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Prelude to the Army of Dogs, a Recap of a Junkyard Dog General

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A Note from Me, A name I call myself

The following is a quick recap covering the events leading up to The Army of Dogs for anyone lucky enough to have not read the earlier stories or just wants the dots connected before the end. Some of the information mentioned here is from My Private Global War and The James John Daniels Stories.

Ten years ago,

Ten years before the start of the story, an alien race sent a series of probes to find people to corrupt and to turn the planet’s fauna against the dominate species (us). The probes act as an intelligence booster for the animals and insects that are compatible. The attack was worldwide from termites in Africa, crocodiles, and kangaroos in Australia, to rabbits, squirrels, and deer in North America. Another part of the invasion was the cloning of animals the humans were most likely to eat. The clones are engineered with a protein that reacts with human physiology creating a quick-acting poison. The clones are drones with a limited life span without the ability to eat. Some animals were able to use the intelligence wave without turning on man, among them, were the bears and the dogs (but not all the dogs).



This is where the story begins. A wave of clone, real and robotic deer attack mankind. A human culprit in league with the aliens made sure the military was unprepared for the attack. The wave of deer ran through major cities to small villages killing off most of mankind. Rex (a Rottweiler Pitbull mix) was a guard dog living in a junkyard with his best friend a cat named Spike and his owner Steve. Spike was killed in the assault and the deer made their way onto the yard. Rex set out to find Steve.


Dot and the pack

On the way, Rex found a Bichon Frise named Dot. The intelligence wave allows the dogs to use a sort of telekinesis to talk to each other and other animals like humanity (yes, talking dogs). Together they find Steve only to lose him at the hands of a couple of corrupted humans. They decide to find a new mission and head west to find a boy Rex rescued from the deer. Along the way, they met a Great Dane named Rosie and a tiny Pug named Buster. Rosie was used in a puppy mill for her valuable puppies and Buster was a purse dog treated like an accessory rather than an animal. Next, they met three German Shepherds named Tic, Tac, and Toe. They were on their way to join the war but on the side of the deer. The three dogs were trained as fighting dogs. Their owners used small dogs they called bait dogs to teach them how to kill. After an attempted mutiny, Tic was killed by a wandering bear, Toe ran away and Tac was eventually allowed into the pack after he Sided against Tic and Toe.


The Mission

The dogs find the human resistance and after a massive deer and goose attack, they set off on a mission to find the boy (again) and build a dog army. Buster stayed with the humans to help find recruits and Dot stayed to have her strange-looking puppies. Buster and the human General bonded. The smaller pack met the Number Brothers, five Dobermans named One, Two, Three, Fritz, and Hans. From there they met two Irish Wolfhounds named Ari and Arie. Ari sees himself as an artist and his brother Arie (with an E) as his critic. As the new pack learns to work together, they meet the mythical Fifty Chihuahua Army. A mix of feral and domesticated Chihuahuas living in the Appalachian Mountains. The members of the army used numbers for names with Twenty-Three as their leader. Together they found Jimmy (the boy) and the general’s daughter. They were on a farm occupied by five sisters named for 1960s actors.


Where The Army of Dogs Starts

The final story ended with the German Shepard Tac and two of the Chihuahuas leaving with Jimmy and Jenny (the general’s daughter) on their trip to Atlanta and a weapon that might stop the aliens. The rest of the army headed south following the deer hoping to find a way to stop them at any cost. One of the sisters, a fifteen-year-old girl Julie Newmar Smyth named for the actor who once starred as Cat-woman on the 1966 Batman TV show (one of two women to play the same role) went with the pack. Because the telekinesis doesn’t work over the radio she came along to act as a radio operator and bridge between the humans and the dogs.

Thank you for your time

There are some aspects I didn’t cover, but I think this should help anyone who had never read any of the stories from, A Junkyard Dog General. Thank you for your time.