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Reaching Beyond the Madness 6

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Taking A Big Risk ...

One of Colonel Schneider’s guards is also a foreign infiltrator. He has been a part of Colonel Schneider’s militia for three years now. After being a party to the disposal of Dr. Holloway’s remains, he slips into town to use a phone in the local tavern.

“Hello?” Rachel Weinberger replies sleepily.

“Rachel, it’s Darren.”

“You’re taking a big risk contacting me, Darren.” Rachel warns her trusted ally.

“Yeah, I know. This will be the last communication you get from me. I’m getting out of this mess while I still can.” Darren retorts nervously, constantly looking around the tavern for any indications of his comrades.

“I definitely understand, Darren. Whatcha got?” Rachel replies falling back to colloquialism.

“Dr. Holloway is dead—decapitated by Alpha 1-X.” Darren notifies her.

“Are you sure?” Rachel queries in utter shock.

“Yes, I was part of the unit that took his remains deep into the Black Forest and burned them. Then, the ashes were buried.” Darren shutters.

“Damn—who would have thought?” Rachel looks around her hotel room and lowers her voice.

“It’s getting very dangerous around here. Loyalty is being tested and those who don’t measure up are going to meet with an ending similar to the doctor’s.” Darren proclaims.

“Alright Darren, you’ve done an excellent job. Now get your asphalt somewhere safe.” Rachel states and minutes late she receives a dial tone.

“ch weiß, wen du vertreten Bitte holt mich hier raus.” A young soldier replies. (I know who you are. Please get me out of here.)

“Bist du alleine?” (Are you alone?)

“Nein, wir sind zwei von uns.” (No, there are two of us.”

“Folgen Sie mir und schweigen, wenn Sie leben wollen.” (Follow me and keep quiet if you want to live.) Darren looks around and then he and the young officer named Elgar head out the back way. They are met by a third officer, Frederic and together all three men leave the small village.

Keeping a low profile, they are met by a French policeman who has ties with U. S. Military Intelligence. After questioning the other two comrades he agrees to help all three escape. Soon, Darren, Elgar and Frederic are on a chartered plane, heading for the United Kingdom.

“Danke, dass du uns von diesem Verrückten wegbekommen hast” Elgar retorts. (Thanks for getting us away from that madman.)

“Ja!” Exclaims Frederic. “Ich will diesen Ort nie wieder sehen.” (I never want to see that place again.)

“Das macht drei von uns!” (That makes three of us.) Darren exclaims as the three men sit back, enjoying their newfound freedom.

Getting out while you still can ...

Getting out while you still can ...

Dawn’s Early Light ...

It is early dawn when the three men reach safety. Meanwhile, Rachel is unable to go back to sleep after hearing the disturbing news from Darren.

“I knew that Colonel Schneider was a ruthless toad, but I never thought that he would be so vicious.” Rachel laments to herself.

“Her phone rings again and she anxious answers it, expecting the worse.

“I and a couple of my comrades are safe in London, Rachel.” Darren informs her. At the same time, Rachel let’s out a grateful sigh of relief.

“Thank the heavens, Darren. So, you persuaded a couple of comrades to join you?” Rachel enquires.

“It seems that they have been carefully observing me. This let’s me know that it definitely was time for me to go. I’m just glad it wasn’t any of Colonel Schneider’s closest associates. Otherwise, I’d be buried somewhere along side poor Dr. Holloway.” Darren rejoinders.

“No doubt dear Dr. Holloway got greedy and that caused his demise. He found out the hard way that there are just some people who will let you off easily and then there are others—” Rachel let her voice trail off.

“How right you are, Rachel. Please take care. That Alpha 1-X is an assassin and in the hands of someone like Colonel Schneider, well you fill in the blanks.” Darren cautions.

“Darren, do you know what he is planning?” Rachel changes the subject.

“No, but I’ve been talking to Elgar. He was a much higher-ranking officer than I was. The Colonel plans to use Alpha 1-X as a type of assassin. One-by-one the Colonel will strategically eliminate his enemies until no one can stand in the way of his dominance of Europe.” Darren says.

“That man never gives up, does he?” Rachel asks.

“Apparently not. But Elgar, Frederic and I are going to British Intelligence to inform them of the Colonel’s plans. Then, I’m going back to the States. The other two men want to stay in London; they have friends here.” Darren tells Rachel.

“I understand. If you can, see if they can get us some reinforcements.” Rachel relays to Darren.

“No problem, Rachel. General Weinberger will be on top of things in a flash. Especially, with his favorite sister in the thick of things.” Darren chuckles.

“His only sister.” Rachel reminds Darren.

“Hey, try to stay alive until the cavalry gets there. And a word of caution—don’t tackle Colonel Schneider with that makeshift team you’ve got with you. After losing three of his best men, the Colonel is going to be on guard.” Darren warns.

“I’m ambitious but I’m no fool, Darren.” Rachel submits.

“Keep it that way, okay.” Darren retorts.

“Look, I’m a biochemist—not a soldier.” Rachel announces in a haphazard manner.

“Bye, Rachel.” Darren utters.

“Bye, Darren.” Rachel articulates and hangs up the phone.

Nothing like a wholesome breakfast ...

Nothing like a wholesome breakfast ...

Because of New Developments ...

When Rachel comes down to breakfast, she finds the other members of her team already engaged in conversation over Belgium pancakes, French toast, orange juice and sausages.

“We were wondering when you were coming down, Rachel. It’s not like you to sleep in.” Shirley Crenshaw, Rachel’s Lab Assistant observes.

“That’s because I was up very early talking to Darren Osgood.” Rachel relays, helping herself to some juice, pancakes and sausages before joining the others at the table.

“How is Darren doing?” Shirley inquires.

“Fine—he’s back in London now.” Rachel states.

“What? I thought he was going to be our local informant.” Bob Hawkes ripostes.

“That would have been the case but there have been some unexpected developments, Bob.” Rachel relays.

“Like what?” Bob queries between mouthfuls of delicious pancakes.

“Like the elimination of one Dr. Sydney Holloway.” Rachel apprises.

“Damn—” Bob responds, almost choking on a mouthful of sausages.

“What happened?” Shirley is intrigued.

“It would seem that Dr. Holloway decided to cut himself in on a bigger piece of the pie. Colonel Schneider got wind of it and sent out Alpha 1-X to clean house.” Rachel says.

“That’s really bad news.” Marcus Powers, Research Assistant to Bob Hawkes laments.

“You are telling me.” Rachel answers.

“These new developments will need to be considered before we proceed forward.” Bob says.

“You think?” Rachel is sarcastic.

Everyone looks at Rachel for a moment, then return to their breakfast. No one says a word—all involved in their own thoughts.

To Be Continued ...

Reaching Beyond the Madness 7

  • Reaching Beyond the Madness 7
    When you reach beyond the madness you will uncover many things—trickery, deceit, murder, manipulation, revenge and desire—which of these have Jochem and Beverly discovered?

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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