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Reaching Beyond the Madness

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Out of Sight ...

It is roughly a two-hour drive to the Thomasville Conservatoire. Dr. Weinberger is excited about seeing the modified creature but sadden with the prospect of having to destroy it. She has tried unsuccessfully to modify the original beast but with disastrous results. Now, when her life’s dreams become a reality—she is faced with the prospects of permanently ending them.

When the two doctors finally arrive at Thomasville Conservatoire, the first thing they notice is that there are no guards at the front gate. As they drive through without any problems, they are shocked to discover that the place seems void of any movement. Getting out of the SUV, Dr. Hawkes heads toward the main building with Dr. Weinberger following close behind.

As they walk along the long corridor, they notice a door leading to an atrium. There is another door that exits the atrium on the other side with a sign on it. The sign reads: Authorized Personnel Only. Upon entering through that door— there are two rooms that may have been dedicated for research purposes. A larger room that leads to a much smaller one. Both rooms are now vacant. All that remains are some broken test tubes and an enormously large empty cage.

“Do you suppose Dr. Holloway kept his Experiment 697A in that cage?” Bob Hawkes asks Rachel.

“No doubt about it. Sydney has told me that this prototype is more advanced than my original.” Dr. Weinberger accounts, looking around the room for any clues leading to the destination of the former occupants.

Rachel goes to a trash can in the corner of the second room. It’s been dumped, however there seems to be a sliver of paper stuck to the bottom. She reaches for it but is stopped by Bob.

“Hold on a minute. I’ll get one of my men to retrieve it. Never stick your hand into a laboratory receptacle—remember?” Bob admonishes.

“You’re right. I wasn’t thinking.” Dr. Weinberger smiles weakly.

Dr. Hawkes calls for one of his agents. Bud Smith, one of the Bureau’s top agents, puts on a pair of disposable gloves that reaches up to his elbows. Then covering his face partially with a mask, he tilts the can thus making it easy to retract the paper. It reads—


“Isn’t that in—”

“Switzerland!” Bob interrupts.

“It looks like our Dr. Holloway has left the country.” Rachel states, staring at the empty cage.

The atrium of the Thomasville Conservatoire ...

The atrium of the Thomasville Conservatoire ...

“And he has taken his formidable playmate with him. How on earth did he get that creature pass Customs?” Bob marvels, pulling out his cellphone. He walks over to one end of the adjacent room and mumbles something that Rachel can’t quite make out.

“Our bird has flown, general. He took his prize with him.” Bob whispers gravely to General Kit Weinberger.

“Any indication where?” Kit queries.

“Looks like Lucerne. We found a sliver of paper in a trash can. The place is vacant except for a few broke vials and one mother-of-a-cage!” Bob says rather loudly and Rachel walks in his direction.

“Is that my brother you’re talking to, Bob? Please don’t be coy with me. I’m in this just as thick as you are.” Rachel retorts as she extends her hand and Bob reluctantly places his cellphone into it.

“It’s me Kit—what do we do now?” Rachel inquires.

“This is way out of your league, sis. Let the big boys handle it.” Kit reprimands.

“Like hell I will. Experiment 697 was my project. I worked in cooperation with the military on this. It got out of hand and had to be neutralized—I believe that’s the terminology you guys use.” Rachel begins.

“And, your point is—”

“My point is that I have a vested interest in seeing this through, Kit. Don’t toss me aside like a used dishrag. I’m the one who spotted the note in the first place.” Rachel reminds him.

“You?” Kit responds in surprise.

“Yes, me. I see Bob left out that little bit of information.” Rachel chirps.

“You just got engaged to Hunter McDonald.” Kit replies, grasping at straws.

And your point is?” Rachel flings back the words her brother has previously used on her.

“This is becoming an international incident—or it will be if Dr. Holloway has anything to do with it. Think of what a weapon like this will mean if the Russians or Germans get wind of it?” Rachel questions.

“Smart girl ... “ Bob retorts having put his phone on speaker before handing it to Rachel.

“Especially if it gets into the hands of one Colonel Schneider. That idiot makes the Gestapo seem like a Boy Scout Jamboree.” Kit shakes his head.

“I think someone forgot to tell that man that Germany lost.” Bob offered.

“That bad, huh?” Rachel eyes Bob who rolls his eyes at the phone.

“Yeah, that bad.” Both Kit and Bob reply simultaneously.

“Then, what are we hanging around here for?” Rachel asks.

“Both of you get your butts back to Tannersville. I am still here, and we need to talk strategy.” Kit says, hanging up his phone.

Zurich International Airport ...

Zurich International Airport ...

Zurich International Airport ...

Dr. Holloway and his associates arrive at the Zurich Airport about 7:30 am. There has to be a lot of persuading in order to get that crate marked Biochemical Specimen through customs. However, the people that are very much interested in acquiring Experiment 697A are willing to pay a very high price for its safe delivery.

“Herr Holloway, I trust that you have had a safe trip?” An aid to Colonel Schneider questions.

“I thought Colonel Schneider would be here to meet me?” Dr. Holloway looks a little ill at ease.

“That will come in time doctor. For now, you will be working with me. I am Frau Schmidt.” The woman extends to Dr. Holloway her hand and he feels her firm grip.

“I don’t understand?” Dr. Holloway gulps, wondering if he has bitten off more than he can chew.

“At this point, Herr Holloway, it is not important that you understand. You will be greatly rewarded if your claims are justified. If not—Colonel Schneider does not appreciate his time being wasted. Follow me, please.” Frau Schmidt escorts Dr. Holloway and his associates to an impressive black limousine while the cargo is being lifted off the plane and transferred into an unmarked truck.

“Careful with that crate—Alpha 1-X is heavily sedated. It would not be a good idea to awaken her.” Dr. Holloway warns. The men take his word as law and slowly ease the crate into the truck.

Alpha 1-X is the name of the beast and it is female?” Frau Schmidt nods greatly impressed.

“Yes—and where are we heading, Frau Schmidt?” Dr. Holloway inquires.

“To the Black Forest.” Frau Schmidt answers and gives Dr. Holloway a big smile.

To Be Continued …

Reaching Beyond the Madness 2

  • Reaching Beyond the Madness 2
    Is there something going on between Dr. Rachel Weinberger and Dr. Robert Hawkes. Isn't Rachel engaged? What's happening with Dr. Holloway and Frau Schmidt? There is more going on here than dealing with a deadly species!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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