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Pursuing Happiness Abundantly 2

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Rawlings’ Protégé!

The opportunity of a lifetime arrives.

One of the northern states’ private liberal arts college: Rawlings’ Protégé! is invited to Lambert Academy’s Annual Awards Program. Protégé! co-owner Vanessa Rawlings observes the twins and immediately offers them a scholarship to her institution. Fayè graciously refuses explaining that she has been accepted for full scholarship here in Lambert. René, on the other hand accepts with no reservations.

René will be off to New York to study design and modeling. Then, she will eventually go on to London, Paris and Rome to learn from the legends of fashion. It is an exciting opportunity and the prospects are limitless.

Fayè hates to see her sister go but she knows that this will be the best career move for René. Their parents give René an elaborate going away celebration and Gwen makes Vanessa promise to take the utmost care of her daughter.

“Please, take special care of my little rose. She has never been this far from home, and New York is a far cry from Lambert.” Gwen says.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Agnew; René will be my protégé! I personally insure that no harm will come to her. In fact she will stay in my home.” Vanessa says.

With the beautiful car given to her by the Rawlings; there is little time to be bored or homesick!

With the beautiful car given to her by the Rawlings; there is little time to be bored or homesick!

Living in New Rochelle ...

Vanessa is very fond of the twin and treats René as if she is her daughter. Vanessa and her husband Robert are childless, so they indulge René and make sure she has every possible advantage. No one could love her as much as her family does except for Vanessa and Robert. Any boy that wants to even talk to René is carefully scrutinized by both and even then the Rawlings will make a call to Lambert to speak to René’s parents.

René has many amenities which include: her own room, a laptop computer, a cell phone and the use of one of three luxury cars; her favorite being a deep blue Lamborghini Garlado. Her room is strikingly done for her in pink pastel and white. The border is pink candy stripes alternating lollipops. René’s lovely canopy bed has pink roses on the comforter. Pictures of her twin sister and her parents are everywhere! Her room is like a pastel pink fairyland!

René usually commutes to classes each day in the blue Lamborghini Garlado. However, “Uncle Robert” as she affectionately calls him surprises her with a new “passion pink” Special Edition Lexus that he buys for her. Now during weekend excursions with friends, she drives her Lexus and is the envy of every young lady in the college.

Renee finds great friends in Ginger and Nina!

Renee finds great friends in Ginger and Nina!

Lasting Friendships ...

Nina Albright is a preppy, fun-loving sandy haired girl that René hangs out with along with Ginger Petersen. Nina wants to be a fashion designer and designs all of René’s clothes. Ginger is a seamstress and the trio complements each other.

Because of René’s strict curfew the girls don’t experience too much of the New York night life and are content to cruise around New Rochelle visiting a few of the local salons where Nina is inspired to create her designs. Whatever Nina creates, Ginger makes and René wears.

Nina and Ginger spend several weekends with René. Since Ginger is advanced in her studies; she is the first to leave the trio heading for France. Vanessa hosts a private party for Ginger, inviting a few of the most congenial and it turns out to be a very lady-like affair. With Vanessa’s connections, Ginger’s job in Paris is a dream-come-true.

Vanessa gives weekly reports to the Agnews regarding the progress of their daughter both academically and socially.

“Gwen, Nyssa here how have you been?” Vanessa begins each time she calls. Vanessa and Gwen have become such good friends that she encourages Gwen Agnew to call her Nyssa.

“Nyssa, I was just going to call you. Has it been a week already?” Gwen replies happy to hear from her friend.

“Yes, it has. You must be very busy this week with that dental convention in Lambert?” Vanessa asks.

“You had better believe it. I just don’t know why Bert allowed the Southwest Pharmaceutical Association to talk him into having their annual event here in Lambert. I have been working with the city officials and our hotels trying to accommodate all these people. It has been a mad house. How is Rob?” Gwen asks.

The home of the newest fragrances and cosmetics!

The home of the newest fragrances and cosmetics!

“Rob is doing great. Ever since Rawlings International introduced that new line of cosmetics and toiletries under the label: Mystified the stock has skyrocketed. Once René graduates from Protégé! Rob is going to make her the new representative for Mystified!” Vanessa replies.

“That’s fantastic, Nyssa. I am so excited that things have turned out so well for you and Rob. You’ve been a sister to me and a wonderful aunt to René. Bert and I are so looking forward to seeing you two in a few months.” Gwen replies.

“And we are looking forward to seeing you as well. It’s about time that you guys paid us a visit. You’ve never been to New York have you?” Vanessa inquires.

“No, and I am looking forward to the visit. It seems like ages since I’ve seen my little René.” Gwen reminiscence.

“I want to take you to a couple of the very fashionable shops in NY. It will be fun having you here, Gwen!” Vanessa chatters happily.

“I’m looking forward to it! Well, I guess I’d better let you get on with your duties, Nyssa. Give René my love and tell her I’ll expect a call from her later this afternoon.” Gwen says.

“I’ll do just that, take care dear.” Vanessa says and hangs up.

“Those are some great people, aren’t they Nyssa.” Robert tells his wife.

“Yes, they are. I’m glad we have them for friends.” Vanessa replies.

“It will soon be graduating time for René and Nina.” Robert comments.

“I think Nina will make a good fashion coordinator and choreographer for our Mystified line of cosmetics and toiletries.” Vanessa says.

“I have been thinking the same thing. She can advise the crew on the best accessories and scenery for the promotion. That girl really has an eye for color.” Robert mentions.

“And she will continue to be a great asset to our René.” Vanessa adds.

“Absolutely, her protective personality will be a good foil to any would-be suitor!” Robert and Vanessa laugh.

To Be Continued ...

Pursuing Happiness Abundantly 3

  • Pursuing Happiness Abundantly 3
    Being the spokesperson for Mystified isn’t the only exciting thing happening for Renee. Now, she may have met the man of her dreams as well. Only time will tell if this is real—or if it’s a mirage!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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