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Rising of the Bow Hero - Chapter 2

Manjur is a student whose imagination is great. He conveys his imagination into words here that becomes a light novel.

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Last Day of Training

[Manjur] - (Thinking -- It has been one month already. My teacher says that today is my last day of training. In this month I have mastered two things. One is accurately shooting a bow. Meaning I can shoot and kill any animal in the forest from a distance. The other is a skill called "Cutting Neck". It is for close range. If anyone get close and try to hurt me I can use my dagger to quickly cut his neck. It's actually an assassination skill.)

- Manjur, concentrate. Are you day dreaming again. (A tough looking cat-folk woman is lecturing Manjur. She is the elder daughter of the village leader and Manjur's trainer. She's the strongest warrior in the village. She uses a spear and a shield. Bow is not her speciality but she made Manjur learn how to accurately shoot a bow. That just shows how great a warrior she is.)

Elder Daughter of Village Leader - Helena (Trainer of Manjur)

Elder Daughter of Village Leader - Helena (Trainer of Manjur)

The Last Lesson

[Helena] - So, you finally mastered the two things you need to survive the forest. I'm proud of you.

[Manjur] - Thank you, teacher. It was your teachings that brought me this far. I can't thank you enough for that.

[Helena] - However, you need a skill for the bow to use for strong enemies form a distance.

[Manjur] - But, I already have a skill for stronger enemies teacher. I can use the skill of my dagger "Cutting Neck".

[Helena] - Yes. But that's for close range. Why risk going closer to stronger enemies? You use a skill with a bow, if he is defeated or killed then good. If he is not dead and still able to launch an attack, you can always run.

[Manjur] - Wow, teacher. I never thought it that way. That's just show how grate warrior you are. But I don't think it would be wise to have any longer here. If word got out that a human is living with cat-folk it will cause a disaster.

[Helena] - I know that. But it will take just a second. We will use a magic scroll to teach you. (Magic scroll is a scroll that is embodied with a magic spell or a skill. If you tear a magic scroll apart, that skill or spell will be yours to use.)

[Manjur] - (After tearing the scroll apart, you felt lots of information is imbued into your brain) Ah-my head hurts. What was that- for some reason I now know a bow skill. Can I try it?

[Helena] - Use it on that rock.

[Manjur] - After concentrating my mana I have to shoot, right. Here I go.

(At the time the bow impacted on the rock, it exploded. Causing a mass destruction. The rock was destroyed, some area around the rock burnt.)

[Manjur] - What a dangerous skill! I will never use it.

[Helena] - I pray, you don't have to use the skill. But these are bad lands. It will come handy if you are in big trouble. By the way, the more you concentrate the larger the explosion. Alright now, enough talk. Let's have our last lunch together at home. (Helena's and Manjur's eyes were filled with tears, but they didn't cry.)

Saying Goodbye to Evergreen Village

[Manjur] - (Thinking -- It is time to say good bye already. It's only been one month but I have attached myself emotionally to this village.) How can I say good bye to Selena, Helena and Bearman. I will miss them so much. (He started crying)

(After two minutes he readied himself and got out of his room)

[Selena] - Oh-you are going. I will miss you.(Tears filled her eyes) Here, take this cloak, it will conceal your identity and keep you warm.

[Helena] - So it is time then. I will be missing you my student. Here, take this silver dagger from me, that rusty dagger is of no use.

[Manjur] - Thank you so much both of you. I will keep visiting you and some day I will pay you back for your kindness.

[Bearman] - Boy, take this money. I have given you 20 silver coins. It's worth of 200 cupper coins. You will need it to find a place in the man village.

[Manjur] - After all you've done for me, I can't thank you enough. If you were not kind, I might have died already in this cruel world. (Crying) Thank you so much.

[Bearman] - (with eyes filled with tears he said) Start walking from the village entrance, after walking some times you will find 3 way road. To go to the human village, go east. No matter what happens, do not go straight, its the road to the dark forest.

[Manjur] - (Eyes filled with tears) Alright, guys. I will miss you a lot.

[Villagers] - (Quietly saying)At last, the threat is gone. Now we won't have to worry about intra-race war with the humans.

First Act of Heroism

(After walking through the path inside the forest with a heavy heart, Manjur reached the three way road. Upon arriving there, he saw three human bandits were trying to harm an elf girl.)

[Bandit 1] - My my, what a catch today. We don't see elf girls in this side of forest. Come on girl, let's have some fun.

[Bandit 2] - Yeah, let's.

[Elf girl] - No. Leave me alone.

[Manjur] - (Thinking -- I should help that girl. But I don't want to kill anyone. I should shoot an arrow in their legs.) After thinking that, I shoot the arrow and both hit the target.

[Bandit 1] - Uhhh... Who's there. My leg hurts.

[Bandit 2] - Aahh... My leg hurts.It hurts. It hurts so much. Someone help.

[Bandit 3] - (He was silent up until now. Manjur almost thought that he can't speak) Who's there?! Show yourself.

[Elf Girl] - Please help me. Please.

(Manjur shows himself)

[Manjur] - (After seeing the third bandit holding only a dagger in his hand) Listen, I can hit you from here, but you can't. If you and your friends get out of here now, I will forget everything. (Face showing a lot of fake anger.)

[Bandit 3] - I don't want any trouble. I'll get out of here with my friends. Sorry, sir. (He said fearing for his life)

[Elf Girl] - (Started crying and said) Thank you, good sir. I don't know what would have happened to me if you had not come here.

Elf Girl - Elena

Elf Girl - Elena

Meeting with Elena - The Elf Girl

[Manjur] - (Seeing the elf girl crying) Oh- Don't cry. Everything is going to be okay. It's alright.

[Elf Girl] - Yeah. You're right. (After a moment) My name is Elena. I am from the elf village located in the west of the Evergreen forest.

[Manjur] - Nice to meet you Elena. My name is Manjur. What were you doing in the forest?

[Elena] - I was looking for a special herb that grows in the forest. After I found it the bandits attacked and you saved me. Thank you, sir.

[Manjur] - Oh- No need to thank me. It was duty to help you.

And that is how Manjur ended his first act of heroism.

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