Requiem for Claire 9

Updated on October 30, 2019
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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Inquiry reflects that others could very well be involved in Claire's death!
Inquiry reflects that others could very well be involved in Claire's death!

Getting Down to Business ...

The process is commencing.

While the jury is being accumulated, a distraught Amanda Anderson has been released on her on reconnaissance. She doesn’t answer her phone and refuses to go outside her home. Her nephew Jonathan and Wyatt Anderson along with their fiancés Karen and Katherine Osbourne are present. At first, no one says a word, then Jonathan speaks.

“I’m sorry I ever came to visit that woman. She has been nothing but trouble.”

“Please don’t speak ill about the death, Nate dear.” Karen rebukes.

“I should have killed her when I had the chance.” Jonathan whispers.

“Enough of that. I’m glad that I stopped you. It’s bad enough that I’m in this predicament. Don’t go saying things that you’ll later regret.” Amanda cautions.

“We know you didn’t do it, Aunt Amanda! There has to be somebody that truly hated her enough to do this. Someone with access to her medication.” Wyatt suggests.

“Only her personal nurse and I had that kind of access and her nurse left Maple Groove four weeks ago.” Amanda informs them.

“Where did she go?” Karen questions.

“Some kind of Caregiver’s Retreat, I think she said.” Amanda replies.

“Hmm, we need to find out when the pills were refilled.” Katherine recommends.

“It does seem convenient that she has this retreat, doesn’t it?” Karen looks at her sister and both nod in agreement.

“Surely you don’t think that Barbara—” Amanda pauses.

“What’s the matter auntie?” Jonathan inquires moving forward in his chair.

“A few days before Barbara Foster left for her retreat, I remember her talking to George Beasley.” Amanda recalls.

“Was this before or after your breakup with George?” Karen quizzes.

“Right after. I interrupted their conversation to find out why George was there. He gave a lame excuse and come to think of it, Barbara seemed very annoyed.” Amanda remembers.

“I wonder why Barbara would be so annoyed.” Katherine inquires.

“Perhaps because she was up to something.” Karen interjects.

“You’re as bad as mum. The two of you get so involved in your mysteries.” Katherine laughs, then turns sober. “Maybe this time you’re on to something.”

“When is she returning?” Wyatt speaks up.

“She should have been back.” Amanda answers. “I guess after Ms. Westbrook’s death, she didn’t find the need of returning to the manor.”

“Did she have a key to my aunt’s manor?” Karen puts her neatly manicured finger to her chin.

“Yes, Barbara and I both have keys. Of course since you had the locks changed, no one has access besides you.” Amanda answers.

“Hmm, glad for that. In no way is this a reflection on you, Amanda.” Karen includes.

“Of course not—you were within your rights to secure your inheritance.” Jonathan puts a protective arm around his fiancé’s shoulder.

“I’m sure it was a bit of a surprise to Barbara though.” Katherine smiles.

“I remember mother saying that Aunt Claire had hidden cameras surrounding the place.” Karen replies.

“Yes, she said Judd Warner made her aware of this fact. Said something about further evidence.” Katherine remembers.

“Then everything that happened the night of Claire’s death has been recorded. My argument—the pills you gave her, everything!” Jonathan shakes his head in remorse, wishing he could retrieve the moment.

“Yes, there is a lot of things that transpired that day. However, the most damaging will be the fact that Amanda gave a couple of pills to Aunt Claire.” Karen reminds them.

“And, that she snatched the bottle and poured some into her hand and took them. Had she not made that choice, she may have still been alive.” Katherine implies.

“Perhaps not—she then would have been ingesting the poison on a regular basis. Slowly the poison would have been introduced into her system. It may have gone unnoticed for who knows how long before the fatal incident. Aunt Claire took the medicine on a regular basis.” Karen begins to look at Amanda.

Could a wonderful relationship that ended badly be the basis of a frame-up?
Could a wonderful relationship that ended badly be the basis of a frame-up?

“It would have been Barbara who would be administering the dosages.” Amanda replies looking from Karen to Katherine.

“We need to talk to Cindy Beasley!” Katherine proclaims.

“I don’t think Cindy would have been stupid enough to switch the migraine medication for cyanide. That would have been an obvious trail to her.” Karen counters.

“Then someone would have had to make the switch. Maybe we should be looking at old George. He has an eye for younger women, doesn’t he?” Katherine retorts.

What does that have to do with anything?” Jonathan queries.

“Nothing, and maybe everything. With accessibility to the Internet, George could have persuaded anyone to order the pills for him.” Karen responds.

“There would still be the question of who slipped the pills into Claire’s medicine bottle. If only Barbara and Aunt Amanda have the keys—it would point a finger at either one.” Wyatt says.

“Unless, there was a copy made of the keys.” Karen adds.

“We need to have a look at the videos of the house going back at least a month.” Nathan suggests.

“I could have mum talk to Judd Warner to discover where they are kept. I never had the cameras dismantled. Although after the remodeling of the manor, I don’t want to be spied upon after our marriage.” Karen looks at Jonathan romantically and he hardily agrees.

“We have a plan then. Amanda, sit tight and try not to worry. We are determined to get to the bottom of this caper and uncover the real perpetrators.” Karen vows.

“Thank you so much for believing in me. I never would have done anything to hurt your aunt.” Amanda confesses tearfully.

“We know that to be true, Amanda. I know that my aunt could be difficult at times—” Jonathan interrupts.

“Difficult? She could be damn impossible. I’m sorry.” Jonathan holds his head down when he sees the stern retribution in Karen’s eyes.

“As I stated before, Amanda. Don’t worry about it. It’s going to be alright. Inspector Karen is on the case.” Everyone laughs then Katherine says on a sober note.

“I think you just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone was off for the weekend. The culmination of many events concluded with auntie having one hellava migraine. She grabbed a hand full and—” Jonathan tactlessly responds.

“Oops, you’re dead.” He again has to apologize for his remarks.

“I want to thank everyone for coming over. I won’t discuss what we’ve said with anyone. Please keep me informed on what you find.” Amanda hugs her nephews and fiancés as they leave. She feels confident in the knowledge that there are those who believe in her and will do what they can to help.

To Be Continued ...

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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    • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

      7 months ago from Memphis

      Did Amanda really kill Claire?


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