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Robin's Magical Tale

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New at writing and passionate about it. Would love feedback.


Part 1: Robin's World

“Robin, wake up!” said Ana to her son. “Would you please help me with some housework instead of sleeping all day long and being lazy” she screamed, “If you help me sometimes you might lose some flab” she added. Ana was a middle-aged woman, she was plain looking and had curly hair. She was good at heart but had a harsh tone. Robin turned in his bed, rubbing his eyes, he didn’t mind his mother’s words. This was the way his mornings started, every day. He got up, grabbed his shoes and ran out.

Robin was a 15-year-old, chubby and artistic young boy. He respected his mother, she had to raise him all alone and never once let him down, even when they had very little to survive. He knew his mother loved him dearly despite her harsh words. As far as he could remember, in the fifteen years of his life he had never gone to bed on an empty stomach even if it meant skipping her own meals. She was his whole world.

Robin’s dad passed away when he was two years old. He hardly had any recollection of what kind of man he was or what did he look like, nothing at all. There was only a painting that his mother painted of his father, that was their first-anniversary present. She used to love painting, colors were her life, she hadn’t painted since her husband passed away. But Robin was as gifted as his mother, he loved the colors and loved creating new worlds with them.

Robin wandered around, looking for inspiration. He had been feeling disconnected lately, he didn’t want to meet with friends or even go out wasting time on playing games. Summer holidays went like this always, colors were his only friends. Just as he was walking aimlessly, he remembered that he is late for breakfast and ran home as fast as he could.

When he reached home his mom had already left for work leaving a note for Robin which read, “Clean the dishes!” Robin poured some milk for himself and went to his room. He glanced towards the calendar and realized that it’s his dad’s birthday tomorrow. He let out a sigh and sat down.

Every year Ana celebrated her husband’s birthday although he had passed away. She loved him dearly and this made her feel close to him. Robin, on the other hand, felt sad as he missed his father and regretted not even getting a chance to know him. His father was a man who loved to live in his dreams as his mother told him. He used to love working in his antique shop, refurbishing old stuff and collecting antiques was his hobby and passion. Robin wished he had the chance to know him. He used to sneak into the shop occasionally hiding from his mother as she locked it up since his father passed away and opened it only to clean it. She did not want to disturb the memories in there and therefore kept it as it is.

“So, I am getting an off tomorrow and would like for you to get up a little early,” said Ana. Robin sat silently eating dinner. Ana continued,” we will start tomorrow by cleaning the shop first and then we will have a nice meal. Your dad liked when I cooked for him.” Ana was excited about tomorrow, every year she would start the day with so much exuberance, but she always ended it with tears as she missed her husband.

Robin came back to his room at sat near the window. Just then he saw a falling star. He didn’t care much for superstitious beliefs people attach to shooting stars, but he prayed for his mother’s happiness. He took a book from the shelf and started reading from where he had left yesterday. Soon he got lost in the worlds opened by the book.
Ana was preparing for tomorrow. For her late husband’s birthday, she wanted to cook everything that he used to like. She glanced towards the clock, it was already 12 o’clock. Letting out a sigh, she wiped a tear trickling down her cheek.


© 2018 Vishakha

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