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Summer Palaver

An Author, freelancer content, and creative writer, blogger. Written many yet to be published books.


Taming the Beast.

Bode Thomas was cruising in his beautiful red convertible, music blaring as he drove the street of the metropolis. He loves his red sedan not only for its sophistication and luxurious features but more for the raising inspired quality, which was his immediate temptation, he is trying hard not to exceed the speed limit. But he sure felt like stepping on that gas pedal just to show this beast who the boss is, and to confirm what he already knew of the car’s proficiency. It was a gift from his Dad for his academic performance and seamless entry into the college of his choice. Now in his sophomore year, he is maintaining standard he has set for himself in his first year. – A solid CGPA. Nonetheless, he is planning on catching fun, and also to enjoy the holidays. He is planning to resume the next session with his mind as fresh as the glittering morning dew, on the green grass. What is that saying again…? All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.


Miriam was on her way to the store to buy groceries. She was happy that finally, she is out of high school. It was an enjoyable valedictory party. The party was a mirthful one. She had thought she would be able to charm a cool dude, who will be genuinely wowed by her allures, but that was not happening. Never was gifted with the expertise of attracting, let alone securing male attention. She smiled at her attempt to dress and act like the other girls her age at the after-party, but even that did not turn out well. It seems she will maintain her high school badge of the - recluse nerd. But how nice would it be to know how it feels like to have someone to call your own? She wondered.

She enjoyed studying at the city high school, the learning was great but socializing was another matter entirely. She was respected by her mates and teachers, for academic excellence, but when it comes to relationships, she has a thing or two to learn. Presently, all her focus and excitement are channeled towards getting admitted into the college of her choice. She can confidently say she is content with her life. Or is she not?

Slowly walking towards the open market, and checking out her grocery list to be sure she did not miss anything out. Then suddenly the screech of the brakes brought her attention back to the road. She was almost hit by a coming vehicle.

“Are you blind or something? If you loved to read so much, why not locate the library” The furious male voice berated rudely.

Miriam was so scared by the averted disaster, that she dropped her purse, list, and her empty grocery bag.

She bent down frantically grappling for her for the fallen items, ignoring the voice bellowing in her ears.

“Are you are not only blind but deaf too?” the male voice demanded.

Bode was upset, how could anyone be walking and reading at the same time. He got down from his car to give an earful to that dumb lady.

Miriam was dawdling, trying to pick her purse, as the angry voice got closer. She lifted her eyes to the silhouette of a tall figure standing with the sun shining, behind him. He looked and sounded like an Angry Adonis, judging by his tone.

Miriam rose from her crouching stance to apologize for her carelessness. Ignoring his attractive physiognomy contorted with fury.

“Sorry I was preoccupied with my shopping list”

Bode watched the petite lady apologizing, her way out of what would have been a catastrophe. He felt pity for her; she looked like a lost puppy, eyes downcast in a repentant stance.

“Alright, make sure you watch next time. You might not be so fortunate with a less skilful driver.” He reprimanded haughtily, entered into his car, and zoomed off.

Miriam was glad to be rid of the appealing but ferocious driver.

Beulah Mansion Interview

Miriam stared at the mansion looming before her. How many rooms could there be in such a magnificent edifice? This building is sure not in the same league with her parents, small but comfortable apartment. Coming to Beulah mansion, situated in the heart of the wealthy dominated part of the metropolis was nothing short of providence and good fortune. Simi’s mum spoke to the owner of Beulah Mansion, who fortunately is in need of someone to help sort the books in her newly remodeled Library. She was taken with the position, giving her penchant for books. But she never thought the Library will be in the form before her. She is so thankful for the friendship she shared with Simi; she was and still is the only friend Miriam has all through high school. She proceeded to make a mental note to tell her friend how well she appreciates her.

She walked the short path to the gate, flanked on both sides with the beautiful arrays of colors. The smell of the blossoming flowers doing wonders to her senses. She fell in love with her environment immediately. “I am sure going to love working here.” she murmured to herself.

She rang the bell, and the crackling sound of the intercom coming through got her attention to the device just by the big gate.

