed, still trying to get over what just happened. You get up and rummage through some of your laundry to separate the lights from the colors so you can already have them prepped to be washed in the morning. While you're working on that there's a knock at your living room door. "Jimin?" you think to yourself. You walk to the door as the knocking continues and look through the peephole. "*sigh* What's he doing here again?" You roll your eyes and open the door. "Hi Ji-yong. Jimin isn't here." You turn to walk away as G Dragon stands in the doorway waiting for you to invite him in. "I know. May I come in?" You look back at him and gesture for him to enter.

"May I sit?" he asks. "Yeah, why not." He takes a seat and rubs his hands together nervously. You notice this and ask, "So... what brings you here this time Ji-yong?" "I needed to tell you something about Jimin." "Oh yeah? You're gonna actually tell me what's up with him? Because he just doesn't seem to want to open up to me." "Y/N, he has had a very complicated life in the last 3 years. You cannot expect him to open up so quickly to someone he has only known for a week. Give him some time." You shake your head in agreement and allow GD to finish what he has to say.

"What I'm about to tell you.. well, I shouldn't be the one to say it but I felt that if anything happens, you should finally know." "Okay." you reply. "Every year, since 2015, Jimin's wife, Abigail, tries to contact him. She feels as if she owes him an explanation for the events that occurred but he's always blown her off. He never wants to hear it. He's had a drug and alcohol addiction since the twins were born. It had nothing to do with them he was just struggling with his own personal demons. He battles with anxiety and depression and his only way to overcome those battles, even for a short time, was to drink and do heroin. Now, I'm not proud to say that I was the one to introduce him to the drug but as his brother, I thought that that would help him. Plus he begged me for it and I couldn't say no."

You stop him for a moment. "Wait, did you say brother? You're Jimin Park's brother?" "Yes, his older half brother. We have the same mother. I practically raised him when our mom died. His dad didn't want anything to do with us or our mom so we struggled a lot. When I was 15 I started hustling on the streets just to help put food on the table and keep the lights on. Mom of course didn't like it but she didn't try to stop me. Jimin admired my hustle but I told him to make something of himself. Finish school, go to college, get a good job, get married, et cetera. And he did. I was so proud of him. But when he slipped, he slipped hard and his wife couldn't take it anymore. She told him that she was leaving and taking the kids with her. He wasn't happy about that. So the night before they were to leave, Jimin went out for a few drinks. He came back home stupid drunk and fell asleep on the couch. Abigail found him in the living room and became angry. She packed hers and the kids things and left that night. On their way to her parents house, she was on the highway. The traffic was backed up and as she approached it she never hit the brakes..."


Jimin has made it to his destination. He's shaking a little because he's so nervous about seeing his wife. "Just go inside Jimin. Get it over with once and for all. Just talk to her and be done. Then you can finally move on." After his self pep-talk he slowly unbuckles his seat belt, climbs out of the car and approaches the door.


The security guard answers the door.

"May I help you sir?" The man says.

"Yes, uh. I'm here to see Abigail Park. She's my wife."

"All right. Right this way."

He leads Jimin to a hallway and gives him the directions to the nurses station. He can find out where she is through the nurses. Jimin says thank you and proceeds to the designated area.

"Good evening, I'm uh, looking for Abigail Park. I'm her husband Jimin Park." The nurses look at each other confused. "Um, Mr. Park, were you not contacted earlier this morning?" "Contacted by whom and why?" "By one of the morning shift nurses?" "Uh, n-no. Not that I know of. The only call I received was from my wife about an hour and a half ago asking me to come see her." The nurses look shocked. "Why? Wh-what's the problem? Did something happen to her?" he asks. "I... I'm sorry Mr. Park, but that's impossible. Your wife hung herself in her room this morning. She was discovered by the nurses aid around 6:30 AM when she didn't respond to roll call."

His eyes stretched as he slowly backed away from the nurses station.

One nurse rose from her chair, "Sir? Are you all right? I'm so sorry. Sir?..."

Her voice fades in his head. Everything goes totally silent.

All of sudden after a few minutes he loses it. He knocks everything off the counter of the station, he begins screaming in agony and pain at the thought of losing everyone he's ever known and loved. The nurses try to restrain him and security is called. The security guards show up and apprehend him to the ground.

"Sir! We're going to need you to calm down! We don't want to hurt you! Please! Sir..."

