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Rising of the Bow Hero - Chapter 3

Manjur is a student whose imagination is great. He conveys his imagination into words here that becomes a light novel.

On the way to the Elf Village

After saving the elf girl Elena, our hero decided to walk her to her village, thinking the bandits might want to get revenge. The girl seems to have become quite friendly with our hero.She is telling our hero about her home right now.

Elena - Elf Girl

Elena - Elf Girl

Talking with Elena

Elena - So, what were you doing in the Evergreen forest, Mr.?

Manjur - I was on my way to the man village. I'll go there after I drop you to your home.

Elena - Sorry, mister. You have to go to your home late because of me. I'm really sorry, mister.

Manjur - Eh - Don't sweat it. That village is not my - (Thinking - wait, wait, wait - I can't tell her that, I'm not from man village. Because that might cause suspicion. Because the road I was coming from was the Cat village road.)

Elena - Yes. What were you saying? I couldn't quite catch your words, mister.

Manjur - ( I'll have to change the topic fast) Please, don't be so formal. You can call me, Manjur.

Elena - Alright then. You can call me by my name also.

Manjur - Sure.

Talking like that, our hero and the elf girl, Elena had reached the elf village entrance. What a scary entrance. The road they followed was also hidden. May be this a hidden village.

The Elf Village Entrance


Entering the Elf Village

Our hero, Manjur was quite shocked to the hidden elf village entrance. He thought in his mind that the villagers will definitely become hostile towards him if he enters the village. Thinking that he started talking to Elena.

Manjur - So, Elena, I guess this is good bye. I have to go the human village today.

Elena - No. No. You've done a lot for me. Not only did you save me from bandits, but also you walked me to my village. I'm forever indebted to you. The least I can make a meal for you in my home. Please don't say no. You can go to the man village tomorrow. Please.

Manjur - I don't think that would be a good idea, Elena. I think the villagers will not be happy to see a human with you.

Elena - You're right. But I want to repay you some way.

Manjur - I didn't help you to get repaid. Don't worry about it. Time for goodbye.

Say these words, our hero parted from Elena. But fate didn't let that happen. Suddenly, an female elf warrior attacked our hero in the head and he fainted. His eyes started going blur. He could only see that Elena was trying to protect him from the warrior.

Elena's Home

- Uhh, my head hurts like hell. Where am I? I remember being attacked by a female warrior. I knew this would happen but still fall for it. I have to be more cautious from now on. Someone's coming. I really hope that's not the elf warrior. After a few moments, our hero saw Elena entering the room.

Elena - Oh! Manjur. You woke up. Thank god. I thought you might not wake up. (Started crying)

Manjur - Oh, Elena. Don't be a baby. You are a big girl. Why are you crying?

Elena - Well, not many humans can withstand a hit from our chief of knights, Shiala.

Manjur - Don't worry. I'm fine. Can I leave now. I really need to go to the human village.

Elena - You can't leave in this our. Its past night. You can leave tomorrow. I've made dinner. Let's go have dinner. Mom will be pleased to meet you.

Meeting Bennette - Elena's Mother

Bennette - Ara- Young man. Thank you so much for saving my daughter's life.

Manjur - Good evening, mam.You must be Elena's mother. And thank you for letting me stay at your house.

Bennette - Oh- No. Its the least I can do. Please sit and eat dinner.

Elena - Here Manjur. Have this curry with this. Its delicious.

Manjur - Thank you. You are very generous.

Bennette - Ara- Manjur. Do you like my daughter by any chance.

Manjur - Ah. No. Not like, like. But yeah. You have a great daughter mam.

Bennette - Owwho. Is tha so. So denial. Nice.

Elena - Mom. Stop picking up on Manjur.

Manjur - Thank you for this delicious dinner.

Elena - You can sleep in the room you were sleeping before. Good night manjur.

Elena - Good night.

Bennette - Good night, dear.

Next Morning

Bennette - Ara- Manjur, dear. You're up so early.

Manjur - Yes, mam. I consider myself as an early riser.

Bennette - Why don't you get some air. But don't get too far. Villagers won't be happy a human here.

Manjur - Sure. I understand.

Morning Walk

After walking some time, our hero saw the elf woman warrior, Shiala walking towards him.

Manjur - That woman. I don't want anymore trouble. Let's get back to Elena's house.

But that was too late. Shiala already saw him. When she saw him going back, she started running towards him until she reach him.

Elf Chief Warrior - Shiala



Meeting With Shiala

Shiala - Hey human. Don't run away from me. I have business with you.

Manjur - I don't want to faint again.

Shiala - Rest assured. I've been ordered by our village elder not to harm you in any way again.

Manjur - Oh. Really. That's good to hear.

Shiala - Anyways, the village elder wishes your presence. I'm here to escort you to him. Will you come with me?

Manjur - Am I ordered to go? Or, Am I invited to go?

Shiala - You are our guest. You are invited not ordered.

Manjur - Alright. First I would like to have breakfast at Elena's house. Then I will go there.

Shiala - Fine by me.

And that's how fate lead our hero to the hidden Elf Village.

© 2020 Md Sadman Sakib Chowhury Manjur