Rising of the Bow Hero - Chapter 1

Updated on August 6, 2020
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Manjur is a student whose imagination is great. He conveys his imagination into words here that becomes a light novel.

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The Summoning

-Uh... Where am I? What is this dark place! I can't see a thing. Wait... There... I see a light there. (I ran towards the light)

I see some people there. They are all looking at me. A old man with a big white beard came closer and said, "Who are you? This is not a place for humans. This village is a habitants of demi-human race. (I didn't see it until now. But the old man had a big tail behind him. Not only that, all the people, man, women, all of them had a tail behind them.)

Seeing their tails I was shocked and fainted right there.

Meeting a God in a Dream

- uh- what a wired dream! People with a tail! Something's really wrong with my mind.

- Boy, that was not a dream. You were summoned to this world where humans and demi-humans co-exist together.

- Who the hell are you! And what is this nonsense about summoning to another world.

- Yes, my boy, Manjur. You were summoned by humans of this world called Yugdrassil. But unfortunately for some reason you summoning circle got interrupted and you are brought to the demi-human village called Evergreen.

[Manjur] - How do you know my name? If this another world, you shouldn’t know my name from my previous world. I don't believe you. Stop talking nonsense. Go do this with someone else. I have a lot going on in my brain right now.

- You will understand soon enough, boy. I will talk to you later for you won't believe a word I say right now.

Meeting With Selena

[Manjur] - uh- where am I? Why am I not in my room? This day is just keep getting worse event by event. Now what will happen only god knows.

- Arra- you wake up at last. It's past noon. (A teenage girl with a tail and cat like ears stand before you smiling)

- The villagers say that you fainted after seeing them. Are you okay, now? Oh- let me introduce myself. My name is Selena. I am the daughter of the village leader, Bearman. What is your name?

Daughter of Cat-folk Village Leader -- Selena
Daughter of Cat-folk Village Leader -- Selena

[Manjur] - My name is Manjur. What is this place? How did I get here any way? I don't remember a thing!

[Selena] - Oh- you don't remember! This is a big problem. You know it is against the law for a human to be living in a demi-human village. Other humans might think, we are keeping you as our slave. It will cause war.

[Manjur] - (Thinking -- Seriously, people will start a war for this! May be this is actually another world.) Say Selena, what is the name of this village?

[Selena] - Evergreen. It is named after the forest in which it is located on. Basically, we're in a forest called Evergreen. Uh- I almost forgot, father asked me to watch over you and if you wake up, then inform him of you waking up. I will get my father and prepare dinner. Father will be seeing you soon. You wait here.

Meeting with the Village Leader

[Manjur] - (Thinking -- If my staying here will cause a war, the villagers will not let me stay here much longer. I have to survive in this jungle on my own. But how can I do that? What did I do to deserve this? Why this cruel fate is upon me?)

[Bearman] - Hello, I am the village leader, Bearman. (You recognise the old man. He was the one who talked to you before you fainted) Selena must have told you about how you are a threat to us. But as you lost your memory, it would be cruel to let you go to the forest. So, we have decided to train you, until you are prepared to leave. Until then you can stay here.

[Manjur] - (Thinking -- well, at least I will have a roof to stay. It's not a bad deal. And the training will make me stronger which will be helpful later on) Thank you, sir. I will train hard, so that I can leave your village and get you out of trouble.

[Bearman] - Alright boy. From tomorrow, you will start your training. But first, tell me which weapon you will use in battle. We can train you woth only any of these four types of weapons - Sword and sheild, two handed sword, bow and dagger, lastly spear.

[Manjur] - Let's see, for sword and spear, I will have to stay close to enemy. That's too risky. I will use bow and dagger.

[Bearman] - Alright. You may have this woden bow and iron dagger. Keep them to yourself. Don't lose them. You won't have any.

[Manjur] - Alright. I will keep them with me all the time.

[Selena] - Manjur, Papa, dinner is ready. Come and eat.

And that's how the story of the bow hero of Yugdrassil started.

© 2020 Md Sadman Sakib Chowhury Manjur


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