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Private Voices: Part 10

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The Story So Far

Janice James is a Private Detective haunted by the death of her son and a fractured psyche, forcing her to see her son Brandon as well as others. After a ceremony to honor their late son, Janice and her ex-husband Bill prepare to live together again. Janice's assistant, a young woman named Jennifer Gordon, known as JG while happy to see them together now must find a way to work around the new awkwardness.

Janice was hired to help a man named Stanley Franco find out why his wife Ava is fighting a divorce. During the investigation, she stumbled onto a unique counterfeiting scheme designed to infect scanning machines allowing the user access to a company's funds. When her client was murdered, Janice turned her case over to the local police. She contacted someone from the secret service with help from her mentor, a former police officer named Sean. In the process, she found herself being watched by the FBI and Ava, a woman that isn't who she appears to be.

Samuel Saunders, an old friend of Bill, hired Janice to help his wife, Margaret. A former student blackmailed her using her past as a sex slave worker and Her bosses Pedophile past seeking revenge for his expulsion for assaulting a student putting him on a sex registry. With the help of Janice, the police, and her husband, Margaret came forward and helped end a pedophile ring and lock up around 65 people.

Ava, the wife, and murderer of her husband, Stanley Franco, while in hiding at Steve's Motel, watched Janice watch the strange events wondering if she was seen and what was going on. Ava kills the teenage boy to cover her tracks. Ava Escaped to Mexico.

A strange woman (Bethany) disguised as a man hired three men to destroy Janice's office and kill Janice. The three men known as the Triple Ks or Tre Ks set a bomb to destroy the office and the cop bar beneath. They also Kidnapped Janice's assistant, a young woman named JG (Jennifer Gordon), to either sell or worse.

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Part Ten

Sean and Janice watched as the bomb squad removed the bomb parts from the building. The three men didn’t know about the camera in the office that turned on and alerted Janice when the door stood open for longer than one minute. She gave the police the footage of them assaulting, then kidnapping JG and finally setting the bomb. The three men wore masks, but all three of them had sleeveless shirts and Triple K on their shoulders.

One of the officers said, “we’ve been building a case against these guys for about a month.”

Up in the window of her office, Janice could see the five-year-old Brandon. He was waving to her, and she fought the urge to wave back.

One of the officers on the scene said, “I don’t think we are going to need a trial for these boys. No, I am willing to bet that when we find them, they won’t go quietly.”


Jac said, “I think that is enough time. If he can’t call us back, then she’s ours, and we should have some fun.”

Jac went over to JG and, while holding her head, licked her face.

Dennis slapped her bare butt saying, “good and firm... Me first.”

The three men started to argue about who went first, not seeing the person slowly slip into the room. She was in all black from her feet to the mask covering her face.

Jac said, “now listen to me, I don’t do sloppy seconds.”

Billy-Ray turned around and saw the woman in the back with the sword just in enough time to catch the blade as it passed across his stomach. The edge was sharp, and it cut deep, spilling his guts onto the floor. She kicked him over and in one fluid motion drew and threw a knife at Jac. The blade buried in his throat. Jac trying to get free from the blade finished the job and cut his own throat. Dennis dropped the bottle of baby oil he had in his hands and went for his gun on a table. The woman moved just a hair quicker and struck, cutting his hand off at the wrist. He screamed as he pulled the stump away, backing up against a wall.

Bethany pulled her mask down and said, “this is one fag that just can’t let you win.”

Using all the force in her swing and body, she swung around and struck Dennis in the throat, breaking the blade in the bone and wall.

Bethany dropped the broken blade and went to the tied and taped JG. She was covered in blood from one of the men lying on the floor.

Bethany leaned in and whispered, “under normal circumstances, I would say your welcome, but I can’t let you live.”

She kissed JG on the cheek then stroked her back down to her ass. She then got on the table, straddling JG lying down on top of the tied girl. Bethany pulled something from a bag.

She whispered into JG’s ear, “it will look like these morons used heroin to control you, but they gave you too much. You will go to sleep and not wake up. It will be as peaceful as I can make it.”

JG decided not to beg, knowing it wouldn’t help, and this person just might want it. All she did was start to cry as the needle went into her arm. Bethany got up and started to pull Dennis away from the wall when the near-dead Billy-Ray rolled over and fired a revolver he had in his pocket, hitting Bethany in the head. He pulled out his phone and called for help.

Billy-Ray said, “you hold on there. Don’t let her win.”

The first responders on the scene found a nearly dead Billy-Ray on the floor. He was able to tell them that the woman gave JG a lethal dose of heroin just before he passed out. He died a few hours later. The medics gave her a shot to counteract the drug then they rushed her to the hospital as the police moved into a scene straight from a horror film. One of the officers on the scene found Bethany’s car keys and found her car. He hit the unlock, not knowing it was a booby-trap. The vehicle exploded, taking the officer and all the evidence with it. After the bomb went off, the police cordoned off the block and did a thorough search.


Janice went to the hospital to meet with JG as she was brought in. Her parents were on their way. It had been a few years since Janice had seen either of them. She wasn’t sure just how they would take what happened to JG. A doctor that seemed familiar to Janice told her that JG would make a full recovery but would be out for a while. As the doctor walked away, she realized it was her old neighbor from when she was just a child. She also remembered he died twenty years ago. Janice looked down the hall then back the other way, hoping no one saw her talking to herself. She sat down thinking about how she was starting to have trouble distinguishing between reality and imagination. Her hallucinations were starting to trick her.

Janice looked up and saw her father. He was looking his age with the stern disapproval he wore for the last few years she lived in his house. Steven Grant was a humorless man at the best of times, but no one felt that as keenly as his youngest daughter. He had a mop and bucket and was mopping the floor when he saw her. At first, he didn’t recognize her. He hadn’t seen her since the fight near the time Brandon was born. Janice wasn’t sure if he was real or something her mind cooked up trying to relive past events and blending them into the current ones. Ever since he lost his job as a teacher, Steven worked as a janitor at the hospital. He was fond of saying that you should put your best in everything you do, so he mopped with efficiency. As Steven worked his way to the woman that looked like his daughter, he tried to think about what he could say. How could he speak to her after what he had said back on the last day, he would ever see his grandson.

Janice was always a quiet child.

Steven would say, “it’s hard to remember Jannie is in the room.”

Janice Grant had a brother and sister that were much older than her so that by the time she was sixteen, they were out of the house with Mark working as a Lutheran youth-pastor in Cleveland, and her sister Marsha married to a banker living in New Jersey. Janice would watch people trying to see if she could predict what they were going to do just by what they did. She started to suspect that her father was up to something. He would come home late from school and leave at night to tutor, but his name wasn’t on the tutor list. She suspected he was having an affair. Her mother, Diana was prone to fits of anger and depression that at another time, could have been diagnosed and treated, but then it was just ignored. Diana had beaten Janice with a ruler because, as she put it, “little girls need to know their place.” She then held her and cried until Janice forgave her.

Steven approached Janice as she sat in the hospital.

He said, “I wasn’t sure it was you; it’s been a while.”

Janice looked up at him then looked back down. Steven looked back at what he said and tried to think of something that wasn’t so hostile.

He stood there for a full three minutes until Janice said, “you didn’t know it was me or know what to say because you are not in my life, and I think we should keep it that way.”

She looked behind him and saw her fraternal Grandfather with the bullet wound in his head that the funeral home just couldn’t cover right. The men she knew as Grandpa Tim was shaking his head at her then looking to his son. Steven looked at where she was looking, and when he didn’t see anything, he looked back to her, then left.

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