Meanwhile back at the apartment, "So, I hope you understand now. He's lost everyone who was near and dear to him. And as far as I'm concerned he's lost me as well. I don't let him call me his brother. The fact that I lead him down that rabbit hole of heroin addiction, I don't want him to associate himself with me as his brother. I'm a demon. I helped ruin his life by leading him down that path. But I'm trying to make things right. We made a deal, he would enter an addiction program and if he got through it without slipping, I'd stop selling dope. He's my only way out just as I am his. We have to support each other. Once we fix this, we can be brothers again. But he has to be willing to try and I won't stop bugging him until he gets through it."

You're sitting next to GD in completely awe and shock. "So let me get this straight... his wife lost her mind when the children died in the car accident that she caused because she fell asleep behind the wheel and was admitted into an institution. That's where Jimin is going now?" "Well, he should be there by now. But yes, that's what happened." "And Jimin blames himself because he feels that if he didn't drink that night that none of this would've happened?" you ask. "Right." "I'm sorry but that's bullsh*t. He can't blame himself because his wife was half asleep when she decided to just up and leave him in the middle of the night! It's her fault! She did this!" "Y/N, yes we both know that but Jimin wants to take the responsibility. He couldn't stand anyone being angry with Abigail. He loved her so much. She was his whole world. The love his life. He couldn't handle anyone hating her for what happened so he took the blame. And with that came more depression which lead him deeper into drugs. And I... I didn't stop him. *his eyes begin to well up with tears* I should've helped him sooner. I'm so stupid."

You put your hand on GD's shoulder, "You're not stupid Ji-yong. You just didn't know how else to help him. You know what you did was wrong and you feel guilty. But now you're both trying to fix it. That's what's important. Fixing it. Don't give up on fixing your relationship with your brother. He needs you." GD looks at you and leans in for a kiss. You move back before your lips touch, "Wha-what are you doing?" He puts his head down in embarrassment, "I.. I'm sorry. I should go." He jumps up from the couch and heads to the door. "Wait. Ji-yong. Don't leave like this. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I'm sorry." He slightly turns back at you, "It's okay Y/N. I don't know what I was thinking. But hey, thank you for listening. He needs a friend like you in his life. Don't let him go. Have a good night all right?" With sympathy in your eyes you say, "Yeah. You too. Take care of your brother for me. About being his friend, maybe you could get his things for him. He probably wouldn't want to see me again. He told me that he's going to get out of my life forever so..." "Nah, I'll let him take care of his things. He probably said all that out of anger. Don't take it to heart. He likes you. Just try to be understanding and that shoulder he needs to cry on from time to time." "Okay... I'll do my best." "Bye Y/N." he smirks. "See ya GD."

He walks out and closes the door behind him.

Once outside he sends a text to Jimin to see if he made it to the institution safely. About 10 minutes later he gets a reply...

"Yeah. I made it. And we're gonna have to talk when I get back."

G-Dragon was standing on the corner as Jimin pulled up to return his car. "I see you made it back in one piece!" GD chuckles. Jimin gets out of the car, he doesn't look amused. "What's the matter Jimi? What happened?" Jimin starts to slowly walk over to GD and shove him, "You lied to me." "What? What are you talking about?" GD asks. "You LIED TO ME!!" Jimin's shout was so loud the dogs began barking in the neighborhood.

"Come on, let's go inside and talk-" Jimin interrupts, "Get your hands off me! You lied to me about Abigail. She's--" His eyes tear up and his voice cracks, "--she's dead. She died this morning." GD's eyes stretch. "Jimi, I... I'm so sorry." He shoves him again, "Don't f*cking act like you care! You had someone pretend to be Abigail to call my phone, send texts and leave letters in my mailbox didn't you?! That's why I never recognized the number! Abigail never did any of those things! She was so far gone she couldn't write me let alone call or text! She didn't have a f*cking phone Ji-yong!! Why would you do that to me?!... Who was it? Your f*cking girlfriend pretending to be her to mess with me?! That was a d*ck move man! You're one disgusting mother f*cker!"

GD's eyes well up... "Hey Jimi, I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you little bro. I did this with the hopes that it would help you stop with the drugs and drinking. I wanted to see if it would help you sober up to be with her again." "I was NEVER GOING TO BE WITH HER AGAIN JI-YONG!!! WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?! She was sick!!"

