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A Crime Story

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


A Journalist on a Mission ...

With the surety of a predator, Martino watches Linda as she leaves her stylish townhouse and walks toward the garage where her beige Lexus is nestled. Linda is not what you would call a femme fatale however, she is stunning with fiery red hair, medium-sized fuchsia painted lips, enormous light brown eyes with a sweet smile that could turn deadly without much provocation. Linda's figure would send many women running crying home in protest!

Being an investigative reporter takes Linda around the world and makes quite a few people more than a little upset with her because of her hard-hitting, fact-finding techniques. Martino has told her that she needs to back off the Paccio Family because Louisa Paccio doesn’t appreciate outsiders interfering in things “that didn’t concern them” as she puts it. However when Linda smells a story, she is like a Mississippi tick on a hound dog … difficult to deter.

After Louisa’s husband Victor disappeared over six months ago she and her oldest son Riccardo took over the family’s holdings: a deli, a day care center, and a spa. All three establishments Linda is sure mask the real profiteering … prostitution and drugs. Linda has an informant within the family who’s been giving her small tidbits of information in exchange for immunity when the family is “brought down.”

Although Jacques Paccio wants nothing to do with the family’s “dirty money”; (he is the youngest of the four Paccio children) he is still a top lieutenant in the organization. With that privileged goes exposure to all the information and he knows that Linda would like nothing more than put an end to the “family business.” Besides, he’s nursing a serious crush on the brave redhead.

This could be a one-way journey.

This could be a one-way journey.

Black Limo

Martino watches Linda as she pulls out of the driveway and witnesses a scene that resembles something from a Colombo episode. A long black limo slams into her Lexus, two husky looking gunmen jump out of the car and ushers her toward the limo. With lightning reflects Martino charges from his hiding perch and flies into the first man.

With fist of iron he makes repeated connections with the jaw of the first perpetrator drawing sprays of blood on his nicely pressed white shirt. Linda’s stealthy left hand finds the “family jewels” of the other man and with a mighty jerk sends him sprawling to the concrete pavement hitting his head. With both men out of commission Martino surveys the area to insure that there is no back up.

“Damn Linda, you could have been killed.” Martino yells wiping perspiration from his cheeks and slicking back his coal black hair with a large tanned hand.

“There was never any danger of that Marty. I know that you’ll always be lurking around somewhere whether I need you or not.” Linda replies to her protector and best friend.

“One day Linda … you may not be so lucky.” Martino throws back at her.

”Yeah, well who needs luck when I’ve got you,” Linda purrs, touching her hand to his cheek. Then winking says, “Come on! We’ve got work to do!”

Linda takes Martino by the hand and almost drags him through the lot to his midnight blue Ford Explorer. As she reaches into his pocket for the keys, he slaps her hand and opens the door for her to slide in.

“I’ll drive!” he growls, as he starts the truck and quickly leaves the scene.

“Do you think Mama Paccio sent those boys to give me a nice little ride?” Linda begins the conversation looking back at the still sprawled men.

“Yeah, and I need to get Riley to take out the garbage.” Martino states as he grabs his phone to inform Inspector Riley of the pickup.

At headquarters Linda finds that the names of her “would be” kidnappers are Sandino Capernelle and Marcus Andretti. These gentlemen are known “hit men” and it becomes obvious to both Linda and Marty that this would have been Linda’s “last ride.”

“Now will you listen to reason, honey?” Marty begins knowing that he has delivered this monologue more times than police recite the Miranda Rights to suspects.

“Marty this is all the more reason why I have to blow the lid off the Paccio family. This is something out of the 1920s.” Linda remarks stubbornly. She has never been one to back down from a fight. Her father Lt. Frank Morgan was permanently disabled for getting too close to the Paccio secrets. A member of his elite team had been compromised and very strategically revealed. Eight men lost their lives including the double agent but still there is not enough info to link the incident with the Paccios.

To Be Continued …

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    “Dogs have good instincts. They can smell fear and they know when to charge. They also know when it is prudent to back out.”

© 2013 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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