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Reaching Beyond the Madness 4

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Preparing to Go Abroad ...

Dr. Rachel Weinberger and Doctor Robert Hawkes prepare for their trip to Lucerne. Rachel is busy getting what she may need from her new office when her brother enters the room.

“May I speak with you for a moment, Ray?” Kit asks closing the door behind him.

“What’s on your mind, Kit. I’m in kinda a hurry.”

“It’s about you and Bob.” Kit states.

“What about me and Bob?” Rachel looks at him briefly, reopening the door.

“Remember, you are engaged to Hunter.” Kit reminds her.

“I know that—and your point is?” Rachel is beginning to become annoyed.

“Do you also know that Bob has an interest in you that is not purely platonic?” Kit quizzes.

“I love you, you are my brother, but you need to stay out of things that are not your concern.” Rachel reprimands sternly.

“Hunter is a very fine person.” Kit rejoinders, taken aback by Rachel’s comment.

“And—Bob Hawkes isn’t?” Rachel says in a matter-of-fact manner.

“No, not at all.” For the first time General Kit Weinberger is on the defensive.

“I said ‘I will’ to Hunter after that episode with the beast at the Devil’s Gap Cavern. He had just saved my life and I was feeling very grateful to him. He is a wonderful man.” Rachel states putting down her papers and looking at her brother.

“But—” Kit feels as if this isn’t quite the end of her declaration.

“Hunter has gone off to South America on an archeological dig. He jumped at the opportunity without even seeing how I felt about it.” Rachel says.

“Well—how do you feel about it?” Kit asks.

“Frankly, I’m rather relieved. It gives me the freedom to pursue this project.” Rachel answers, smiling when she thinks of the time she will be spending with Bob.

“I don’t understand any of this at all.” Kit confesses.

Rachel has not problem letting her brother know that "it's none of your business ..."

Rachel has not problem letting her brother know that "it's none of your business ..."

“No, you don’t. Listen Kit, you and Barbara have the traditional type of relationship. If you are called to go somewhere, off you go with Barbara in tow. You make accommodations for her and occasionally you peek your head in the door and she is waiting with slippers and newspaper.” Rachel says sarcastically.

“What’s wrong with that?” Kit queries.

“Nothing—you have a lot in common with your wife. I’m a researcher and scientist and so is Bob. We’re hot on the trail of something that can possibly affect all of Europe. Things might or might not develop between the two of us. Let us handle that.” Rachel retorts firmly.

“I was just thinking about Hunter.” Kit states in an apologetic manner. Rachel gives her brother another look, he nods his head and leaves her to her packing. Shirley has been standing near the door and hears the entire conversation. She enters the office with a smirky look on her face. Rachel speaks.

“You heard?”

“Yes, I heard.” Is Shirley Crenshaw’s response.

“Hey, like you told Kit—it’s between you and Bob. Of course I do think Hunter fits in there somewhere.” Shirley jokes.

“Please, don’t say that I told you so.” Rachel observes Shirley.

“Why not—you have been in a casual relationship with Hunter for a few years now. I know that the two of you really like each other but marriage—” Shirley let’s her voice trail off.

“At the time, it seemed like a good idea.” Rachel replies then skillfully changes the subject. “Have you packed your things?”

“I’ve packed and repacked at least four times. I think I finally narrowed it down to the things that I want to take to Lucerne. It’s such a beautiful place. Did I say thanks for taking me along?” Shirley asks smiling.

“Only about half a dozen times. You’re a great lab assistant as well as confidant. I can really use your sagacity in this situation.” Rachel says, giving Shirley a sisterly hug.

“From what you’ve been telling me, Alpha 1-X is a very cunning creature.” Shirley picks up the file marked Copy-Top Secret and hands it to Rachel.

This is definitely not your sweet little house kitty!

This is definitely not your sweet little house kitty!

“From what I gather from reading this—she is a super advance panther. Unlike the one that I had, Alpha 1-X didn’t become physically distorted due to my physical modifications. She just became bigger and stronger.” Rachel states.

