Powers of a Complex: The Beginning Ch. 3

Updated on May 8, 2018
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I have been an author since I was twelve. Writing ever since then and constantly improving with my mentors every year.

Chapter 3

There I saw that Sarah’s’ stuff was all unpacked except for a tiny bag on the bed Sarah was rummaging through. Relief washed through me and I smiled mischievously, so she didn’t see anything. Moving to my bags, I start unpacking my self. Putting my undergarments and accessories in the small drawers up top, and my shirt and skirts in the two big bottom drawers.

After that I just stuffed my suitcase and bag under the bed, only keeping my phone and my laptop out on the bed I share with Sarah. I look to Sarah again must to see her on her phone that was bejeweled with rhinestones in the symbol for fire. The cell phone case was red itself, and I bet people thought she was a pyromaniac. That really gives her away. Are you sure she is the enemy?

“Hey Alie, why the fuck did you do that?” She asked in a not so coveted heated voice still not looking at me. Well someone’s pissed.

“Geez, why do you care so much?” I groan.

“Because I was this close to figuring out what are, but I know that it has something to do with water.” She said, finally looking at me. Oh so she is the enemy, a sneaky one too. I mean seriously she is doing a careless job of hiding it if she is. Her smell, the way she feels, even her eyes all contribute to the fact that she is definitely a fire demon angel. I mean that heat that she gives off is not normal.

When she had put her hand on my back, she felt really warm like the hotness of a cookie that hadn’t cooled off for 2 minutes. That outburst in the hall just confirmed that she is a fire demon- or a fire angel. I shook my head, I really shouldn’t be thinking of this. For the next four years I have to stay out of trouble and live with an aggravated sexy fire demon. Sweet hell.

For next few weeks I couldn’t get used to staying in that room with her. I would walk around the dorms or just sit outside until my dorm parent said I’d have to come inside.

One week into the 2 quarter of the first semester, I’ve been doing pretty well. Sarah still doesn’t know that I’m a water fairy angel and I’ve kept out of trouble, until yesterday. Well, I mean, it’s not like I did anything. A week ago I’ve started to have these really startling dreams, that would wake me in the night and leave me drenched in sweat and breathing hard.

During that week I also noticed that Sarah was acting weird too because she wouldn’t talk to me at all in the room and she started picking on me at school. I really don’t know what happened, but those two situations have got to be linked somehow. Oh, yea I forgot to tell you I have to go to special classes starting 3rd period, ugh.

Right now, I’m in my second period math class, drawing the back of Chelsea’s head in my sketchbook. I have taken the liberty to remember everyone’s names in every of my classes, even if they don’t know my name. This is because if I needed something from them I wouldn’t have to be stupid and ask for their names wasting my time.

Plus what else would I do in class besides listen to the droning words of the teacher. Just by looking at the board I already understand what she is teaching cause with my underlying ability, it can unscramble the things I don’t understand and turn it in to a way that I can. For example x+7*45t-j87=r32/41-y17-4 is easy to know that x=r32/41+j87-y17/45t-11. Just as I was almost finished with the back of Chelsea’s ear Mrs. Stacy called on me.

She said, “Alie, what is the answer to number 4?”

I quickly looked problem 4 over, “T=27/32-r,” I answered. I knew she was testing me to see if I was paying attention, so I just had to prove her wrong. Mrs. Stacy looked at her book and then looked up in surprise and as I looked around so did the rest of the students. What did I do, was it wrong?

“How did you know that?” She questioned.

After I explained it to her she squeaked, “ We didn’t even learn this yet and you knew it. I knew you were good at math but not this good! You definitely don’t belong in my class, you have to go to a higher level!”

As she points to the ceiling.

“Oh my gosh finally one of my student is a genius!”

Gasps arose from the students around that she would actually say that in front of them. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! I slipped up and in math too, but seriously that was so easy. How can you be so stupid Alie? Mrs. Stacy ran out off the room to go tell the principal the good news. Great, now I’m stuck with bunch of stuck up brats as always.

Even Sarah is turning into one of them. I sighed. Wait, what the hell do you think your doing? No thinking about that girl, she was just out to get you from the start remember. I got up from my seat and went over to the windowsill and sat on it. I could hear the rest of the class whispering,

“She definitely not better than us.” “That teacher is such a bitch. She must be joking, I’m smarter than that girl.” “What a teachers pet.” “Emo girl has a high self esteem for an idiot.”

Okay, that one didn’t even make sense. I drowned out their noise and focused on the ground under me. The fresh-cut green grass that surrounded that ugly patch dirt in front of the main building and the skinny, almost leafless trees were just scattered across the yard as if someone just threw them there without a care.

The only thing that drew my attention was the big white cement water fountain in front the special classes building. The splashing of water calms me and makes me forget about these people around me, and my powers that just get in the way of everything I do. I always have to make sure I don’t slip up, especially if I have a significant other around they won't be able to handle it.

All I have to do is stay away from people and I’ll be fine. I pull me leg up to my chin and rest my head on it just stare at the chipped paint on the frame of the windowsill. Mrs. Stacy arrives back in the classroom just before the bell rang. As I got off the windowsill to get my stuff, Mrs. Stacy said to me “I have moved you to honors math. Good luck,” and waved me off.


© 2018 Natalia Thomas


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