Return to the Mine of the Marble Skull (I)

Updated on April 21, 2018

A Reminiscences, A Helicopter

The night sky was clear except for the thin line of clouds that hung low on the horizon, the full moon shone steadily in the blackness. The blueish-white light was unique to the geography of the area. It was as if the moon was powering the mine, how the light and clouds twisted and twined about the mountains, it felt supernatural. A static energy filled the air.

Matt sat facing out of the helicopter, looking out onto that strange scenary. His face was tense, his eyes tense and unseeing. Deep in thought, he remembered the cave in that forced the team to leave and took the lives of two members.

(Flash) "Run, a crack has formed in the meadow shelf. It is collapsing upon itself. Hurry!" shouts from the pitch black echoed in the camber. Matt roused Darius, Lily, and his son. The fire light was dim which made it hard to navigate in a sleepy state. A loud crack and boom sounded as the stragglers hurried to meet Billy at the meadow cave entrance. "Hurry!" He called out once more... (Flash)

"Hey, Matt." Darius put a hand on his friends shoulder, "You alright? You were mumbling to yourself."

"Yeah," Matt said shrugging, "I just have a few things on my mind." He returned the love with a friendly punch. They had been through a hectic life together, chasing women, crashing through jungles on wild adventures and yet, this last adventure had held the biggest life changing event. The pair of chinook helicopters followed the lead chopper and the crossed into the low lying clouds.

(Flash) The crashing was getting louder and louder as the mine shaft collapsed. The stragglers struggled to make it through the dark passage guided only by the voice of Billy. Lilly tripped over Toby and they collapsed just steps away from the crack in the wall. Darius pushed Matt threw the opening despite his efforts to go back for them. Billy dashed into the now barely visable opening (Flash)

"Hey, Darius. Matt." The pilot turned about addressing the two men. "We have about 15 minutes till we land. There is a big clearing to the east of the coordinates, we will land there."

"Roger that, let us get on the ground and we will find a suitable place to set up camp.

A Collapsed Door through time

It took a matter of moments for these men to get everything unloeaded and set up at the mouth of the mine. The collapse had completely closed the entrance, almost too perfectly. Darius ran a hand about the half hidden archway and couldn't help but think; this seems to precisley blocked to not be done by happenstance.

Matt stood a few feet from the place Darius was examining the arch. First time seeing it from this side of the entrance. (Flash)

Dust came rushing out of the crack in the wall, as the stones fell in. Large boulders from the upper reaches of the meadows opening came crashing down. "We have to go!" Darius pleaded at the top of his voice, pulling at his friend to leave. Matt! Matt!

"Matt," came Darius's voice through the flash back, "The team is asking for you. I think it is time to unveil the plan."

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