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Rampant Thoughts


Refusal to concede to reality despite the harsh truth being vividly public.


Part 6

"Recently I have had thoughts regarding the idea of success, and its various forms depending on standpoint. I am sure you've already thought about what I would have to say when it comes to success, and its implication in my life. Until we talk about my take on success, I wish to mention that it isn't difficult to admit that success possesses many forms, all dependent on the individual view of the person involved with it.

From financial to emotional and also psychological, success is crucial for the human mind to feel motivated and pursue as well as overcome challenges throughout life. I find it excruciatingly hindering to live a life without success, be it in whichever form. It is also the duty of the person involved to see success even when there seems to be none. It is a pivotal and cardinal action without which one would perish pressured by depression which would stem from feelings of helplessness.

Though that is how things are in my eyes, reality has always managed to derail any order and logic related to how things should be, ideally. Flowing off of this sentence I simply wish to mention that even if there are so many forms of success and each person at one given time possesses at least one form of success at a time, it sadly occurs that often times they possess a form of success to which they are blind to or just don't consider it a form of success. This spawns a scaling of the success forms bred by individual needs but also mutated by society and its audio-visual portrayal of which form of success is of higher importance.

Much to the detriment of less fortunate individuals, success is scaled starting with the financial type as being the most crucial when it comes to deciding if an individual is successful or otherwise. I would like to use the popular expression "It's a trap!" to depict how much of a mistake it is to think in such a way, but sadly this is how reality is and even though the situation isn't irreparable, doing so necessitates a very thorough attempt to change the way an individual views and perceives success. The psychological and emotional facets of success occupy a relatively balanced position since they are very close related to one another in terms of catalysts.

Throwing blame would be extremely nefarious to do but even so, financial success has been brought up to be the epitome of the success forms and unfortunately everyone has been somehow indoctrinated to the point of instinctual yearning to pursue financial gain in order to achieve at the top of an imaginary inner pyramid, at the top of which we firmly believe we will encounter peace and balance. For some, this uphill walk will last a lifetime and for others, well, exponentially less and that is the cardinal cause which gives life to frustration, unhappiness and lack of motivation to continue, regardless of any unforeseen uphill battle that may arise ahead."

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