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Pursuing Happiness Abundantly 3

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Mystified Toiletries ...

After selecting the necessary items, Robert and Vanessa head toward the locker room where Melvin the janitor is picking up paper and other trash. Subsequently, they exchange friendly greetings, inquiring as to the health of each family member. Then Vanessa moves in the direction of the Head Mistress Office while Robert makes his way to the Public Relations Department. He needs to finalize the press release for the 10th Annual Commencement Exercises of Protégé!

René graduates with top honors from Protégé! and has offers for numerous contracts both in modeling and acting. However it is with Mystified Toiletries that René’s alliances reside. Nina Albright coordinates all appearances with companies that will be working in collaboration with the new line and René is ecstatic.

Be Mystified!

Be Mystified!


René and Nina are on location in London shooting an ad for Mystified

The scene is a wooded area encompassed in a thick miasma. It is deserted and serene. Suddenly a figure comes to view. At first she is walking through the fog. Soon the vapor begins to dissipate. A subdued light appears on the woman’s face and you see that she is beautiful. She is holding a bottle in her lovely hands. The light becomes more intense as it focuses on the bottle. The container is small, jeweled and stylish. The woman speaks provocatively, “Come out of the mist and leave them Mystified!” A voice yells “cut”, and the scene is complete.

Could this be love …?

Could this be love …?

Meeting Mark ...

René and Nina are in a quaint English Pub. Neither René nor Nina drinks alcohol. They find the tavern enchanting, so they decide to sip on something light. As they sit at a table ‘taking in the inhabitants’, a handsome dark blonde, blue-eyed gentleman enters.

The ladies are told by the barmaid that he is a wealth young British lawyer, the son of nobility. His father is a statesman married to a Romanian heiress. The couple decides to send their only son to England with his uncle Sir George for his education while their daughter remains with them in Romania. René and Nina are further informed that he has a desire to move his successful law practice to the States: Chicago in particular.

Mark notices the two women and walks over to their table. He introduces himself.

“Hello, I’m Marcus Antonio Stevenson; however you may call me Mark. May I sit down?” Mark begins.

Both René and Nina gaze up at the handsome face. René is captured by the dazzling blue eyes and the wonderful accent.

“Yes, I’d like that.” René replies honestly.

“My name is Nina Albright, and this is Angelica René Agnew.” Nina adds noticing the couple’s immediate attraction to each other.

You can call me René.” René replies and extends her well-manicured hand. Mark kisses it and then looks into her eyes.

“René, your face looks so familiar, where have I seen you?” Mark asks not quite sure.

“I’m the ambassador for Mystified, the new line of fragrance products from Rawlings International.” René says.

“That’s right! I have seen your bewitching smile on Billboards all over the states.” Mark recalls.

“I am fashion coordinator and choreographer.” Nina smiles at Mark.

“I’m happy to meet you too, Nina.” Mark gives her a warm smile, but his eyes avert back to René.

“How long will the two of you be in London?” Mark asks.

“We have almost completed a series of shots. I’ve designed some fashions for the perfume ads and some of those styles will be on display in private showings Rawlings International is sponsoring for me. We should be here for at least three more weeks. I think it’s great!” Nina proudly tells Mark.

“Now that does sound great! I’ve got a friend I’d like you to meet, Nina.” Mark replies to Nina and then returns his gaze to René.

It looks like a double-header!

It looks like a double-header!

Meeting Alex ...

At that moment, Alexander Edwards, Mark’s best bud enters the tavern.

“There you are old fellow, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Alex states. Alex is quite handsome with sexy light brown eyes and a beautiful mischievous smile. Both Nina and René raise eyebrows simultaneously.

“Ladies, I’d like you to meet my comrade-in-arms Alexander ‘Alex’ Edwards. He is the gentleman of whom I spoke. Alex, this is Nina Albright and René Agnew.” Mark says in the form of an introduction not missing the looks from both women.

“The beauty on the left is mine,” he secretly whispers in the ear of a nodding Alex.

“It’s good to meet both of you.” Alex smiles and then mirroring Mark’s previous gesture takes Nina’s hand and gently rubs his lips against it. Nina blushes profusely.

They will learn that they have so many things in common!

They will learn that they have so many things in common!

Observing the Obvious ...

After the luncheon Mark gets René’s telephone number and Nina eagerly gives Alex her number. Both men promise to keep in touch. René instinctively knows that Alex has a genuine interest in Nina, and she approves.

“I think I recognize love-at-first sight!” René teases Nina.

“Is it really that obvious?” Nina questions.

“He’s a really nice young man.” René states oblivious to Nina’s comments.

“I think you will be seeing a lot more of Mark Stevenson!” Nina predicts.

“Don’t forget that Alex took your telephone number as well, remember?” René teases her friend.

“Yes, and I plan to get to know Mr. Alexander Edward! However, I get the feeling that he may be a bit of a rake.” Nina retorts.

“Then you are definitely the woman to settle him down. I must admit; I will enjoy hearing from Mark Stevenson. You know Nina, I think you are right. I do feel a sort of chemistry.” René replies.

“And, I will enjoy hearing from Alex, and who knows, maybe it won’t be strictly for giggles.” Nina replies.

“Looks like I’m not the only one that’s been bitten by the bug, eh?” René questions her best friend.

“Well … let’s return to the studio. I have some ideas for a second advertisement.” Nina says evading the answer. Secretly she is hoping it will be more than that.

“I can’t imagine any ad as good as that fog scene.” René says.

To Be Continued ...

Pursuing Happiness Abundantly 4

  • Pursuing Happiness Abundantly 4
    Renee and Mark both discover that sometimes dreams become reality—in the most wonderful way! It doesn’t take long for Mark to ask the question and Renee to give an answer!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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