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Reaching Beyond the Madness 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Returning to Tannersville ...

The Doctors Weinberger and Hawkes are returning to Tannersville. Before giving Dr. Holloway’s files on Experiment 697A to Dr. Theodore Simmons, she discovers the file marked “Copy—Top Secret.” This file Rachel decides to keep for herself.

As Bob Hawkes navigates the car, he notices Rachel intently reading the information she has before her.

“What’s that you reading, Rachel?” Bob asks.

“Oh, just something I picked up.” Rachel replies, trying not to divulge too much knowledge to Bob.

“That wouldn’t be that file on Experiment 697A would it?” Bob queries, glancing once at Rachel then back on the road.

“Why Bob, you know I turned everything over to Dr. Simmons. You were there.” Rachel answers, crossing her fingers under the file.

“I know you kept one file for yourself. I saw you when you slipped it into your backpack, Rachel.” Bob accuses.

“You saw me?” Rachel looks up at Bob in surprise.

“Yes, Rachel I saw you. Before I became a Biochemical Strategist I was with Military Intelligence. I learned how to read people and to observe their movements. Especially, one who seems to have ulterior motives.” Bob explains.

“So, I look like someone who has an ulterior motive?” Rachel ripostes, looking at Bob. He glances back at her then has to swirl because he almost hits another car.

“Better keep your eyes on the road, Mr. Military Intelligence.” Rachel laughs.

“We’ll be there soon, it isn’t far. Then I want to have a talk with you about that file you found. I know it’s important to you, I just want to know how it fits into the schemes of things.” Bob states and then devotes his undivided attention to the last couple of miles.

Tannersville Center for the Physical Sciences …

Tannersville Center for the Physical Sciences …

Tannersville Center for the Physical Sciences ...

General Adam “Kit” Weinberger is sitting in Rachel’s new office awaiting her arrival. He notices the way that Bob Hawkes has been looking at his sister. He shakes his head knowingly.

“C’mon in you two. I want to hear what you discovered at the Thomasville Conservatoire.” The couple take a seat right in front of the desk.

“As I told you previously, it looks like Dr. Holloway has taken a flight out to Lucerne. The Thomasville facility was vacant. Nothing left but a few broken test tubes and a couple of chairs. In the smaller office there was an empty file cabinet and a wooden table. Oh yeah, there was a very large cage near the center of the first room.” Bob concludes.

“Kit, is there anything else you want from me? Bob has given you a summary of what we found, and I need to freshen up a bit.” Rachel gives as an excuse to study the files she has in her possession.

“Hmm, that’s not like you, Rachel but okay. You do know that you and Bob Hawkes will be leading an operative to Switzerland, right?” Kit quizzes.

“Yes, big brother—I am well aware of that fact.” Rachel states in a dismissing manner. As she rises, she nods at Bob and hurries out of the room. Kit turns his attention to his friend and comrade Bob Hawkes.

“You do know that Rachel is engaged to be married to Hunter McDonald don’t you Bob?” Kit starts as soon as he is sure that Rachel is out of ear range.

“Of course I know that Rachel is engaged. But she’s not married yet is she, Kit?” Bob is never one to beat around the bush—like Kit.

“Just so you know. Business comes first, as always.” Kit reminds Bob.

“Yes, I know that.” Bob answers looking directly at Kit.

“You’ve never had personal involvement with someone when dealing with a sensitive issue.” Kit advises. “I need you to be on your best behavior. Stay focused.”

“I’m going to handle this business—then I’m going after your sister. Make no mistake about it.” Bob rises from his chair, shakes hands with Kit and then leaves the room.

“Dammit!” Kit exclaims.

Dr. Robert Hawkes has more on his mind than the project with Dr. Rachel Weinberger!

Dr. Robert Hawkes has more on his mind than the project with Dr. Rachel Weinberger!

Alpha 1-X ...

Rachel has found another vacant office on the same floor as hers. She opens the door and sits at the desk. Then, she opens the files marked Copy—Top Secret and begins to survey them. Reading with great interest, she learns that Dr. Holloway is able to maintain the body integrity of the beast while her prototype became distorted. Also, she learns that the size has been greatly enhanced as well as its ability to bond with its creator.

It pursues its prey with uncanny determination but can also be programmed to use discretion. She is the perfect killing machine coupled with emotional judgment. Rachel is in awe.

“I can’t believe that son-of-a—” Rachel looks up to see Bob standing in the doorway.

“Do you want to tell me what is going on?” Bob asks.

“We are up against a predator, the likes which has not been seen in the history of mankind. She is so far advanced regarding other animals that she has been given human characteristics. Not only is this creature intelligent—it’s emotional as well.”

“So, how are we going to capture and kill this thing. The same way we did the original, right?” Bob waits for an affirmative, but one is not given.

The Black Forest ...

The Black Forest ...

The Black Forest, Germany ...

Dr. Holloway and his associates have been transferred to the Black Forest in Germany, along with the Alpha 1-X creation. There is a castle situated within the forest. The black limo arrives at this entrance.

“You will please follow me, Herr Holloway.” Frau Schmidt commands.

“Where to now?” Dr. Holloway asks.

“You are to rest after your long journey. However, tomorrow—you will begin the demonstration of Alpha 1-X’s abilities.” Frau Schmidt informs.

“How will this be accomplished?” Dr. Holloway queries.

“So many questions, Herr Holloway. All will be explained in good time. Now, you and your staff just rest. You have a busy day tomorrow.” Frau Schmidt smiles and Dr. Holloway and the others follow her into the castle.

Early the Next Morning ...

It is early when Dr. Holloway identifies a knock on his door. It is Frau Schmidt. She comes into the room without waiting for him to respond.

“I trust you enjoyed a very restful sleep, Herr Holloway?” She asks.

“Please, call me Sydney and yes I did. If you don’t mind me saying so, Frau Schmidt, you are a very beautiful young woman to have such a demanding job.” Dr. Holloway tries his hand at mild flirtation.

“Do not confuse me with your frail and fluffy American women. We German women are able to both command respect and not lose any of our feminine traits.” Brags Frau Schmidt.

“I mean no harm, Frau Schmidt. Do you have a first name?” Dr. Holloway inquires.

“Yes, it is Emma. But please not to use it when we are in the company of others—Sydney.” Frau Schmidt responds, softening a little.

“It will indeed be our little secret.” Dr. Holloway states firmly.

“Ja—I feel we will be sharing quite a few of those secrets.” Emma gives Sydney a knowing nod. “Now let us begin our day, Dr. Holloway.”

“Yes, indeed—Frau Schmidt.” Dr. Holloway chuckles wickedly.

To Be Continued ...

Reaching Beyond the Madness 3

  • Reaching Beyond the Madness 3
    The games people play—Dr. Holloway and Frau Schmidt get a little rambunctious in her suite at Schroder Castle while unbeknown by them Beverly and an ally plot their demise. Who will finally succeed?

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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