“Hello welcome to Beulah mansion, do you have an appointment?” the male voice on the intercom queried.

“Yes, my name is Miriam Coker. I was scheduled for an interview here.” Miriam responded into the intercom.

A uniform man appeared, not long after the intercom got disconnected.

“Good Morning, come in please, you are expected.” The Uniformed man informed

Miriam checked her watch; she still has a few minutes before her appointment.

“Good morning sir, Thank you.” She said as she entered into the beautiful compound.

The Appointment

Mrs. Thomas is the elegant wife of a Business Tycoon; she prides herself on her ageless looks, in her early fifties but could pass for a forty-year-old, averagely tall, slim, and beautiful. She is also the MD of Thomas jewelers; a business exclusively established by her, except her husband's financial investment and contributions.

She should not underrate the role her husband played, in making the business what it is. He was so supportive financially and very liberal with his business advice; most of which were gathered from both experiences and reading. The Thomas' are voracious readers, not surprising both were successful in their chosen enterprise. Their home Library was newly remodeled and in need of a good Liberian to help with the task of book sorting, marking, and labeling. Someone that will ensure the library is in good order so that books on different topics can be easily located. They could not get a Liberian to take on a part-time job, but a young lady came highly recommended, so she is willing to give a benefit of a doubt.

She was waiting patiently for the lady. She believes in punctuality being the soul of business, which is why the first test for the young lady is her timely arrival. As she was taking her seat in the library, she received a call that the lady is around. She checked her time- 10 minutes before the schedule.

Miriam was ushered into the large room. The Library was upholstered with long shelves almost touching the ceiling. And every single one of those shelves occupied with books on different topics. She tried hard and suppressed her excitement. That’s what the sight of books, does to her. She stepped into the library and her loafers almost disappeared into the rug cushioned floor. The smell of books everywhere, making her say a silent prayer that she be employed.

“Good morning Ma’am.” Miriam greeted the regaled woman seated as a patriarch in her territory, looked intently at the little lady.

“Good morning dear.” You must be Miriam.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Have you ever worked part-time?” the older woman requested, her intelligent eyes looking intently at her.

“No, I just finished high school. I’m waiting for my letter of admission to the University.”

"Ok. Tell me why I need to hire you?" Mrs. Thomas requested.

Miriam launched into her love for books and how she keeps her small library at home.

Mrs. Thomas was impressed by her passion for knowledge. And felt she will do a good job based on her passion and her gusto for books

“When do you like to start?”

“As soon as you like ma’am”

“Then start tomorrow. Because this is a large library and I want it completed before summer ends.”

Miriam was so thankful and said as much to Mrs. Thomas. She will not only be paid handsomely but will also spend her time with books.


It was the most enjoyable one week for Miriam; she immersed herself passionately into her work in the Library. It was nice working at the mansion, the work, though much she found joy in doing what she did. Humming under her breath, she flipped through and sorted books. The opening door brought her back to the world around her.

Bode entered his home library, hoping to find his Dad, but instead, he found a mousy looking girl working tenaciously and humming melodiously like she is Alice in her wonderland.

“Excuse me?” He said clearing his throat.

Miriam turned to the opened door. “Good d……….. What are you doing here?” She questioned interrupting herself.

“I think I should be asking, since this is my house.”

“This is your house?” She was shocked.

“I just told you that.” He retorted.

“I know I was rude to you the other day, young lady. But you scared the living daylight out of me. I might have hit you, you know? Anyways I’m sorry for my rude behavior.” He said apologetically.

Miriam looked surprisingly at him. She never thought he could be this cool. Considering how he was blowing hot, the first time they met.

“I also am sorry for my clumsiness.” Miriam apologized.

We got started on the wrong note. Can we start over?” Extending his hand,

“My name is Bode Thomas.”

“And I am Miriam Coker.”

“Nice meeting you.” They said simultaneously and they both laughed.

“Are you the new staff my mum talked about?” he asked

“I suppose so” she smiled in response

“In that case, welcome to my humble Abode.” He welcomed with a grin.

To be continued………….

© 2020 Olumisin Tolulope Abisola

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