They both stand on the sidewalk completely silent for what seemed like hours.

Jimin finally continues, "I mean, damn it Ji-yong, you think by paying my overdue rent for me, and helping me enter a rehab facility that that makes everything okay between you and I? Why didn't you stop me from doing heroin? Why did you allow it to happen?"

"Now wait a f*ckin' minute Jimi! I didn't put a gun to your head and say take this or die, you chose to take it on your own!" "YES BUT I CAME TO YOU TO BUY IT!!! WHY DID YOU LET ME??!!!" "BECAUSE... Because I thought it would help you." Jimin scoffs. "What a job it's done for me so far. Every time you think you're helping, you f*ck things up more." GD puts his head down as Jimin steps back. "You know what, f*ck you and f*ck rehab. It's a f*cking waste! YOU are a F*CKING WASTE! *sobs* I'm a f*cking waste." "Jimi, come on man. Don't... don't say that. You-" "No. Don't talk to me. As far as I'm concerned we're no longer brothers. I never want to speak to you again." Jimin turns and walks away.

"Jimi! JIMI!"

He continues walking away while ignoring GD's calls.

While in your bedroom, you're folding your freshly washed and dried laundry and putting them away neatly in your bureau. You hear the living room door open and quietly close. You peek down the hall to see Jimin taking off his jacket and heading into the kitchen to rummage through the fridge.

You walk into the kitchen, his back turned to you while bent over to grab a drink. "How'd it go?" He stands up straight with a can of Coke in his hand then turns to look at you. "Oh good, I didn't scare you this time." you say. "I heard you walk down the hall. Figured you were behind me." He walks around the counter back into the living room to sit down.

"Okay. Soooo... how did it go? I hope you were able to talk to her like you wanted." His gaze is blank as he's staring off into nothingness.

"Hello? Earth to Jimin? Are you okay?" He rolls his eyes, "I wish you'd stop asking me if I'm okay! I'm fine! Alright?!"

"Alright! Geez, you don't have to bite my head off! I was just wor-" He interrupts, "Yeah, you were just worried about me. Yes, yes, let's give Y/N a round of applause for always worrying about me. She deserves a f*cking medal doesn't she folks?!" He looks up at you with an annoyed expression on his face.

You step back from the couch, "Why are you like this? Why do you reject any sympathy or care people show for you? You're such a Jekyll and Hyde! One minute you're sweet and the next you're just a jerk!"

"News flash YN, I am a jerk! You have this fantasy in your head that I'm this knight in shining armor and I'm not! Get that out of your f*cking head!"

You scoff at his comment, "I never thought you were a-"

He interrupts...

"Secondly, I don't want your sympathy or care. I just want to be left alone! Can you do that? Can you leave me alone for 10 f*cking minutes!! Huh? CAN YOU?!"

You jump back and become scared and angry due to the fierce glare from Jimin but you keep calm and realize you've had enough of his sh*t. "I want you out." you say.

"What?" He replies with a shocked look on his face.

"I want you out NOW!! Get the F*CK out! GO!!"

You lift Jimin up by the collar and shove him toward the door. He struggles but you keep pushing him until he's out in the hall and you slam the door in his face.




"Y/N!... I'm sorry! I didn't mean anything I said. Please let me back in, I have no where else to go!"

"As I've said before, that's not my problem Jimin Park!"

"Well-- UGH!! Well, can I at least have my jacket? All my personal stuff is in it!"

You open the door throw him his jacket and slam the door in his face once again.

He goes down the stairs and out the door.

Deep down you were hoping that he'd be able to stay the night with GD but you were also hoping he'd come back.

**His POV**

While sitting on the stoop of the apartment building he starts thinking...

"What am I supposed to do now? I have no where else to go. *sigh* Maybe if I just try apologizing to her she'll forgive me. But, will that come off as seeming insincere? Like, I am just apologizing to get back in the apartment? I don't want it to seem that way. I need to figure something out. UGH! I've got to stop flying off the handle with her. She took me into her home when she didn't have to. She gave me a job helping her. She's looking after me and I'm always yelling at her just because she's asking if I'm okay. *sigh* I'm gonna go back up there and talk to her."

**Your POV**

While sitting on the couch, you're thinking...

