Powers of a Complex: The Beginning Ch. 5

Updated on May 8, 2018
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I have been an author since I was twelve. Writing ever since then and constantly improving with my mentors every year.

Chapter 5

I ran through the yard back to my dorm room. Bumping into a few people without saying sorry. Not that I really care. All that was on my mind was Sarah and how stupid I was to follow her thinking she would mean well.

By the time I had reached my room, I immediately put up the glamour so everything that I was going to wreck wouldn’t be broken when I was done. Taking a deep breath, a giant light of blue burst from my body.

My clothes changes from my dark blue and white to a neon blue straps wrapping around my body, creating a top that ended an inch before my belly button, and blue shorts that gave me just enough room to reach my toes to my head.

The shoes weren’t what you’d expected, strapless sandals, or ballet shoes. They were dark blue combat boots, which I loved. If it weren’t for the stupid regulations I would wear my combat boots everyday, now reduced to weekends. The rest of the neon blue straps were waving in the air like the wind was in the room.

I waited for my anger to consume me. The rage that was welling in my veins, I could feel the tightness and my heart rate speeding like a train on tracks. For that warmth to engulf me, just so I could throw that tantrum to relieve myself. But, nonetheless I was a calm angel and no matter what, I knew I wouldn’t go through with destroying Sarah’s’ stuff even if it wasn’t perminate.

Just being in this state calm me down enough to think rationally. I fell back onto the bed, the air rushing past my body, like I was falling through the air. Oh, how my life is so messed up and I bet it wouldn’t end here, now would it? No, the universe isn’t forgiving. It’s all because of me, the stupid me, that had to be born.

It’s not like I’m that important, for the universe to actually want something from me. Okay, well I am having enough of that kind of self pity, I switched it on to the bulging heat poking and prodding my backside.

How I longed to open wings, but I knew I wouldn’t be able too the were too big too fit the room.The transformation had made me momentarily forget about Sarah…and her friends. I felt a wetness slide down the side of my face.

Knock, Knock,

“Hey, Alie are you in there? Why did you run away so suddenly?” I whipped my head towards the door. Shit, I forgot to lock the door, in my venerable state, I hadn’t really cared about anything else. Knock. Knock. it came again.

“Alie, are you ok?” I closed my eyes and then started to panic. What am I going to do? The knob started to turn slowly. What am I going to do? I looked around the room for a hiding spot. There it was in the corner of my eye.

I rushed to it curling myself into a ball, as much as I could so I wouldn’t be seen. I was hidden behind a bookshelf that we had in the far corner of the room on Sarah’s side. The door slowly opened, and I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down and change back to my regular form.

“Alie? Alie Where are you?” These words were spoken so softly and full of concerned, it made me want to reply back. I knew I couldn’t so I focused on pushing my powers back in. Good thing the light had faded or else Sarah might have seen. She walked over into the center of the room looking down at the bed.

Suddenly, her head snapped up to the bathroom, then moving to surveying the whole entire room. Shit, I was now in big trouble now, her eyes had turned red that means she has tracking abilities. That’s not good, whatsoever for me. I took deep silent breaths my powers had just about gone out and I couldn’t reduce the glamour or else she know where I was.

“Well, there you are. I was wondering where you were. I was beginning to think you left the school grounds.” Sarah was staring at me with a smirk across her face. Literally, it felt like she was staring at me through the bookshelf.

It was like one of those horror movies, when you think you’re in this totally safe place, but the monster is actually behind you. And when you turn you’re so terrified when you see him you’re paralyzed in shock. Sarah’s stare pierced my skin sending a chill of goosebumps up my arms, while warmness spread through my chest and slowly down the rest of my body.

Everything felt so warm; I knew my face was tomato red. I started sweating; I seriously didn’t know what happening. Then I started getting dizzy, the room started tipping back and forth and it felt as if I was on a boat. I started looking everywhere clawing the walls to get out of this heat.

“Alie!” Her voice was distorted.Sarah had started toward me and then I heard the door slam open and a growl following it. I was too out of it to tell who or what it was. I couldn’t think… straight. My vision started to fade and my ears were ringing as if an alarm had gone off. I covered my ear to block out the sound out, but it didn’t work. And in the process I knocked down my cover.

“Alie!” Sarah shouted. It was so faint to me. Another voice caught my ear.

“Stay back, you’ve already cause enough trouble.” A deep angered voice. Wait, I don't know anyone who talks like that at this school. That was my last thought before I blacked out, completely.

© 2018 Natalia Thomas


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