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Private Voices: Part 32

Mike is an amateur writer working on building a hopefully compelling story. He lives in The Village of Lakemore, Summit Country, Ohio.


The Story So Far

Janice James is a Private Detective haunted by her troubled past and the death of her son and a fractured psyche, forcing her to see her son Brandon as well as others, including Brandon’s stuffed animal a Panda in a top hat he called Top-Hat Panda. With the help of her late son and her mentor, a former police officer named Sean, she runs her service, helping people in trouble. Three years after the death of their son, Janice and her estranged husband Bill are reuniting and looking for a new home.

Janice was hired to help a man named Stanley Franco find out why his wife Ava is fighting a divorce. During the investigation, she stumbled onto a unique counterfeiting scheme designed to infect scanning machines allowing the user access to a company's funds. When her client was murdered, Janice turned her case over to the local police. She contacted someone from the secret service with help from her mentor, a former police officer named Sean. In the process, she found herself being watched by the FBI and Ava, a woman that isn't who she appears to be. Ava wants Janice dead for her part in chasing her out of the States, to her Island near Cuba. Ava sent several people to try and kill Janice from her assassin lover to a band of bumbling thugs. The last attempt happened by a con artist running a scheme with an end of the world cult.

Ava continues her obsession over Janice, leading to a confrontation between her surveillance team and Janice, where she shoots and kills two men. After the shooting, Janice and Bill retreat to Sean's house. A planned bed and breakfast Sean and his wife built but never opened. Ava offers a truce, and now Janice finds herself in an unknown situation afraid to go out. In her truce, Ava makes an enemy of a long-time collaborator. Janice's assistant JG goes back home to Germantown, MD, for a confrontation many years in the making. She met up with her first girlfriend Barbie, who works as a high-class call girl.

Janice takes on a job for an old friend of Sean. A retired detective hires her to find his long-lost sister. Her investigation proves too easy, leaving more questions than answers and a woman hiding her family's past.

Part Thirty-One


Part Thirty-Two

Barbie dropped JG off at her house. She was wearing a very conservative mid-length plaid skirt with a white button-down shirt and a scarf that matched the skirt. She also had on the stolen bra and a pair of panties with Hello Kitty on the crotch.

She said to herself, "Well, at least one part of this outfit is my style."

She walked in to find her mother and Father Calhoun, their parish priest, in the living room. Her sister, Aunt June, and two other women were there. The furniture was pushed back, and there were chairs set up in a circle.

JG said, "So are we having an intervention for dad's bacon addiction?"

Father Calhoun said, "Your mother is worried about you, and we are here to talk about what is going on with you and how we can help."

Mary looked at JG and smirked, "You look like great-aunt Jenny."

JG looked at the chairs then back to the others in the room.

She asked, "Now wait a minute; you don't think I am about to stand here as you people tell me what you think, do you?"

Father Calhoun said, "I know it can be difficult, but seeing you have a problem can go a long way to helping you find help, and we are here to help you."

Mary said, "Yeah, help kick your backside."

Father Calhoun put his hand on JG's shoulder and said, "Addiction is a powerful force that can control your soul."

JG looked at his hand then to her mother, who was both frowning and nervous looking.

JG asked, "You do know why you are here today, Father Calhoun, because I don't do drugs."

Father Calhoun said, "My dear, many people don't see the problem even as it's destroying their lives."

JG looked at her mother than her sister, who were standing away from her and the Father.

JG said, "I have never done an illegal drug in my life, and up until about two months ago, I had never had a drink of alcohol. You aren't here about drugs you are here about me and why I'm not living at home."

Father Calhoun Stepped back away from JG.

He said, "Why am I here then. I mean, I don't mind seeing my long-lost lambs, but this could have been handled better."

JG's mother said, "Father, I didn't know how to deal with what I found out. A friend back in Ohio told me she saw Jenny kissing a……. another girl on the mouth while the other girl was touching her…… you know…. down there."

Mary said, "Father, she is living in sin on our granddad's dollar."

JG shook her head, "It's always about the money with you, Flash. You want his money and don't like him giving any to me."

Their mother said, "No, this has nothing to do with money. The devil is controlling my little girl and."

Father Calhoun interrupted JG's mother saying, "Francis, you know a lie is also a sin, and the church has clear guidelines on this subject. You should be ashamed for calling an intervention like this on false pretense."

He turned to JG's sister and said, "Mary, I just can't look at you right now."

JG said, "Mom, I'm leaving tonight. I can see that I am not welcome here."

Mary said, "Leave, and you won't get any more money."

JG laughed, "Granddad knows all about me, and he controls the money. He also knows about mom and dad and just how long it's been since they were actually man and wife."

Mary pushed JG and said, "Don't bring them into your depravity lesbo."

JG pushed her back and said, "Think about it. Dad works just three days a week, but he has a fulltime assistant that he sees almost every night."

Father Calhoun said, "Wow, I think this sounds like something your family should talk about alone."

He turned to JG and said, "Maybe you should come with us."

JG’s mother Francis said, "If you leave here, then don't come back."

JG replied, "Don't worry, I won't."


The two ladies that came with the Father left in their car as JG's mother and sister watched JG go with Father Calhoun.

He said, "Should I drop you off at Barbie's place?"

JG watched her mother as she stared at her from the window.

Eventually, she said, "I don't know, maybe the bus station."

Father Calhoun pulled out of the driveway and drove until his car was out of sight of the house where he stopped.

He said, "I can see why you would want to leave. I mean, I really can see why, but maybe you should see your brother JJ before you go. He is in a dangerous profession, and if something does happen, you won't want your last memory of him to be tarnished by the others homophobia."

JG asked, "How could she be like that?"

The Father said, "There is a lot I can say, but most of it is protected. Your mother has a complicated past. The last pregnancy and miscarriage really changed who she was."

As soon as Father Calhoun said it, he knew he overstepped.

JG Mouthed the word "Miscarriage."

Father Calhoun took in a breath and said, "I didn't tell you this, but about a year after your brother Billy was born, she became pregnant again. She carried the baby for about three months before the miscarriage. For years she thought or well, confessed that she had killed the baby with her thoughts. She didn't want six children."

Father Calhoun pulled into a strip mall with a bus terminal.

He asked, "Are you sure you won't stay and see JJ?"

JG smiled and said, "I'll Skype with him when I get home, but for now, I just want out of this place."

She hesitated, "Father, you said she didn't want six children, but my parents only have four or five counting the miscarriage."

The Father looked out at the bus then back to her, "No, you have a half-brother. Your mother put him up for adoption back in Ohio. She said his name was Ted Sanders, but I don't know anything more than that."

JG got out of the car, and he drove off after dropping a massive bomb on her. JG went inside and bought a ticket for the long bus ride home. She left almost everything behind except the clothes on her back, and the clothing Barbie bought her. She also went with questions. Ted Sanders sounded familiar. She could remember a lawyer coming to the office wanting to put Janice on retainer. His name was Sanders. She remembered thinking he was kind of cute for an old guy. She also thought he was hitting on her, but now looking back, he may have been trying to find out more about a half-sister he never knew.

The Next Part

© 2020 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron

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