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Reaching Beyond the Madness 8

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Chance Encounter …

As Jochem and Beverly leave the inn together, they literally run into Rachel Weinberger. Everyone is startled.

“Dr. Weinberger?” Beverly gasps in shock.

“Beverly Mitchell? Just the person I want to see. But before Rachel can say another word, Beverly shoves her toward an adjacent alley.

“What the hell—” Beverly puts her hand over Rachel’s mouth and Rachel pushes it away.

“Do you want to get us all killed?” Beverly questions. “Colonel Schneider has spies all over the place.”

“Since when are you so concerned with the Colonel?” Rachel retorts with disdain.

“Since I’ve decided to get away from that madman.” Beverly explains. “Look, I know you don’t trust me.”

“You got that right.” Rachel interjects.

“Well what I did, I was compelled to do.” Beverly defends.

“Sure—you were compelled to butcher Dr. Holloway.” Rachel shakes her head in disgust.

“Okay, what was I supposed to do—just say no!” Beverly replies sarcastically.

“If you had, maybe Dr. Holloway would still be alive.” Rachel utters.

“You of all people know better than that.” Beverly retorts. “You were once his assistant.”

“I’ll give you that, Beverly. Now, what’s with pushing me in this alley?” Rachel inquires.

“Jochem and I are trying to get away from the Colonel. He’s not trusting anybody after your informant Darren Osgood escaped. Don’t look so surprised. I figured it out. Everyone is under suspicion now.” Beverly informs her.

“Even you?” Rachel questions.

“Especially me and any other American. I came here with Sydney hoping to make a little money, then head back to the States. Sydney got too greedy. Started trusting the wrong people.” Beverly says.

“Like you, Beverly?” Rachel queries.

“Knock it off—why am I wasting time talking to you, anyway.” Beverly declares preparing to walk away with Jochem following.

“Beverly, I’m sorry. Come back.” Rachel calls. Beverly hurries back and looks at Rachel.

“You just don’t understand how serious this is. I know we’ve had our misunderstanding but hey—” Beverly throws up her hands.

“Beverly, what are you going to do about Alpha 1-X?” Rachel asks.

“ I can’t leave her here to die. She is much too valuable. Rachel, you’re the best in the field. You can’t let them kill Precious.” Beverly has a pleading look in her eyes.

“You’re right for once, Beverly. She is much too valuable. You call her Precious?” Rachel laughs.

“Yes. You, Shirley and I have always had a good rapport with animals. Shirley Crenshaw stayed with you and I followed Sydney—big mistake.” Beverly gives Rachel a crooked smile. Rachel smiles back.

“You’re so smart, Bev. The three of us were friends. Yet you betrayed us for Dr. Holloway, why?” Rachel inquires.

The late Dr. Holloway thought he had the world by the tail!

The late Dr. Holloway thought he had the world by the tail!

“I loved him, Ray. He gave me a big spill about wanting to make me his special assistant and all. I blindly followed him here to Schroder Castle.

“You followed him into the Gates of Hell.” Rachel accuses.

“I know and it cost him his life. We need to work together.” Beverly pronounces.

“Is it safe for you to return?” Rachel is concerned.

“No, I am going to wait until almost midnight.” Beverly states.

“I will return, too.” Jochem says.

“No!” Both Beverly and Rachel say in unison.

“They will kill you.” Rachel adds.

“She is right, Jochem. I will go alone. Since I still have control of Precious, the Colonel won't try anything yet.” Beverly says.

“What am I to do?” Jochem retorts with a strong German accent.

“You can come with me and explain what has been going on. I speak German so there shouldn’t be any problem. Bev, you go back to the castle. Jochem, Dr. Hawkes and I will return with a truck.” Rachel informs Beverly.

“You will need a way to neutralize the guards.” Jochem advises.

Beverly searches her pocket and hands Rachel a vial.

“This is a mild tranquilizer, Ray. It will be enough for the two guards. Just place it into a bottle of Vodka and let it do it’s magic.” Beverly replies.

“Were you going to use that on me, Beverly?” Jochem questions.

“Only as a last resort. A girl can never be too sure in a situation like this.” Beverly smiles, touching Jochem’s cheek affectionately.

“Alright Beverly, we will see you tonight. Try not to get yourself killed in the meantime.” Rachel says.

“Yeah—” Beverly smirks weakly.

“I’ll talk to Dr. Hawkes in your behalf. Maybe I can convince him to let Alpha 1-X stay here in Europe. If she’s returned to the U.S. then, we’ll definitely have to put her down.” Rachel declares.

Beverly nods at Rachel, kisses Jochem and heads back to Schroder Castle.

What secrets will be revealed at Schroder Castle?

What secrets will be revealed at Schroder Castle?

Preparing for the Inevitable …

Beverly decides to do a little shopping to justify returning back to the castle late. She is greeted at the gate by Colonel Schneider, himself.

“You have finally arrived Herr Mitchell. I became concerned when you were gone so long.” Colonel Schneider rejoinders, eyeing her carefully.

“I didn’t think I was on a tight leash.” Beverly retorts easing herself past the Colonel.

“And where is Officer Wagner?” Colonel Schneider queries.

“He did not leave with me.” Beverly responds, trying to hide her nervousness.

“Officer Huber said that he might be with you.” Colonel Schneider voice begins to display his annoyance.

“We were together earlier, but I am sure he is probably sleeping it off.” Beverly articulates flippantly. Releasing her arm from the Colonel’s grip she hurries toward her quarter.

Disbursing the packages, Beverly begins to check her room for listening devices. She has found one hidden inside a vase and another behind the bathroom mirror. There is a third one concealed behind the headboard. Satisfied that she has found them all, she begins to pack a small bag.

“I have enough money to purchase more clothes if I need them. I travel light anyway.” Beverly thinks to herself. Then she returns to Alpha 1-X.

“I am going to get you away from this place, my pet. This is madness. You were meant for better things.” Beverly coos to the beast stroking her tenderly. She is unaware that she is being observed by the Colonel and Frau Schmidt. They speak in English.

“I do not trust Frau Mitchell.” The Colonel states.

“She is the only one who can handle the beast.” Frau Schmidt reminds him.

Alpha 1-X is an intelligent animal. If needed I will bend her to my will.” The Colonel is very sure of himself.

“And if she does not bend?” Frau Schmidt questions.

“Then—I will kill her.” Colonel Schneider states with confidence as he moves away from the window.

When Beverly turns around, there is no one at the upper window. Nevertheless, she is sure that things are not quite right. She walks over to one of the other assistants.

“Put a little something extra in Alpha 1-X meal. I want her to be on high alert tonight.” Beverly orders.

“So you expect some trouble, Ms. Mitchell?” The assistant asks.

“As a matter-of-fact I do. She likes you alright so you won’t have any problems but if something were to happen to me—turn her loose.” Beverly commands.

“Turn her loose?” The assistant repeats.

“Yes, and when you do—stay out of her way because there will be no stopping her.” Beverly warned.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Beverly returns to Alpha 1-X now conscious of the fact that she is indeed being observed.

To Be Continued …

Reaching Beyond the Madness: Schlussfolgerung

  • Reaching Beyond the Madness: Schlussfolgerung
    An unexpected turn of events has brought a change of plans to Dr. Rachel Weinberger and her group. Someone very special has died and the beast is loose. There are rumors of a Northern Lands where strange things happen. Will this be a new adventure?

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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