Powers of a Complex: The Beginning Chapter 4

Updated on May 8, 2018
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I have been an author since I was twelve. Writing ever since then and constantly improving with my mentors every year.

Chapter 4

With a smile, she snapped her fingers and we were transported back to the classroom with everything in tact, even my desk that she destroyed.

The bell rang and it was lunch. I had to get over my shock quickly. while I was in a daze Sarah had took the Liberty of taking my books and putting them in her bag. When she got to the door she asked me,

“Are you coming or you just going to starve? Cause I personally doesn’t think the latter it better for you.”

I scrunch my eyebrows and then looked at away as another burst of light from Mrs. Shiniki made her change back into her original form, smoothing out her dress as she walked back to her desk. It was silent for a while. I was contemplating on how is there a teacher her with powers like Sarah and me.

I wonder if the girl in the front has them too. Don’t be stupid Alie; Mrs. Shiniki wouldn’t have done that in front a total mortal. She then lifted her hand and smacked the button on the wall near the chalkboard. Nothing happened at first until Mrs. Shiniki moved to the front of the class.

The floor disappeared from my feet literally and we fell. I closed my eyes shut and braced for impact, but it didn’t come. I opened my eyes. We were floating mid-air and now entering a whole in the wall, but when I looked around all the desk and chairs were gone even the one I was sitting in. I was sitting on my butt in midair.

Sarah and that other girl were already standing and I stood up quickly, so I didn’t look like a fool, even if no one was paying attention to the new space around us. There was a big square cut out of this endless wall. No matter where you looked left, right, up, down the light would always disappear. I wonder what is down there.

I wonder if we’ll ever be able to find out. We all moved into the big square in the wall. Mrs. Shiniki entered the room to the left, that was about the size of a huge mall like the one in Washington D.C.

There were four huge rings, the one to farther left was filled with water, and the one to the right of it was just filled with plain old dirt you would find in the ground. In the two rings closer to us was something that looked like a geyser that occasionally shoots fire from its hole.

We moved into the middle of the room. In the back of them, were a bunch of dummies sticking out of the floor stretched to 15 feet to the radius around the X. As I looked up, I saw that there were holes, just big enough for a human to crouch, in each side of the walls. Mrs. Shiniki raised her hand to the ceiling, and still looking at us, her voice rang out,

“I hope you have had enough time to look around, because it lunch time.”

I looked around to see all the desk and chairs were there even the ones that Mrs. Shiniki had destroyed earlier. My bag was at my desk. As I reached to get it Sarah popped out of nowhere and grabbed it. I tried to grab it like three times but failed each one. She kept stepping back like this was a game. Seriously I just wanted my bag. Finally I asked,

“Can you give me my bag back?”

As I reached to get the bag, Sarah swiveled in front of it and our skins collide once more. The electric shock was far more intense than before with our handshake. I didn’t notice, but my hand had grabbed Sarah’s’ side in the process of grabbing my bag.

Both of our breathing had hitched a little and it seemed like no one was going to move. I let my hand linger as if I was going to get used to the shock but then I had to pull my hand away, curling it to myself. My heart beat went rigid as I stood frozen looking at my hand too afraid to look anywhere else.

Sarah spoke, “Well, are you coming?” She spoke loudly to me.

I glanced up; Sarah was leaning out of the doorway as if she didn’t want me to see her face.

“Sure,” and with that I followed Sarah out the door into the open yard.

I was a loner as you would call it, getting my cafeteria food early so I wouldn’t bump into anyone or have anyone laughing at me while I was eating. I ate outside in this big weeping willow tree. It was huge and so beautiful. It’s leafy vines would swing in the wind and rustle against my cheek, tickling me in the process.

The thick base made it hard to climb, forcing me to find impressions into the bark shaped by time. The willow was among many trees of its kind trickling off and mixing with some others. There was a small lake that was probably a mile North, that turned into a river passing behind the trees and winded around the bends traveling south.

I loved the feeling, the water was placid and so serene, it made me feel calm and at home. That was where the trees would get their water from and their roots would come up from out of the soil, looking all garnly and mangled. The Weeping Willow kind of reminded me of Pocahontas except it can’t talk. What a pity, I could have a friend.

Now I was forced to sit with people, who didn’t even like me. Walking into the cafeteria, I saw that there were a lot of people in there. I mean sure the café is big and all, but all the seats are almost filled and there is still people in line waiting to get their food.

Sarah and me stood near the doorway. She was looking around as if she was looking for someone and then a smile of recognition spread across her face. She waved over at a table and then they saw her too and signaled her to come over. Sarah turned toward me,

“Alie can you wait here? I’ll just go put our books down, and then we can get lunch?” I just nodded. Leaning against the wall I watched her walk away, her ass swaying as she walked. What a cute ass… I thought to myself. I sigh. I looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath. Wow, I’m stupid. I stared at the ceiling trying to make a pattern out of the dots, until I felt holes burning into me.

I snapped my head in the direction of Sarah’s’ table. They were staring at me and it looked like they were laughing at me. I turned my head to Sarah and stared at her she wasn’t looking my way, but she was laughing too. I glared at them. My nostrils flared, and I felt my face turn red. I turned and left through the door without looking back. I heard Sarah calling my name, but that didn’t stop me I just kept on walking, but that didn’t stop me, it made me go even faster.

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