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Reaching Beyond the Madness 5

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


A Deadly Game ...

Beverly is spending more time with Alpha 1-X which allows Dr. Holloway to slip quietly away to be with Frau Schmidt. Little does he know that Colonel Schneider has placed hidden microphones strategically in different areas of Frau Schmidt’s suite—bedroom, living room and bathroom. The Colonel doesn’t want to lose a valuable player in his upcoming regime however, he will also not tolerate disloyalty.

It is late one night when Colonel Schneider is privy to a disturbing conversation between Frau Schmidt and Dr. Holloway.

“Honey, how much do you know about the Colonel?” Dr. Holloway begins after experiencing a thoroughly satisfying romp between the sheets.

“The Colonel is a very ambitious man. He has a fixation on Germany being a world leader—a superpower.” Emma utters relaxing in Sydney’s arms.

“And how do you feel about it?” Sydney further probes.

“I am loyal to the Colonel, but I sometimes feel that his obsessions border on lunacy.” Emma rejoinders.

“Then why do you go along with this madman?” Sydney is unable to understand.

“Because, I am loyal to him Herr Holloway and I wish you would just drop the subject.” Emma rises up, balancing herself on one elbow.

“Because, I am just considering the possibilities if we used Precious to annihilate our enemies.” This remark gets Emma’s full attention.

“Why not cut out the middleman and go for the brass ring, us? We don’t need the Colonel.” Sydney strokes Emma’s hair.

“That is an interesting concept, but it would be hard to cross Colonel Schneider. I have seen too many attempt to do this very thing and people died.” Emma states shuttering.

“That’s because they either didn’t plan very well or they didn’t cover their tracks good enough. I know how to do both.” Sydney brags.

Colonel Schneider--a dangerous man with dangerous motives.

Colonel Schneider--a dangerous man with dangerous motives.

“You don’t know Colonel Schneider.” Emma retorts with fear in her voice.

“Apparently, you don’t know me. Didn’t I evade Military Intelligence and made my escape to Lucerne?” Sydney boasts again.

“Americans are soft and vulnerable. Colonel Schneider is ruthless and conning.” Emma informs him.

“Hey, don’t let the Military Intelligence fool you! They are perfectly aware of Colonel Schneider’s operations and this castle.” Sydney advises Emma.

“Is this true?” Emma queries in shock.

“Yes, for some time now. However, they haven’t had a reason to further investigate.” Sydney utters.

“Not until you came, Herr Holloway!” Emma rises from his embrace and moves away from him.

“What’s the matter, Emma?” Dr. Holloway is confused.

“Frau Schmidt, please! You have no doubt given them a reason to investigate. Are you blind?” Frau Schmidt raises her voice.

“But Emma, I thought we—” Dr. Holloway is interrupted by Frau Schmidt.

“Fool, I led you to believe that I was romantically drawn to you. As I stated before, you Americans are so vulnerable. It was all too easy to stroke that ego of yours. I could never love anyone as gullible as you.” Dr. Holloway becomes enraged and grabs Emma by the neck and begins tightening his grip. She grope wildly for any object and feels a vase. With it she smashes it across Dr. Holloway’s skull, drawing blood.

“Now get out of my suite and never come back again.” Frau Schmidt yells.

“You have not heard the end of this Emma Schmidt—I swear it!” Dr. Holloway yells back, confiscating his clothes, he rushes out of the door.

“It is you who have heard the last of it, Herr Holloway.” Frau Schmidt declares laughing.

A moment later the telephone rings. Frau Schmidt knows exactly who it is.

“Sie haben alles gehört?” Frau Schmidt questions. (You have heard everything?)

“Ja, Sie haben Ihre Rolle gut gespielt.” Colonel Schneider replies. (Yes, you have played your part well.)

“Und nun, was?” Frau Schmidt asks. (And now what?)

“Wir warten.” Colonel Schneider says, hanging up the phone. (We wait.)

The Next Morning ...

Beverly Mitchell is ordered to step up her training with Alpha 1-X. Dr. Holloway is so busy with other duties that he doesn’t notice the change in his pet project. Colonel Schneider has been sharing with Dr. Holloway all kinds of military strategies and how he will eventually use Alpha 1-X to systematically assassinate various European leaders in order to achieve his ultimate goal—absolute dominance! Although Dr. Holloway is flattered that he is being included in the revolt; he still moves on the side of caution and decides to informs a trusted friend regarding all plans the Colonel has shared with him. However, Dr. Holloway refuses to question the motives of Colonel Schmidt—he allows his vanity and thirst for power to supersede further need for caution. This is a mistake that Dr. Holloway will not live to regret.

Exit—Dr. Sydney Holloway ...

Colonel Schneider visits Beverly in her suite. She has just finished another session with Alpha 1-X. The Colonel speaks to Beverly.

“Is she ready for tonight?” Colonel Schneider inquires.

“She is more than ready, Colonel.” Beverly rejoinders.

“Good, then put everything into play. I had a couple of my men take Dr. Holloway out on the town as you Americans put it. Then when he has had his fill of Vodka and song, they will bring him back to his quarters.” Colonel Schneider has a smirk on his face.

“It wasn’t necessary to get him drunk.” Before Beverly can say anything further, the colonel takes off his glove and lightly brushes Beverly across the face with it.

“You will learn Frau Mitchell, never question my judgment.” Colonel Schmidt smiles.

“Ja, Colonel Schmidt.” Beverly says and smiles back at him.

It is near 1:00 am when Dr. Holloway finally staggers into his room and flops across his bed face up. Dr. Holloway suddenly notices that he is not alone in the room. There seems to be a huge shadow in the corner. It moves into the light as the full moon shines through sheer curtains. At first, Dr. Holloway is frighten—then he sees it is Alpha 1-X.

‘Precious, what are you doing out of your cage.” Dr. Holloway slurs.

Grrrrr ...

“Precious, why are you looking at me like that?” Dr. Holloway tries to get up but is too drunk to move.

With quiet surety, Alpha 1-X moves toward the bed and pounces upon the chest of Dr. Holloway. Slow and deliberate pressure is being exerted by Alpha 1-X and Dr. Holloway begins to complain.

“Precious (cough) get off my chest. (cough) I am having a hard time breathing with you up here.” Dr. Holloway gasps. Then anxiety shows clearly on his face as Alpha 1-X continues to employ more pressure on him.

“Precious, please!” Dr. Holloway wheezes. However, Alpha 1-X is relentless. Then, before Dr. Holloway passes out he sees a familiar face. It is Beverly Mitchell.

“Beverly, don’t do this.” Dr. Holloway closes his eyes involuntarily.

“Finish him off!” Beverly orders and with one instantaneous stroke of her paw, Alpha 1-X severs the head of Dr. Holloway from his neck and it falls from the bed and rolls toward the middle of the floor. With one swift kick, Beverly sends it sailing to the end of the room.

“That’s what happens when people cross Colonel Schneider.” Beverly states and then looks at Alpha 1-X.

“Good job, Precious—let’s get out of here.” The large animal follows her mistress out of the room. Soldiers enter to dispose of both the body and the severed head. His remains are put into a crude wooden box and burned in a desolate area deep within the Black Forest.

To Be Continued ...

Reaching Beyond the Madness 6

  • Reaching Beyond the Madness 6
    Dr. Holloway is dead and no one laments for him. His greed got him into this situation and his greed became his downfall. There is a lesson to be learned there. Now, Dr. Weinberger and her team are going to have a change of plans. There lead informan

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