“Yes, with added stamina, intellect and emotions. Why on earth did Dr. Holloway feel the necessity of giving her emotions?” Shirley wonders.

“To guarantee her loyalty I suppose. But that can work in many different ways.” Rachel flips through the files before putting them in her briefcase.

“How so?” Shirley is intrigued.

“Jealousy!” Rachel explains.

“Hell has no fury than a woman scorned. Or in this case a modified female panther, eh?” Shirley shakes her head.

“Absolutely. In Dr. Holloway’s journal, he states that Alpha 1-X bonds extremely well with his assistant Beverly Mitchell but displays dislike for some of the other females on his team.”

“Interesting!” Shirley remarks.

“Yes, indeed it is. It seems that with some of the lab assistants; she was on the verge of violence. Others, it took a while, but she got used to them.” Rachel informs Shirley.

“We have always had good rapport with our animal subjects. It will be vital that Alpha 1-X see us in a friendly light.” Shirley is thinking of the consequences.

“I certainly will hate to put her down.” Rachel says.

“I knew you had an ulterior motive.” Shirley acknowledges.

“You bet your asphalt I do. I want that animal for myself. Even if it means keeping her in Germany.” Rachel answers.

“How do you know she is in Germany. I thought we were going to Lucerne.” Shirley states.

“We are, but I have reason to believe that Colonel Erich Schneider is involved in this.” Rachel lowers her voice.

“Damn, that madman! He acts like the war isn’t over. An animal like that in his hands would mean the end of Europe as we know it.” Shirley laments.

“Let’s get out of here. We’ve got a plane to catch.” Rachel gives the room a final once over and then she and Shirley leave, locking the door behind them.

Once again the airport is home to foreign intrigue ...

Once again the airport is home to foreign intrigue ...

Zurich International Airport, Again ...

After making the connecting flight to New York City, it is another 8 hours and 21 minutes before they land at the Zurich International Airport. Rachel Weinberger is on friendly terms with a crew supervisor and he gives her a summary of Dr. Holloway and his team's unloading.

“Yeah, Rachel a fellow called Dr. Holloway landed here a few days ago.” Derrick Fischer tells her. Derrick transferred to this facility a couple of years ago after marrying one of the locals.

“Can you fill me in on what happened? You can trust these people—Dr. Robert Hawkes, his assistant Marcus (Mark) Powers. You already know Shirley Crenshaw.” Rachel states in the form of a brief introduction.

“Yeah, hi Rachel.” Then Derrick yells something to one of the crewmembers in German “Sehen Sie es, das ist ein sehr wertvolles Paket.” (Watch it, that is a very valuable package.)

“You were saying, Derrick?” Rachel tries to recapture his attention.

“Yeah, Dr. Holloway had this big crate—enormous! Told everybody to be extremely careful with it. Said that we wouldn’t like it if we woke her.” Derrick remembers.

“Those were his exact words—wouldn’t like it if you woke her.” Rachel repeated.

“Yeah, that’s it. Then they went to Schroder Castle.” Derrick finishes.

Schroder Castle!” Rachel exclaims with a look of horror on her face.

“Yeah, that’s right Schroder Castle. Now, if you’ll excuse me—I’m working here.” Derrick tips his hat at the group and saunters off.

“Besides his overuse of the word ‘yeah’ he seems like a very informative chap.” Mark Powers states ignoring Rachel’s expression.

“What’s the matter Rachel?” Bob Hawkes asks, a very concerned look on his face.

“The Gates of Hell have just swung opened!” Rachel announces to everyone in attendance.

To Be Continued ...

Reaching Beyond the Madness 5

  • Reaching Beyond the Madness 5
    It is never a good idea to have your loyalty put to the test by Colonel Schneider. He is normally not a very forgiving man. Will it be Frau Schmidt or Dr. Holloway who become the unwilling recipient? The results of his/her folly will soon be revealed

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