Powers of a Complex: The Beginning

Updated on May 8, 2018
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I have been an author since I was twelve. Writing ever since then and constantly improving with my mentors every year.



The darkness creeps upon the town of Noatak, Michigan in the fall of Oct. 13, 2013. Two girls were born, these were no ordinary girls. These two had special powers, unique to any in the universe. The prophecy of two girls separated at the birth, will rise and fight against those who keep them apart. Is that all the prophecy says? Will they be able to ignore the hidden secrets along the way, before Earth is obliterated?


My name is Alie Izumi; I was born on Oct 13 of 2013 and adopted when I was three. I am sixteen years of age and am 5’6 in height. I have spikey-ended brown hair that ends at my shoulders. My skin is made up of veins and this thin skin that's the color of faded peach liquid. Sometimes I get this blue outline of my veins when I change, but that’s not a problem now, cause I can control it.

Since I don't have the same last name as my adoptive parents, I'm guessing this is my real one, it’s the only connection I have to my parents besides the stone. I don't really remember my parents and have no photos of them, it's like they just disappeared off the earth all because they didn't want me. Stupid adults. They're all stupid they seriously don't understand anything do they, just leaving me here. I mean it’s not bad where I am now, but still. Well, enough about that, I don’t want to be late on my first day of school.

Chapter 1

Have you ever seen those huge Victorian mansion with the chipping paint and the rotted wood, while from the porch the wood is sagging because of the heavy frames of the windows and age? That is what this school looks like, a big ass old Victorian mansion secluded by the many pines and various fur trees sprouting out of the hill.

The dorms around it, look modern enough to live in so I don’t have to break my spine walking onto the second floor. If I make it that far. The place has an eerie presents to it, underneath the tree’s colorful canopy of autumn leaves, the sunlight barely shines through. As though denying me vitamin D wasn’t enough, my vision had to been partially impaired. A fog had started descending onto the ground enveloping around the houses devouering the bases.

I groaned. Oh what was I thinking coming to this school? No one said it was haunted. Well the webpage said it wasn’t haunted. My eyes frantically darted around for the last glimpses of light underneath the autumn leaves canopy. The chattering, giggles, and screaming coming from the crowd of girls drew me out of my thoughts.

Once my eyes focused, I noticed a sea of girls, they had created a scrambled rainbow from their clothes mixed together. It clashed with the dark brown, grey, white work suits of their guardians. I saw it more clearly as I open the car door and stepped out onto the dirt driveway, dust kicking up under my the heels of my silver square buckled black boots. While I was wearing black knee socks, shoes with those ugly silver buckles, black headband, black and white striped fingerless gloves and a real silver necklace with a blue gem that my actual grandmother gave to me years ago when she popped out of the blue.

My skirt was black mixed with faint plaid blue stripes, so there not too obvious, and my full on black tie that hides the necklace. Enough about me, there’s another problems to think about. Everywhere I look it seems like everyone is already made their cliques already. Oh, right I forgot they have been here since last year, wow I’m just a ditz. Yeah, it’s my first year and I came here in 10th grade what do you want from me.

I’m usually the one that doesn’t have any friends anyway, like at my last school. There were about one or two girls that became my friends but one of them got scared off because of the rumors that I was a witch and the other just used me for my money. I knew that she was using me but I liked having someone by my side, so in the end I still ended up alone, and will always be a freak no matter what school I go to. It’s an obligation.

All around I already felt out of place in my school, but it’s for the greater good. My ‘dad’ had left me to go talk with some other chick with idiotic, dyed blond, puffed up hair and right next to her was a tall girl. I seriously don’t get his taste in women; I certainly wouldn’t have chosen her. I grabbed my two bags and shuffled over there to greet those two, and hurry out with my ‘dad’. When I got close, I dropped my suitcase and my duffle bag. My ‘dad’ was the one to introduce,

“This is my daughter Alie Izumi, Alie meet Meloney Shinagawa.” I could definitely tell she did not like my appearance but smiled, and shook my hand respectfully. Meloney then introduce her daughter.

“This is my daughter Sarah Shinagawa,”

Instead of just shaking hands, we just stared at each other. I mean, this is crazy, but Sarah looks almost exactly like, like me. But the difference is that everything looks way better on her. The warm dark brown sparkling eyes had an edge of orange around her cornea, like fire you could just melt into. Her soft translucent skin looks so smooth like a the surface of a steady lake. The uniform fit Sarah’s curves just right; her chest might be a cup one bigger than mine.

The bright orange and dark red plaid skirt was mid-length above her knee, so her long toned legs showed. Apparently those shoes don’t look half as bad as I thought they would be. But there was something that was off about her as I took a breath, she smelled like roses and the remains of a fire. Could she be a fire demon or a-? “Ah-hem.” a cough from my dad interrupted our overview of each other. From what I saw, it made Sarah jump. Was she doing the same thing I was doing? Staring at her intensely and her doing the same as we shook hands and an electric shock shot through my arm, but it didn’t hurt it was kind of pleasant.

It was like a current that felt like it would go on forever and I wouldn’t have minded. An awkward air came over the parents as they looked at us, but that didn’t last long for both of our eyes started glowing. I snatched back my hand. Sarah’s eyes were a deep dark red. I bet mine were a cold light blue. Red Eyes. Breathing hard, after I ripped my hand away and started panicking. I rushed to take my things and ran across the dirt lot and ignoring my ‘dad’ who was calling after me. I didn’t know where, but I had to get away from her. I had to stay away from Sarah Shinagawa.

© 2018 Natalia Thomas


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