"Oh my God, he's such a jerk! Why does he always act that way? It's like something goes off in his head, like I trigger something just by asking if he's okay. Is it wrong of me to show some concern? Am I the bad guy in this scenario? Wait a minute Y/N, maybe you just need to back off a little. He has gone through a lot in the past few months. Give him a chance to adjust and if he so feels, he'll open up to you. GAH! But I have the toughest time waiting for explanations and answers. I hate playing guessing games."


Startled, you answer the door.

"Who is it?" you ask as you look through the peephole.

"Uh, it's... it's Jimin."

Your heart beat grows a little faster and you place your hand on your chest. "Why am I feeling this way? Snap out of it Y/N!"

"What do you want Jimin?" you ask.

"Can I... that is, may I please come in and talk to you? I shouldn't have yelled at you like that and I just want to apologize for flying off the handle. You didn't and never deserve that."

You lean your head against the door, close your eyes and take a deep breath...

"Please Y/N." he says.

"Okay." You unlock the door and open it as you walk toward the couch again to have a seat.

Jimin walks in, closes the door and looks at you. You look up at him waiting for him to start talking.

"Y/N, I... I'm no good at opening up to people. So it's not just you that I have trouble with. I've always been this way ever since I was a kid. The problems I dealt with growing up turned me into this angry person. I don't like being this way and you of all people don't deserve that kind of behavior. You've helped me more than anyone else I've known and I think that's why I react the way I do. I've never had someone actually care about how my day was or ask if I'm okay. I'm not used to it. I know I shouldn't snap when you do ask, but that's just how I've learned to respond. I can't help myself. I don't know maybe I just miss my wife and children... or maybe I... I just like you so much that I'm trying to keep you away from me."

You stare attentively as Jimin continues.

"I've made advances toward you and I'm sorry. I know it made you uncomfortable and I am truly, truly sorry. But, I just like you so much Y/N it hurts. I don't know how to express my feelings toward someone I like anymore. It's been so long. When I look at you, my heart aches. I've been in awe of you since the night I laid eyes on you coming out of this apartment just to dump your trash."

You both chuckle.

He continues...

"You're so beautiful, sweet, caring, loving, friendly. It blows my mind that someone like you even exists. You're an absolute angel and I don't know but maybe God put you in my life to save me from myself. To help me stop my bad habits and to get on the straight and narrow again. It wasn't my brother, hell, it wasn't even myself. It was you whom I needed all along. And it wasn't until now that I realized that. You're the answer."

You start to speak, "Jimin, I..." he interrupts.

"Wait, before you say anything I... I don't want you to feel as if things have to change between us. We can still be friends if you wish. I don't mind. But please Y/N, don't shut me out. That moment that you pushed me out the door, I felt my heart break. And I was hesitant to come back because I thought maybe you would think I'm just apologizing to get back in here but that's truly not my intention. I just want to show you that I am willing to change for the better and not treat you horribly by yelling at you for no reason. I want to make things right Y/N. *deep breath* So with all that being said, will you please accept my apology?"

You slowly get up from the couch and walk toward Jimin. He backs up a little then stops. You're looking into each others eyes and you can see that Jimin is being sincere. You quickly grab him and hug him as tight as you can. He hugs you back, one hand cupping your head while the other is around your waist.

"I take this as a yes in accepting my apology?" he smiles.

"Yes Jimin Park. I accept your apology." After a few minutes you back away from the hug to look him in the eyes again, "There's something you should know Jimin. I admire your honesty in expressing your feelings for me and I am flattered, I really am. But... I... I can't let you stay here if you feel that way towards me. It's going to be too complicated."

"Complicated? Well, like I said nothing has to come of this. We can just be friends." he asks.

You walk away from him back toward the couch with your head down. "Jimin, I... There's more to it than just that. I think even being friends would make things awkward."

"Well, whatever it is Y/N... I'm willing to listen."

You rub your hands together out of nervousness, "I... *sigh*... I... I used to date your brother."

"You... used to... wait, what?"

"I used to date your brother."

"So, were... were you the one who was calling and texting my phone and sending me letters pretending to be Abigail?" Jimin asks.

"What? No! What are you talking about?"

"Ji-yong's girlfriend has been pretending to be Abigail making me believe that she was trying to contact me all this time."

"Why would they do that to you?" you ask.

