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Reaching Beyond the Madness 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


A Demonstration of Power and Intellect ...

Dr. Holloway follows Frau Schmidt into the courtyard and there is an obstacle course along with a small jeweled box at the end of the area. Alpha 1-X cage has been rolled into the arena and is placed just to the right of the entry corridors. Alpha 1-X is pacing back and forth in her cage until she sees the familiar face of Dr. Holloway. At that point, she looks in his direction intently. Dr. Holloway goes over to her and speaks to her gently.

“Hello, my precious. I have missed you greatly.” Alpha 1-X allows him to reach his hand into the cage and stroke her head. She almost makes a purring sound. However, when Frau Schmidt comes near she is alert and eyes her enviously when she notices how Frau Schmidt is standing in proximity to Dr. Holloway.

“Stand off a bit—she’s becoming a bit jealous.” Dr. Holloway states cautiously.

“She will need to become as familiar with me as she is with you.” Frau Schmidt advises.

“All in good time—right now she needs to become used to this strange environment and the new cages.” Dr. Holloway says.

Heeding the doctor’s advice, Frau Schmidt backs away from Dr. Holloway. In turn, Alpha 1-X begins to calm down. Frau Schmidt notices the change and nods in approval.

“Dr. Holloway, we will need a demonstration of her strength and ability to follow orders. Is it safe to have her complete the obstacle course and return to her cage?” Frau Schmidt inquires.

“As long as your people don’t make any sudden moves. She is familiar with my staff and at the present, they will need to deal with her. Your people need to work closely with them, and she will begin to get used to having them around. Also, I need some modifications done on the cages.”

“Modifications—in what way.” Frau Schmidt calls out and begins to move toward Dr. Holloway.

“Please—don’t get too close.” Again Dr. Holloway warns.

“This is ridiculous, I refuse to carry on a shouting dialogue with you Herr Holloway.” Frau Schmidt retorts coming even closer to Dr. Holloway.

Human Traits …

Alpha 1-X begins to pace in the cage looking at Frau Schmidt menacingly. Then she calms down. Regrettably, Frau Schmidt takes this maneuver as a sign of acceptance and comes closer to the cage. Alpha 1-X hurls herself toward the front of the cage, her huge paws extended, barely missing Frau Schmidt’s face by inches.

“Damn, that beast almost took my head off!” Frau Schmidt exaggerates.

“I told you she needs to get used to you. There are a few people that she bonds with quite easily, such as my Research Assistant Beverly Mitchell. Then there are others that she dislikes and never becomes attached too.” Dr. Holloway explains.

“Well, we know that I am not the former type, Herr Holloway. Pity.” Frau Schmidt states.

“Perhaps in time—now for the demonstration. Move to the southern end of the cage along with your group. Beverly, inform Precious of what she is to do.” Dr. Holloway orders.

“You call her Precious—not Alpha 1-X?” Frau Schmidt questions.

“Of course.”

Alpha 1-X does not like Frau Schmidt!

Alpha 1-X does not like Frau Schmidt!

Beverly moves over to the northern end of the cage. Precious follows her purring. Beverly speaks to her calmly and plainly.

“Now listen Precious, I want you to go through that obstacle course. Make sure you follow a direct path. Find a jeweled case, open it and retrieve your treat. Then return to me and enter your cage. Do you understand, Precious?” Beverly asks.

Precious purrs and nods her head in the affirmative.

“If anybody gets in your way Precious—kill them!” Beverly further orders.

Then Beverly turns toward Dr. Holloway.

“She is ready, sir.”

“Alright. No one make any sudden moves. Precious—Alpha 1-X has orders to kill you. She will perceive you as a threat to her mission.” Dr. Holloway warns. “Are we ready?”

Beverly nods.

“Release Precious!” Dr. Holloway shouts.

One of Frau Schmidt’s assistants panics when he sees Precious leap from her cage and starts to run.

“Come back here you fool!” Yells Frau Schmidt but its too late. In a matter of seconds Precious bounds upon him, tearing him to shreds. The man’s screams only last a moment. Precious looks around and everyone is totally still and silent—including Frau Schmidt. Precious then goes towards the obstacle course and completes her task in record time.

Precious gaits back unhurriedly to Beverly, puts her huge paw on her shoulder and then causally enters the cage. Everyone lets out a loud cheer and Precious nods her head in approval.

“That is one remarkable beast. She will be a great asset in our quest to retake the northern territory.” Frau Schmidt says smiling.

“This is just the beginning.” Dr. Holloway tells Frau Schmidt smiling at her. Beverly looks from Dr. Holloway to Frau Schmidt. She doesn’t like what she is seeing. As soon as Frau Schmidt goes back into the castle, Beverly approaches him.

“Is there anything I need to know regarding you and Frau Schmidt?” Beverly inquires.

“I can truthfully say, there is absolutely nothing you need to know regarding Frau Schmidt and me.” Dr. Holloway replies looking at Beverly.

“And, let’s keep it that way.” Beverly cautions. Then, turning toward the castle, she prepares to instigate arrangements for the changes to be done to Alpha 1-X cages.

“No dear Beverly—there is nothing you need to know.” Dr. Holloway smiles, heading toward Frau Schmidt’s quarters on the ground floor.

Emma and Sydney give way to their passion!

Emma and Sydney give way to their passion!

Not Above Suspicion ...

There is a knock on the door and Frau Schmidt answers it dressed only in a lace-trimmed taffeta dressing gown.

“Ah Sydney, do come in.” Emma replies brushing enticingly against Dr. Holloway as he enters, then closing and locking the door. “Did anyone see you come?”

“No, Beverly is busy supervising the modifications for Precious’ cages and the others are busy with additional things.” Dr. Holloway answers, removing his jacket and loosening his tie in order to get more comfortable.

“This is good. No one needs to know what is going on. Especially, that Research Assistant of yours Beverly Mitchell. I see her eyeing you possessively.” Emma confides, then patting the settee, she beckons Sydney to join her there.

“Don’t worry about Beverly, I have her perfectly under my control.” Dr. Holloway brags.

“Never underestimate the powers of a woman. Especially one that is in love with you.” Emma acknowledges, rubbing her hands entrancingly on Sydney’s chest. He catches her left hand and then puts one of her fingers into his mouth, erotically sucking it.

This excites Emma to her very core! Her eyes begin to cloud as she moves her head back and forth. Abandonly, she pulls her fingers away and begin to unbuckle Sydney’s trousers. She is very pleased in what she finds and pulls him down close to her. Emma and Sydney are caught up in the moment and are completely unaware that they are being observed from a third-floor balcony. From that vintage point, Beverly can see everything that is going on in Frau Schmidt lower-level suite.

“That two-timing, lying bastard!” Beverly flings into the air. “Did he really think that I was stupid enough to trust him?”

Beverly is not alone in her room. There is a man with her. He is also observing what is going on.

“Let them have their moments together. At the proper time we will kill them both.” The man says with a heavy German accent.

To Be Continued ...

Reaching Beyond the Madness

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