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Soul From the Mirror - Part 02

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Hi everyone, this is the second part of my story, SOUL FROM THE MIRROR. If you haven't read the first part yet, you have to read it first for a better understanding of the story. Hope you will like it. And once again if you see any mistakes or if you think it will be better if I add something, please feel free to specify them in your comments.


I took the mirror to my hands and looked at it thoroughly. But it did not seem to be haunted.

“Seoul put it back to the box, and keep it away from you.” Mrs. Vampelt said.

“No I will keep it in my room. I want to see what this joke is. Don’t need to worry. I bought dinner. Let’s eat together.” I told Mrs. Vampelt although it won’t be enough for two people.

“Not this time. I’ve already cooked. And kids must be on their way after swimming classes. Please, be careful Seoul. I feel so bad about that mirror.” she said.

“Ah don’t worry about that.” I replied.

Mrs. Vampelt left to welcome her kids while I was getting more and more curious about the mirror. However other than thinking about the mirror I had a load of work to be done. My hose was like hell so I had to clean it as fast as I could. I hated it when it seems dirty. So I started cleaning and it just took half an hour. After having a wash I came to the living room with my coffee. It was getting dark, and my dinner was waiting for me. But I wasn’t hungry at all so I sat on the sofa and took my phone. There was a message and I opened it. It was from Olivia. She was one of the workers in my office. We were in the same position.

“Seoul, please call me when you see this message. It is urgent and very important.”

I called her as soon as possible. I felt nervous. If something had happened because of my lateness what should I do? But I felt so bad because of the things that were happening. I called Olivia and she answered my call within seconds.

Olivia: - Hello, Seoul are you okay?

Seoul: - Yes, what happened? What’s the problem?

Olivia: - I’m okay, I was worrying about you.

Seoul: - Worrying about me? Why?

Olivia: - Listen to me carefully. Now I’m on my way to pick you get ready. We are going to meet a person.

Seoul: - What! Why please tell me what happened. And I just came home. I’m tired.

Olivia: - Are you mad? You are in a danger. I knew this, that’s why I was in touch with you. Just stop talking and get ready. Please Seoul, I want to help you or else there will be no one when you need. Please!

I had no choice. I got ready to go with Olivia. I could not regret Olivia as she was the only one I had in the office. And there was no reason for me to reject because I was worried about the mirror too.

After a while Olivia came and she did not even come inside my house as she told me it was urgent I got in the car and she started driving fast. We were driving for quiet along time. Finally we were at our destination. On our way we had a conversation.

Seoul: - Please slowdown!

Olivia: - We don’t have any time to waste. Listen did you receive something today? I mean something weird?

Seoul: - (with an excitement) how do you know?

Olivia: - Okay, I’m your cousin. I know that sound crazy but that’s the truth.

Seoul: - What? How can you be my cousin?

Olivia: - I know it’s weird. When we were little, your parents died. My parents wanted to raise you under our care but it was not possible in that situation. And the most important thing is that it was not something normal like a car crash or something. They were killed by kind of a dark energy. Actually they were involved in a paranormal investigation. It was a special one and your parents had found a mirror. Because of that mirror they couldn’t get any help. No one wanted to help them so the best thing for them was to give your authority to that orphanage. Mrs. Jamilia accepted you and she took a good care of you. This all happened because of that mirror. As your parents did not get any help the energy of that mirror took them to their death. I’m sorry Seoul!

Seoul: - (while crying) what? How it happened? Oh god and it’s my turn. But there was a letter in that box! It said that I’m precious to that person.

Olivia: - (with a sudden terror) don’t tell me that mirror is with you now.

Seoul: - It’s with me! I did not know anything about this. You should have told me earlier!

Olivia: - Oh it’s useless. If that wants to come to you, you can’t avoid it. And the letter! I have no idea about that.

Seoul: - Okay please tell me where are we going?

After the conversation we were at the place. I realized that it was the destination after Olivia stopped the car. It was a church, a huge church. Olivia and I got down from the car.

“This is the place. The one and only person who can help you is the pastor here.” Olivia said. I looked at her face and it seemed that she had a strong belief on the church and the pastor. But I was in a huge struggle in my mind and heart about my parents and the mirror. I was not able even to imagine what was about to happen.

Seoul and Olivia went to a huge church to get help.

Seoul and Olivia went to a huge church to get help.


I hope you enjoyed the second part. Once again if you haven't read the first part it will be helpful to you if you read the first part. Invite all of you to read the third part too. It will be published soon.


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