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Updated on May 22, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Alike but also different!
Alike but also different!

Creative Genius...

Twin daughters are born to Bertram and Gwendolyn Agnew. Their names are Angelina Fayè and Angelica René. Without a doubt, they are the most beautiful girls anyone has ever seen. Gwen Agnew vows that her daughters will never know neither poverty nor abandonment. This is a vow she keeps.

Learning comes easy to the twins. While they both excel in beauty, Fayè is a gifted artist as well. Her primitive scribbles show an early eye for style and detail. It is amazing how well she captures the essence of a landscape at the tender age of seven!

It is not surprising that the Agnews daughters are honor students of Lambert Academy of Liberal & Fine Arts. This is a private K-12 school. Although there are the required classes of English, Math, and Science as the state mandates; the emphasis is on liberal arts. Parents who desire a more conventional curriculum for their children are discouraged from enrolling them at Lambert Academy.

By the time Fayè is 12 years old and after numerous attempts by both parents to discourage her from becoming a Michelangelo on her bedroom walls; Gwen concedes and Bert Agnew paints one wall in the family room white. This is so Fayè can practice her craft. Hence with brushes and paints Fayè begins a series of breath-taking murals.

The results are so astounding that newspaper reporters are called in and the “works” are displayed in the Lambert Times. Also, Harmonious Habitats Magazine displays it and uses the mural as their cover story: The Rebirth of Rembrandt.

The mural shows two children playing in a grassy area. The sky is a wonderful powdery blue with puffy clouds reflective in a peaceful looking lake. A woman is sitting by a picnic basket on a red gingham tablecloth. A man is bending over her as if to plant a kiss in her long flowing hair. The style is more indicative of the Impressionist Period than anything during the Renaissance Era. Several different groups visit the Agnew home to admire the work of an exceptionally talented adolescent.

In the meantime, René is eyeballing fashion magazines and drooling over the latest styles. She gets her grandmother Rebecca to make an adolescent’s version of everything she sees. After Rebecca’s stroke, Gwen takes up the needle and thread to continue to pacifying her eager daughter with creations that win prizes in the County Fairs.

Lambert Academy … as imaginative as the students that matriculate there!
Lambert Academy … as imaginative as the students that matriculate there!

Lambert Academy ...

By their teens, Fayè and René are known as the “Agnew twins” at Lambert Academy. This is because it is rare that you see one without the other. Inseparable yet each unique in her own way, the Agnew twins dominate the Lambert Academy social scene.

During their years on the academy’s championship debating team; no one will dare counter anything the twins say. They are experts on “proving their point.” Also, Fayè is the academy’s residential artist while her sister René is the “word” on what is “in vogue.” Both girls have the respect and admiration of everyone in the entire community young and old.

Lambert Academy is known internationally for its various art shows, modeling seminars and fashion extravaganzas. In fact, its emphasis in the fine arts attracts numerous patrons. While the art exhibits create quite a stir from New York to Rome, the modeling aspects of the school reaches into Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Because of the various trophies and prizes in modeling and art; many of the other high schools nation-wide are invited to participate and compete. The most coveted awards are The Best of the Best in Fine Arts.

The awards are divided into The Ingénue Award and The Rembrandt Award. In order to win the Ingénue Award the female student has to be in her final year at the academy and maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. The young lady must have been the recipient of previous glamour awards and be knowledgeable in design and needlework.

Winner of the Rembrandt Award has to also be in the final year of school with a 3.8 GPA or higher! The recipient must have exposure in artistry and have at least participated in three public showings. This award is offered to both male and female entrants.

Faye is known for always doing something different when it comes to having her picture taken.
Faye is known for always doing something different when it comes to having her picture taken.

Twins Without Parallel ...

René and Fayè are always at the top of any list. Their beautiful complexion, marvelous figures and genteel personalities make them the favorites of both males and female audiences. Very few will deny that the Agnew twins deserve every award they receive.

Of course, René wins the Ingénue Award by an avalanche of votes. Not only is she extremely attractive, but very talented as well. Her musical rendition of “The Way We Were” brings the house down with a standing ovation. She wins Miss Congeniality during her sophomore year and during her junior year she is Miss Chic.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Fayè is the winner of the coveted Rembrandt Award. She has had so many public showings of her work since adolescence that no one bothers entering in competition against her. Fayè’s personal appearances on Hello World and Art in Perspective have given her the international spotlight. It is quite evident that the Agnew twins are leaving their marks in society!

René basks in the status she attains as a “world-class” type model while Fayè achieves constant gratification when admirers wish to purchase her works. It is a rewarding experience for both girls! Mr. and Mrs. Agnew are tremendously proud of their talented but different twin daughters.

René is definitely a gregarious person and blossoms in large crowds while Fayè is more reticent and prefers smaller discussion groups. Neither can be called a “wall flower.”

Fayè’s focus is on marrying her childhood sweetheart Benjè after earning her PhD in Art History Education. Fayè wants to become an Art Curator in a gallery and adjunct instructor at Lambert University; the institution that is nestled in the small urban community.

René wants to be a high fashion model, marry rich, and tour the world René longs for the big cities away from Lambert. No small-town atmosphere for her. It’s the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of New York, Paris, and Rome.

“One day I am leaving Lambert for the big city. I can just see me walking down the runway wearing all those fabulous clothes!” René imagines.

“I am going to study art at Lambert University then go out-of-state to get my PhD. After all that is done I am going to marry Benjè Hathaway and have a darling daughter. We’ll settle here in Lambert and live happily ever after!” Fayè laughs.

“Married life in Lambert seems pretty dull for a renowned artist. Don’t you want to experience life to the fullest, sister?” René implores.

“When I graduate from college with my PhD and get married to Benjè; then I will be experiencing life at its fullest.” Fayè counters.

“You are missing out on opportunities for glamour, fame, and fortune!” René laughs.

“I don’t think so … besides, I’ve experienced that most of my life—haven’t I?” Fayè says mock turning her nose up at her laughing twin.

Fayè knows that René has never taken any boy seriously enough to fall in love; but when it happens René will feel the same way that she is feeling. In the meantime, René will wait for fate to create the break she needs.

To Be Continued ...

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        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        12 months ago from Memphis

        The Agnew Twins … they are as different as they are alike. And, they take the Lambert Community by storm!


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