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Soul From the Mirror - Part 01

I am a school student interested in music, literature and languages. And I love writing..



The cold wind that blew through the house was refreshing but made me feel like want to have some coffee. I was on the bed wondering how I need to face the scholarship exam and pass it as I really wanted to move and have a good education while earning a little bit for myself as I did not have to feed anyone. Sometimes I felt that being an orphan is kind of risk free and comfortable life. The only thing that I had to worry about was my own future. However it is not easy as it seems too but other that caring for a big family. Although I liked being alone and caring only for myself I missed the warmth of parents. Sometimes I felt that I was selfish when thinking about what I’ve done while in the orphanage. I really hurt all the others often. But I think that somehow after realizing what that everything was I did everything I could to make them happy.

I am Jeon Seoul who is nineteen years old. I’m living alone in a house that I bought with my own money which I earn from my hard work. I wrote books when I was in the orphanage. My hobby was writing and with the help of the orphanage keeper Mrs. Jamilia, I realized that I could earn from what I’ve wrote and what I will write. So I started following her instructions and it gave me a good income. Mrs. Jamilia saved the whole money and when I left the orphanage she gave me a bunch of money. I bought a small and simple house using half of the money. And I found a job that suits for me very well. So now I am a copy writer of a well known company in New York. I have the facility of working from home. But twice a week I had to go office and work. I was living a great life.

It was the evening of Monday in June, first week. I came home after work. Usually I had to go office on Mondays and Wednesdays. I decided to buy dinner because I was feeling tired. I went to Nanny’s. It was a well known restaurant in New York.

A lady was at the cashier I walked towards her and ordered one cheese pasta and a soft drink. And after buying my dinner I walked away from the restaurant towards my house. My house was in a peaceful area. All the neighbors were cooperative and they helped me a lot most of all it took just fifteen minutes to walk to reach the town. So it was very convenient. As I hated travelling from bus I traveled by foot. I wanted to buy a car but I had to wait more because I wanted to earn enough.

I came to my home and took the key to my hand and unlocked the door. Suddenly my neighbor, Mrs. Vampelt came.

“Seoul, Postman gave me this and he told me to give this to you. He told that this is from Nigeria. Do you have friends or relatives in Nigeria?” Mrs. Vampelt asked while handing over the box. I felt curious about the parcel. I never had friends or relatives in Nigeria.

“Oh, Mrs. Vampelt I am an orphan! How can I have neighbors? Or I never had friends in Nigeria. I don’t know who sent this.” I told her after taking the box.

“Oh, sorry Seoul, do you want me to help you?” she asked.

“Oh yes sure. Let’s open this together.” I replied. I felt bad about the unknown parcel. And I knew that Mrs. Vampelt is a kind hearten lady and she was always with me when I needed someone with me. And her children were also helpful to me. Her husband was not with her. So Mrs. Vampelt and her children spent most of their time with me at my house or their house.

We walked inside my house. I kept my backpack on the sofa and walked towards the table with Mrs. Vampelt. Both of us were super curious and I was puzzled. I cut the box and started opening it. After opening it I felt more curious after seeing what was inside. It was a mirror, a mirror that looked to be an antique. The design which was around the oval shaped mirror made it looks like a beautiful antique equipment. It was bout one foot tall.

“Look there’s a letter.” Mrs. Vampelt said. I looked inside the box and there was a letter. I took it and unfold it. I’ve never seen that handwriting before. The letter was not very long. I started reading it.

Dear Jeon Seoul,

I hope you are fine and living a happy life. I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you. When you receive this letter I’m dead. You are my precious gift from god. But I am not lucky enough to see your face before my death.

Be careful! I don’t want to put you in a danger. And there’s no any other way. This mirror is not a normal one. Don’t use it, just try to be away. I don’t want you to lead a bad life. But this is the time that you have to be careful. This mirror can even take you to your death. Please try to keep it away. But you can’t throw it or give it to someone it will find you somehow. The soul will haunt you but don’t be afraid, just face it as a brave girl. You need to be strong both in your heart and your body.

Yours loving


“What? Do you understand this?” Mrs. Vampelt asked.

“No I don’t. The postman must have mistaken.” I said and looked at the address. But it was my address. How can I believe? A mirror can haunt this house? What a joke!

“Don’t worry Mrs. Vampelt. Crazy people, someone must be joking.” I replied although I felt afraid. I never had relatives or parents in my life. How can someone say like this and most of all there’s no name. What is going to happen?



This is the first part of a horror story. Hope this will be enjoyable for all of you. If there are any errors or if you think that it will be good if I add something, Please include them in your comments.

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