Powers of a Complex: Ch. 2

Updated on May 8, 2018
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I have been an author since I was twelve. Writing ever since then and constantly improving with my mentors every year.

Chapter 2

The name of our dorm mother was Dana; she led us into a brick building to the far left of the actual school building. From the outside of it looked like a three-story building with flowers and grass surrounding it. There was also a little creek on the side. I was so mesmerized in the rippling flow of the water that I almost got left behind.

I caught up with the group just to be annoyed again by her stares, I looked away and blushed, and I mean what is up with her. Stop staring at me I repeat over again in my head, when I looked up, the rest of the group had gone ahead, and guess who was left. Standing there still staring at me was Sarah, with a confused face, but when she checked me out, she got a tint of blush on her cheeks and a little smirk. Did she just seriously do that?

“What are you doing?” I asked


I sighed, “Why do you keep staring at me?” She looked at me with a little bit of surprise.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean just a few minutes ago- why am I even telling you this?” “You know what you did.”

“I-It’s not my fault, you won't tell me what you are. So what are you?” Sarah stammered. Why would she ask that aren’t we enemies? Unless I got that wrong because grandma did say, “Those ones with the glowing red eyes are the worst, be careful of them.” Even though I haven’t seen any myself, I have to keep alert.

“You should know we are mortal enemies after all.

“Mortal enemies? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just tell me what you are, then we can settle this.” She demanded taking a step towards me. That smirk rose upon her face again as she repeated it again.

“Tell me what you are.” I could feel her powers trying to reach me, pushing at the edge. What a fool.

“Oh, I see you have mind control. You powers wont work, but mine will.” I confidently spoke these words, which wiped that stupid smirk off her face. This time I used telekinesis on her. “Tell me what you are, tell me what you are child.” Watching her face suddenly turned scared as again she stared at me. She opened up her mouth to speak.

“ I am-,” She squeaked, but then suddenly realized what was happening.

“How did you do that?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said in my innocent voice.

“I know you tricked me.” She insisted. Such a persistent girl.

“Yeah, okay I did trick you. Now stop asking so many questions.” I half pleaded. Suddenly I felt the room shift, and I was faced a red fireball just barely missing my uniform. I looked at her suit of red armor that covered her chest, but not the top part which you could see her cleavage.

It also covered her feet, the lower half of her legs, showing off her nice thighs, and her waist, which showed off her curves. My eyes then caught a glimpse of Sarah’s’ hair that is now bright orange and red wavy fire and she stood in an attacking position with her hand out in front of her. So hot, but so not.

“Are you psycho? What do you think your doing?” I yelled at her.

“Well, since you wont tell me what you are, I’ll just have to bring it out of you..” Sarah smiled, as she shot another ball that I had to actual dodge. This girl is psycho; I guess I’ll have to-. I heard our names being called from down the hallway.The room shifted back and Sarah’s armor was gone along with the fire. There were still burn marks where her feet were. I shook my head pitying the carpet, this might be a problem. The frown ceased to lift from my face.

As I got off the elevator on the third floor with Sarah, Dana told us how worried she was when she found out we weren’t in the group. She pushed us along down the hallway, after passing 7 doors we turned right and stopped in front of the last plain brown door on the left.

Dana spoke, “Well, here you two are.” Seeming a little too excited as I may say. Both of us looked at her in a confused.

I spoke up first, “Wait, there has to be some mistake, I have to share a room with her?” I pointed to Sarah. She rolled her eyes. Dana now looked at us with confusion, and then suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, well that’s because when you guys weren’t here. Sarah was to be rooming with Brookie, but since you weren’t there we gave the spot to someone else. And no there aren’t anymore open rooms and it’s two to a room. TaTa.” and with that she sped down the hall out of sight. “Baka” (Stupid).

I sighed under my breath. Then leaned over to pick up my bag, but stopped. In the corner of my I looked towards Sarah just to find her staring at my ass. I mean seriously, I can stare too, but I don’t make it that obvious. I ignored this time a finished picking up my bag; the door was opened so I pushed through and Sarah followed inside our new flat.

What was on the other side of that door made me want to die. There was only one bed! Only one! Sarah bumped into me, moving me forward. I was unbalanced with my bag right out in front of me and my other hand braced myself to hit the floor. The impact was harder than I expected, as my nose slammed into the hard wooden floor followed by the rest of my body.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow.” I repeated as I turned myself over, sitting up grabbing my nose. Sarah dropped down by my side asking, “Hey, Alie are you okay?”

I annoyedly answered, “What do you think?” Now looking at my hand all covered in blood. Shit, I thought. My nose was throbbing like hell and so was the rest of my face. Sarah lifted me to my feet and put one of her hands of the small of my back sending shivers up my spine and I stopped breathing. She stopped for a second like she had felt it too, but then too quickly continued helping me to the bathroom.

I moaned from the pain but that only seemed to make it worse as I tried to hold back my tears.. It’s not my fault I’d never had a bloody nose before. Once we got to the bathroom, Sarah nudged me to sit down. Before I even had the time to think, Sarah was telling me to keep my head up so the blood doesn’t keep dripping down. Im sure the pain on my face showed as well as the bruising I could feel on my right cheek bone.

I did my best to send the tears right back where they came from. Nothing good comes from crying. After that I saw her grab a couple tissues and start wiping the blood off. So, she can be nice. No, no she only trying to be nice, so she can take you by surprise. Plus, I can take care of myself; I’ve been doing it over 16 years now. I tried to push her away, but she wouldn’t budge and the sparks flew up again.

I shook that off and tried again. Still, it made no difference, so I gave up, not that I used much force anyways. When she was finished wiping off the blood, I saw her wince taking in my face. At that moment I turned toward the mirror, disbelieving that my face could actually get like that. I had a big bruise on my forehead and little ones on each of my cheeks, which looked way worse than normal people since my skin is so pale. I can’t believe I let her see me like this.

Panicking, I shoved Sarah with out of the bathroom and closed the door, and locked it. I know that was rude but it was for a good reason. I leaned against the door, stupid Sarah and her electricity, as the currents fade to a low buzz. I heard her banging on the door while yelling, “Alie what do you think your doing?, Why did lock me out of there? I just want to help you.”

I yelled back, “Leave me alone, Sarah.” She then stopped yelling asked, “Why? I was helping you.” I didn’t care; I had to end this conversation.

I sighed, “I can do it by myself.”

“But…but” She stammered. Those words were the end as I heard her hands slip from the door and the creeks of the wooden floor as she walked away. I took a deep breath and turned on the faucet, putting my hands in front of my face, closing my eyes. I made a small motion in a wave. The water instead of going down went up and covered my face.

I put a glamour spell on the bathroom so the glow would not show outside this room. The water was a little temperature difference to me as what others it would be like ice cubes. I spread the water onto my face like a facemask, and then started the healing process as the water started glowing.

This is why I didn’t want Sarah to be here because if she saw the color of glow she would probably have a great guess as to what I was. I felt the pain subside until it was fully gone. When it did I returned the water back to the sink letting it go down the drain. I took a long look at my face again in the mirror to see if I missed any bruises. Nope, all clear. I took the glamour off of the bathroom and opened the door.

© 2018 Natalia Thomas


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