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Requiem for Claire Conclusion

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Justice Served!

Justice Served!

All’s Well ...

George and Cindy Beasley are escorted into one patrol car while Roscoe is put into another.

“You’d better keep your mouth shut, Roscoe!” Cindy barks as she is handcuffed and helped into the squad car.

“Yeah Roscoe, zip it.” George adds. However, Roscoe will have none of it. He knows that he is a victim of circumstances and wants nothing to do with the felons.

“Well Roscoe, what will it be?” Robinson asks smiling.

“You ever hear a canary sing?” Roscoe retorts smiling back.

“Music to my ears—Detective Hodges is especially favorable to singing birds.” Robinson replies.

“Then let’s make a deal.” Roscoe states and the two men head for the 10th Precinct with Roscoe safely tucked in the back seat.

The journey is uneventful with Roscoe in good spirits and Dale Robinson cracking jokes.

“Man, how did you ever get hooked up with those two?” Dale begins.

“I thought Cindy was pretty cute and her brother had that nice job at Cunningham Industries. George knew Paul’s father Jeffery from some friendship both their fathers had. Mr. Beasley senior knew his son had gotten into problem at his last job and asked Jeffery Beasley to bail him out by offering him a job.” Roscoe remembers.

“But that doesn’t explain your involvement. Roscoe, you used to be quite a decent fellow.” Dale offers.

“Dale—anyone can fall on hard times. After I lost my job at Brookside Hospital and Edith left me for that computer analysis, I just didn’t see life the same.” Roscoe shakes his head in regret.

“You could have asked me for help?” Dale rejoinders.

“You? An uppity cop and all?” Roscoe throws at Dale.

“Look Roscoe, I’ll admit that I lost my head in the beginning when I became a police officer, but I never would have refused to help you or look down on you.” Dale feels the sting of the remark.

“Sorry Dale—you didn’t deserve that. Well anyway, I got involved with Cindy when old man Beasley had his heart attack. She seemed so helpless and in need of a caring shoulder but boy, was I wrong. That woman is a viper in disguise.” Both men have a hearty laugh thinking about the strong arm of Cindy Beasley.

“Roscoe, I believe that Detective Hodges will do all he can to help you if you will come clean with what happened between George Beasley and Ms. Claire Westbrook. You may not have broken into the Manor, but it wasn’t by special invitation either.” Dale reminds him.

“I know—I know.” Again, Roscoe holds his head down in shame.

The rest of the trip to the 10th Precinct is done in silence with both men deep in thought regarding past events. Soon, they arrive.

“You stay in the car until Kevin Stewart leads Cindy into the building. Her brother will probably get patched-up and join her. I’m sure you don’t want any further confrontations with either, right?” Dale queries.

“You got that right.” Roscoe sits back in the car, waiting for his turn. Dale walks up to Detective Jesse Hodges, explaining the conversation on the way to the 10th Precinct.

“Yeah, Roscoe is not such a bad fellow. He’s had a lot of bad breaks. He’s good with his hands and has been useful when we needed to enter locked buildings and difficult safes.” Jesse says reluctantly.

“He just got mixed up with the wrong kind of woman. I think things would have been different for him if Edith hadn’t left.” Dale reminds Jesse.

“That was some bad business alright.” Jesse shakes his head. “Do you think Roscoe can shed some light on this caper?”

“He’s willing to try, that I do know.” Dale responds.

“Then send him to my office. I did notice that you had him stay in your car until that hellcat was lead inside.” Jesse chuckles.

“Was she that bad?” Dale tilts his head as if to encourage Jesse to give more details.

“Kevin Stewart said she cursed the whole time. Said he never heard some much profanity come out of the mouth of such a tiny woman.” Jesse jokes.

“Then I was wise to leave Roscoe in the car. I’ll take him to your office, and you can get a disposition from him.” Dale inquires.

“Absolutely!” Jesse agrees. “Bring him in and let me hear what he has to say. Maybe we can get him off with a stern reprimand from the judge. Judge Christensen is a friend of mine.”

“Thanks.” Dale shakes hands with Jesse and heads for his car. He tells Roscoe what has occurred, and Roscoe let’s out a long breath.

“I really owe you one, Dale.” Roscoe replies as Dale releases the cuffs and Roscoe is able to shake his hand in earnest.

“Just try to stay out of trouble. Why don’t you have a talk with Paul Cunningham. It’s possible that they may have something you can do. I’ll put a word in as well.” Dale replies and Roscoe shakes his hand again.

“I don’t know how to thank you. I was crazy to let those two talk me into such a hairbrained scheme. Cindy kept saying that I owed it to her, and George said that if I didn’t help, he would make trouble for me.” Roscoe reveals.

“Because you knew first-hand about what they were up to?” Dale wonders.

Where crime ends and justice begins!

Where crime ends and justice begins!

“Exactly.” Roscoe confesses. “I had no part in making the switch or anything like that, but I did help Cindy by personally delivering the Potassium Cyanide to her pharmacy, knowing what the purpose was.”

“That’s not good, Roscoe. It could make you an accessory to the fact you know.” Dale warns.

“I know but I’m willing to take my chances in order to put this all behind me.” Roscoe decides as he follows Dale into the building and down the hall to Detective Hodge’s office.

“Have a seat, Roscoe.” Jesse orders and Roscoe complies. He then excuses himself and Dale motions him into the hall. Dale relays to him Roscoe’s involvement and Jesse shakes his head and returns to his office.

“I’m going to record our conversation so that it can be put in the form of a written disposition. Because of your part in the crime, you will have to face some consequences—not as harsh of course as the Beasleys’. Just so you understand, Roscoe.” Jesse rebukes sternly.

“I understand.” Roscoe affirms.

“Then let’s get started.” Jesse suggests as Roscoe explains in detail everything that he knows regarding the plot to kill Claire Westbrook by slowly poisoning her. It would seem that she died as a result of her illness because of the extended timeframe involved. However, Claire made the mistake of taking several pills at once which abruptly ended her life.

When Roscoe is finished, Dale takes the recorder to Transcription and the information is immediately transferred into the computer and then printed. Dale hands the copy to Roscoe, requesting that he verify all information and sign. Roscoe complies.

“No formal charges have been filed against you. Under the circumstances, Karen has decided not to prosecute. You can thank her for that later. Now, go home and get some rest. I’m sure Samantha Taylor-Abernathy of the DA’s office will be in touch.” Jesse helps Roscoe up from the chair and he leaves the office.

“How’d it go?” Dale asks Roscoe.

“Much better than I deserved, I reckon.” Roscoe admits smiling sheepishly.

Amanda Anderson has been cleared of all murder allegations and both George and Cindy Beasley have been arraigned for being co-conspirators in the murder of Claire Westbrook.

“I don’t know how to thank you and your family for all you’ve done for me. I never would have been able to free myself without you.” Amanda embraces Rachel Osbourne through tears.

“I knew you didn’t do it although each of us had a good reason to want to. I’m sorry that my sister caused so much pain for so many people. I believe in her own way she meant well.” Rachel speaks quietly.

“Do you really believe that?” Cedric questions incredulously.

“Yes, I do. She was never allowed to have a normal life. She took care of Patrick and me after mother died and then when father became an invalid, there was the huge responsibility of his empire, so to speak.” Rachel relays.

“I suppose you’re right.” Cedric expresses pensively.

“Let’s go home—I’ve had enough of being Miss Marple!” Rachel looks lovingly up at her husband.

“Amen to that!” Cedric exclaims and both walk toward the car hand in hand.

~The End~

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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