"Because, he claims that he thought that it would make me change my ways and want to get back with her. But when I went to see her in the institution I found out that she hadn't be contacting me at all. She was so far gone mentally she wouldn't know how to write or use a phone anymore. And... sh-she... she committed suicide this morning."

"What!! Oh Jimin, I'm so sorry. Did anyone try contacting you from the institution?"

"Yes. Those two voicemails you said you skipped were from them. I listened on my way back home."

"Jimin, I..."

He interrupts...

"Y/N, don't apologize anymore okay? Just... please don't. I want to say something."

You wait eagerly for him to continue speaking.

"Y/N... I... I don't care that you dated my brother. He's a part of your past. I..." he shyly puts his head down and continues, "I want to be your future."

Your eyes stretch, "Jimin, I don't know what to say. I'm..."

"Just say you'll be with me Y/N. I need you. I need someone like you in my life to push me to stay on the right track. Someone who can keep an eye on me. That someone is you."

"*sigh* You don't need me Jimin Park. You need a sponsor. You don't want a romantic relationship, you want someone to keep tabs on you at all times. That's not me. Did you forget I dated a drug dealer? Your brother. I had to keep tabs on him whenever someone came to our apartment looking for him for whatever reason. Having to hide him in the closet because somebody would want to kill him. One night I got so angry with him I dumped all the drugs he was going to sell down the toilet. That was the night we broke up as a matter of fact. I can't be a keeper again Jimin. I'm tired. If I'm going to be with someone we're going together as a couple. I'm tired of having to worry about other people. It's time I take care of me and be with someone who only loves me and not me and their habits. Can you understand that?"

He looks at you and without saying a word he walks over to the door to leave.

You stand up from the couch, "Wait, Jimin. Where are you going?"

"Don't worry about me Y/N."

He opens the door and walks out.

You grab your jacket and hurry behind him. He's halfway down the stairs before you catch up. You run over to him and block him off from leaving.

"Why do you do that? Why do you always run away? When things don't go your way you always leave. Why?" you ask.

"Move out of my way Y/N, please."

"No. I'm not going anywhere."

"Y/N, please... just step aside." he says.

"No Jimin, I won't."

The tears start to well up in his eyes, "Y/N... MOVE!!!"

"NO!!" you scream.

"Just let me go.... please" he begins to cry.

He drops his head, the tears run down your wrist as you cup his face.

"Look at me Jimin."

His head still hanging...

"Look at me, please."

He raises his head and looks into your eyes, still crying.

"Jimin... I care too much to let you walk out that door. Once you're out there, who knows what you'll get in to. And I will not be the reason why you chose to get high or drunk or both! I can't be with you romantically but I can be your friend. And as your friend, I will help you. We can't be anymore than that. Is that okay? Can you stand to be friends with me Jimin Park?" you smirk.

As he wipes his face he chuckles a little, "Yes. I think I can handle that Y/N."

You smile. "Good. That's all I wanted to say but you didn't give me a chance."

"I know. I'm sorry. I promise I'll change."

"You better Jimin Park, if you're going to keep living with me!" you laugh.

"Oh, uh, about that. I've signed myself up for rehab. I'm going to be staying in a rehab facility for 30 days."

Surprised you say, "Oh?"

He shakes his head "Yes".

"Well, that's... that's great! I'm so happy for you. When do you get admitted?"

"Tomorrow." he says.

"Oh. Okay. Uh, congratulations. And good luck to you. Let's go out and celebrate."

Just as you're about to walk away he grabs your wrist and pulls you close to him. You gaze into each others eyes and suddenly you feel his soft lips on yours.
Your eyes are wide open but soon you give in and kiss him back.

He pulls away from the kiss to look at you, "Y/N, I like you so much. Thank you for being so kind to me."

"I... I like you too Jimin." You break away from his grip. "I'm going to miss you."

"It's only for a month. I'll be back to annoy you again." he gives off a sly smile.

"*chuckles* Good, I look forward to it."


One month later...

You're walking down the sidewalk to your apartment while talking on your smartphone, "Yes! Everything is set up already. He should be home around 2:30 that's what he told me. Okay. Just make sure you're there on time please. I want everyone to take part in the surprise party. Okay. Okay. Bye Ji-yong."

You get inside the apartment building and check your mail. It's the usual junk mail as always. You look over at Jimin's box and a smile comes across your face. Just the thought of him coming back home makes you so excited. You rush up the stairs and into your apartment to finish setting up the refreshment table.

