Spores: The Nemeses Within

Updated on April 26, 2020
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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Not nice to fool around with Mother Nature!
Not nice to fool around with Mother Nature!

This is Just the Beginning ...

Bacterial spores serve mainly as a sleeping, or dormant phase in the life cycle of bacteria. The spores assist in preserving the bacterium when there are intervals of adverse conditions. There is a penalty to be paid when one decides to tamper with the forces of Nature! Dare to read on ...

David Albertson BBA, MBA has just signed the necessary contracts. He is now the owner of the Thomasville Conservatoire.

“The first thing I am going to do is change the name of this place. I don’t want any ties with that incident that happen a few years back.” David tells Fred Chamberland, the realtor.

“To tell you the truth Mr. Albertson, I never thought I’d be able to unload this white elephant—” Fred stops talking and begins to realize what he’s just said.

“Don’t worry Chamberland, I have no desire to renege on our agreement. Besides, I have better plans for these facilities.” David smiles as the two men shake hands.

After Fred has given David the keys to his new building, he promises that he will give the complete documentation to Blanche, the executive secretary of Albertson Enterprises as soon as possible.

“Please do, I have men waiting to get started on the renovation. Those labs need updating and I want this entire operation functional in just about six months from now.” David informs Fred.

“You got some big project in the works?” An inquisitive Fed wonders.

“Thank you again for all you’ve done, Mr. Chamberland. Now, if you will excuse me, I have other business to transact.” David responds, refusing to answer the question and instead extending his hand to Fred. Taking the hint, both men shake firmly and move to their respective vehicles. For David, a Blue Maserati and Fred, a Red Jeep Cherokee. David waits until Fred has left before he makes his call.

“Bernie, how soon can you get your men started on the renovation of the old Thomasville Conservatoire?” David asks.

“Just give me the go ahead, Mr. Albertson. I’ll get together with Pete Weatherby and his crew.” Bernie is a no nonsense architect who has done exclusive work for Albertson Enterprises for over a decade.

“I want this facility completely operational within six months. Sooner if you can swing it.” David is very much aware of the dependability and efficiency of Bernie Lancaster and Associates.

“Since today is Friday—Pete will have his construction crew out by Monday. I need to get over to the Courthouse so I can review the previous plans. I’ll take a few pictures and come up with some preliminary sketches. When can you get those keys to me, Mr. Albertson? I need to look around as well.” Bernie concludes.

“I’ve got them right here. Meet me at Albertson Enterprises within an hour and I’ll have a copy for you.” The two men agree and end the conversation.

“Now, I need to talk with Dr. Benjamin Riley.” David says to himself. “That man is the top in his field regarding Microbiota-Chromosomal Research and Development. If I can get him on my team, Albertson Pharmaceutical Laboratories will make billions!”

Meanwhile, Dr. Riley is sitting in his office contemplating the offer that has been previously made by David Albertson. His good friend and associate Dr. Nelson Cooper is there with him.

“You know Nelson, if we decide to go with David Albertson and the creation of his new pharmaceutical lab, it could be the start of a fascinating undertaking!”

“Not to mention the opportunities for widening our scope of exploration. With unrestrained financial backing at our disposal, the sky is the limit!” An excited Nelson proclaims.

A lot of work will need to be done on the inside to turn this place into a world-class facility!
A lot of work will need to be done on the inside to turn this place into a world-class facility!

“You’ve got that right. He said he would get back with me sometime today after he finalizes the purchase of the old Thomasville Conservatoire. Man, that place is really going to need a good cleanup job. There are also some very bad memories to lay to rest. That incident regarding Dr. Sydney Holloway—.” Ben knows that even though it has been more than a couple of years ago, bad publicity is hard to bury.

“I think Mr. Albertson will be able to handle the media.” Nelson replies and minutes later the telephone buzzes.

“Mr. Albertson is on line three Dr. Riley.” Janice Cooper informs him.

“Thank you Janice and good luck on that nursing exam.” Ben replies. “Yes, Mr. Albertson, how are you?”

“Very well indeed, Dr. Riley. Let me get down to business. I’ve just finalized the purchase of the Conservatoire and I’ve got my best man ready to do reconstruction of the place. Now, have you considered my offer?” David doesn’t hold back any punches.

“Actually, Mr. Albertson, I am sitting in my office with one of my colleagues, Dr. Nelson Cooper. Is it alright if I put us on speaker?” Ben inquires.

“Absolutely! How are you Dr. Cooper. I’ve always been impressed with your work. Sure hope you will be joining us as well. That is if Dr. Riley says yes.” David didn’t want to jump the gun, but he knew that he had offered Ben an excellent benefit package.

“Yes!” Ben shouts and his enthusiasm makes both men laugh.

“That’s what I like to hear. Now, as Head of Microbiota-Genomic Research Dr. Riley, you will be in complete charge of the facility. You have carte blanc to hire the best people in their chosen field and to compensate them accordingly.” David retorts, knowing that he has the best man for the job.

“I appreciate your vote of confidence, Mr. Albertson. Dr. Cooper here will be my right arm, along with Dr. Hilton Frye.” Ben tells him.

“You play in some pretty impressive parks. First, Nelson Cooper and now Hilton Frye, the renowned microbiologist. My Albertson Pharmaceutical Lab will be the best in the country! Maybe even the world!” David is very glad that he decided to “hitch his wagon upon this star.”

“I really appreciate this opportunity, Mr. Albertson.” Nelson replies.

“No problem—now Dr. Riley how soon can you make it to Thomasville? I want the architect to know what you desire in the way of office suites and laboratories. You know much better than I do.” David replies which pleases Ben very much.

“I can catch a plane in the morning, Mr. Albertson.” Ben states.

“Mind if I come along, also?” Nelson enquires.

“Since you’ll be working so closely with Dr. Riley, no I don’t mind at all. I just have one small request.” David tells them as both men sit straight in their chairs.

“And what is that?” Ben asks cautiously.

“That you keep the details of this operation quiet until the grand opening. I don’t want undue press coverage or comparisons with the Thomasville Conservatoire.” David warns and is adamant regarding this request.

“You can rest assured, Mr. Albertson that my colleagues and I will use the upmost of discretion regarding this endeavor.” Ben reassures him and both men end the call. Ben looks at Nelson and smiles.

“Let the adventure begin!”

To Be Continued ...

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      • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        5 weeks ago from Memphis

        Hey, you bet ... mysteries and a little bit drama will be coming your way sometime tomorrow when I sit in front of my computer and bang away! Happy reading!

      • DreamerMeg profile image


        5 weeks ago from Northern Ireland

        Great start to a story. You have me hooked already. I can see mysteries and problems upcoming!

      • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        5 weeks ago from Memphis

        Dr. Riley will soon discovery that its best to leave some things alone.


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