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Pursuing Happiness Abundantly 4

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Living the Fantasy ...

True enough, after several different shots over the course of a fortnight; the executives’ choice is the fog scene. Both René and Nina are paid handsome bonuses in addition to their salaries from Rawlings International.

Nina’s private showing is also a great success. Vanessa and Robert made sure to introduce Nina to some of the top fashion designers in the world and they are excited about adding Nina’s creations to their label.

Robert’s lawyer assists Nina in negotiating a contract that is not only extremely lucrative for Nina, but it also allows Rawlings International the ability to advertise their Mystified products with the designers. The House of Madelyn and Vanity Women are among the first to capitalize on this collaboration.

After the gig in London, René and Nina move on to Paris, Rome, Singapore, Sydney and back to London. Mark, René, Nina and Alex are now a foursome; great companions as well as great friends. Mark makes frequent visits to each location with Alex. They insure that both ladies have a good time.

Mark even manages to visits René in New Rochelle. René in turn makes trips to visit Mark in London with Nina acting as a chaperone. Nina enjoys the visits as well because it gives her and Alex the opportunity to spend quality time together. Although Alex is very fond of Nina; it becomes transparent to everyone that the relationship between René and Mark has accelerated to a serious affair.

The City of Love …

The City of Love …

Getting to Yes ...

After a whirlwind courtship that lasts two and a half years; Angelica Agnew finally decides to say yes to Mark Stevenson.

René and Nina are on location in Paris. René is tired after a rather busy day. She is happy that Nina is spending the evening alone with Alex. It will give her a chance for some much-needed rest.

However, Mark has other plans in the making. Mark sees this as an opportunity to take René to dinner alone. After Mark’s suggestion René is amazed at how readily her strength returns.

“Paris is such a beautiful city.” René remarks to Mark.

“It’s made even more beautiful by your presence.” Mark replies moving a little closer to René.

“Mark, how very sweet.” René looks into his eyes and sees a reflection of her own rising passion.

“I would like to paraphrase an old American Love Ballard: Are there stars out tonight? I can’t tell if it’s cloudy or bright. You are all I can see!” Mark says.

“Mark, I don’t know what to say?” At that moment René is told she has a telephone call. Mark has deliberately asked Nina to call in order to distract René.

While René is away, a waiter has brought René a refill on her light beverage, however there is something else in the tall glass besides ice.

“That was just Nina, asking me how everything is. That’s strange that she would do that in the middle of …” René pauses in mid-sentence as she eyes something floating in her drink. Retrieving the item she finds that it is a 2.5 CT diamond solitaire on a platinum ring.

“Mark … what can I say?” René asks in complete surprise.

“Just say yes!” Mark replies.


"I do ... "

"I do ... "

Loving Reality ...

An elaborate wedding is in the planning by her parents, her sister, Nina and the Rawlings. The Agnews together with the Rawlings choreograph the whole affair. Since the Rawlings have become so closely woven into the Agnew family, there is no other alternative! Nina designs the fashions for the entire wedding party.

Friends from London, Rome, Sydney, Singapore, and Paris descend on the quaint village of Lambert for the gala event. The wedding guest list resembles a red-carpet premier. People from stage, screen, politics, advertising executives, designers and Lambert’s finest are present. René is transformed into the ideal Cinderella bride while Mark is the perfect “Prince Charming!”

The couple chooses the picturesque Chicago suburban village of Evanston as their new home. Evanston, near the shore of Lake Michigan, is a beautiful place with numerous evergreen-lined streets. A cascading rainbow of colorful small rocks when seen from the lake vantage point captures the imagination.

The newly built homes along the lakefront area are elegant and the yards well-manicured. When it snows; the view is reminiscent of a holiday greeting card. The view of the snow as it rushes to kiss the lake is breath-taking. The Stevensons could not have picked a more idyllic place in which to live!

René and Mark look forward to sharing a wonderful life together! Fayè has a beautiful white and chocolate Pomeranian named Starlight and Mark has a solid white Husky named Prince. The two dogs provide their masters with endless pleasures.

After giving up modeling; René involves herself in civic affairs and community improvements. With her beloved dog in carrying bag to match her outfit; René is off in her Mother-of-Pearl Lamborghini Garlado, providing one of the local school teen groups with tips on etiquette, grooming, and dating behavior.

Mark takes René with him on out-of-town and out-of-the-country trips. The people, especially the men, in the European nations are simply captivated by René’s charm and unique beauty. Many remember her from her early modeling days. Mark has to constantly remind the gentlemen that René is his wife.

Mark also spoils and indulges René and she loves it! His travels to New York bring René in continuous contact with Vanessa and Robert. There, the New Rochelle couple provides René and her husband with New York City night life and suburban relaxation. René lives an exceedingly happy life!

To Be Continued ...

Pursuing Happiness Abundantly Conclusion

  • Pursuing Happiness Abundantly Conclusion
    The Agnew Twins have achieved what many only hope for—a beautiful home, a loving spouse and a bright future. It took hard work and perseverance to achieve their goals, along with an attitude—I deserve this!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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