As you're finishing, there's a knock at your door. You check the peephole and open it. "Hey Ji-yong! Lisa! Sal! Welcome!! Thank you for coming!" Namjoon shows up 10 minutes later with his family.

"Everything looks great Y/N!" Sal says.

"Thanks Sal."

"When is he supposed to be here?" Namjoon asks.

You look at your watch, "In about 10 minutes give or take."


Jimin is in the back of the taxi heading to his destination. He pulls up and asks the driver to please wait for him. He gets out of the taxi and takes a deep breath while looking up at the cloudy skies. He walks over to the entrance of a cemetery. As he's walking through he spots the graves of his wife and kids. He wanted to stop there to have a quick visit.

"Hello babies. I just wanted to come by and tell you that I finally did it. I'm finally sober. What you always wanted. I did it. I'm so sorry that it took so long. I'm so sorry that because of me you're no longer here. *sobs* But just know that I will always love you and I pray that you're much happier where you are. Abigail, I think I'm in love. Her name is Y/N and she's been great to me. She came to visit me every weekend while I was away. She's caring, loving, makes me laugh and has such a big heart. I wanted to ask your permission for her hand in marriage. I wouldn't be able to do it without asking you first."

Right at that moment, a cool breeze blew around him as if he were being hugged by the wind.

A tear rolled down his cheek as he looked around embracing the air and then looked back down at Abigail's gravestone. "Thank you Abby. Thank you so much. I love you and I'll be back again soon, maybe with her so you all can meet." He turns to walk away and climbs back into the taxi.

Back at the apartment...

You send Jimin a text asking if he's close and he replies that he'll be there in about 5 minutes.

"All right, he said he's 5 minutes away y'all. Let's get ready to figure out our hiding places."

Everyone starts to scatter to find the perfect spot.

You turn the lights off and peek out the window when you see his taxi pull up.

You yell in a whisper to everyone, "He's here! He's here! Hide! Hide! Hide!"

You hear footsteps coming up the stairs, then walking toward your door. A key goes into the lock and the door opens.

"Hello? Y/N? Are you home?"

He flips the light switch...

Everyone jumps out from their hiding places, "SURPRISE!!!"

Jimin jumps back, "WHOA!!!" he laughs.

You come out of the kitchen, "Welcome home Jimin Park." You kiss him on the cheek.

"Thank you."

Everyone welcomes him home as he continues saying "Thank you" to them all.

"I did not expect this at all. Thank you guys!" Jimin says.

"Don't thank us, thank Y/N. It was here idea. We're just happy to be a part of it." Lisa says.

Jimin looks over at you, "Yeah... I bet it was her idea." He says as he gives you a sincere smile.

"Come here! I'm so proud of you bro." Ji-yong embraces Jimin in a big hug.

"Thanks Ji-yong. I'm happy to be home. I feel great."

"Okay, enough with the mushy stuff everyone. Let's dig into this food before it gets cold." you say.


"Good night guys!"

"Good night! Thanks for having us!"

The door closes and the apartment is finally empty.

"Whew! UGH! I'm beat." you say as you plop on the couch.

"You do look tired." Jimin says as he sits beside you.

You rub your neck and put your feet up on the coffee table.

Jimin looks at you, "Thanks for this Y/N. You didn't have to go through all that trouble."

"That's what friends are for Jimin Park. I wanted you to have a nice welcome home. It would've been boring if it were just me and you."

"Would it have?" he asks.

"Yeah, I think so! Besides, it's always me and you. I thought I'd get all our close friends involved for this."

"I wouldn't have minded if it were just me and you." he says.

"Well, I'll keep that in mind for your birthday party." you chuckle.

Jimin gets up from the couch and kneels down in front of you.

"What are you doing? Gonna give me a foot massage?" you say with a smile.

He reaches in his back pocket and presents a box with an engagement ring inside.

You quickly put your feet on the floor and sit up straight on the couch, "What are you doing Jimin Park? This isn't funny."

"Y/N, you are the most amazing woman I've ever known. You make me feel things I've never felt before. And because of you, with the help of God, I truly feel that you've saved me. I'm on my knees right now not to ask you to be my sponsor but to be my right hand, my rock and my forever."

Tears begin to well up in your eyes.

"Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

You're choking back your tears, "J-Jimin. Oh my goodness. You want me to be your wife?"

With tears in his eyes he slowly shakes his head "Yes".

You take a deep breath and compose yourself...

"Please Y/N. Please be mine. I swear I'll never hurt you. I love you... Please say yes."

You let out a deep sigh then slowly blink your eyes...

"Don't you disappointment Jimin Park."

His eyes light up, "Is that a yes?"

You shake your head, "Yes. I would love to marry you."

He jumps up, grabs you and give you a firm hug.

"Y/N, you've just made me the happiest man on the planet. I swear I'll be a good husband. I'll take care of you. Whatever you need, I'll handle it. Thank you for saying yes."

You smile as the tears continue to fall.

He pulls away from the hug, "Oh! Here! The ring!" He takes the ring out of the box and places it on your finger.

You look at him then lean in for a kiss. He wraps his arms around you again as you stand there embracing each other.


Five years later...

It's autumn. The beautiful and colorful leaves are on the trees and the cool breeze is blowing around you. You're holding hands while walking through the cemetery for the yearly visit.

"Hello honey. We're here for another visit. I told you we'd be back. You are truly missed. I was thinking about you last night. I can't believe it's been so long since you've been gone. Time flies so fast. Sometimes I wish it'd slow down. Our daughter wrote a nice letter that she wanted to give you and she said that you come to visit her at night. She actually enjoys these cemetery visits. She's not scared of anything. It's funny, I used to be terrified of cemeteries but I guess I figure, we all end up here someday so I might as well embrace it. Well, we better get going. Happy birthday my love. See you next year."

You grab your daughters hand, "Natalie, tell your daddy goodbye."

"Bye daddy. I love you."

You both walk back to your car. You strap Natalie in her booster seat and you get in the drivers seat. Before you drive off you drop your head and begin sobbing. It's almost like clock work. This has been the routine since the first day you came to Jimin's gave.

You hated yourself for what happened. You kept thinking, "I couldn't save him after all."

***Four Year Earlier***

Jimin came home on Natalie's 1st birthday high as a kite. He'd had a relapse a week earlier and hadn't stopped. You were so angry with him you kicked him out of the house and didn't see him anymore from them on.

One day you received an urgent phone call from Ji-yong. He was frantic and crying so uncontrollably you didn't know what was going on. He was begging you to come to the hospital. He had found Jimin outside his apartment slouched down by a dumpster non-responsive. He rushed him to the hospital and he had yet to gain consciousness.

You got off the phone with him, grabbed Natalie and practically ran out the door. You sped down the highway not thinking about the possibility of being pulled over and luckily you weren't. You made it to the hospital in 10 minutes and ran to the ER where Ji-yong was. Once you arrived, you saw Ji-yong in the hallway sitting on the floor looking as if he were in a daze.

With Natalie on your hip, you slowly walked over to him. He saw you as you approached and got off the floor.

"Is... is he okay?" you ask.

Ji-yong shakes his head "No" and begins sobbing.

"Where is he?"

"He's in there." He points to the room. You hand him Natalie and walk over. You look in the window and with the blanket pulled up to his neck only exposing his face, he looks as if he's sleeping peacefully.

You gently open the door to go inside and see him up-close.

You place your hand on his face which is cold to the touch, then run your fingers through his hair.

"Jimin Park, what did you do? I thought you said I saved you, how could you slip like this? Now look where you are. *sobs* LOOK WHERE YOU ARE!!! YOU SON OF A B*TCH!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME... TO US?!! WAKE UP YOU A**HOLE!!! ANSWER ME!!"

Ji-yong quickly opens the door and pulls you away, "Stop! Stop! Y/N! He's gone! Stop." He wraps his arms around you to calm you down.

Natalie is standing in the doorway wondering what's going on, "Da-dee?"

You turn your attention to the door, walk over to pick her up and hold her tight. You leave the room with Ji-yong still by Jimin's side sobbing.

***Present Day***

You wipe your face, start the car engine and look over at the cemetery one more time.

Natalie waves, "Bye Daddy. We'll be back!"

You look back at her and smile. You think to yourself, "I love you Jimin Park. Enjoy being with your family again."

You turn your head forward, put the shift into drive and ride off into the sunset.

"Until next year..."

The end

© 2018 Katrina Lippolis

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