Pursuing Happiness Abundantly Conclusion

Updated on May 23, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

The Unstoppable Agnew Twins!
The Unstoppable Agnew Twins!

Promises ...

It is not long after the wedding of René that Fayè graduates from the university with her master’s in art history. She is excited because a long-awaited dream is about to become reality. She has decided that she will pursue her PhD after her marriage.

Benjè takes Fayè to their favorite bistro Promises where they have a latté before the main course. Fayè is excited with anticipation but wants to give Benjè all the time he needs. Benjè adjusts his silverware and nods as friends pass by their table giving him the thumbs up sign. He knows that this moment has been long in coming and he wants to do it perfectly.

Promises has live entertainment on Thursday nights and this fact has not been overlooked by Benjè. The soloist for tonight is Marilyn Ross, a rhythm and blues vocalist who is known for her beautiful husky renditions. Marilyn slowly moves toward the mike and addresses the audience before her song begins.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the staff and management of Promises I want to welcome you to a night to remember. One of our own, Benjè Hathaway has a very important task.” (The spotlight flashes on Benjè who waves at the applauding audience.)

“Way to go Benjè!” One person yells.

“Go for it man—you’ve waited long enough!” Another chimes in. Soon, the focus returns to Marilyn.

“I would like to dedicate this song to Benjè Hathaway and our returning resident artist Fayè Agnew (more applauds and cheers)

♫Chances are … though I wear a silly grin the moment you come into view … chances are you think that I’m in love with you. Just because … my composure seems to slip the moment that your lips meet mine … chances are you think my heart’s your valentine. ♫

"Going to the chapel and we're going to get married!"
"Going to the chapel and we're going to get married!"

Wedding Bells Ring Again ...

The wedding of Benjè Hathaway and Angelica Agnew is as elaborate an affair as René and Mark has been the previous year. Vanessa Rawlings again solicits her magical touch to the event and the town’s people cannot decide which wedding is the most fabulous one they have ever attended.

Fayè Agnew’s dress is a shimmering conglomeration of diamond dust and satin in virgin white. Her veil starts with a cluster of tiny roses and baby breaths followed by the sheerest chiffon cascading to the floor. The slippers are made of smoothed glass with diamond dust on the heels.

Fayè’s matron of honor, René Stevenson looks stunning in her lavender mini rendition of the wedding gown and veil and the seven bridesmaids were all in lavender and silver gowns with diamond dust on the heels of their slippers.

An extremely proud Bert Agnew gives away his youngest daughter (by five minutes) to the son-in-law that won not only Fayè’s heart but his as well.

Vanessa and René outdid themselves with decorations for both the wedding and reception. A huge crystal swan filled with lovely lavender colored beverages of known origin graced the center of the bridal table.

The six-tier cake of a creamy confection is iced with beige and lavender trim.

Marilyn Ross offers to sing at the wedding, and this is an exciting moment for the couple. Trey Benson joins her at the mike. His strong sensuous voice compliments her smooth husky voice as the Love Ballard begins.

♫My Love … there’s only you in my life … the only thing that’s right! ♫

The entire affair is another storybook wedding!

René and Mark buy the new couple a beautiful fully equipped Ferrari Super America and the senior Hathaways and Agnews together give the newlyweds a fabulous home cradled in Eden’s Crest. Eden’s Crest is a beautiful mountainous subdivision just outside of Lambert where the homes are actually situation within the face of the mountain.

"Love, exciting and new … all aboard, we're expecting you!"
"Love, exciting and new … all aboard, we're expecting you!"

A Princess Awaits …

Before retiring to their idly home, the Hathaways are off on a wonderful cruise aboard the Coral Princess!

There are few vessels that can match the majesty and spender of the Princess. And, Fayè loves her suite. It is akin to staying in a luxury hotel with the added benefit of the most gorgeous view imaginable. She never tires of peering out the window and watching the gentle waves. Nor of being outside and witnessing the full grandeur of the moment firsthand.

“Oh Benjè, I never thought it would be this good.” Fayè replies looking up into his handsome face.

“Darling—it has been a long wait but well worth it. I have gone over in my mind a thousand times what it would be like. Standing on the deck of the Princess and watch your hair gently dance in the breeze. Inhaling the sea breeze and holding you ever so close.” Benjè wraps his arms around Fayè and gently rocks her back and forth.

“I know my sister is happy with Mark but being here with you—” Faye can’t say another word as her lips are muffled by the warm, moist embrace of Benjè’s. In one swift movement—Benjè captures Faye in his arms and carries her back to their suite where extremely pleasant memories are made!

The Hathaway's Hideaway ...
The Hathaway's Hideaway ...

Business As Usual—Maybe Not ...

Two months after their marriage finds the newlyweds returning to college to complete their education. Fayè is working on her dissertation both online and commuting to the Lambert Campus. She is able to do her research as well as finish up the required coursework when she discovers she is pregnant. Benjè has returned to the University’s Medical Center to complete his residency.

Everything is finished on schedule. A month later, Fayè and Benjè are blessed with a beautiful daughter almost on the anniversary of their marriage. René and Mark along with the grandparents are together for the event. René hugs her twin lovingly and admires the gift.

“She is such a beautiful, perfect little girl—just like you said she would be!” René cries.

“Now, do you see what you’re missing by not having any children?” Fayè quizzes her sister.

“I have Mark and my lovely Starlight. Even though we are twins, my darling sister—we are different in a lot of ways. Mark and I live an active life and a baby requires so much attention.” René states in defense.

“No more attention than your Starlight.” Fayè chastises.

“Mark and I are very happy.” René stubbornly replies then starts to smile. “Brijèt can come to visit us when she’s older and well … who knows.” René finishes knowing that her life couldn’t be any fuller than it is now.

“Everyone has their own desires.” Gwen Agnew intercedes, “And, René has chosen what makes her happy as you have, dear Fayè. When Brijèt grows, then it will be her choice.

The End

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        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        12 months ago from Memphis

        Stay tuned for the Next Chapter …


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