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Reaching Beyond the Madness 7

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Leaving A Sinking Ship ...

Beverly Mitchell is walking down the corridor at the Schroder Castle when she overhears two of Colonel Schneider’s officers speaking just above a whisper in English to an American.

“Ja, Darren, Elgar and Frederic are gone. They left last night. Colonel Schneider is extremely upset. It would not be wise to speak to him now.” Jochem speaks.

“Do you know what happened?” The American requests.

“I think it had to do with Dr. Holloway being murdered.” Kaiser accounts.

“When did this all take place?” The American is intrigued.

“Also last night. It was a terrible situation. That beast—” Jochem is cut off by Kaiser.

“Never speak of it. You don’t know who may be spying. Let me just say this sir, it is not a very good time to be American.” And with that the men disperse.

Beverly is shaken at what she has heard. She had once loved Dr. Holloway but knew that he couldn’t be trusted when it came to the affairs of the heart. Yet, she did acquire a small bit of satisfaction when she participated in his assassination.

“He just couldn’t appreciate a good woman nor the great setup he had with Colonel Schneider.” Beverly thinks to herself. Yet, she knew that the Colonel was a very dangerous man and would never cease from killing to achieve his ends.

“Ah Frau Mitchell, how are you today?” Officer Jochem Wagner articulates.

“I heard you talking to some American regarding what happened last night.” Beverly whispers.

“I do not know what you are referring to?” Jochem tells Beverly, averting his eyes to a couple of other officers coming up behind him.

“Meet me at the end of the Black Forest.” Beverly says and then nodding at the approaching officers, she leaves.

“Was hat Frau Mitchell Ihnen nur übergeben?” (What did Ms. Mitchell just hand you?) Officer Huber asks Jochem but before he can answer, the officer takes the paper from him. It reads ... Zimmerman’s Inn.

“Sie planen, Frau Mitchell für vielleicht ein wenig Sex zu treffen.” (You plan on meeting Ms. Mitchell for perhaps a little sex?) Laughs Officer Huber.

Laughing, Officer Wagner grabs the paper back as the other men continue to laugh, speaking in rapid German. Jochem is completely relieved that the men misinterpreted his intentions. He only hopes that his encounter with Frau Mitchell will prove just as noteworthy.

During the day both Beverly and Jochem are jumpy regarding their meeting for later that afternoon. Beverly spends most of her time with Alpha 1-X, grooming her, feeding her, and calming down her restlessness.

“Precious, Colonel Schneider is not to be trusted. He would easily have me disposed of if not for my relationship with you. You must protect me at all cost. I believe I will have an ally in Jochem Wagner. We must plan our escape and leave this place. That madman is a danger to us all.” Beverly whispers to Alpha 1-X and she nods in agreement. Beverly isn’t aware, but she is being closely observed by Frau Schmidt.

Will this end in heartbreak ... or can there be something more?

Will this end in heartbreak ... or can there be something more?

Zimmerman’s Inn ...

At last it is time for Beverly to meet with Jochem at Zimmerman’s Inn. She is careful to notice that no one is watching her but as she hurries out of the gate, she is stopped by one of the officers. Lucky for her it is Officer Huber.

“So sind Sie auf dem Weg zu unserem kleinen Dorf ja Frau Mitchell?” (So you are on your way to our little village yes Ms. Mitchell?)

“Gehen, um mit jemandem im Besonderen zu treffen, ah?” (Going to meet with anyone in particular, ah?) Beverly fakes a small blush. Then Officer Huber reverts to English.

“Going to ‘pitch the woo’ as you Americans say?” Officer Huber replies and both start to laugh. Then Officer Huber orders the guards to let Beverly leave. Speaking to them he says—

“Sie wird ein wenig müde sein, wenn sie zurückkehrt.” (She will be a little tired when she returns.) Then making an obscene gesture, the guards let her pass and she hurries toward town. It is a pleasant walk to the village and Beverly takes in the wonderful scenery. She says aloud to no one—

“At another time, I could very much enjoy being here, however as it were I need to keep my mind focused.” She continues on her journey. It’s not long before she sees the village and the inn is at the foot of the lane. Entering, she sees Jochem at a table alone. He beckons her to join him.

“Are you sure that you were not followed?” Jochem asks.

“Positive, they think that I came here for a secret rendezvous with you.” Beverly explains.

“That is still not a bad idea. You are a very beautiful woman, Frau Mitchell.” Jochem declares, touching Beverly’s hand.

“Let us not forget what we originally came here for.” Beverly reminds Jochem—she is not at all averse to the man’s innuendos.

“Maybe later—when our business is over?” Now it is Jochem who is doing the suggesting.

“Why not!” Beverly pronounces, surprising them both. They smile and continue with their discussion.

“That American who you were speaking to earlier today?” Beverly inquires.

“That is George Reynolds—he is a smuggler of arms. The Colonel gets a lot of his tactical weapons from him.” Jochem elucidates.

“So, that’s how he gets them. Jochem—what are you planning?” Beverly comes right to the point.

“I want to escape like my comrades did. This is not Nazi Germany and I have no desire to rule the world.” Jochem commences.

“I know what you mean. I had heard of the Colonel, but I didn’t realize how ruthless he could be.” Beverly rejoinders.

“Nor you—my pretty maiden. It was you who commanded that beast to killed Dr. Holloway.” Jochem points out.

“On the strict orders of Colonel Schneider. I wasn’t about to disobey and besides—the doctor had it coming. He was a fool to think he could defy the Colonel right under his nose.” Beverly recites with venom.

“Am I a fool also?” Jochem looks Beverly straight in the eyes.

“No, after thinking about it—I just want to leave this place. I have no desire to return to America and stand trial but perhaps there is a little place where I can hide.” Beverly returns the stare.

“I have friends in Switzerland who are friendly to both Americans and Germans. Perhaps the two of us can—” Again Jochem toys with Beverly’s hand.

“That would be very nice indeed.” Beverly replies.

“And what about Alpha 1-X?” Jochem inquires.

“She is under my complete control. She will never harm you as long as I remain that way.” Beverly informs him.

“And, are you sure you are in complete control? Can you remain in control?” Jochem looks at her in wonderment.

“She is but an animal—highly intelligent—but still just an animal. I adore her; but I prefer someone warm, muscular and very, very desirable.” With that, Jochem grabs a fist full of Beverly’s hair and kisses her passionately.

They then arise from their chairs to go upstairs to a room that Jochem had reserved just in case things got a little interesting.

To Be Continued ...

Reaching Beyond the Madness 8

  • Reaching Beyond the Madness 8
    Chance encounter of Dr. Weinberger and Beverly Mitchell. Rachel finds out that Beverly is trying to escape the madness of Colonel Schneider at Schroder Castle. Beverly is putting Alpha 1-X on high alert. Does she suspect something is amiss?

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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