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Requiem for Claire 10

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

A dangerous plan in the making!

A dangerous plan in the making!

The Ways and Means Committee ...

After the girls leave Amanda Anderson’s cottage, they head straight for their mother’s home. The fellows have other work that needs attending and the girls rush into the house to give their mother all the information they have managed to accumulate.

“Sounds like the makings of a pretty good case against dear George. On the rare occasion when Claire wasn’t knocking me or you, Karen, she told me a lot about that man.” Rachel welcomes her daughters into their father’s den.

There are comfortable seats and everything to accommodate relaxing sport enthusiasts. A mini-refrigerator houses sodas, juices and the stronger beverages. A wall cabinet introduces its audience to chips, crackers, popcorn, pretzels and an assortment of peanuts. The room is an aficionado's dream!

“No wonder father loves this place so much. I remember as a child, he would isolate himself in here for hours, sometimes with his old cronies.” Karen laughs.

“And we would try to peek through a small crack in the door to see what was happening!” Katherine is overcome with a case of the giggles. It’s Rachel who returns her daughters to the business of the day.

“Girls, we need to stay focused. Amanda has been accused of the murder of your Aunt Claire. We know that she is innocent. But to prove that George Beasley is the guilty party is going to take some cunning.” Rachel looks from Karen to Kate.

“We need to make him think that we found something revealing at the manor and get him to try and break-in.” Karen suggests.

“That’s a good idea, but it could prove dangerous.” Kate speaks up.

“Oh Katherine—where is your spirit of adventure.” Karen chides her sister.

“Kate is right, Karen. It could definitely prove dangerous—especially if he is as guilty as we believe him to be. Nevertheless, I am willing to risk it in order to help Amanda.” Rachel replies and both girls nod their heads in agreement.

“The police took the bottle with the Potassium Cyanide, right?” Karen begins.

“Right. What if there were a second set of prints on that bottle?” Kate queries.

“Yes, but why would the authorities decide to return it to the manor?” Rachel states the obvious.

“Then, there has to be something else. The hidden camera angle. It could be hinted that somewhere around the house is the tape that shows someone other than Barbara or Amanda that had access to the prescription.” Karen retorts.

“Adding that you will be away from the manor on some sort of business.” Kate adds.

“Then, this will entice George and his associates to return to the scene of the crime in an attempt to gather the incriminating evidence.” Rachel throws in.

“Exactly!” Karen finishes in triumph.

“Who could we get to swallow the bait?” Kate rubs her well-manicured fingers across her chin.

“Mum, do you still get your toiletries from Beasley’s Drugstore?” Karen questions, knowing what the answer is already.

“I think I am in the need of a brand new shade of lipstick.” All three laugh.

More than meets the eye …

More than meets the eye …

Taking the Bait ...

After finishing their tea break, the girls leave, and Rachel prepares for a visit to Beasley’s Drugs. Cindy Beasley inherited the role of chief pharmacist after her father has his crippling stroke. She is also known for moments of small indiscretion when it comes to relaying information to her brother. Cindy knows of the double dealings and her older brother’s involvement. Although she doesn’t approve of it—she would never intentionally betray him. However, she would be privy to know his movements.

After showering and putting on fresh clothing, Rachel drives to the drugstore to innocently plant her information.

“Why hello Rachel, and how are you holding up these days?” Cindy rushes to her side as soon as she enters the establishment.

“I am doing as well as can be expected, Cindy. Thanks for asking.” Rachel returns plastering a smile on her face. “Just came in for a refill on my lipstick.”

“Sure—I heard on the news that Amanda Anderson is being charged with the death of your sister.” Cindy moves toward the small cosmetic stand to retrieve Rachel’s favorite color.

“Yes, isn’t that just horrible. I can’t believe that Amanda could be capable of such cruelty.” Rachel fringes shock.

“Well, she did break up with my brother, George!” Cindy replies as justification that Amanda is ruthless.

“Hmm, that’s true. I heard that the police believe that there may be an additional tape at Claire’s Manor that would shed some light on how the prescription got switched.” Rachel states, observing the surprise look on Cindy’s face.

“Really, I didn’t hear that on the news.” Cindy answers.

“Oops, I let the cat-out-the-bag. Please, don’t spread this tidbit of information around.” Rachel should receive an award for her acting performance.

“Of course, I wouldn’t dare.” Cindy responds, secretly smiling.

“Good. I’ve got to get everything ready for tonight.” Rachel finishes setting her trap.

“What’s happening tonight?” Cindy leans toward Rachel while ringing up the purchase.

“Kate and Karen are coming over for a Girl’s Night Out. It should last very late into the night.” There, Rachel thinks. Cindy has everything see needs to relay to her corrupt brother. Although she is not directly involved—she is definitely an accessory.

As Rachel heads toward the door, she looks back and notices Cindy reaching for her cellphone. Smiling, Rachel sits in her car aware of what must be transpiring on the phone.

“George, you old fool. There still may be some damaging information that could implicate you in Claire Westbrook’s murder.” Cindy reprimands her brother.

“What the heck are you talking about? Amanda’s prints are all over that bottle and she was the only one with that witch when she croaked.” George spits out.

“Well, Rachel Osbourne was just here. Said that the police are looking for a damaging video tape that could implicate who had access to Claire’s meds besides Barbara and Amanda.” Cindy smugly replies.

“What? Are you certain of this?” The veins on George’s neck bulge.

“I heard it from those cherry-blossom lips of hers.” Cindy taunts.

“Tar-Nations! I’ve got to get to that house and find those tapes.” George swears. “I’ve got it made at Cunningham Enterprises. The money is good and the only one who knew about my under-the-table transactions is warming her heels in hades.” George frantically states.

“You’ll be joining her, if they discover that you were the one who switched the pills. I never should have given them to you.” Cindy shakes her head in regret.

“You are benefitting from that extra money as much as I am. It takes a small fortune to care for dad since his stroke. The nurses, physical therapy and special equipment cost a small mint.” George reminds his sister.

“So why were you stupid enough to get caught, dear brother?” Cindy further taunts.

“Never mind—you need to help me get into the house.” George demands. “If I go down—so will you.”

“Okay, it just so happens that miss prissy will be entertaining her two daughters tonight. All we need to do is to get Roscoe to help us with that alarm system.” Cindy offers.

“It’s pretty complicated—even for Roscoe.” George counters.

“Hey, maybe we’ll get luck and they make a mistake.” Cindy signs unconvincingly.

“Yeah, and maybe you’ll fall down a well and find the hidden treasure of the Leprechauns.” George throws back.

“Look dummy—just be here with Roscoe at 9:30 pm.” Cindy states indignantly and releases the call.

To Be Continued ...

Requiem for Claire 11

  • Requiem for Claire 11
    With the trap set, all that’s needed is for the little “mice” to come looking for the cheese. Rachel is confident that George Beasley and with his sister Cindy will be at Claire’s Manor to retrieve the supposed additional evidence that could incrimin

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