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A Crime Story 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


The Morgan Estate ...

“You had two really close encounters earlier today, Kitten ... too close.” Frank begins as he motions Linda to the ottoman sitting next to him.

“Yeah, dad I know. But I am on to something really big and it does go beyond the Paccios.” Linda states and her father agrees.

“I think it would be a good idea if you disappear for a few days.” Frank continues.

“But dad ...” Linda interjects.

“No buts this time, Kitten ...the Paccios are playing with some serious toys and I don’t want to see my favorite daughter hurt.” Frank smiles at his daughter.

“Favorite daughter ... I’m your only daughter!” Linda tries her hand at levity with her father, but she can see the seriousness in his eyes. “Ok, what do you have in mind?”

“I have in mind my cabin in the Canadian wilderness. It’s very strategically located with its back facing a steep cliff. There is only one way up there or back and from the master bedroom you can observe anyone heading toward the place. I’m thinking of having Martino take you.” Frank concludes.

“What about Collins?” Linda queries her father thinking about the officer enjoying himself in the kitchen.
“He’s a nice kid but very inexperienced. Besides, Martino’s a good friend of yours. The two of you used to play in the same sandbox. I don’t understand why you never married.” Frank chuckles.

“That’s why ... I’ve known him since childhood. Please, it would be like marrying my brother.” Linda shakes her head unbelievingly at her father. “The idea ...”

“At any length I’ve already talked to him about it and he feels like I do that it is a good idea. You need to let things cool down for a while before I have to call in some favors.” Frank says with sincerity.

“Ok ... ok, we don’t need a clan war around here. But I wish you would confide in me first. I mean I don’t know if I like having Marty and you plan my life for me.” Linda replies stubbornly. “What about my Lexus and my townhouse?”

“Don’t worry about that either. Martino and a couple of men from the 43rd are going there sometimes tonight to pick up a few things for you. The Lexus is pretty banged up. I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a while ... not with you at the wheel anyway.” Frank replies on a somber note.

“So what about my sleeping arrangements?” Linda asks seeing that her father has everything planned out.

“Bubba, your favorite Doberman will be spending the night with you in your room. I think I’ll send Snowey in there as well. The least bit of noise and whoever it is won’t know what hit ‘em.” Frank reflects.

“Bubba ... Snowey, how nice! Where are those two anyway?” Linda questions.

“They’re in the kennel getting some exercise before being bedded down for the night. Let’s see how Peggy is doing with Collins. Once he gets his hands on those chocolate chip cookies and Peg’s hot chocolate ... he’ll be purring like a cat!” Laughs Frank as he locks his arms into Linda and takes a slow stride toward the kitchen.

Every woman's dream of a kitchen that practically cleans itself!

Every woman's dream of a kitchen that practically cleans itself!

A Kitchen Caper ...

Frank and Linda stroll into the kitchen to observe Collins with a stack of cookies, a mug of hot cocoa and chocolate all over his mouth. All Linda can do is giggle from the sight as she sees her mother handing him a napkin.

“These are good!” Collins mumbles with exceptional delight as he has a mouth full of cookie. “So chewy, chocolaty.”

Linda laughs as does Frank and Peg, but then the conversation turns solemn.

“Look, Will, I’m going to stay here for the night.” She looks at her parents, “And it might be a good idea if you stay as well. You know, you are going to have to watch your back once we part. The Paccios have eyes on me and are going to go after anyone who has had any contact with me.”

“That’s right, Wilbur,” Frank says. “Once you leave in the morning, you are going to have to do your best to blend in with the others at the precinct. That’s not going to be easy.”

After clearing his mouth with a huge gulp of milk, Collins says, “It’s alright. My partner and I watch our backs well. Our service is pretty routine; nothing exciting you know.”

“Yeah well, the precinct had that stance until today,” Linda says. “Guess they never figured they would take a hit like an event straight out of the 1920’s with Capone. You’ve got to be careful!”

Collins smiles at Frank and focuses his attention on Linda’s comment, “Is she always like this?”

“Since she was old enough to wrap me around her little finger,” Frank chuckles.
“Okay, okay Linda,” Collins says. “I’ll be careful. But instead of staying the night, I think I’ll take my leave from you good people. It’s night— more cover. Thank you for the cookies, Ms. Peg. It was such a pleasure, Sir,” Collins stands and shakes Frank’s hand.

Then he approaches Linda, “Take care of yourself, you hear? And why not leave the policing to us?”

Linda gives him a steamed look, and then replies, “Thanks. Love you too, Honey.”

To Be Continue …

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© 2013 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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